Thursday, May 31, 2012

Natural Products for Hair Care

Hello everyone! I want to start off by saying thank you for the birthday wishes in my last post :D I'm sorry for trolling hahaha, please forgive me! May is coming to an end wow, half way through the year :O And it's almost winter here in Aus and for you lucky people in the northern hemisphere, you guys are experiencing lovely warm weather. As much as I love winter fashion, I despise the rain because that prevents me from going out most of the time ;__; Anyway, enough about the weather...

In my last post I mentioned hair quite a bit (ghd styler and wigs) and hair is going to be the main focus for this blog post too. Have you thought about whether natural products could be used for your hair... like items that you could find in your pantry? Maybe not? Ahaha that's okay, I haven't actually thought about using something like a piece of fruit for my hair but thanks to this guest post written by Audrey Porterman, I have now been introduced to products which are usually found in the kitchen and can be used for cooking and also for the hair! Curious to find out? Read the post below :)

Natural Products for Hair Care

So you don't have to spend a lot of money to have fabulous hair. While a $400 haircut might make your hair look very stylish, a $40 haircut might do the same job. Likewise, while a $50 bottle of shampoo might make your hair soft and shiny, a few ingredients from your kitchen pantry might be able to do the same job.

There are plenty of products you can make at home to wash, condition, and repair your hair and scalp. You don't have to purchase expensive or exotic ingredients to do so either. Most products can be made with items you already have in your kitchen. Here are a few ideas:


Some conditioners can be made with a single ingredient. For example, you can steep green tea in boiling water then let it cool and pour it over your hair for an easy conditioner. Just let the tea sit in your hair for three minutes before rinsing. You can also pour a beer over your hair and let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing. Your hair may smell a bit like green tea or beer, but it will be soft and shiny :)

Other simple conditioners can be made with honey. Try mixing equal parts honey and water and working the mixture through your hair. Rinse until the honey is all gone (may require several rinses...). Instead of water, you can also mix the honey with banana (one banana for one cup honey). Honey also has the added benefit of smelling better than beer!

Source: Flickr

Repair Treatment

Professional restoration treatments can be very pricey, yet they are quite simple to make at

For deep conditioning, try mixing together an egg white, 1/4 cup mayonnaise, and 1/4 cup
yogurt. Work it into your hair and leave it for 30 minutes. Rinse with cold water.

Another great treatment to repair hair and restore shine is a banana avocado mixture. Mash
together a banana, avocado and egg, then add 2 tablespoons of honey, 3 tablespoons of
buttermilk, and 3 tablespoons of olive oil. Leave on for 30 minutes then wash out with shampoo. Don't add conditioner because this mix will have already worked to condition your hair and scalp.

Dandruff Control

A flaky scalp can be unsightly and embarrassing. You can easily treat it with some simple

Apple cider vinegar is not only a health elixir, but it's also a natural beauty remedy. Cover your scalp with apple cider vinegar and wrap your head in a towel for an hour to treat dandruff. Wash it out when you're finished. After a few treatments, you should notice a renewed scalp without the flakes.

Source: Flickr

Olive oil or coconut oil is another great remedy. Apply it directly to the scalp and leave it on for the day. Wash out at the end of the night. It's a great moisturizing treatment for your scalp, and it will help with flakes.

Having beautiful hair doesn't have to cost you a fortune. Using some of these simple home
remedies can help you get beautiful hair and scalp.

Do you have any other favorite home remedies for hair care? Tell us your ideas in the

Audrey Porterman is the main researcher and writer for Her most recent accomplishment includes graduating from Ohio State, with a degree in business management. Her current focus for the site involves a management phd and marketing phd.


Thank you Audrey, what an interesting post. I used to have a flaky scalp and using anti-dandruff shampoos actually didn't do much for me :( If I had known about these home remedies at the time, I would have given them a try! But gladly it is alright now and I no longer have a flaky scalp... I don't know why it has disappeared haha oh well, I'm happy :) So if anyone does and have a flaky scalp and hasn't successfully found a way to combat it, perhaps a simple home remedy could do the trick.

I don't think I'd ever try pouring beer over my hair hahaha but I wonder if anyone is actually game enough to try that out! Honey is definitely the better alternative - it's bound to leave your hair smelling sweet  ^_^

Questjen of the week:

Would you or have you ever tried home remedies for your hair?

My answer: Never

I honestly prefer to use products that have been designed specifically for the hair with directions of use and whatnot. I don't mind that it has chemicals in it, just as long as it is safe to use and highly recommended! Unless desperate times call for desperate measures... then maybe I would give pantry items a try...


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It's my birthday and I went blonde!

I'm 19 today! Woo I can't believe I've reached my final year of being a 'teen' even though I am considered an adult now lol. I can clearly remember how awesome it was to officially be a teenager at the age of 13 hehe, it doesn't seem too long ago. It's not a lie when people say that time flies because it really does. A year ago I was so excited about turning 18 (the 'legal' age in Australia) that this year feels much less exciting in comparison but nonetheless it has been an awesome one :D

Having work today didn't affect my mood despite having to wake up early because I actually quite enjoy working (it happens to be my payday too). My boyfriend took me out to eat afterwards which was really nice. Overall I've had a really wonderful day

Oh and for those who don't follow me on Twitter or missed out on my tweets, he got me something that I had blogged about last month! Can you guess what it is?

He actually gave it to me on our 4 year anniversary, roughly two weeks before my birthday xD Early birthday presents ftw!

When I opened it, this flap bit scared me because I didn't expect it to fall down LOL

Looks so much like one of those car badge/logos *o*

Yes indeed, it's the ghd Scarlet Collection Deluxe!!!

So THRILLED to be part of the ghd club now! It's not considered an exclusive thing but I love being the owner of such a classy hair styling product. I never imagined investing into one but I am very happy that my boyfriend got me this set :D The straightener itself would have been awesome however the case is much nicer here and it's handy to have a hair dryer too. You can see my comparison post here

You are in my hands nowwwww

Shimmery red plates, me likey

It's very sleek and I love the design!

When I switch it on, it makes a little noise (which I find cute lol) and heats up extremely fast. I haven't timed it but I reckon it takes around 10 seconds or less. It makes another sound when it reaches its maximum temperature and it ready to use. Not only does it straighten hair amazingly well - it also waves/curl really well too! I can confirm that this straightener lives up to the hype and is worth every penny spent!! So impressed.

Remember when I blogged about ghd's new hairdryer? This isn't it but I reckon the quality would be very similar! After all, it's by the same creators :D

It is a travel hairdryer, much smaller than regular ones. I love how the handle folds down

The settings and adjustable voltage

It sounds the same as a normal hairdryer and I didn't notice anything extraordinary about it. Not to worry though, because ghd never used to specialise in hairdryers. So handy for travelling though!!

I actually didn't get anything else for my birthday besides money from my parents (so I can spoil myself) and yeah, I'm cool with that. Thank you to those who have sent me lovely messages via Twitter and Facebook ^o^

I don't have much to haul so instead I will share the exciting packages that I have received in the MAY-il (mail received in May)

I won Saya/Yinny's giveaway!


Saya/Yinny a fellow blogger from Aus and she's so cute (reminds me of T-ara's Jiyeon.. my bias member of that group hehe). I recall that she went to Japan around December/January(?) and so she was able to get her hands on lots of awesome Jap cosmetics *so jelly* I entered for fun and I was really shocked when she emailed me telling me that I had won =o Well, a winner was drawn before me but they didn't reply to her email so she drew another winner ^__^ How unfortunate for the original winner, I'd hate for that to happen to me!

Now I have plenty of new false lashes (Dolly Wink, Diamond, Eyemazing, Canmake, Princess Tiara), a pretty Diamond blush, Dolly Wink eyebrow pencil and cute accessories (I madddly love the bow!) She's also included a Diamond catalogue magazine showing all of their products. Such an awesome package, thank you Saya :D

Will I be having a giveaway of my own sometime? Yes I shall, as I haven't yet acknowledged reaching 700+ blog followers! Thank you all and I will have a giveaway up when I feel it's the right time :)

{Font of my blog post changes here, I don't know why and I can't put it back to default argh. It goes back to normal later on}

PR package from BYS

 I was kindly sent this package from a PR representative of BYS (Charmaine!) Thank you :D

I won't review the products but I will show swatches and give you my opinions. Starting with the item that made me gasp when I first laid eyes on it:

BYS lashes! I've never tried these before and I love false eyelashes xD More to add to my growing collection hehehe

Yay and they come with glue

I actually wore these in this post and you know what? They really reminded me of Asian-brand false eyelashes. After all, these were made in P.R.C so I'm not surprised that they'd be slightly 'Asian-style'. The clear lash band, the pattern of thick and thin lash strands (I don't know how to explain that style) and the ends flicking outwards. Totally my style and not too dramatic!

Does this look familiar? See here!

I've received another Animal Instincts Eyeshadow and I'm so glad that it's not one of the quads that I already own. This could be purely coincidental or perhaps Charmaine knew that I already had the other colours.

Lined it up with the other two Animal Instincts Eyeshadow quads that I own. One big happy family

Vibrant swatches as expected!

Since I've already got quite a few eyeshadow palettes and these quads, I decided to give this one to my mum because she wanted it :) I'm sure she's happy with it hehe.

I also gave my mum the mascara which is the BYS Waterproof Mascara (Black) as she also requested to take that from me too x) It's ok, I have plenty of mascaras already! So yeah, I wasn't able to take a picture of it or 'swatch' it, sorry!

I was very happy to receive a coral lip gloss! I've never owned a coral lip gloss before and it's perfect for me because I've only recently started liking coral lippies :3

Top lip: Natural lip colour
Bottom lip: BYS Mega Shine Lipgloss in Coral Fever

Coral Lip gloss

I swear it looks more dark in real life than in the pictures! But yeah, it's such a gorgeous shade and I love how smooth and supple it makes my lips feel. The scent is like a sweet strawberry which is not at all overpowering but pleasant.

Sorry that I didn't do a nail swatch of this one!

Mum took this item off me too hehe, she's more of a nail polish wearer than a makeup-type of person ^^ This is a fitting shade for winter which is coming up next month in Australia and since it's metallic, it gives off a more enhanced shine. If only my work place allowed nail polish... I would never have bare nails!

Ahkay I think I'm done with hauling now. I made an ASOS purchase a couple of weeks ago but I can't be bothered showing clothing haha. I've realised that I need and should do more makeup-related posts! Speaking of hauls and makeup, I recently made my first purchase on Sasa as I was able to catch their 'free shipping for orders over US$29' offer =] I can't wait to get my goods in the mail!

And now to get onto the subject of my post's title....

You're probably thinking 'BLONDE?!?!' Well yes the title is pretty self-explanatory... I did in fact go blonde. 

'Pics or it didn't happen'. Righteo, I have the proof right here:

I need to lighten my eyebrows to match

Does it suit me? It's probably a few shades too light for my liking. I prefer a more ashy blonde but oh well

My parents say that I don't suit blonde because of my flat nose (thanks guys -.- way to lower my self-esteem lol) but meh, I've always wanted to see what it's like to have blonde hair. I used to envy people who had light hair because to me black hair is so dull (no offense to anyone who has black hair or dyes their hair that colour, just on me I find it to be like that), hence I dyed my hair brown last year. Now that I am blonde, what are your thoughts on the new 'do? Yay or nay? Be honest please ;D

........................ JOKES! I haven't dyed my hair blonde HAHA, I am way too afraid to do it so I bought a wig to try out xD Not only am I afraid of going that light, overall I'm afraid of bleaching my hair and killing it :( Hair is so precious to me ;_;

Sorry for getting your hopes up! I like having fun trolling you guys x] I accidentally published this post a couple of days ago, then I put it back to 'draft' however people saw the title on their blogger feed ~_~ Ah I fail! But yeah, it's all good now ^_^ Fun to see people getting excited about seeing me blonde haha, well now you have but it's fake~ teehee.

Well you're stuck with seeing my usual brown hair. I styled it using my beloved ghd ♥_

Ah good old brown hair, something that I comfortably 'pull off'

Wavy hair with volume

Fedoras are lovely

BAHAHA nah guys I'm trolling again. This is another wig that I got, it's light brown and wavy. Surprisingly this arrived on the same day that my blonde one :D I was going to post these pictures too along with my trolling but it would have been too obvious!

So much frizz with unexplainable shiny bits and messy waves = WIG

Depending on how the wig is styled on the head, it could either be obvious that it's fake or unnoticeable. This was why I used my iPod Touch to take most of the photos because I needed to see my reflection (handy front camera!) and have LQ pictures to make the wigs seem more natural, due to lighting etc.

I've had enough fun trolling on my birthday hehehe, so I will share a selca of my real hair being styled with a ghd. FYI I lied, I did not style my wig with the ghd lol!

That's it for my rather lengthy blog post about me and my birthday. It's going to be a while until I post stuff like this again, and this lengthy. Busy time of the year right about now with assessments to complete and exams looming ARGH.

Thanks for reading :D I will leave you now with a picture of my noms from today. Omnomnomnom. I posted this photo on my Pudding account by the way. Does anyone use Pudding?! It's like Instagram but more... 'Asian' I suppose lol! I like it. Add/follow me if you have one: questjen

All of this was shouted keke ^3^

I have no idea what to have for this week's questjen. Ah well, I'll leave it blank for this week.

Take care lovelies,


Monday, May 21, 2012

Mickey Mouse Nails

Hey loves, I have a very quick review of these nail prints I received from KKCenterHK. Basically they're nail art stencils which stick to the nail and peel off after use.

US $2.67

Quite a messy NOTD, I apologise!

So the instructions are really simple to follow despite there being spelling and grammatical errors but... you get what they mean haha.

As seen in the first picture, the Mickey Mouse faces didn't come out as nice as I wanted them to :( I am to blame for that, not the sticker prints. I really do lack artistic skill T-T

If the design is too simple for your liking, you can add your own stickers to it like I did. I transformed Mickey Mouse into Minnie Mouse hehe! Using pink bow nail stickers I had stored away.

I think it's cuter like this ^~^

Or it can be a pink bow tie for Mickey, naww keke

I am going to address the tips from the description on KKCenterHK's page for this product. Please don't mind the grammatical errors - I don't feel that it's my place to edit them:

'The nail polish that fill the hole of pattern do not be too thick'

My first attempt on my left hand was quite frustrating! I applied the nail polish a bit too thick and that was when disaster occurred. The picture you see above is of my left hand and Mickey's faces are so faint due to my clumsy application. It has to be thin to work properly!

'It may be deformation after tearing off the sticker'

Deformed Mickey mice? For sure. I hated peeling off the sticker because it didn't all come off in one piece because of the 'hole' in the pattern. So as you can imagine, I peeled it off bit by bit and wet nail polish went all over my fingers argh! The instructions say to 'peel off the sticker fairly immediately' and that was what I did. I wanted to wait until the nail polish was dry so that it wouldn't go everywhere but bad luck, I wasn't instructed to do that.

+ Cheap
+ Good for people who have trouble drawing patterns
+ Easy to use
+ A quick process overall
+ Free to choose which colour to have for the pattern (unlike nail stickers)

- Only 11 sticker prints
- Not enough room for mistakes
- Cannot be reused
- Stickers rip easily due to the hole pattern and being too thin
- Pattern may not come out that nice (slightly 'deformed')
- Some may find it rather time consuming compared to painting a pattern or using stickers

Perhaps if I had the chance to try these again, I would have a more positive experience with them and my application may improve. My clumsiness got the better of me this time! I feel that this is really similar to nail stamps which are also pretty cool however I just suck at using nail stamps with templates. The choice between nail stamps and these prints is easy though - I would prefer these because the pattern shows up on my nails whereas with nail stamps I find that it's quite hit and miss.

I wouldn't discourage purchasing these. If you're curious in trying these then you should definitely go right ahead. They're fairly inexpensive and who knows, you might end up liking them way more than I do :)

You can purchase them here or other patterns and with a discount code, you can get 10% off! 
Code: BLGB345JL10

I made such a mess while I was doing my nails (referring to the wet nail polish incident going all over my fingers while peeling) and while I was cleaning up I remembered that I recently received these in the mail:

Kleenex Slim Wallet Tissue Packs!

6 funky designs

They're incredibly thin

This one matches my jeans perfectly =]

Proof of it fitting into my front pocket

Not only are these Kleenex Slim Packs perfect for pockets but they're also great for handbags - they don't take up much room and because of their colourful designs, they're so easy to find! This saves me from rummaging through my bag just to find a tissue :D

And they're literally perfect for my pocket - priced from $2.69 RRP which is not bad at all. The tissues are 3 ply to give you extra strength and absorbance compared to regular tissues. They're great *two thumbs up*

I will be posting again very soon (maybe much sooner than you suspect) so please keep your eyes peeled for my next post which will feature me and other things hehe =D

It's my final day of being 18... what should I do?


Monday, May 14, 2012

Guest Post: Make up tips for the woman on the go

Hi lovelies, I know I've been pushing out quite a few guest posts lately but I have been bombarded with guest post requests and I just can't say no to well-written content for my blog! It also gives me that extra time to focus on my studies while still having weekly updates here =] Keep in mind that I'm a full-time student and have exams coming up around the corner, eek! I honestly don't know how people juggle working full-time and blogging a few times a week...

On the topic of working and being busy, this guest post is perfect for those who have that type of lifestyle. I would say that mine is sort of like that... but yeah, if you're a woman on the go, here is a post with tips about applying makeup when you may not have all the time in the world. As I go to uni, I don't actually make the effort to put on makeup (I don't have enough time to in the morning anyway!) but it's completely understandable if you're working in the corporate field or in an area where wearing makeup is acceptable/expected.


Make up tips for the woman on the go

With many modern women toiling long hard hours as they pursue their careers, it can be hard to juggle looking great with working great. While you can get plenty of help with work or child support, applying your make up is still something that you have to do yourself.

The problem many face is that they don't have enough time to complete all their tasks, and would prefer to drop some rather than focus more attention on them. However, extremes, such as avoiding cosmetics completely or lasering off eyebrows and drawing/tattooing them on to save on plucking time, are generally not considered sane advice. With a few simple tricks, applying makeup can be done in a blink of a perfectly mascara-covered eyelash.

Consolidate and minimise your makeup collection

The first tip is to minimise your make up case. With half a dozen products you can cover the major bases. Buy a good moisturiser, foundation and blush for your face, then eye shadow, mascara and lip gloss for your features. The more you add to your face, the longer it takes you to apply. 

Enhance your natural beauty, don’t hide it

You can skimp more, if you're confident. Not all women need foundation, so if your skin has a natural beauty – enhanced by your moisturiser – then you can do without, or go for a tinted moisturiser. If you feel the need for foundation, put a spot on your forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. With a sponge, rub the foundation upwards into your skin until smooth. By rubbing upwards, you help to conceal any wrinkles that you may or may not admit to having. As with all make up less is better, especially for the office.

Blinking big eyes

For your eyes, stick to one shade for the shadow. You may like more when you go out, but remember that you're trying to cut down on your prep time and this is an easy way to do so. As well as using in the normal manner, put a touch on a small applicator brush and run under your bottom eyelashes and it doubles up as an eye liner. Add your mascara and your eyes are done. If you find that you have dark circles around your eyes, use some eye concealer or get some more sleep. 

Rosy cheeks

To give your face a bit of depth, rouge your cheekbones in a tone that suits your skin tone and brush towards your ears for a quick and glamorous look. Add your lip gloss or lip stick and you're set to go.

Doing your make up in this way can take as little as five minutes a day, which means you can be out into rush hour traffic and cursing other drivers quicker than ever before!

About the author

Sarah Paige is a Sydney based office worker, chained to the 8-6, helping families acquire child support when needed.


Thanks Sarah for the lovely post! In this case, less can definitely mean more :) Minimising our makeup collection is a great tip because it is seriously so stressful to be in a rush and not be able to find the item that you need! Having all the necessities in one spot like in the top drawer makes things a whole lot easier and saves time. And it's true - applying makeup can take as little as 5 minutes or less! I've seen many people on Youtube take up this challenge and have been successful.

My questjen of the week:

If you only had 5 minutes to put on your makeup, which tasks would you be able to complete?

My answer:
  • Apply moisturiser/primer with hands (10 seconds)
  • Apply foundation with a sponge/brush (1 minute)
  • Apply concealer with finger/brush (20 seconds)
  • Apply loose powder with brush (30 seconds)
  • Apply eyeshadows with brush and blend (1 minute)
  • Apply pencil and liquid eyeliner (30 seconds)
  • Curl eyelashes (15 seconds)
  • Apply mascara (15 seconds)
  • Apply either lipbalm/gloss/stick (10 seconds)
  • Apply blush with brush (10 seconds)
  • Fill in brows and comb (40 seconds)
= 5 minutes
They are only rough estimations of how long I take to do each task, not including the time to get the product out of my drawer, open the lid, get the product, close the lid and put the item back. So if I was really given 5 minutes starting from scratch, I'd probably only do what's most important to me which are moisturising, foundation/concealer if needed, eyeliner, curled eyelashes and lip balm, then the rest if I had time spare.

I wouldn't have any time in the mornings to put on circle lenses or false lashes - I would probably need an extra 5-10 minutes at least!

I'm curious to know how long you girls take to put on your makeup in the morning or whenever you go out, and which tasks you never miss or always miss due to any time constraints!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored guest post.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Review: Dove Nutri-oil Hair Serum

Product Talk by Nuffnang

Hello! I have a product review for you all which was from Nuffnang's Product Talk. I am one of 20 to be given the opportunity to review the Dove Nutri-oil Serum and I had been really curious about this product, especially after reading reviews from Chaigyaru and Violet Le Beaux :) Now I can finally try this product and review it for you guys!

For my pictures I have been inspired by Xiaxue who does really entertaining product reviews! Of course, mine definitely won't be as entertaining nor funny but I've decided to be a little quirky and different to how I normally take pictures for my reviews ^^

*Ta-da* Posing with Dove Nutri-oil Serum

Nuffnang sent me a pack of 6! I thought I was only going to get 1 bottle :O
I gave 2 bottles to my mum and I have the other 4 lol...

Gotta be 'traditional' with my product reviews and include a picture like this

Cute curious cat Coco is curious... try saying that over and over again

If you're as curious as my cat Coco, here is a little about the product:

Nourishment boost for smooth shiny hair anytime

Dove Nourishing Oil transforms dry, rough and frizzy hair into moisturised hair with nutrients which restore smoothness, softness and shine. This makes hair easier to manage style  and with the weightless nourishing oil containing Argan Oil, the hair can be deeply nourished, frizz can be instantly smoothed and shine is revitalised without weighing down hair.

Luckily the condition of my hair has stayed the same since before dying my hair. I've never had any major issues with my hair except for getting split ends and flicks (caused by my previous hairdresser... who I no longer see and the problem is no longer present with my new hairdresser). I don't blow-dry my hair for two reasons: 1, because I'm lazy and 2, I don't want to dry out my hair even more (no 'proof' suggests this but that's just what I assume :S)

I am going to brave and share my hair insecurities, imperfections, flaws, whatever you want to call them...

Starting with my biggest problem...

My scalp gets oily but my ends don't! They stay dry which results in frizz. They're not split.
Perhaps dyeing my hair has 'stripped' the moisture a little (that sounds harsh but uh, it's probably true T__T)

My sex hair It's normally like this when I don't brush it and when I can't be bothered brushing it, I run my fingers through it and leave it as it is ._. *Ahem* That was before I went and got a new hair brush (it was only $2 from Priceline! Score) but I thought I'd show you my hair in its most natural form... not the most attractive, ay? *Gasp*

I just realised how long my hair is now! Around 9 months ago it was literally at my shoulders! I had pictures of my hair that short in my first ABBM post and the Beauty Conference.

I know I pointed out a lot of flaws but I also have positive things to say about my hair!
It stays straight, no more flicks, no more split ends, my hair strands are thin (thanks to my genes! It makes dyeing a lot easier) and there is definite shine and smoothness to it.

(Don't know what happened to the photo's exposure here but ah well...)

As you can see above, my hair looks much better when it is brushed. I can still see some frizzy bits sticking out but a hair brush can fix that. Neither can it fix the dryness :(

More about the Dove Nutri-oil serum is and what it claims to do:
  • Formulated with Coconut and Sweet Almond Oil
  • As affective as Moroccan Oil, but a fraction of the price
  • Reduce roughness and frizz by 99%
  • Weightless formula does not leave oily residue
  • Dove Nutri-oil is part of a three step system, including Dove Nutritive Therapy Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo and Conditioner
  • RRP $9.99

Hoping that this will do the trick ;) Tame my ugly frizz by 99% as you claim!!

  • Pump 3-5 times depending on your hair length onto your palm
I did one pump each time and smoothed it directly onto my hair because I didn't want to have much of the oil in my hand or else it might go everywhere aka on the floor :L I am clumsy, so I played it safe with one pump each time, 5 in total for my whole hair.

This is 1 pump. Very slippery on my palm... had to quickly take a picture before it could leak onto the sides... so glad it didn't D:
 I thought the serum would be yellow like it's seen through the bottle but it's clear

  • Smooth evenly through wet or dry hair. Avoid roots. Style as desired. No need to rinse.

 Mainly focusing on my ends here! And squirting directly onto it to avoid it spilling everywhere

My way of styling? Just brushing through :)

Now to see the results of one side of my hair

(Oh crap the 'before' and 'after' aren't event aligned! Dodgy editing deserves a face palm)

Here I have my poker face (unintended) so you can wait until after the as break to find out the results (lol I'm kidding). But I must point out the pros that this hair serum has given me:


+ Noticeably less frizz
+ Non-greasy texture
+ Rapidly absorbed, easy to work into the hair
+ Smoother hair
+ Silkier and softer strands
+ The serum smells nice (like shampoo but less soapy)
+ Hair became less static
+ Hair is more moisturised and revitalised
+ Pump mechanism evenly distributes products
+ Lid can be unscrewed so every drop of serum can be used
+ Good size for its price of RRP $9.99

- Needs to be used daily to maintain the anti-frizz etc. though hair will gradually improve
- If not evenly smoothed onto hair, an oily patch would appear

So I guess now I understand why Nuffnang sent out 6 of these instead of one, because this is recommended for daily use and one bottle surely won't last long if it's used everyday!

The verdict: 

Dove Nutri-oil Serum = Good

I highly recommend it! The above picture is the outcome on both sides of my hair - how much better does it look now?!?! Still the odd frizz up the top but oh well, hopefully if I continue using this in my hair care routine, the frizz will be gone for good *fingers crossed* At least my ends don't feel dry anymore, yay!

LOL I look so emotional/teary-eyed here but I think it was just my contacts becoming dry
Happy to have improved hair!


Maybe after I finish all 6 bottles xD But seriously, it is likely that I would keep this as part of my hair care routine. It's inexpensive and I have seen great results. Thank you Nuffnang for sending this product to me :D

Didn't want to leave you with a teary-looking Jen as the end pic so here's a rare teeth-smiling picture of me taken from my iPod:

Bahaha my baby tooth canine sticks out so much! (This is the only baby tooth I still have left)

Thanks for reading my review guys, hope it was enjoyable ^_^ Let me know if I should do more of *these* types of reviews.

And for all products I receive to review, I like to give something back to my readers by allowing you all to have a jar sample to try! If you're interested in trialling the Dove Nutri-oil Serum before you consider buying one, email me - no one's actually done this before but that's okay ^^" I will continue to offer!

Questjen of the week:

On a scale of Low, Moderate and High, how much maintenance does your hair require?

My answer: Low to Moderate

I used to think that mine was always low, but then I realised I'm actually pretty lazy with it :/ If you want low maintenance hair, you have to put in the effort to care for your hair. Not the effort to style it but the effort to look after it and constantly give it the treatment and nutrients that it needs.

Generally, naturally straight hair is easier to maintain than naturally wavy/curly hair however it doesn't mean that straight hair is problem-free. I need to be more like my mum when it comes to my hair - for her, hair is more important than the skin/face!! She uses more products for her hair and spends more time taking care of her hair than her face (she never wears makeup). She always complains about my hair being messy and I like point out her lack of makeup skills/interest/skin care products xD It's funny how we're like the opposite!

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