Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Lace Nail Stickers from Born Pretty Store

Hi guys! I have a NOTD (Nails of the day) to share with you guys ^^ For this NOTD I used 3D nail stickers which resemble lace trimmings. Lace has got to be one of my favourite 'designs' for clothing pieces and accessories - it's so pretty and I love the texture, haha.

NOTD: Purple Elegance

 Nail polish: China Glaze - Robotika
2mm purple rhinestones from Born Pretty Store
Lace stickers from Born Pretty Store

Since my nail polish colour was a metallic purple, I decided to use purple rhinestones to complement the lace and the nails!

It was my first time using white lace trimming designs on my nails. I've seen them on other peoples' nails many times, either with stickers or konad stamps. These nail stickers were kindly sent to me by Born Pretty Store to review :)

 $5.23 + Free shipping

I'm not sure whether I'll get around to using all 10 sheets ahaha... so for that reason I'll be including at least one sheet in a future giveaway.

I had a look at the instructions at the back of the packet and as you can see, they are very simple and clear. I guess the Chinese is a not as simply written compared to the English because I can't understand it (I only know how to read basic, simplified Chinese). Diagrams are used to assist the writing if the person reading cannot understand English and/or Chinese. If I were a grammar/punctuation nazi then I would criticise the inconsistent spacing, spelling and capitalisation. But since I'm nice and not a nazi, I'll let all of that slide ;]


For both nails I only needed one sheet and I still had some leftover. I liked how there were different patterns but two of each of them so I could have the same on both hands. Having different lace patterns made my nails look less plain and repetitive. Cutting is needed to fit the stickers on your nails and this is great because nails of all shapes and sizes can have these stickers perfectly stuck on.

What is Born Pretty Store?

It's an online shop that sells nail art materials, makeup and accessories at wholesale prices. Which is entirely true because for 10 of these nail stickers, it's only $5.23! Definitely not the same price that other regular stores sell them. Sometimes I get 2 or 3 sheets for $5 in physical stores... and now that I think about it, it wasn't really worth it :/ But now that I have discovered Born Pretty Store, it's probably better that I purchase all of my nail art products from there since it's cheaper and there's FREE shipping on all orders ^_^

These nail stickers have a bit of a rubbery feel to them and they stick well and can be removed without using too much force and leaves no sticky residue. Although, I wouldn't recommend just wearing the stickers on your nails as I reckon they won't last that long so you're better off applying a top coat on (as instructed in the nail sticker instructions, duh Jennifer!) Hehehe I never used to apply a top coat on so I'm just saying so you' all know better ^^"

What I find amazing about Born Pretty Store:

* When I first heard about them, they were having so many freebie promotions and giveaways, it was awesome! Through this I was able to get 2 x 12 Colors 2mm Rhinestone Nail Art Decoration, Hello Kitty & Chanel Logo Nail Sticker, Hello Kitty Nail Art Plate and a pair of gold and black false lashes which I don't think they sell on their shop. But anyway, they always have awesome freebies to check out :D They have a few currently~

* Wholesale-priced items. Enough said :3

* There is always free shipping no matter how little or big you spend! Free worldwide shipping is amazing! I don't know how they can be so generous with this offer, especially considering that they sell items at wholesale prices so it makes me wonder, how do they get profit? But yes, good on you Born Pretty Store =]

* Discount codes! Amanda from Born Pretty Store gave me a discount/promo code to share with my readers to use at the checkout - JENL73. Also, if 10 people use this code, Amanda will offer a Born Pretty Store giveaway for you guys!

I haven't tested the code out myself but if anyone does, I'd love to know if you do because I'm curious as to how it works.
Overall thoughts on Born Pretty Store

They have always shipped out my items quickly (please remember that shipping time is NOT the same as arrival time! People tend to get them mixed up or think they're the same) but I think they are sent from Hong Kong to Singapore (I may need to double check on this, it could be the other way around) because the customs declaration is from Hong Kong but the return address is from Singapore. A little but confusing but yeah, what I'm meaning to say is that the time it takes to arrive is usually longer than it should be from a country in Asia to Australia and vice-versa. I think it's supposed to take a bit less than two weeks but with this product and previous products from Born Pretty Store, it has taken no less than two weeks with about a maximum of three. To be honest I'm not too fussed about arrival time, only shipping time because for me there shouldn't be a holdup if I've already ordered and paid for my item and it is in stock. I am quite patient when packages take their time to arrive, it makes the waiting game more exciting *looks around* Not really but it makes me temporarily forget about them. And when they do come it's like a surprise... pretty sure I'm not the only one who experiences this :P

Their emails are written well and I am able to communicate to them with ease. I can completely understand if there are some typos here and there etc. because English may not be their first language. They are very friendly and answer all questions. Born Pretty Store love to received feedback from their customers 'cause that's what they're about, excellent customer service :) I have received emails from them regarding past items that have been sent to me and they would ask whether I had received it yet and if there were any problems. The first time I received this email I was really surprised since many other online stores would not be so 'caring' towards their customers. Probably because they have this mindset that once they ship something, it's no longer their responsibility or concern as to whether or not the package reached their customer safely. Thank you Born Pretty Store for showing your concern, I really appreciate it!

I hope you liked my NOTD. I am definitely not very creative or artistic so don't tell me if it looks bad or ugly xP I won't be offended, I just reckon it's not necessary to say! It's like telling someone who knows they suck at dancing but they'll still dance anyway because it makes them happy... gahh bad comparison but you know what I mean, right?!

Sadly it is no longer on my nails anymore (hence I called it NOTD instead of NOTW) as I am back at work where I cannot have my nails painted at all! It's a little upsetting for someone who is starting to love nail polish so much :( I've got to make this sacrifice for my job lol. Before I get more questions about why I can't wear nail polish I'll just answer it here - I handle food so it's common sense to have hands and nails and clean as possible.

And working also explains my uhh... 'not-as-often-blogging-that-I-said-I-would-do-now-that-I-am-on-holidays' xD Yes... I'm looking at you Frances LOL, dear oh dear I am under pressure to blog more now! Sorry I got a little lazy and tired from working n_n" Not a good enough excuse I know, so I promise to blog again within the next few days before I work again this week!!

To other news... I finally got my fringe cut this week and it now sits above my eyebrows and it's still a side fringe. I'll wait a couple of weeks to grow maybe half a centimeter and then I'll take a picture of myself. Unless I feel like taking one soon then I will :)~

Okay I am out of here, see you all in my next post!

BY THE WAY AUS BLOGGERS! Have you joined the 2011 Kris Kringle?? There's only one day left to enter to get a KK! More info here on my previous post

Hope everyone's having a great week so far ^.^

OH YEAH! Almost forgot my questjen of the week...
What's your favourite nail art design?

Do you like lace? Stripes? Spots? Crackle effect? Bows? Rhinestones/bling? Leopard print? Roses? Something else?
I love versatility, so for me it's all of the above! As long as it looks good with a nice combination of colours =)


  1. Ah, that's brilliant!! I've always wanted to try the lace stickers. I think lace on nails are so so so pretty. *_*

  2. Ooh these looks lurvlyy ! I have some lace nail stick-ons i need to tryy too :D :D

    I'm really liking Crackles atm, but Rhinestones are also pretty :)Xxx

  3. Super cute! Ahhh, i think their server is down so I can't test out your promo code.. Even though I swore to myself to not shop from them again for a while XD Ahhh, If I could, i'd send you so much nail polish right now.. but I think it'd get seized by customs -_____- Dang bastards. anyhoo~ looking forward to any other NOTD,NOTW you may have in store for us later :D

  4. This is so cute!!
    I love lace!
    So I really love your mani!

  5. The lace stickers are really cute! And that's a really good deal on so many sets. Thanks for sharing the promo code with us!

  6. Ahh these are so pretty ! *_* I wish I was good at my nails then I would do things like this :P but ah, I will just result to plain colours xD

  7. Super pretty, I might just have to pick some of them up. :D You might not know because you had to take them off, but how long do they last?

  8. eee jen! these nails are so pretty!


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