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Guest Post: Make up tips for the woman on the go

Hi lovelies, I know I've been pushing out quite a few guest posts lately but I have been bombarded with guest post requests and I just can't say no to well-written content for my blog! It also gives me that extra time to focus on my studies while still having weekly updates here =] Keep in mind that I'm a full-time student and have exams coming up around the corner, eek! I honestly don't know how people juggle working full-time and blogging a few times a week...

On the topic of working and being busy, this guest post is perfect for those who have that type of lifestyle. I would say that mine is sort of like that... but yeah, if you're a woman on the go, here is a post with tips about applying makeup when you may not have all the time in the world. As I go to uni, I don't actually make the effort to put on makeup (I don't have enough time to in the morning anyway!) but it's completely understandable if you're working in the corporate field or in an area where wearing makeup is acceptable/expected.


Make up tips for the woman on the go

With many modern women toiling long hard hours as they pursue their careers, it can be hard to juggle looking great with working great. While you can get plenty of help with work or child support, applying your make up is still something that you have to do yourself.

The problem many face is that they don't have enough time to complete all their tasks, and would prefer to drop some rather than focus more attention on them. However, extremes, such as avoiding cosmetics completely or lasering off eyebrows and drawing/tattooing them on to save on plucking time, are generally not considered sane advice. With a few simple tricks, applying makeup can be done in a blink of a perfectly mascara-covered eyelash.

Consolidate and minimise your makeup collection

The first tip is to minimise your make up case. With half a dozen products you can cover the major bases. Buy a good moisturiser, foundation and blush for your face, then eye shadow, mascara and lip gloss for your features. The more you add to your face, the longer it takes you to apply. 

Enhance your natural beauty, don’t hide it

You can skimp more, if you're confident. Not all women need foundation, so if your skin has a natural beauty – enhanced by your moisturiser – then you can do without, or go for a tinted moisturiser. If you feel the need for foundation, put a spot on your forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. With a sponge, rub the foundation upwards into your skin until smooth. By rubbing upwards, you help to conceal any wrinkles that you may or may not admit to having. As with all make up less is better, especially for the office.

Blinking big eyes

For your eyes, stick to one shade for the shadow. You may like more when you go out, but remember that you're trying to cut down on your prep time and this is an easy way to do so. As well as using in the normal manner, put a touch on a small applicator brush and run under your bottom eyelashes and it doubles up as an eye liner. Add your mascara and your eyes are done. If you find that you have dark circles around your eyes, use some eye concealer or get some more sleep. 

Rosy cheeks

To give your face a bit of depth, rouge your cheekbones in a tone that suits your skin tone and brush towards your ears for a quick and glamorous look. Add your lip gloss or lip stick and you're set to go.

Doing your make up in this way can take as little as five minutes a day, which means you can be out into rush hour traffic and cursing other drivers quicker than ever before!

About the author

Sarah Paige is a Sydney based office worker, chained to the 8-6, helping families acquire child support when needed.


Thanks Sarah for the lovely post! In this case, less can definitely mean more :) Minimising our makeup collection is a great tip because it is seriously so stressful to be in a rush and not be able to find the item that you need! Having all the necessities in one spot like in the top drawer makes things a whole lot easier and saves time. And it's true - applying makeup can take as little as 5 minutes or less! I've seen many people on Youtube take up this challenge and have been successful.

My questjen of the week:

If you only had 5 minutes to put on your makeup, which tasks would you be able to complete?

My answer:
  • Apply moisturiser/primer with hands (10 seconds)
  • Apply foundation with a sponge/brush (1 minute)
  • Apply concealer with finger/brush (20 seconds)
  • Apply loose powder with brush (30 seconds)
  • Apply eyeshadows with brush and blend (1 minute)
  • Apply pencil and liquid eyeliner (30 seconds)
  • Curl eyelashes (15 seconds)
  • Apply mascara (15 seconds)
  • Apply either lipbalm/gloss/stick (10 seconds)
  • Apply blush with brush (10 seconds)
  • Fill in brows and comb (40 seconds)
= 5 minutes
They are only rough estimations of how long I take to do each task, not including the time to get the product out of my drawer, open the lid, get the product, close the lid and put the item back. So if I was really given 5 minutes starting from scratch, I'd probably only do what's most important to me which are moisturising, foundation/concealer if needed, eyeliner, curled eyelashes and lip balm, then the rest if I had time spare.

I wouldn't have any time in the mornings to put on circle lenses or false lashes - I would probably need an extra 5-10 minutes at least!

I'm curious to know how long you girls take to put on your makeup in the morning or whenever you go out, and which tasks you never miss or always miss due to any time constraints!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored guest post.


  1. Five minutes would be :

    - Bb cream
    - One colour eyeshadow
    - Eyeliner
    - Mascara

    and that's probably it T-T"! I'm quite a slow make-up applier lol! And omg, if I actually added lashes or circle lenses ...pretty sure I'd take like an hour LOL :(

    1. Hehe aw! I'm sure you're not that slow xP I don't know how people could do the full-makeup face thing with lenses and lashes all the time :O

  2. I just wouldn't put any on if i was that kinda time constraint XD I don't think i need to look good (esp when im going to uni... im not trying to impress my peers!!) Though, i take forever when i go out(1.5 hours), so if i had to get ready in 5 mins... eyeshadow, liner & mascara would probably be it! :)

    1. Is 1.5 hours for face or for everything (clothes, hair, makeup?) because I use that much time to do the whole lot! But in the mornings like for uni... half an hour max only ><

  3. my routine is about 10 mins if i hurry :P

    moisturizer, bb cream, bronzer, blush, line eyebrows, 2 pencil shadows and smudge in, do eyeliner, curl lashes and add mascara, apply lipstick then out the door :)

  4. I WISH I could do liquid liner in 30 seconds.. >_>

    1. I have really small eyelids so I only have to draw a very thin line and I'm done xD But I do wish that I had deeper eyelids, like yours!

  5. Usually in the morning it takes me about 20 minutes to get ready. Put on bb cream, setting powder,blush, (contour nose if there's extra time) eyelid tape,liquid liner for top gel for bottom, curl lashes, mascara and fill in eyebrows! But if I were only given 5 minutes definitely bb cream and eyeliner >.< I can't live without those two!

    1. Completely agree! I use tinted moisturiser since I'm not much of a BB cream user but yeah, definitely eyeliner!!

  6. Five minutes? Challenge accepted! LOL!

    Great post! ^_^

    I usually just do tinted moisturiser or spot conceal with foundation, highlighter, powder, blush, bronzer, eyeliner, quick lip colour and GO! ok.. that sounds like alot to do in 5 minutes! >_<


    1. Ahaha! I am the same so I completely understand xD 5 minutes isn't as short as it seems lolol

  7. 5 mins - primer, foundation, concealer waterline/tightline, mascara
    That's actually my daily routine pretty much. If I've got more time I'll put on some eyeshadow and eyeliner as well as bronzer and blush. Oh and usually I always keep a lip product in all my everyday bags so I apply that on the go :)


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