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ABBM Christmas Picnic

Hi guys! I'm super late with this post but I still wanted to share it with you guys anyway. The weekend before I went to Sydney, I attended a Christmas picnic with the ABBM girls (Adelaide Beauty Blogger Meet) on Saturday the 17th of December that was organised by the amazing Celeste. She came down to Adelaide to meet up with us and not only did she bring herself but she also brought along some goodie bags for all of us ^^ I will share the items later on in this post!

The picnic was held in the Botanic Gardens and we were lucky enough to find a shaded area which had tables and benches as the day wasn't very sunny with a fairly high chance of showers. In the photo below, it kind of looks like a room that we hired or something! But nope, it was free for us to use, facing out to the grass and beautiful plants.

Photographer: Saku
(Sitting on the benches, starting with those closest/back facing): 
L-R: Celeste, Sherry and I
Michelle was also there but unfortunately a bunch of others couldn't make it, aw

And one surprise of the day was meeting two new additions to ABBM - Sarah and Cal, the lovely ladies who are standing in the above picture. It was nice meeting them and great to have them join us for this picnic! Our group is getting bigger ^_^ I still remember when I was the new one in ABBM hehe.

I thought I was going to be late when I arrived because I had to catch the bus and I was waiting for quite a while, getting impatient. But gladly I was on time and there were still some more to come *phew* I just hate being late for any events :|
 FOTD/OOTD picture
I kept my makeup really simple, I wanted to look as natural as possible without going OTT
I wore a black floral dress which had a very low cut at the front so I wore a bandeau underneath

And my boots, courtesy of Saku's photography:

Saku randomly took a picture of these because she said she liked them n_n"
They're one of my favourite shoes to wear, they're so comfy!

Candid shot by Saku! Chatting, nibbling and drinking away (soft drinks lol)
L-R: Me, Cal and Jeneara

 The food upon arrival :)
We had some more coming

I felt a bit bad for not contributing to the food (I can't make anything and I wasn't sure what to buy!) so I provided cups which definitely came in handy since there weren't any and Saku brought a full esky of drinks xD This made me feel better about my contribution, haha.

 Another bench for KK presents :D
More were coming

So along with this Christmas picnic, we exchanged KK presents (aka Secret Santa). And lucky for me, I was involved with two blogger KKs! One which was hosted by Melody and I on our blogs and one among Adelaide beauty bloggers... sweet :]

The person who I had as my ABBM KK was Jac who wasn't at the picnic but received my gift when she met up with Celeste on another day. The ABBM KK who had me was Natsumi/Suki who is currently overseas. Celeste told me that Suki will post my KK present when she is back from overseas. Kindly, Celeste sent me a KK present on behalf of Suki (so that I wouldn't have to wait for too long) which had arrived at my home while I was in Sydney! But it was a really nice gift to come home to... thanks again Celeste ♥

On the day of the picnic I was KK present-less for the day, but not empty handed.
We each received surprise goodie bags! Celeste, why are you so kind to us T-T How do we repay you?! Did I mention that Celeste is extremely good at dealing with PRs? Whereas I am a little clueless and do find it to be a bit difficult :(

Anyway, we all received the same items of Nutrimetics products:

 Has anyone heard of Nutrimetics before? I think it might be Australian
It's good to know that they're against animal testing :)

I wouldn't have the slightest clue as to whether or not Nutrimetics products can be found in stores because I have never seen them in stores before! I know they can be ordered from booklets that can handed out (like Avon too) so Im really not sure whether they are actually stocked in physical stores, hmm. Here are some closeups of each product:

 Nutrimetics Restore Intense Anti-aging Night Creme
Made in New Zealand, ooh :]

 The packaging is weighty and it makes the product look pricey (I don't know the price)

I actually gave this to my mum to use because she'll be unhappy with me using anti-aging products. She thinks I'm too young to use them and that I don't need them. When will be the 'right' age to use anti-aging products? Is 18 too young? I wonder if anyone out there really knows when it is a good time to start using anti-aging/wrinkle creams. My mum is currently using it.

 Nutrimetics Restore Anti-aging Eye Creme
Made in New Zealand
I also gave this to my mum to use

 Nutrimetics Lip Lightning Lip Gloss in Bare Naturel
Made in Taiwan (yay Asian product xD)

I love the shade of the lip gloss, it's the perfect pink. I also love the mirror finish on the lid and side of the tube so I can apply this lip gloss on the go if I don't have a mirror!
When you open the lid, the light turns on which makes it convenient for putting on this lip gloss at night/when it's dark. And it automatically shuts off when the lid is screwed back on properly

Nutrimetics Lash Lightning Mascara
Made in Taiwan
This is just like the lip gloss with the light inside but on top of the lid there is a manual on/off button for the light. Must be careful to not accidentally push the button to turn it on when it's in your bag or something because this will drain the battery :/ Again there is  small mirror on the side of the tube

Nutrimetics Illuminating Shimmer Mist
Made in Italy

 Such fancy packaging, I like it!

I normally wouldn't use shimmer mist or any glitter sprays/lotions for my body but it's ok, I can give this a try. It's nice to have an 'illuminating glow', I guess ^^"
Nutrimetics Marble Rouge in Jupiter
Made in Italy

A two-toned blush, how pretty! I don't have any like these but I do have a baked one which has the same outer texture. The shades are very wearable for the day time, love it ^^

 The cosmetics look so good together *.*

Last but not least in the goodie bag was a 'Becoming Beautiful' lip balm! Celeste's beauty blog is called 'Becoming Beautiful' and these lip balms are like her very own business cards.. instead of course, being printed on cards. It's a fantastic idea and quite unique!

 Not sure what the flavour is but it sort of smells minty

And I received an item from Saku~ She brought along some clear nail wheels to share with us! So useful for doing nail polish swatches and doing nail art! Glad to have one of these now, thanks hun ^^

For future nail polish swatches, you'll probably see them on here instead of my actual nails

Overall the day was really enjoyable and there wasn't any rain thankfully! It was nice catching up with everyone and just talking about blogging matters :) After all, that is something that we're all interested in :D

A questjen for you:

Do you or would you like to meet up with bloggers in your city?

There are so many bloggers that I want to meet up with interstate (in particular Melbourne, Sydney and Perth!) and also overseas... I wish I could meet each and every one of you :D

But seriously, 2011 was an awesome second year of blogging. It was wonderful to know of other beauty bloggers in my city, let alone meet them in person! Such a privilege to have =)


  1. oehhh, loooooks like so much fun :D !! and love your boots. i would love to meet some bloggers in my city.. but i love to meet bloggers in other cities even more ='D !!! xx.

    feel free to join my camwhore contest:

  2. Oooh, that glitter mist thing looks interesting! I don't think it'd look very good on me but ..still interesting :D

    I also like your boots *_*!

    But yessum, meeting bloggers is the best! AND I WANT TO MEET YOU 8D

  3. Awesome!! ABBM picnic. How cute! :P Of course, I'd love a bloggers meet-up in Sydney. Unfortunately ABBW is cancelled this year! Boo!

    But Nutrimetics are like Avon & Mary Kay. They can only be reached over the phone or from consultants (or sellers) >_< I've tried the big jar Night Cream!! It's sooooooooooo rich and makes my dry skin feel so good! :P



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