Wednesday, January 11, 2012

ASOS Haul Video!

Hey! So I recently made my first purchase on ASOS and I received my items on Monday, about a week after I made an order. I honestly didn't expect to receive my order so quick! I loved that the shipping was free and that ASOS currently has an up to 70% off sale for selected items. Awesome time to shop for bargains :D

I was going to do a regular haul post with pictures but instead I decided to film a video because I haven't filmed one for a while and I thought it would make a great 'start-of-the-year' video for 2012 :) The quality of the video kinda sucks though, sorry about that. Watching it in HD 720px doesn't make it heaps better/clearer unfortunately... the raw video was much clearer but after editing it and exporting it from Windows Movie Maker (used the older version), the quality decreased. Hope it's still okay though.

I ended up purchasing 8 items however my video ended up being about half an hour long lol. I had so much to say about each piece and got a bit carried away at times xD It was a struggle to cut it down to under 15 minutes (YouTube's maximum time limit) but I managed to do it! Apologies for the choppiness and the audio being out of sync around the second half of the video :(

Not the most flattering screenshot of me from my haul video
What is in that box and bag :O ?? You'll have to find out below!

I mention in the video:
  • My purchased items, one by one
  • Their names
  • RRP and sale price
  • Thoughts on the material quality
  • Comfort while wearing

I just thought it would be something you guys might want to know, especially for those of you who may be interested in purchasing from ASOS or from any online clothing site. I give my 100% honest opinions on each piece as this was not sponsored or provided to me in anyway so I don't have to feel any pressure to give positive feedback... not that that has ever really influenced me. Just saying in general.

Also, I have a Yesstyle clothing order coming in haha! My boyfriend and I made an order together so that we could get free shipping (minimum spend of AU $150). It's not as 'big' as my ASOS one because I bought less items. If anyone is interested in reading or watching a haul of that then let me know ^^

I have a questjen for you guys:

Which online clothing stores do you highly recommend?

I'd like to know whether there are any really good ones out there that can be highly trusted and offer great customer service. I really want to try purchasing from Gmarket but it looks very confusing! Also Taobao which is in Chinese but my Chinese reading skills aren't that great so I struggle with that too...

I want to share a selca that I took after filming the video:
Love my newest drop earrings with crowns dangling on the ends
Could you tell that I wore coloured contacts in my vid? I wish my eyes were naturally this colour!

And I have a really short video of my cat Coco that I recorded after my hauling. He was sitting on my bed about to fall asleep, aww:


  1. nice, you managed to make it a <15 min video :D. you look so cuteeee jennn ^^ !! nice haul!! i like the white dress the most :D

  2. omg you cutie youuuu! >: D I love the video! You look super pretty! Whenever I try to do a video, I can never keep calm :C I'm all up in people's face with my lame humor.. blegh. You keep calm as if it's no biggie!
    I never bought from ASOS. It's a bit too picky for me D:

  3. I watched your video, then went on ASOS to have a browse myself. I then proceeded to place an order. LOL I blame you! Although I tend to browse ASOS a LOT and place orders like.. twice a month, not even kidding. Also I have the shoes you bought in plain black! Yay wedges <33

  4. Ahhh you're so brave buying shoes online! Ive always felt so scared because of the sizing and the comfort of the shoes! Ive purchased on asos for years and i love the store very affordable clothing/accessories! Unfortunate that some of the items were not as high quality as you would have wanted it to be. Some of the pictures are deceiving of the fabric but i hope you still buy from them again they do have a huge range at really cheap prices!

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