Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It's my birthday and I went blonde!

I'm 19 today! Woo I can't believe I've reached my final year of being a 'teen' even though I am considered an adult now lol. I can clearly remember how awesome it was to officially be a teenager at the age of 13 hehe, it doesn't seem too long ago. It's not a lie when people say that time flies because it really does. A year ago I was so excited about turning 18 (the 'legal' age in Australia) that this year feels much less exciting in comparison but nonetheless it has been an awesome one :D

Having work today didn't affect my mood despite having to wake up early because I actually quite enjoy working (it happens to be my payday too). My boyfriend took me out to eat afterwards which was really nice. Overall I've had a really wonderful day

Oh and for those who don't follow me on Twitter or missed out on my tweets, he got me something that I had blogged about last month! Can you guess what it is?

He actually gave it to me on our 4 year anniversary, roughly two weeks before my birthday xD Early birthday presents ftw!

When I opened it, this flap bit scared me because I didn't expect it to fall down LOL

Looks so much like one of those car badge/logos *o*

Yes indeed, it's the ghd Scarlet Collection Deluxe!!!

So THRILLED to be part of the ghd club now! It's not considered an exclusive thing but I love being the owner of such a classy hair styling product. I never imagined investing into one but I am very happy that my boyfriend got me this set :D The straightener itself would have been awesome however the case is much nicer here and it's handy to have a hair dryer too. You can see my comparison post here

You are in my hands nowwwww

Shimmery red plates, me likey

It's very sleek and I love the design!

When I switch it on, it makes a little noise (which I find cute lol) and heats up extremely fast. I haven't timed it but I reckon it takes around 10 seconds or less. It makes another sound when it reaches its maximum temperature and it ready to use. Not only does it straighten hair amazingly well - it also waves/curl really well too! I can confirm that this straightener lives up to the hype and is worth every penny spent!! So impressed.

Remember when I blogged about ghd's new hairdryer? This isn't it but I reckon the quality would be very similar! After all, it's by the same creators :D

It is a travel hairdryer, much smaller than regular ones. I love how the handle folds down

The settings and adjustable voltage

It sounds the same as a normal hairdryer and I didn't notice anything extraordinary about it. Not to worry though, because ghd never used to specialise in hairdryers. So handy for travelling though!!

I actually didn't get anything else for my birthday besides money from my parents (so I can spoil myself) and yeah, I'm cool with that. Thank you to those who have sent me lovely messages via Twitter and Facebook ^o^

I don't have much to haul so instead I will share the exciting packages that I have received in the MAY-il (mail received in May)

I won Saya/Yinny's giveaway!


Saya/Yinny a fellow blogger from Aus and she's so cute (reminds me of T-ara's Jiyeon.. my bias member of that group hehe). I recall that she went to Japan around December/January(?) and so she was able to get her hands on lots of awesome Jap cosmetics *so jelly* I entered for fun and I was really shocked when she emailed me telling me that I had won =o Well, a winner was drawn before me but they didn't reply to her email so she drew another winner ^__^ How unfortunate for the original winner, I'd hate for that to happen to me!

Now I have plenty of new false lashes (Dolly Wink, Diamond, Eyemazing, Canmake, Princess Tiara), a pretty Diamond blush, Dolly Wink eyebrow pencil and cute accessories (I madddly love the bow!) She's also included a Diamond catalogue magazine showing all of their products. Such an awesome package, thank you Saya :D

Will I be having a giveaway of my own sometime? Yes I shall, as I haven't yet acknowledged reaching 700+ blog followers! Thank you all and I will have a giveaway up when I feel it's the right time :)

{Font of my blog post changes here, I don't know why and I can't put it back to default argh. It goes back to normal later on}

PR package from BYS

 I was kindly sent this package from a PR representative of BYS (Charmaine!) Thank you :D

I won't review the products but I will show swatches and give you my opinions. Starting with the item that made me gasp when I first laid eyes on it:

BYS lashes! I've never tried these before and I love false eyelashes xD More to add to my growing collection hehehe

Yay and they come with glue

I actually wore these in this post and you know what? They really reminded me of Asian-brand false eyelashes. After all, these were made in P.R.C so I'm not surprised that they'd be slightly 'Asian-style'. The clear lash band, the pattern of thick and thin lash strands (I don't know how to explain that style) and the ends flicking outwards. Totally my style and not too dramatic!

Does this look familiar? See here!

I've received another Animal Instincts Eyeshadow and I'm so glad that it's not one of the quads that I already own. This could be purely coincidental or perhaps Charmaine knew that I already had the other colours.

Lined it up with the other two Animal Instincts Eyeshadow quads that I own. One big happy family

Vibrant swatches as expected!

Since I've already got quite a few eyeshadow palettes and these quads, I decided to give this one to my mum because she wanted it :) I'm sure she's happy with it hehe.

I also gave my mum the mascara which is the BYS Waterproof Mascara (Black) as she also requested to take that from me too x) It's ok, I have plenty of mascaras already! So yeah, I wasn't able to take a picture of it or 'swatch' it, sorry!

I was very happy to receive a coral lip gloss! I've never owned a coral lip gloss before and it's perfect for me because I've only recently started liking coral lippies :3

Top lip: Natural lip colour
Bottom lip: BYS Mega Shine Lipgloss in Coral Fever

Coral Lip gloss

I swear it looks more dark in real life than in the pictures! But yeah, it's such a gorgeous shade and I love how smooth and supple it makes my lips feel. The scent is like a sweet strawberry which is not at all overpowering but pleasant.

Sorry that I didn't do a nail swatch of this one!

Mum took this item off me too hehe, she's more of a nail polish wearer than a makeup-type of person ^^ This is a fitting shade for winter which is coming up next month in Australia and since it's metallic, it gives off a more enhanced shine. If only my work place allowed nail polish... I would never have bare nails!

Ahkay I think I'm done with hauling now. I made an ASOS purchase a couple of weeks ago but I can't be bothered showing clothing haha. I've realised that I need and should do more makeup-related posts! Speaking of hauls and makeup, I recently made my first purchase on Sasa as I was able to catch their 'free shipping for orders over US$29' offer =] I can't wait to get my goods in the mail!

And now to get onto the subject of my post's title....

You're probably thinking 'BLONDE?!?!' Well yes the title is pretty self-explanatory... I did in fact go blonde. 

'Pics or it didn't happen'. Righteo, I have the proof right here:

I need to lighten my eyebrows to match

Does it suit me? It's probably a few shades too light for my liking. I prefer a more ashy blonde but oh well

My parents say that I don't suit blonde because of my flat nose (thanks guys -.- way to lower my self-esteem lol) but meh, I've always wanted to see what it's like to have blonde hair. I used to envy people who had light hair because to me black hair is so dull (no offense to anyone who has black hair or dyes their hair that colour, just on me I find it to be like that), hence I dyed my hair brown last year. Now that I am blonde, what are your thoughts on the new 'do? Yay or nay? Be honest please ;D

........................ JOKES! I haven't dyed my hair blonde HAHA, I am way too afraid to do it so I bought a wig to try out xD Not only am I afraid of going that light, overall I'm afraid of bleaching my hair and killing it :( Hair is so precious to me ;_;

Sorry for getting your hopes up! I like having fun trolling you guys x] I accidentally published this post a couple of days ago, then I put it back to 'draft' however people saw the title on their blogger feed ~_~ Ah I fail! But yeah, it's all good now ^_^ Fun to see people getting excited about seeing me blonde haha, well now you have but it's fake~ teehee.

Well you're stuck with seeing my usual brown hair. I styled it using my beloved ghd ♥_

Ah good old brown hair, something that I comfortably 'pull off'

Wavy hair with volume

Fedoras are lovely

BAHAHA nah guys I'm trolling again. This is another wig that I got, it's light brown and wavy. Surprisingly this arrived on the same day that my blonde one :D I was going to post these pictures too along with my trolling but it would have been too obvious!

So much frizz with unexplainable shiny bits and messy waves = WIG

Depending on how the wig is styled on the head, it could either be obvious that it's fake or unnoticeable. This was why I used my iPod Touch to take most of the photos because I needed to see my reflection (handy front camera!) and have LQ pictures to make the wigs seem more natural, due to lighting etc.

I've had enough fun trolling on my birthday hehehe, so I will share a selca of my real hair being styled with a ghd. FYI I lied, I did not style my wig with the ghd lol!

That's it for my rather lengthy blog post about me and my birthday. It's going to be a while until I post stuff like this again, and this lengthy. Busy time of the year right about now with assessments to complete and exams looming ARGH.

Thanks for reading :D I will leave you now with a picture of my noms from today. Omnomnomnom. I posted this photo on my Pudding account by the way. Does anyone use Pudding?! It's like Instagram but more... 'Asian' I suppose lol! I like it. Add/follow me if you have one: questjen

All of this was shouted keke ^3^

I have no idea what to have for this week's questjen. Ah well, I'll leave it blank for this week.

Take care lovelies,



  1. WAH i was about to be like YESSSS BLONDE ASIANS UNITE then it was a wig -___-;; haha! hope you had a super fab day i have major fake eyelash envy! xo

  2. Jen stop messing with us with your WIGS!!! LOL, the brown one looked so real, and so pretty on you. You actually look pretty cute blonde, but it'd be so damaging! Happy birthday, and i love your new GHDs!! xX

  3. I. loved. this. post. so. much. Loool love you Jen you're such a troll! :P
    I like all styles of hair on you cos you have a pretty face shape that can pull off anything!

    1. YAYYYY xD
      Naww you're too kind, I don't reckon I can haha~

  4. happy birthday Jen!! lol i thought it was real! i love both the brown and blonde as well!!

  5. Looks like you had an amazing birthday darling!
    You need more wigs. I would love to see you in red! I think a wine red would suit you really well.

    Also so many eyelashes! I need more. Can't wait to hear which ones you like best.

    <3 Fake Jen aka Steph

    1. I sure did :) I definitely want more wigs!

  6. Damn, you got me :D some of the photos for the wigs are super convincing! ^____^ also, congrats again on getting the GHD :D more hair styles plzzzz

    1. Hehe! Thank you thank you hun, I'll try to remember to do more hair looks for a blog post xx

  7. Happy birthday! :D
    That blond does suit you surprisingly well!

    1. Thanks Charlotte, I'm surprised about it too xD

  8. omg you sure fooled me =.= I was so excited for you cos you look pull blonde off so well and then BAM i find out it was a lie T__T

    happy bday once again girly <3

    1. Aww I'm glad to hear that Amanda (about me being blonde) ^^"
      Thanks so much dearrrrr <3 you

  9. LOL YOU SUCK :(
    I didn't believe the blonde one but u fell for the second one :( dammit hehe but yes happy belated jelly !!

    The the looks so sleek and pretty *_*

    1. HAHA! It's either one or the other, or both teeheeeee ;P
      Naww no need to say belated Melly, you wished me a happy bday on my day so it's ok ^_<
      Thank you <3

  10. Sounds like someone had a very busy day!

    I still dont understand how to do one's hair with straighteners =P

    But i guess that's cuz i'm a guy x3

    1. Haha that someone is me xD
      Yes being a guy is a totally excusable reason for not knowing how to style hair with a straightener (no sarcasm intended) :P

  11. lol you really had me fooled, by both of them too. It's a shame because the blonde color actually looks pretty good on you! And blonde is usually a hard color for Asians to pull off. Congrats on the GHD too! Your bf is one sweet guy :D

    1. Keke Rinny! Why thank you love, maybe one day I'll decide to dye my hair blonde or lighter brown ^^"


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