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ABBM's 1st Birthday - Tea Party!

Hello~ It was ABBM's (blogger meetup) 1st birthday in April and the perfect day to celebrate this was Sunday 1st of April! It has been a month since the event and my only excuse for posting this late is that I am a procrastinator... *cue nervous laugh with looks to the side* This post will be filled with happy snaps.

This isn't everyone in ABBM but here were the attendees!
L-R Back Row: Stacey, Cally, Steph/Jeneara, Sarah
L-R Front Row: Celeste, Sistine, Neena, Kitty, Sakura and me
Kirsten was here too but she was the one taking the picture

Where did we go? We went to have high tea at 3pm :) It was my first time going to high tea so I was really excited ^_^ It was $40 per person~

Photo credits to all of the above pictures: Stacey

First I'd like to thank the lovely Saku and her partner for giving me a lift, thanks heaps! I probably wouldn't have been able to make it if it wasn't for her. I was at my aunty's place for a barbecue and no one could take me but she was kind enough to come get me hehe ^__^

Heavily Audrey Hepburn-influenced

I still can't get over how pretty this place is *__* I LOVE pink!

View to the front (edited to be made brighter)

Have I made you dizzy with pink yet? Hehe, I'll move onto showing pictures of what we drank and ate:

Here is how the table looked from my perspective

We each were given a mocktail (non-alcoholic cocktail) of red cordial and berries which I liked. Fruity drinks are yum.

Here is I, casually sipping away

Just a top view

I can still clearly remember the taste of this haha

Tiers of sandwiches and petite cupcakes and sweets :3

And of course, afternoon tea

White tea for me please

I know I've pretty much just spammed you with pretty pictures so I'm going to do some writing now. Stacey was the one who organised this event (thanks heaps!) and she had small goodie bags prepared for us! Also, Celeste had brought back a gift from her Taiwan trip for each of us:

A cute little teddy bear keyring from Celeste! It's not missing an eye, it's just hiding haha
And I will reveal the contents of the goodie bag later in the post :P

It was a well-spent afternoon with the fellow blogger girls, I enjoyed the catch up as I hadn't seen a number of them since last December or even last August when we had the Beauty Conference! I had wished that the other girls who couldn't make it were there with us but it's understandable when things come up. I sadly had to miss the brunch meetup that happened on Sunday :(

Thanks Celeste for offering a lift home, I also couldn't arrange for anyone to come get me but thankfully Celeste was able to. She's done so a few times already, I can't thank her enough :)

Here's my OOTD:

A bathroom shot... I was about to shower but then I realised that I forgot to take an outfit picture lol. Here it is...

 Grey Cardigan from YesStyle
Black Singlet from JayJays
Floral Frill Skirt from Asos
White stockings from Supre

I kept it simple yet girly/cutesy because I had attended a family barbecue beforehand so I didn't want to go overboard with looking too dressed up. And at the same time I wanted to fit in with the high tea theme of wearing something floral/pink ^__^"

Singlet weather is long gone now.... hi autumn

It's finally time to reveal the contents of the goodie bag! They were provided by MeMeMe cosmetics, an Australian brand which I hadn't heard about before receiving them.

I really like the design of the packaging, very elegant and pretty. I like swirls/floral prints.

It uses a vacuum pump (no tube inside) which makes it very hygienic
The lid can be unscrewed, thus you can practically use every drop of it

The shade that I got was 03 Honey Lush
There are 4 shades in the range and this one is the third darkest

This was one pump... which strangely enough looks like a human with a slightly detached head xD

Looks dark on my arm although it is a close-to-perfect match on my face

It has SPF 15 and smoothes on really well. It's great that it says that it's perfect for all skin types. I have no negatives to say about this product... I'm happy with the coverage and the fact that it is lightweight. The scent is quite pleasant - smells slightly buttery like Revlon Lip Butters but less sweet, if that makes sense.

The Dew Pot shade I got was Autumn Smoulder 4

Ahh I'm sorry, I couldn't wait to swatch it!! Very bad of me...

 At first I thought this was a gel eyeliner~ Which honestly would have been cooler (I am more of an eyeliner than an eyeshadow girl) but nonetheless I will still use this

Love the pigmentation in the swatch! It doesn't come off entirely if you were to accidentally wipe or rub your eyelid. It would still be recommended to use an eyeshadow primer underneath

This is a test to see whether there would be much difference between the number of coats

When it is rubbed it, it's clear except for the area that was stained

Here are the dried swatches. I can see for sure that the area with 3 coats is more pigmented

My instincts are telling me that I should be totally honest with this review and announce that.... I don't like any cheek/lip tints! I like this shade of pink so I could use it on my lips as a tint but not for my cheeks. The one thing I don't like is that when I'm rubbing in the product, the tint mostly goes on my fingers than my cheek/lips??!? It's annoying because I don't want pink fingertips and it's quite hard to wash off. I guess I could use a tissue to do the rubbing in... but it just takes more effort =/

An unbiased review would say that this tint does last long and allows you to build the intensity of the colour. There isn't any scent and the applicator is a brush which is really easy to use, like for nail polish.

That's it for this very lengthy blog post! Sorry haha, I got very carried away with sharing happy snaps and sharing these MeMeMe cosmetics. Hope this was an interesting read :)

Questjen of the week:

High Tea - Would you go or have you been before?

Take into account that the place could be as pink as the one I went to! 
How would you feel if you were in that sort of girly setting?

Me: I loved it! I've never been in such a pink place
Pink is my favourite colour, though I admit I would have cringed if the pink was overdone but luckily there were contrasts of white and grey at JTP!



  1. what an awesome event! i wish Auckland had these... idk if there are much AUK based bloggers XD High tea looks great! ^^ i want to go, but it's quite pricey for such a small thing imo (about $60 here in NZ). everything looks so pretty tho!!

    1. Yeah it's pricey but it's a once-in-awhile thing so I didn't mind :) I liked dressing up for the occasion hehe

  2. OMG the place is SO pretty!!! it looks like a dream O_O!!!! I guess that justifies the price but I don't think I'll ever spend that much to get afternoon tea XD

    1. Frances! I haven't heard from you in ages omg :O A dream haha, yes I guess it sort of does xD Lol totally understood

  3. I remember going to tea a year or so ago at a place called chocolate angel with 2 friends xD it was so fun with the finger sandwiches and pastries! Can't wait to go back again when I get a chance~ The goodie bag was so nice! Looks like you had a ton of fun~

    1. Aww that sounds lovely! I surely did have fun :D

  4. High tea tends to be pricey anyways, especially since it is a luxury. The cheapest you can get high tea is about $35 and the most expensive high tea can go up to $80 per person. I'm attending one tomorrow that's priced at $65. (lol, this is in respond to the above two comments). I do enjoy high tea, it's quite luxurious! I attend them a lot, and always keen to suss out the best high tea around.

    So glad you had fun, and I'm always happy to give you a lift when I'm able to! =)

    1. I agree about it being a luxury, it's kind of like attending a ball/formal event where the cost for each person is $60+ usually. I would only consider going to high tea once or twice a year (due to the price). I really enjoyed this one and I had always been curious about high tea so it was great to finally be able to attend one!

      Aw thanks again Celeste, you're a gem!

  5. cute outfit, and that autumn smoulder is a really nice color :D

  6. Wow looks like a great day! High tea sounds so posh :O and sounds like something out of Alice in Wonderland! haha.
    omg the goodie bag!! <3 the foundation looks nice, I've never heard of that brand before o.O it looks like it could be an asian brand !
    I love your OOTD! So cute!

    1. It's a fairly new brand! Haha since you like beauty and you're from adl, you could be part of ABBM :D Let me know if you want to
      Aw thank you ^_^" Yes I went for the cute look keke

  7. I didn't know Adelaide had blogger groups haha, I thought we were too small to have one. Anyway that place looks so cute! I want some of the things hanging off the wall :3 xx

    1. I thought so too until I discovered this one! And apparently there are also mummy bloggers in Adelaide and others :o

  8. I've never been to high tea before either! :( definitely wanting to try some time though.
    Great products! Haven't heard of the brand but the items aren't cheap and from your review they sounds pretty good too! I know what you mean about most of the product staining your fingertips rather than your lips haha so annoying :(

    1. Quality comes with quantity in this case! Yup that's why I avoid these types of tints lol ><

  9. This place is gorgeoussss aosihfaosihf I wanna go! IF I COME TO ADELADE, TAKE ME HERE PLEASE 8D hehe! I haven't been to High Tea yet ..but I coincidentally have two/three events coming up where I will be going hehe :3 (So excited to get fat off delicious cakes <3)

    And I actually haven't even heard of a cheek/lip tint .... but then again, I don't know much beauty ;;

    1. Hehehe yes I would take you there if you came and visited me in Adelaide xD Ooh how exciting! Hope you enjoy them (though I'm sure you will) :D


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