Tuesday, April 17, 2012

NOTD: Blue Magnetic Nail Polish

Hiiii, have you heard of the fairly new 'magnetic nail polish' craze? No? I hadn't either... until I received one from KKCenterHK and read numerous reviews online. I have seen them on a counter in a store but I had no idea how they'd work... and I was never that curious. Are you curious? Let me show you what it is:

Here we have:
~ 1 magnetic nail polish
~ 1 set of magnetic pattern shapers

This nail polish has magnetic properties to allow for patterns to be made with a magnet

I applied it as nail polish first just to see the quality of the formula and whether or not it would be suitable to wear on its own. I must say that it is a very 'pigmented' nail polish! One coat typically looks like three coats of regular nail polish. See for yourself - you wouldn't think that it was just one coat!

 Amazing isn't it?

But I do have some bad news... it chips badly! It's funny how most nail polishes have this pro and con, like with this one the pro is that it is opaque but doesn't last long, boo! And with really sheer nail polishes they tend to last long but the con is that they require 2-3 coats which is time consuming and rather wasteful. The only brands of nail polishes that I can think of which last long and are opaque are China Glaze, Essie and OPI.

Would I recommend or use this as a nail polish on its own? No!
Considering the fact that it is worth $12.24 USD, there are cheaper nail polishes which can last longer and ones around the same price so I reckon it's not worth using this as a nail polish. Perhaps its magnetising properties affects the way the nail polish's staying power, hmm.

BUT of course I recommend this as a nail polish to use for magnet patterns xD

Now to move on with the magnet and how well it works on this nail polish!

It's so simple to make patterns like these with the magnets!
This was my first attempt so please excuse the messiness

$13.84 USD

The set comes with 3 different patterns

Above is a picture demonstration of how to use the magnet pattern shaper. First you put a coat of the magnetic nail polish on and before it dries, you stick your fingernail under the template for 5-15 seconds and the pattern will appear :) Really quick and simple, I like it!

Depending on whether you have the magnet horizontally or vertically, the pattern slightly differs. I'll explain under the next picture:

Horizontally, aka the 'correct' way to use: 1, 4, 5
Vertically: 2, 3

The ones where I used the magnet horizontally made the patterns more prominent with 'darker' shades, which I can assume is where the magnet was attracted to the most.

My favourite pattern is definitely the first one on the left because it looks the most detailed compared the horizontal/vertical/diagonal stripes. Unfortunately I haven't had the chance to apply this nail polish AND have the pattern on due to me working at a place that doesn't allow me to wear any nail polish :(

Thanks KKCenterHK for allowing me to review such a cool nail polish! I like this more than those crackle ones that I used to be really intrigued about. Magnet patterns are much quicker to achieve and I reckon they look awesome :D

Questjen of the week:

Have you heard of magnetic nail polish before?

This is probably one of the shortest posts I have done in a long time! It's because I'm back at uni now which has made me incredibly busy. I'll still go along with the 'one post a week' thing. A bit overdue with this one sorry D;



  1. Haven't heard of this before but it's really interesting!

  2. Ooh lucky! You got all the magnet designs :O
    And that is much much more convenient than having to hold a plate :)


  3. Thanks for the post! I've heard about magnetic nailpolish and I've wanted to try it out but that is expensive for a bottle of nail polish! Maybe when I get extra cash I'll try it out~

    1. Aw thanks for reading and commenting ^^ I hope you will get the opportunity to try it hehe

  4. Yes, me and my sister actually tried it in a nailart shop and we are like "oooh-ing and ahhh-ing" the entire time, lolz~ It makes really really pretty patterns ^_^~

    1. Haha nice! It definitely is awesome and requires very little effort :]

  5. Ah these are gorgeous! I saw them before and was tempted tho in the end my shopping ban stopped me. Hopefully I'll get the chance to try them sometime in the future!

  6. i love the unique ness of the magnetic polish, but i wish there was more templates that looked abit more subtle yet prettier..? lol
    great review btw!
    can you layer template with another template if you work super quick?

    1. Yeah same, it would be nice if they had 'prettier' pattern like um... a flower? xD It might be hard to create something like that with the magnets inside but maybe they'll create ones like that later on :)

      I have tried but I presume not, since the nail polish 'follow's the magnets inside the template and dries that way. It wouldn't work having two templates on the holder at the same time - only the template with the pattern closest to the nail would show up

  7. I have heard of magnetic polishes and I like them! I have the Ouqian brand from kkcenterhk as well and the quality of the polish is much better than X&D but the pattern is faint.

    1. Hi Blair :) Ooh a better quality magnetic nail polish would be great to use (assuming that it would last longer)... though I do prefer the pattern to show up better and not be faint D: Although X&D may be more prone to chipping, a clear top coat could easily fix the problem I reckon =]

  8. I've heard of these but never tried them out! Looks so cool haha you can pretend you did the nail art yourself :P
    The colour is also really nice!

    1. Hehehe yes, people could be like, 'wow how did you do that?!' and all which was used was a magnet with a pre-made pattern xD Instant nail art!

  9. wow thats so kool! ive never tried magnetic np b4!! i wanna try!! the color is so pretty too!

  10. Ah, I nearly bought them the other day when I saw them on KKCenterHK. So cool!

    1. Haha ^^" Thanks for commenting again Celeste xD

  11. Cool color !


  12. I'm in Australia and I have seen the magnetic nail polish here... It is AU $19.95 per bottle, but the magnet is on the top of the lid and from what I saw it was just a line, no patterns like yours had :( But AU$19.95 per bottle!!! wow, i think i will be waiting for a cheaper version to come out, your look really pretty though :) and what a pooper... no nail polish at work!!! :(

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