Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pink Hair, Would You Dare?

Hey everyone, hope all is well! This post is going to be about my experience with using temporary pink hair gel which I received from KKCenterHK. Now before you read my review, I want you to be aware that this is NOT a temporary hair dye! It is hair gel which comes out pink and can be washed out like regular hair gel :) So please don't have expectations of it being like temporary pink hair dye because it definitely won't be - the texture and the outcome!

My attempt of doing an ombre pink style with the gel

I just thought that this would be a nice picture to start the post with, instead of the picture of the product I used because... I think it looks more appealing like this, haha. End result at the start!

Now to introduce you to the product that I used:

Price: $5 USD
Size: 99ml

Squeezed out onto fingers

With this gel, it may seem as though the pink is very pigmented but it really isn't as pigmented as it seems. If you only need a small amount like above, squeezing it onto your fingers and working it through your hair like regular gel shouldn't be a problem. Yes you may experience some staining on your hands but it can easily be washed out just with water.

But for me, I needed much more than one slightly-larger-than-pea-size for my hair which was why I used a pair of gloves (not included with the gel) and wore an old shirt (my old school shirt to be exact).

All I needed were a pair of gloves, an old shirt and the gel

Add colour to your spikes or just streak in some color in your hair. Can be used on damp or dry hair, before or after you style.

Since I was aiming to also do streaks in my hair, I followed the instructions for this on the back of the bottle.

STREAKS: Squeeze a small amount onto fingertips and work through several strands of hair.

Added some streaks to my fringe and applied the gel to about 10 cm of the bottom of my hair

Waiting for it to dry with a :/ face.. I'll say why later!

Gel texture:
- From the bottle it is very gluggy like glue paste but not sticky
- Onto hair it gives a very wet look
- After it dries, it makes my hair hard and cannot brush through

Instead of doing a dip-dye, I instead squeezed a large amount of product onto my palms and worked it through my hair by grabbing all the ends and spreading it out. Unfortunately it didn't spread as well as I wanted it to and I couldn't get my ends fully pink!

After around 10 minutes, it looked like this:

Looks kind of metallic pink, yes.. no?
I think it blends in well with my brown hair :]

My thoughts on using this for 'ombre':
First of all, I would not recommend this for temporary ombre hair - it's not the right texture! Maybe for a party where you don't mind looking a little crazy... this would be suitable. I know it's only a coloured gel but I'm not happy with the colour payoff! I expected it to work like those temporary spray colors (which mind you, work really well on all hair colours including dark hair!) and unfortunately no matter how much gel I would use, the colour would only come out in random patches and once I spread the gel the colour would just transfer onto my gloves o_o Let me tell you, it was frustrating to apply this to the ends of my hair. Parts of it would already start becoming hard and dry while applying more gel so it was pretty messy. After applying the gel to my hair, it felt like my ends were dreadlocks.

Please note that I only tried the ombre look because it is currently a fashion trend, not because I thought it would actually work with this gel. It's also a way for me to show you that this isn't the most suitable product for temporary hair dye.

Ombre look achieved but looks majorly tacky/unnatural for day time wear. For a party this would be ok, I think?

My thoughts on using this for streaks
I actually would recommend this gel for streaks/spiking (well duh, that's what the product is supposed to be for!) hehe. Using it for the top of your hair is better than using it for the bottom because even if it makes your hair hard, it won't be annoying or whipping you in the face... lol. But since I wanted to see how the ombre-pink style would look on my hair, I used it for my ends u_u

Quite vibrant pink streaks

So why was my face like :/ ... ? Here are my pros and cons:

+ Squeeze tube packaging is fine, it is hygienic
+ Gel has a really pleasant, feminine/sweet scent (like perfume!)
+ Instructions on the back
+ Reasonable, cheap price (USD 5)
+ Washes out really easily (warm water works perfectly, or can use cold water and shampoo)
+ Stains hands while using but can be washed off easily. Possibly the same with clothes
+ Runs smoothly through hair while applying
+ Colour matches the colour of the bottle, therefore accurate
+ Hard hold on hair
+ Pink shows up on dark hair
+ Does not damage hair after use

- Only most suitable for styling (streaks/spikes)
- Lid cap is a little flimsy (might just be mine but I had to unscrew the lid to use)
- Pink is not very pigmented in the gel
- Requires a lot of product for pink to be on all strands of hair in a particular section of a hair
- Can't be used as temporary hair dye
- Pink can fade while having it in hair (the gel flakes and the pink falls out)
- Colour can transfer onto hands/gloves while smoothing onto hair, hence less colour seen on hair
- Hard to find in shops, may only be able to purchase online

Okay so you may be thinking that the :/ face wasn't so necessary but usually with my product reviews, I only have a few cons which to me means that the product is overall, good. With this I have very mixed feelings. As a hair gel, it makes a great product because it has a hard hold on hair, which I can confidently say will be able to hold a style for several hours. But looking at it as a coloured gel... the colour wasn't that impressive. I mean sure, there was pink in my hair but it required many fairly large blobs of gel to get it looking like so. 

I think if I were to attempt to have a pink mo-hawk like the above picture, I would have to use the whole bottle =| I wish my ends could have been THAT pink!

I wanted more pink in my hair but to have more pink, I needed to apply more gel which really wasn't necessary. And for each time I put the gel in my hair, I would use my hands to rub in the pink however it seemed to have rubbed off the pink :S Okay for example, if I put the pink gel on my arm and I wanted to rub the colour in (like, how you apply eyeshadow) but each time I did, the pink would smear away as though I'm trying to rub it off! Now imagine my hair as my arm... yep that's what was happening! EEEP, so instead I'd put splotches of gel in my hair without any spreading of it so that it would dry as a pigmented pink splotch.

Overall thoughts
Hmm.. if you're not a fan of aerosol spray temporary hair colours, this may be the solution for you. I know that spray-on colours can give you that hard, hair spray feel (me stating the freaking obvious again) which is actually pretty similar to what this hair gel does. Except spray-on colours are much more vibrant, though harder to use for styling and streaks. For streaks and spikes, this colour gel is one that I would recommend!

However for temporary hair colour, you're better off using something else instead of this. Yes it works and is simple to use but you're original hair colour can still be seen underneath it. That shows how sheer the pink is on your hair. For use as a styling gel where you'd want a hint of colour, this is exactly the product to use =)

There is a pink temporary spray that KKCenterHK has in a similar shade called R.I.Pink - Fright Night Streak 'N' Tips Temporary Hair Colour which is selling for USD $4.22. I'm thinking that it would work better than the coloured gel I received...

I was going to request to review this however I was skeptical about receiving an aerosol can in the mail so I decided not to.

That's it for my review, thank you so much for reading :D I am not a hair expert and excuse the messy hair pictures, the gel wasn't being very cooperative T_T I rarely do posts on my hair so I thought this would be a great opportunity for me to do one! Also, I am loving ombre hair, especially with some more out-there colours like pink, lilac and pastel blues. I find them to be really pretty. If only I were more daring, I would have permanent cotton candy pink ombre with wavy hair *_* Ah well, I'll just stick with this temporary hair gel until I can find a better temporary solution.

From now on I've decided to 'give away' samples of my products that I am sent to review as my way of giving back a little and for you guys to have a chance to try out the product without paying a cent! If you're interested in a small sample of this colour hair gel, feel free to shoot me an email.

I'll still be blogging like normal for the next couple of weeks but on the 22nd of December... I'll be away! If you hadn't heard my good news on my Twitter yet then here is my announcement - I am going to Sydney for 9 days from December 22nd and coming home December 31st! Ahh I can't wait, this will be my first time going there (can you believe it? I've lived in Australia all my life and have never visited interstate before) and I really have no expectations haha, besides knowing that it is a fairly crowded city with some lovely tourist attractions! I'm ready to start packing my bags and go on a much-needed vacation which will probably be the highlight of my year. I would LOVE to meet-up with lovely Sydney bloggers but it probably won't happen because I will be with my family for the whole time :( However if anyone does see me around then feel free to come say hi ^_^ If anyone has any tips about what to pack and maybe what to expect then I'd love to hear from you~

And now to my questjen of the week:

If you had to, which unnatural hair color would you (partly) dye your hair and why?

Excluding brown, red, blonde and black!
I'm curious to know :P


  1. Ooohhh!!! I've always thought of getting pink ombre but didn't wanna deal with the permanent damage.. maybe this is the good alternative fun hehehe

  2. I've tried purple and pink before, I've always wanted to try white, but it's gonna kill my hair.. so </3

    Regarding the hair gel, I just wish it wasn't that gloopy when applied on the hair D; Aren't you up for semi-permanent dyes though? Manic Panic has awesome temporary dyes, it only lasts a few weeks and doesn't ruin your hair :D

  3. ermmm i think i will pass up on this but thank you for the review dear. :)

  4. The pink ombre is cute, but the gel makes it look a little crunchy. I really love pastel lavenders and mint green hair colours, but they'd be really difficult to maintain with naturally dark hair.

    Have fun interstate. :]

  5. Nice review.. i kinda don't like the feeling of gel in my hair.. it gives me the same feeling as using hair spray.. i guess it's a good alternative to buying temporary hair dye or a wig, though it seems like so much more work :O

    I hope you have a safe flight into Sydney & enjoy your much needed vacay~ Enjoy the sights :D I hope to see some photos of the attractions there =P

    I'd want to partially streak dye my hair with blue or green (only coz I don't want to be called goth if i used purple/pink), that & some people had it when I last went overseas and it looked cool on them.. *such a follower*

  6. I've gone pink once in my life, I went for a 2 tone look and dyed the whole bottom of my hair bright pink - the mother was NOT impressed haha!
    This seems like a good product though for random nights you want to be a bit out there!
    Good review babe


  7. That did not turn out as good as I thought.. My friend had blue 'streaks' done at the salon once and it looked like the guy just wrapped blue plasticine or dried paint around bunches of hair =/

    I choose ORANGE! lol Since it should probably match my dark brown hair better than others like blue or green =/

  8. Oooooo nice! : D I wouldn't get pink hair. But it looks pretty cool!

  9. This is awesome!
    Although I don't like how it's all hard and weird after putting the gel on. But, still! I think I'd try any colour for streaks xD pink ..purple ..blue ..green ..well yeah, I'm a little crazy :3

  10. Good Day!!I dare to wear a pink hair if i attend a cost play and i like pink color...


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