Friday, March 23, 2012

Non-makeup Face vs. Makeup Face

Hi ♥! This a really random blog post that I decided to do because I thought it would be interesting. Anyway, at first I was a little worried about posting this and the pictures but then I thought to myself, "meh why not, there's not much to be ashamed of".

I feel bad for not showing my face as much as I used to for my previous blog posts so I dug out a few pictures that I took last month to include here. I will be sure to share more pictures of myself hopefully in upcoming posts. I just haven't had time to take pictures!

There may be people who aren't brave enough to show their bare face on the internet let alone in real-life but I however, have nothing to hide. Not saying it in a way that makes me seem like I 'love' my bare face but it's how I feel about my natural appearance. If you see me out and about at uni or shopping, it's likely that you will see me without makeup. Let me rephrase that. You probably will see me as I am naturally but with my eyelashes curled and lip balm on. I wouldn't count those as makeup.

I can confess that I use makeup not because I feel insecure with my appearance. To be honest, I don't mind my bare face but I wear makeup for special occasions because... it's just normal to and who doesn't wear makeup when they go out to like a party? I know that people do go to parties bare-faced but come on, where's the effort in making yourself 'look good' for an occasion?

I use it to enhance my natural features. Here is an example:

Because I am using photos of myself, I can be 100% honest without anyone feeling offended.

Both ready to leave the house but who looks more ready to party? 
Bigger eyes = black eyeliner, mascara, false eyelasehes

I know people believe that they're 'naturally pretty' and whatnot but makeup applied correctly can make you that much more gorgeous. What's my verdict on my before and after photo? Makeup and effort ftw.

As a beauty blogger, people may assume that I wear makeup all the time, every time. Incorrect. I rarely look like the girl on the right! For blog pictures I put in the effort because well... why shouldn't I? I'm presenting myself to over 700 people who are aware of me so I can't look like I just got out of bed, right? It's more polite I reckon. I love makeup but I hardly use it :P

People who see me in real-life are more likely to see the girl on the left. Though there are more people in public, I don't feel the need to present myself in a better way when I'm only going to uni or heading to the grocery store. I'm not trying to grab anyone's attention, nor do I want the attention!

Me in person is on a regular day is like the girl on the left... EXCEPT:
  • My hair will be brushed or tied up
  • My lashes will be curled
  • I'll have lip balm/gloss on 
  • My face will be moisturised or tinted-moisturised
  • Faint pencil eyeliner only on my waterline 
  • Concealer on a fresh pimple

To me, that's HARDLY makeup because I'll only improve my appearance by around 10%. Makeup is the whole lot including foundation, eyeshadow, blush, thick eyeliner, mascara, powder, filled-in brows, bronzer and lipstick. Thinking about putting all of that on just to go to uni gives me a headache :S Not to mention, fake lashes, circle lenses, double eyelid tape.

You know what they say... hard work always pays off. SO true. And I also came across this quote:

"There are no ugly girls, just lazy ones. All girls have the potential to be beautiful"

I agree. Have you seen those Taiwanese makeover show pictures of the girls before and after they put on makeup?? The transformation is quite incredible. Sorry that my before and after pictures weren't that amazing to see. It would only look dramatic if I did gyaru because that requires even more effort *kudos to those who go through that effort each day*

Along with makeup and appearance-enhancing is plastic surgery, which is a touchy subject. I have mixed thoughts about it... I don't think I'll ever get any done but who hasn't been tempted or looked in the mirror and thought, "what if I got _____?"

Well guess what? I did do something.

Possible things people can assume:
"nose job"
"cheek implants"

I contoured my nose! The power of makeup allowed me to have a visible bridge xD It's entertaining to see the before and after. I could probably convince someone that I got a nose job. Blush gives me more defined cheek bones :)

I'm still pretty noob at contouring but I believe that with more practice I can become better at it. This is why I love makeup! You can trick people into thinking that you're pretty ;) Or in my case, trick people into thinking that my nose is slim and defined when it really isn't at all haha. 

And you know what? Society is predictable. I'm sure that if people had to pick the 'prettier' one out of the two above, 99% of people will pick the one on the right. Would they know that it's the same person? I believe that makeup makes one more pleasant-looking for the eyes. This must be why famous people like musicians, actresses, models wear makeup.

In all honesty, I don't think I'm naturally pretty. And at the same time I don't think I'm hideous. Lol maybe people do think I am but that's okay, I'll still respect your opinion. Beauty is subjective. 

I do admit that I like seeing myself all dolled up because it amazes me how I can temporarily look better than what I was born with. It's got nothing to do with being insecure, I can go without makeup but I choose not to. I am confident without it and I can be even more confident with it on. And besides, naturally beautiful girls ALWAYS look better with properly applied makeup anyway. Name someone who doesn't :P ?

Effort is only needed when it's required. You're bound to get looked down upon if you wear heavy makeup to school. I just don't see the point. And aren't you too young anyway? I haven't seen but I've heard of females wearing makeup to the gym... o_o

It requires common sense! I can't help but cringe when I see people wearing like, hot pink eyeshadow or blotchy foundation that doesn't match their skin tone. Thanks for making the effort to put stuff on your face but please do some research before you go out with it on. That's why there are magazines with tutorials, beauty bloggers, makeup gurus, forums etc.! Free online resources where most people know what they're talking about.

End of blog post. I still had doubts about writing this post however after receiving a complementary Dermalogica skin bar facial today, I've felt less worried about how I am perceived in public without makeup on! There's already a non-makeup photo of myself posted up on Liquid Hair's Facebook page while I was getting my facial on lol:

I am the one with the fluro-green headband on, applying my mask
Next to me is Linda and then Sakura :)

It was my first time doing a facial! My skin is so smooth now ^^

I came to the session bare-faced and left the session bare-faced. Saku took some photos of me which I don't have yet but that's ok~ I might do a blog post about my experience with Dermalogica products another time.

I hope this post was enjoyable to read. I've never been really personal on my blog before with my thoughts and opinions but I decided to today since my previous posts haven't been focused on me and my thoughts.

Please don't think that using cosmetics is a must. If you're not comfortable with putting it on or if you're a simplistic girl, just remember that the key to looking great and feeling great is to smile! I love smiley people :D

My questjen for the week is:

Are you truly comfortable with your natural, bare face?

My answer: Yes when it's not for a special occasion
Birthday dinners, parties, weddings etc. are events where I MUST wear makeup!  


  1. I'm comfortable with my face but I prefer it with make up!!
    A little of make up is really easy and fast to put on so it's rare I go out without it!
    I love your make up!! It seems natural but when we look at the first photos, there are a lot of changes actually!

    1. Yeah just the quick and simple things make a difference in a good way!
      Thank you ^^ That's right ahaha

  2. Wow your nose looks really different!

    Well, nowadays I usually go about with my glasses & bare face but if I need to drive (short distance to bf's house doesn't count), I'll wear my contacts. There isn't a MUST to wear makeup but hey, I think it's fun to wear makeup! Dabbing those pimples away, enlarging my eyes & putting a pop of colour in my cheeks. It's my artwork! xD

    1. Indeed it is fun :D It's also my artwork hehe, especially because I lack in artistic skills with drawing and painting lol

  3. Tbf, you look beautiful even w/o make-up!! No fairrrr! T^T

    Amy Xx

    1. Naww thanks Amy! Lols don't be silly, I'm sure you look beautiful without makeup :D xx

  4. I am fine with my bare face too ^^ But I prefer myself with makeup x)

    And I think you look cute bare faced :3
    and so true about everything you wrote in this post!

    1. With makeup it's just like seeing a better version of yourself, huh ^^?
      Teehee x]

  5. I guess I don't use makeup much because most of the time I am in school and there is not much point and also there is not enough time in the mornings!! XD I am comfortable with my natural face but I totally agree with you that makeup will give you that boost and enhance the features :)

    1. Agreeee! So hard for me to manage my time in the morning to get ready for uni xD

  6. Yes I'm comfortable enough to wear my bare face out. I don't care too much about undefined eyes or pale lips. The only thing I care so much about is my skin! Scars peak through everywhere on my cheeks and my dark, dark circles!

    I have some days where I can't help but use a tinted moisturiser which I do feel guilty for.

    But lately, I have been wearing make-up everyday for the sake of trialling a product and reviewing.

    But if I had a choice, I can skip make-up in the mornz honestly.

    For parties and events, yes a must have!

    Great post Jen! Different from the usual :')

    1. I love tinted moisturiser :) I don't think you should feel guilty about wearing it hehe, it's good for your skin!

      Thanks Tram <3 I knew it would be different from my usual posts so I was worried about how my readers would interpret it~ Thanks so much for your feedback!

  7. Please post on your experience with dermalogica :D
    I'm definitely comfortable with my bare naked face .. it's just easier not worry about getting panda eyes, eyelashes coming off, foundation wearing off etc. your quote is right.. im just lazy hahaha. I know how you feel though, when i DO apply make up, when it comes to taking it off i get depressed coz it's like ending the magic (childish i know but meeeeh). Love how your nose looks when contoured btw! ^^

    1. Ok! Once I get a hold of some more pictures I shall do one =)
      I know righttt, I hate it when my eye is itchy but I'm wearing mascara so when I rub it I'm bound to get panda eyes or flakes from my mascara under my eye ._. Eyelashes falling off is annoying haha ><

      Aw not childish, it's true x) It is like magic hahaha
      Thanks! :3

  8. A lot of my friends have seen me without makeup and i do feel okay with not having makeup on~ but usually i would feel ugly around a few people >>" hahaha! but that thought doesnt occur most of the time.
    I like wearing makeup though =] whenever im at home and bored, i put makeup on! and then afterwards i feel like going out because i feel pretty xD LOL

    1. Haha I can understand how being around pretty people can lower self-esteem x]
      It's fun to apply, that's for sure!
      Makeup makes all girls feel and look pretty *_*

  9. I feel fine without makeup, but I believe makeup just enhanced my features a bit more :)

    1. Same! Using makeup in moderation is good ^_^

  10. You look so prettyyyy both with and without make up! Honest opinion! :) And wow I've actually never contoured my nose before cos I didn't think it would make THAT much of a difference but maybe I should learn! What sort of brush do you use for that? Obviously not a really big one?
    I am partially comfortable with my bare face. What I mean is that if I have BB cream or some light foundation on just around my tzone (where I have a lot of redness/scarring) then I'm totally cool to leave the rest of my face bare. But I do feel really self conscious without some level of coverage for my tzone since it's quite red (having a lot of allergies makes my nose raw a lot too.. sigh). Other than that, I'd go out without makeup. That said, by choice I always tightline/waterline, wear mascara and fill in my brows. I really feel like those 3 things define my eyes/face more and just make me look less tired haha. I also feel more confident so that's always a good thing right :) I usually skip bronzer/blush etc mostly out of laziness haha. I feel like I just repeated what I said in my last blog post about my everyday make up haha :)

    1. You're too sweet Sue! Thanks <3
      Contouring is great to learn because it really does make a difference (if that's what you want to achieve, or if not then it's still fun to do) like with the nose and cheekbones

      Naww I have redness too so I also prefer to cover it up :\ True that! It's like it gives your face a wake-up call lol :) Feeling confident is great hehe

  11. It's a guilty pleasure of mine to see how bloggers look with and without makeup. You look pretty even without it, but I completely agree with you about how makeup can improve your features. I never leave the house without a little bit of makeup on - usually eyeliner and concealer, at the very least. I think once you start wearing makeup, you get used to how you look with it and can't stand going out bare faced. At least that's how it is for me. And it's always amazing to see how much of a difference contouring makes! I have to start contouring on a regular basis now - I hate my nose shape and my round chubby cheeks :(

    1. Same here! Also with YouTubers :) Aw thank you Rinny ^^ Contouring is amazing, a little really does go a long way. You are beautiful the way you are, I swear! <3

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  13. I totally understand about the people wearing really bad makeup -___- Nowadays, girls are wearing makeup so middle school ._. I mean, if they want to, they can, but they aren't even good at it >.< And hahaa we have the same mentality about our bare faces :D I barely even wear makeup to school cuz I can't get up early enough to have time xD


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