Friday, April 27, 2012

The New ghd air Professional Hairdryer

Hello! Today I am going to be sharing with you the latest product released by ghd called the 'ghd air professional hairdryer'. I thought that ghd would only specialised in hair straighteners but I recently found out that they have produced their first professional hairdryer, how exciting :) So I thought this news may interest those who use ghd hair straighteners, or don't but would like to try a different product from this highly-regarded brand (i.e. if you don't use a hair straightener). I'm not a current user though I have only heard good things about the brand from people around me. After all, ghd = good hair day!

The ever-so-glam Katy Perry is the brand ambassador and has been styled to follow the theme of ghd's latest campaign - The Little Mermaid. This lady does not fail to look amazing! I love the shade of her hair, it's absolutely gorgeous. It actually took me a while to realise that the hairdryer is actually in the picture. Can you spot it?

I was first notified of this new product via email of the press release and I had a look on the ghd website for some pictures of the hairdryer. I will share one from the website:

 With one of the two nozzles on
Credit: ghd

Credit: ghd

The word 'sleek' comes to mind when I see this hairdryer. This year marks ghd's 10th anniversary which is remarkable and for them to have finally launched a professional hairdryer is fantastic. It's great for people who don't need a hair straightener but have always wanted to test the quality of this brand. As for me, I have always wanted a ghd hair straightener so I hope to jump on the ghd bandwagon very soon!! I may think about investing in this hairdryer too in the future.

It probably seems like I'm getting a little ahead of myself but that's only because I've already read the press release and this hairdryer does seem amazing, no joke. If only I could test it out and review it for you guys haha! The functions and features are impressive:

  • Powerful motor and Advanced Ionic Technology
    To deliver exceptionally fast drying styling which reduces frizz and a silkier, softer finish
    (I need this! My long hair needs more time blow-drying and I always get frizz. Silkier and softer hair? Yes please!)
  • Cool shot button
    (The button allows for cool air to be blasted out for a quick style fix)
  • Salon strength AC Motor
    (To give a more powerful drying compared to regular hairdryers)
  • 2 concentrator nozzles
    (I find that most hairdryers come with one nozzle but this one comes with two to help create a wide variety of styles)
  • Ergonomic design
    (Makes it suitable and easy for both left and right-handed user which also gives maximum control)

And one other feature that I noticed on the ghd website but not on the press release was that the power cable is 3 metres long! That would really allow you to move around while drying/styling your hair, that's a plus!

The last point I want to add is a line that I read from the press release:

Hailed as the 'Aston Martin of Haircare' ... ghd has transformed the style of women around the globe.

In case you weren't aware, an Aston Martin is a manufacturer of luxury sports cars and for a hair styling brand to be recognised at the same level, that's spectacular. And I can see how ghd's are the 'Aston Martin of Haircare' - I have seen them in numerous hair salons and used by hairdressers themselves. I am completely sold; I want a ghd now!

That's all for this post, hope it was an interesting read. Be sure to let me know if any of you are thinking of purchasing this hairdryer as I'd love to know how it works for you :)

[No 'questjen of the week' for this post - check my previous post for this week's questjen!]


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All opinions presented in this post are 100% honest.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Guest Post: Find your True Color with Josie Maran's Matchmaker Foundation

Hi guys! I've had to schedule this post today as I am currently busy with mid-semester tests for uni :( I always try to keep my promise of blogging once a week and with the help of a guest post, it allows me to take a small breather for my hectic schedule this week. Blogging usually is my way of de-stressing but lately I have been spending hours on each post (because of my dedication). This guest post couldn't have come at a better time!

I'd like to introduce you all to the author of today's guest post - Alvina Lopez, a freelance writer. More information about her is in the by-line at the very end. She has written about The Matchmaker Serum Foundation which I hadn't known about until I read her post. A very interesting read indeed :) Without further ado, here is the guest post:

Find your True Color with Josie Maran's Matchmaker Foundation

It doesn’t matter which way you look at it when it comes to foundation; it seems like you always have to give up something in one area to get quality in another. Sure, you can find the perfect shade, but if your skin tone is anything outside of the typical “fair, light, or medium” range, you’re going to have to throw down big bucks to get something that doesn’t make you look like a clown. And, even when you do make the investment in expensive foundation, sometimes the ingredients are just the same as the cheap drugstore brands and loaded with harmful toxins. You can go the natural makeup route, but many of those lines have even worse color selection or just don’t work as well as the traditional brands. So, when it comes to finding your perfect shade, what’s a girl to do? Introducing the Argan Matchmaker™ Serum Foundation from ex-model Josie Maran!

If you are having trouble finding the right shade of makeup, don’t want to pay a fortune for a good product and need something high-quality and toxin-free, this is the stuff. 

The foundation comes out of the bottle looking like a white lotion. But, when you rub it on your skin, it magically adjusts to your exact shade and provides perfect, natural-looking coverage.

Check out this user review to see the effect for yourself.
The Matchmaker Serum Foundation is made with organic coconut, aloe vera leaf juice, titanium dioxide (a natural SPF), soy, natural fragrance, and Josie’s popular super-skin ingredient, argan oil.

Chameleon pigments instantly reflect and adjust to your natural skin tone, and the serum is made to change into the perfect shade for you, whether you have fair, medium or dark skin with warm, cool or neutral hues. It comes in only two different shades, light/medium and medium/dark, but they really do match any skin tone.

To use the foundation, squirt a bit onto the back of your hand and blend with your finger. The shade should adjust automatically. Then, take a foundation brush and sweep it over your skin using upward and outward motions. The foundation is so light it feels like a moisturizer, but the coverage is flawless.
To check it out, head to your local Sephora or the Josia Maran’s website, here

Alvina Lopez is a freelance writer and blog junkie, who blogs about accredited online colleges. She welcomes your comments at her email Id: 


Thank you Alvina for your wonderful post! I really want to try this foundation now *_* It made me think 'wow!' when I saw how it adjusted to the demonstrator's skin tone in the video. I always have trouble finding the perfect match as some foundations tend to have a pink undertone whereas my skin has more of a yellow tone. I probably wouldn't have that problem again if I had this foundation haha. It definitely seems like a good investment.

Guest posts don't stop me from including my own questjen ;) Hopefully you guys enjoyed reading this post.

Is it easy for you to find your perfect foundation match?

My answer: Usually no
It's such a shame that my face isn't one shade lol, my forehead is a little darker than my face but my face is lighter than my neck. I don't know how many of you face this dilemma too... maybe it's just me xD I tend to go for the 'natural beige' or 'light/medium' shades to be on the safe side. I never like to look too pale or too tanned!


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

NOTD: Blue Magnetic Nail Polish

Hiiii, have you heard of the fairly new 'magnetic nail polish' craze? No? I hadn't either... until I received one from KKCenterHK and read numerous reviews online. I have seen them on a counter in a store but I had no idea how they'd work... and I was never that curious. Are you curious? Let me show you what it is:

Here we have:
~ 1 magnetic nail polish
~ 1 set of magnetic pattern shapers

This nail polish has magnetic properties to allow for patterns to be made with a magnet

I applied it as nail polish first just to see the quality of the formula and whether or not it would be suitable to wear on its own. I must say that it is a very 'pigmented' nail polish! One coat typically looks like three coats of regular nail polish. See for yourself - you wouldn't think that it was just one coat!

 Amazing isn't it?

But I do have some bad news... it chips badly! It's funny how most nail polishes have this pro and con, like with this one the pro is that it is opaque but doesn't last long, boo! And with really sheer nail polishes they tend to last long but the con is that they require 2-3 coats which is time consuming and rather wasteful. The only brands of nail polishes that I can think of which last long and are opaque are China Glaze, Essie and OPI.

Would I recommend or use this as a nail polish on its own? No!
Considering the fact that it is worth $12.24 USD, there are cheaper nail polishes which can last longer and ones around the same price so I reckon it's not worth using this as a nail polish. Perhaps its magnetising properties affects the way the nail polish's staying power, hmm.

BUT of course I recommend this as a nail polish to use for magnet patterns xD

Now to move on with the magnet and how well it works on this nail polish!

It's so simple to make patterns like these with the magnets!
This was my first attempt so please excuse the messiness

$13.84 USD

The set comes with 3 different patterns

Above is a picture demonstration of how to use the magnet pattern shaper. First you put a coat of the magnetic nail polish on and before it dries, you stick your fingernail under the template for 5-15 seconds and the pattern will appear :) Really quick and simple, I like it!

Depending on whether you have the magnet horizontally or vertically, the pattern slightly differs. I'll explain under the next picture:

Horizontally, aka the 'correct' way to use: 1, 4, 5
Vertically: 2, 3

The ones where I used the magnet horizontally made the patterns more prominent with 'darker' shades, which I can assume is where the magnet was attracted to the most.

My favourite pattern is definitely the first one on the left because it looks the most detailed compared the horizontal/vertical/diagonal stripes. Unfortunately I haven't had the chance to apply this nail polish AND have the pattern on due to me working at a place that doesn't allow me to wear any nail polish :(

Thanks KKCenterHK for allowing me to review such a cool nail polish! I like this more than those crackle ones that I used to be really intrigued about. Magnet patterns are much quicker to achieve and I reckon they look awesome :D

Questjen of the week:

Have you heard of magnetic nail polish before?

This is probably one of the shortest posts I have done in a long time! It's because I'm back at uni now which has made me incredibly busy. I'll still go along with the 'one post a week' thing. A bit overdue with this one sorry D;


Friday, April 6, 2012

Cosmetics from Apothica - Cargo, Paul & Joe and Too Faced

Hello and Happy Easter to you all :3 I wish the 5-day long weekend here made a difference for me but it doesn't because it's part of my 2-week break! Oh well, it's an excuse to binge on chocolates/Easter eggs xD

I'm excited for this post because it's been a while since I blogged about makeup! I haven't hauled cosmetics in ages and to finally do so again is awesome :) Let me share with you what I got and my thoughts on them:

3 brands/products not available in Aus/my city: Cargo, Paul & Joe and Too Faced

I'd like to introduce you to my newest blog sponsor - They are an online beauty store based in Salt Lake City and they allowed me to pick products from their site up to a certain amount and I managed to pick these babies up! Thanks Apothica

3 products and 6 free samples

Usually with an Apothica order, they'd only come with three samples but my order actually came in two packages - they had two of the products I wanted in stock so they sent those out first and sent my third product after restocking.

So now I can introduce you to the product I was looking forward to receiving the most!

Price: $29.00

Metal tin and lid


Yay I have a Cargo blush now ^^ I don't think they're that popular but I have seen them in Youtube videos and I really like the packaging. It may not be super pretty however the casing is unique and the pan size is perfect to swirl a blush brush into it for picking up an adequate amount of powder. My other blushes have smaller packaging and less product overall thus I'm happy to add this to my collection.

Apologies for the swatch being a little unclear. The shade is a bright, cotton candy pink and it may seem a little light for my skin tone but I don't think it does. When I wear foundation, it brightens up my complexion so dabbing some of this colour onto my cheeks is perfect!

A swatch using my finger shows up really well however when I smooth the swatch on my finger onto the back of my hand, it appears to be less pigmented. Which for me is totally fine because I don't find pigmented blushes to be ideal. It's better when they're a little opaque so you can build the colour intensity onto your cheeks if needed.

My new favourite blush

Price: $23.80

Gorgeous floral box and mascara

Love the detail on the lid

So about Paul & Joe... believe it or not I actually found out about this brand from the blogging community! I used to read blogs religiously (not so much now due to being more busy) and this led me to discovering new cosmetic brands with pretty cute packaging such as this one :) Are there any Paul & Joe products available in Aus?

This is the prettiest mascara I have owned and not only is it a beauty on the outside but also on the inside! And I'm not surprised that it is because I only just realised that this is a product of Japan =] Many cosmetics from Japan are known to be good quality and good looking at the same time. Do I even need to list out the well-known Japanese brands?!

Bare lashes, no makeup

Curled lashes, no makeup

Curled lashes, with Paul & Joe mascara

What's my verdict? I like it!

In a good way, it makes my lashes look very natural after applying multiple coats of mascara. It doesn't give me any clumps and although the lengthening or volumising isn't spectacular, I still love what this mascara does to my lashes. It holds the curl for the whole day and because it's waterproof, I could confidently cry without having to worry about getting panda eyes haha. I HAVE to use a waterproof mascara, I can't stand non-waterproof ones!! The wand is the perfect size ^_^

Final note on this mascara is that it does require effort to remove! I noticed that the formula sticks to my lashes stronger than regular drugstore mascaras that I normally use. It may depend on the type of makeup remover you use but I even brought out the big guns aka Lancome Bi-Facil (known as one of the best eye makeup removers ever) and I still needed rub my lashes a number of times to successfully remove it. Usually with Lancome Bi-Facil, a few gentle wipes does the job for other waterproof mascaras.

Price: $19.80

I'm going to start by saying that I chose this PURELY because of the packaging :) It's totally cute for the purse or makeup bag.

I am a girly girl and when I see something pink and shiny I am like *__* I want! However I don't get everything that's pink and shiny thing because... I'm not materialistic to that extent xP Just this once I thought, "yeah why not".

A plastic diamante to 'top' it off

 Which shines under the light


 L-R: 1 swipe, 2 swipes, 3 swipes and 4 swipes

Drenched in Shea butter, rich colour and diamond shine our exclusive formula smoothes out fine lines and creases while it pampers your lips with a fizzy moisture surge of pure champagne essences. This billion dollar blend of pure pigments has serious staying power and feels as soft as satin on the lips.

I think I can presume that most beauty bloggers/enthusiasts would know of Too Faced, especially for their popular Too Faced Shadow Insurance primers. I don't own one 'cause I opted for an Urban Decay Primer Potion however I was still interested in trying a Too Faced product, hence I chose this lippie.

The shade 'Cupcake' looks lovely in the tube but it appears lighter on my lips. I was expecting a darker pigment, instead I found that this was quite sheer (as seen in the above swatch). Was I let down? Mm, a bit. Though I do admit that it's still a pretty shade.

Swatched on one side
Left: Bare lips
Right: Too Faced lipstick

It sort of looks like an enhanced shade of my natural lip colour with lots of shimmer. Looks kind of fuchsia (pinkish purple) when I was hoping that it'd be a deep pink! Since it is so shimmery I don't think I would wear this on a daily basis therefore I will save it for special evening outings.

Now to refer to what I typed out in grey:
  • I haven't worn this enough to say whether or not it smoothed out my lips' fine lines and creases butttt I can say that in my above picture, my lips were slightly cracked and the lipstick kind of... covered it up o_o I can't guarantee that this lipstick would be able to 'cover up' severely cracked lips, though it might be able to help :D ?
  • Billion dollar blend of pigment? I don't get it... wahh
  • Staying power is quite good and it does feel soft on my lips

I want to address this last one separately because I have quite a bit to say about it... the scent, that is. On the box it says that it's infused with champagne essence and um... to be honest I'm not that familiar with alcoholic drinks so I don't really know what champagne smells like *blushes* But anyway back on topic...

I don't find the scent to be very pleasant :/ Maybe I'm just not a champagne person? Haha... it's kind of distracting. And since it's worn on my lips, the scent can enter my mouth which results in me 'tasting' it :S Doesn't sound good but it's true lol.

I can't describe it, it's sort of sweet but then it has a strong musky punch to it which puts me off. I really need to smell champagne! I really hope it doesn't smell like this =| Perhaps someone should describe it to me to keep me from being absolutely clueless about it!


I haven't tried any of the samples yet but if I end up liking any of them, I'll be sure to mention it on my Twitter or in a future favourites post.

I have a FOTD look which is just all 3 products on my face. A very quick, natural (and lazy) FOTD where I am wearing no eye makeup besides the Paul & Joe mascara~

Products used:
Geo Fresh Brown Lenses from iCandy Style Lens
MeMeMe Flawless Cream Foundation in 03 Honey Lush
QVC Eyelash Curler

I'll leave you now with a questjen:

Which of the 3 is the most important to you:
blush, mascara or lipstick?

I'm so curious to find out :)

My answer: Mascara!! Because the eyes matter to me the most hehe

♥ Jen xx

Disclaimer: Products were sponsored by Apothica. The opinions present in this review are 100% honest and I am not monetarily compensated. I am not affiliated with Apothica. Clicking on any of the links provided in this post do not affect or benefit me.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Review: Geo Nudy Lenses {Sponsored by Shoppingholics}

Hi dearies, I just want to start by saying thanks for the feedback from my previous post :) They've made me feel more comfortable about showing my bare face because it's not everyday that a beauty blogger/vlogger would do something like that (because most of us show our face with makeup on so without it we may look much different!). All comments have been replied to, thanks to Blogger now allowing reply threads, yay~

You get to see my face again in this post and just in case you become sick of it, it's okay because I can assure you that my next post you won't have to xP I like to alternate when I can!

I recently received two pairs of circle lenses from Shoppingholics and I was really excited to receive them because it was my first time being sponsored lenses from them, AND I from other bloggers' reviews I had seen that Shoppingholics have the cutest and prettiest packaging!! See for yourself:

Gorgeous boxes to store the pairs of lenses!! You'd think they're for jewellery *-*

So much effort - bubble wrap around the boxes and it all fits nicely

Perfect fit. And inside had cushioning with bubble wrap and crepe paper

Since this is my first review from them, allow me to give a short introduction to their online shop:
Shoppingholics is an online store based in Malaysia that is mainly focused on selling circle lenses from various brands but also sell makeup products, hair and fashion accessories from popular Asian brands such as Dolly Wink. Their layout is extremely neat and organised for customer to browse and shop with ease. Definitely an online shop for all the shopping-holics out there (see what I did there? Haha).

Are you ready to find out which lenses I received from them? The type and brand is already in my blog post's title but as for the colours...

I chose grey and blue :D I was glad that Shoppingholics gave me the opportunity to choose any lenses from their shop to review. I decided on the Nudy range from Geo because I love the effect they give on dark eyes (I've previously owned brown, pink, violet) and I've been so curious to see how these colours would look on my eyes ^_^"

Geo Nudy Grey Lenses

 Origin: Korea
Diameter : 14.0mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 1 year disposal

Natural lighting

In case you were wondering what that glittery stuff is on my lashes, it's not glue - it's already on the band! Melody sent these lashes to me last year for my 18th birthday and I finally had the chance to try them out :) What do you think of them?

They're criss-cross lashes which I loveeee

And to sort of complement the lashes and the lenses, I wore blue eyeliner. I always wear black but I decided to be a little different for a change ^^

Lenses with flash on

What I mostly like about nudy lenses is that they can look quite normal/natural in day lighting but with flash they can surely look slightly creepy! So it's like these lenses can be worn for many occasions which makes a good investment overall (instead of purchasing two grey lenses, one suitable for day and the other suitable for costume/cosplay). But I love how they look both with and without flash, they blend so well with dark eyes =]

The colour

The perfect grey and opacity I say! I also love the pattern, the grainy-ness to it makes my eyes stand out. I've seen many Asian girls in person wearing nudy lenses and I'm not surprised - they are gorgeous and give pretty good enlargement. They give a 'halo' effect for those who have small irises. It's really hard to explain but if you Google it you'll know what I mean!

If I look sideways, the halo effect can sort of be seen! It's where the outer rim of my lenses cover the whites of my eyes instead of my iris, but you can see through the lens to the whites (sclera). I told you it's hard to explain haha T_T


I am not lying when I say that these are really comfortable! The first nudy lenses I had from Geo were the browns which I had.... two years ago ._. Anyway, I remember those being not thaaaat comfortable and slipped around in my eyes quite a lot. It may have been a dud pair but my friend (Cathy if you're reading, I remember you telling me this!) also experienced a pair of nudy lenses being 'slippery' in her eyes, even after wearing them for a while so it had nothing to do with the lenses being to wet or anything. Not that I think that that makes a huge difference... does it?

But yeah, I had no problems with these :) I didn't test wearing these for like 6 hours because my eyes probably wouldn't be able to handle it (I don't wear lenses often and I have pretty sensitive eyes so I only wear lenses for a few hours, even when I lubricate them with eye drops).


 Love these lenses *grins from ear to ear*
You can purchase these lenses at a promotional price of US $17.90 @ Shoppingholics

*Now onto my second review!*

 Geo Super Size Nudy Blue Lenses 

Origin: Korea
Diameter : 14.8mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 1 year disposal

These are different from the previous nudy lenses because they are 'super size' (14.8 mm) and have a black limbal ring which gives an even bigger enlarging effect! I will show you what I mean:

Very dolly indeed:
1. Natural lighting, one eye no lens
2. Natural lighting, both eyes with lenses
3. Flash lighting, both eyes with lenses on

I reckon these would be very suitable for gyaru makeup! I was a little lazy and didn't try with gyaru makeup so I just popped these in after I was done trialling the nudy greys.

The colour

It's such a deep blue like dark denim ^.^ They may be really dark for my naturally dark brown eyes but the colour still manages to show up, again due to its opacity. When you have dark eyes like me, you definitely can't go wrong with nudy lenses, they'll always be noticeable no matter which colour you choose. As mentioned before, I like the grainy pattern. I wonder if it's possible for nudy lenses to be two or three-toned.

Are you sick of seeing me wear the same shirt for each picture xD ?
I got it from Yes Style by the way


I used to think that the larger the diameter of the lenses are, the less comfortable they'd be to wear. It could still be true or apply to some lenses however all of the lenses that I've tried that were more than 14.5 mm were all comfortable! Including these which felt just like 14mm lenses. The only thing is that they might be more drying due to the large diameter but that can be resolved with eye drops. These didn't slip around in my eyes at all.

Halo effect more evident here! The right side you can 'see-through' the lens to where my white is (the sclera)

I'm singing my blues - Big Bang

You can purchase these lenses at the price of US $19.90 @ Shoppingholics

That's all for my review! As always, I hope you found this interesting/helpful. If there is anything else that you'd like to know about these lenses that I didn't mention, please don't hesitate to ask me. Thanks for reading

And thanks Shoppingholics for these lenses!
I'm not affiliated in anyway with them so the links don't provide me with any monetary compensation, neither did this review.

My questjen for you:

Your thoughts on circle lenses with a 14.8mm diameter?
Too large? Ridiculous size? Or is it the diameter that you prefer the most?

My answer: Huge and not necessary
As I mentioned in my review, I trial lenses out of curiosity more than the desire to look a certain way or for going out. I love to review them so I am open to receiving any lens style/type as long as they are suitable to wear and have no prescription (plano). I prefer 14mm lenses since that diameter is closest to my true iris diameter and they're more natural-looking. Believe it or not I am a simple, natural girl. When I go out I never go OTT unless it's a dress-up occasion where it is expected! And I reckon 14-14.5mm lenses give plenty enlargement already

Jen xx
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