Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I'm back + Tag Q&A

Hiiiii *waves frantically* my exams are complete and my first year of uni is already over! Gosh I can't believe how fast this has gone by, I am so stoked to be on break right now because I will be on holidays for the next 3-4 months straight :D Ah it's really exciting to have this long break again and now that I know how fast those months can go by (had a similar break like this for the first time starting last year), I am bound to make the most of each and everyday. Today marks the first day of being stress-free and exam-less *dances*

It's great to be blogging again after a couple of weeks and you're all probably sick of coming to my page seeing my previous post being the latest post (back in Halloween lol). Now I'll be able to blog more often instead of the usual once a week. Give it time but I reckon I can do twice a week, maybe even three times a week. We shall see!

As I was saying on Twitter today, I usually have exciting news to follow on from a comeback post. Last time I had a hair colour change. Last year I had news about giveaways. This time though..... nothing :( Sadly nothing exciting has happened to me within the last couple of weeks. Studying for exams is definitely not exciting! Of course I am excited about being back and all but what's in it for you guys, hmm? There could potentially be giveaway but only until I reach my next milestone *hint, probably not anytime soon*

Sorry I don't even have an updated picture of myself to post here! Instead I am going to use a picture that I took about a week before my hiatus:

Can you guess who those pretty ladies on my wall are?

The girls with the power of 9 - SNSD aka Girls' Generation! So yeah, I purchased my first ever poster and it happens to be a K-pop poster.... of my favourite K-pop girl group. Everytime I mention them here or on Twitter I feel like a bunch of haters are going to bash on me for liking them and stuff :( I don't know why they are so many antis, these girls are awesome! 
And I totally hate myself for not seeing them perform at Sydney's K-pop Music Festival on Saturday night

Oh and you're probably wondering why I'm wearing so much eye makeup. I wasn't going anywhere, just um playing around with my eyeshadow palettes and eyeliner.

iPod camera totally washed out the vibrancy but it was a blue-green gradient
I haven't done makeup looks and tutorials in ages, should I do them again?

Do you like my Hello Kitty cover? I know someone who would. Suzy from the group MissA has the same cover design as me!! I swear I bought mine before knowing that she has the same and before seeing her picture of it here:

Lol! *fangirl moment*

Never have I seen a celebrity with something the same as me, wow. And I purchased my cover on eBay... so does that mean Suzy buys from eBay too? Hahaha, who knows. Again I totally hate myself for not seeing Suzy and MissA in Sydney on Saturday night, fml.

The only exciting thing I could do a blog post on where I lack photos would be tag questions. I've been tagged quite a few times yet I never had the chance to do the tags and answer them! Here are two that I have been tagged in:

This award was given to me by Nancy of Ms Nancy's Fancies!

So for this award/tag I have to list 7 random things about me and answer some questions.

Share seven random things about yourself:
1. I can't stand having overly dry hands. I always need hand cream. If I don't have hand cream with me, I would have the urge to wash my hands just to make them moist, even though they are already clean.

2. My face and skin are better off without the use of cleansers, toners etc. I experimented with this when I didn't use anything for a couple of weeks and my face was baby-skin smooth and clear. It still is.

3. I have forehead wrinkles when I raise my eyebrows. I have noticed this since I was young and had always thought it was normal until my boyfriend pointed it out to me. This is why I believe I should always have a side fringe and never have my forehead showing.

4. I am fascinated by piercings, but only on the ears. I would get conch/tragus/rook piercings but I am too afraid to pierce through cartilage. And you know what? My most viewed post of 3000+ views is my post about my new lobe piercing

5. I would consider getting non-surgical rhinoplasty in the future when I know a certified place in my city to get it done and when I have the money.

6. I want K-pop to be more involved in my life than it already is. If my uni offered Korean classes, I would take them. If I could host a K-pop radio show, I would do it. If I could travel to South Korea, I would go there. But with that said I am by no means, a wannabe. The singers and groups are my idols and I hope to see them in concert one day.

7. I think I have good fashion sense but my wardrobe doesn't fully consist of really pretty pieces because those are always so pricey... and I rarely spend heaps on clothes. Now you know why I rarely do outfit posts and would rather do fashion posts about online shops and their gorgeous designs.

Answer the following questions:

Favourite colour: Pink

Favourite song: At the moment I'm loving 'Cry Cry' by T-ara, both the normal and ballad version. However it feels really bias to say that because I mention those girls so much on my blog :/ But I really do like their latest song, way more than their last few releases! Without seeming bias though, my other favourite song right now is 'Bad' by Tablo feat. Jinsil.

Favourite dessert: No favourite, I like cake/ice creams

What is pissing you off: My fringe which desperately needs a cut. It's long enough to cover my eyes but not long enough to tuck behind my ear. FUUUU so annoying. I'll probably get it cut soon.... 

When you're upset, you: Listen to music

Your favourite pet: My baby cat Coco

Black or white: White

Biggest fear: Death. I'm scared to lose the ones I love ='[ Next biggest fear would be spiders

Best feature: My non-fussiness. I hardly ever complain and I am always grateful and thankful for all the good in my life (sounds cheesy, I know)

Everyday attitude: Start each day being positive and see where it gets you

What is perfection: Definitely not me

Guilty pleasure: Indulging in sweets and savouries a bit too often :3

Okay now to a q&a that i was recently tagged by Gerry! Thanks lovely ^_^

11 questions tag game

1. What is your full name and how old are you?
My full name is Jennifer (I’ll leave out my surname) and I am 18 and a half years old. I’d be happy to stay 18 for the rest of my life (only bad thing would be the no pay rise ;/).

2. What are your hobbies?
Blogging, watching dramas/music shows, singing, listening to music, makeup lol... yes makeup is a hobby. There's more I think but meh.

3. What's your style like? Who/what inspires you?
I like the chic, elegant look but mostly I’m girly. I love florals, lace and bows. Nothing and no one inspires me.

4. Best fashion/beauty tip?
Mm I’m not much of a fashionista so I’ll give a beauty tip instead – use a lash comb after applying mascara. People get put off by using a mascara that clumps but that problem can easily be fixed with combing your lashes :) Then you'll always have clump-free lashes!

5. One thing that you cannot live without? And I don't mean air, food or your boyfriend!
Haha I would have said all of the above! But since I can’t I’ll say that I can’t live without water. Not only is water essential for well... everything and everyone but I am an absolute ‘water hog’ (I got the name from Tezza, we’re both the same lol). Water bottle is with me everywhere I go. If I don’t have water with me I will feel worried because I hate feeling thirsty. I always have a water bottle in my room and bag. I can't see how people can dislike drinking water, it's so healthy, 0 calories and quenches thirst!

6. Celebrity crush? Why?
Ooh! I haven’t spoken about a celebrity crush in ages *blushes* I think the last time I answered a question like this was back in primary school in those quizzes from those girly magazines like Total Girl xD Even at this age of 18, I’m sort of blushing when I admit that I do have celebrity crush/es. And guess what? They’re all K-pop idols... lol. I’ve had like 3-4 in the past 3 years of being into K-pop lmao, equates to about one a year! Now my top two male biases are Jonghyun from SHINee (I’m still so devastated about missing out on seeing him and the others in Sydney last Saturday... FML) and Donghae from Super Junior, ahaha (glad Suju didn’t come to Australia too last weekend or else I would’ve cried a river). And why you ask? Because I love their personalities as well as their looks. I won’t say more just in case I start fangirling *cough* I’ve tried to start admiring younger, new male idols and groups but some the members turn out to be a couple of years younger than me... and I just can’t have a crush on someone younger than me! Someone who has less life experience than me :S

7. Favorite body feature(s)? Why?
Yes I have to make another K-pop reference. Just want to put it out there that I love Secret and SNSD. Both groups have girls with gorgeous bodies and I like them for different reasons. SNSD as you may know have amazing, slender figures which motivates me to perhaps work out to tone up my body here and there (probably won’t happen but oh well). And Secret make curves look sexy! Honey thighs ftw :D So my favourite body features would be... height and eyes. Height because I reckon I’m average as I have the same amount of taller and shorter friends. My eyes because I like the way they look when I wear eye makeup.

8. If you could be any animal, which animal would you pick and why? It can be a mystical animal.
Not that familiar with mystical animals so I’ll go with an animal that I have at home – a cat of course! They’re so cute, fluffy but can be fierce with their meows (or ‘reows’) and sharp claws and teeth. I love how clean they are always so curious – just like me ^^

9. Most embarrassing/scariest thing that happened to you?
With these things, they are my suppressed memories which I tend to bury and never want to think about ever again. So I’ve probably had a tonne of each but cannot remember them all. Not sure about the 'most' but scary would be when I had tonsilitis. It was the most sick that I had ever been and I was on a drip and needed to visit the hospital for a while.

10. Biggest regret? Please don't say, "I don't regret anything because it made me who I am today".
It would be not going to the K-pop festival........................ nah I wouldn’t really call that a regret since I didn’t choose not to go.... I just wasn’t allowed because I had exams. A more serious regret would be about school. My studious ways have made me feel regretful =/

11. In five words, how would you describe yourself?
Kind, smiley, mature, brave and persistent. I never know what to say for questions like these. I'd prefer someone else to tell me what I'm like!

Done! I know I'm supposed to tag people after but I hate leaving people out and then sometimes the people I tag have already answered so I'll be lazy and a rule breaker by taggine YOU reading this right now. Yes I'm talking to you gorgeous ;P Feel free to do this tag, any of the two I've done above.

I hope you've learnt more about me and that you found it interesting. If there are any specific questions that you'd like me to answer, you can leave them in my Formspring

Apologies again for the lack of pictures. I'll blog again very soon with plenty of pictures, I promise :)


  1. Congratulation on completing your first year of uni!!! Waiting for your next post XD

  2. Ohhh I recognized the poster right away haha I love the new, edgy Girl's Generation look, and their new song's really catchy. Not a big fan of them (I'm WonderGirls and Brown Eyed Girls biased lol) but I really like their new look. Love the eye make-up by the way! And the five words to describe you suits you perfectly :D


    A Single Girl's Musings

  3. Happy holidays Jenny! and welcome back blogging! I can't stand being dehydrated too. can't wait for your next few posts!! :3


  4. YAYUUUUUR. Party party party this summer~ ^___^ haha you likey piercings too? *HI-FIVE* WOOOOO :D Somehow I feel special knowing your last name.. mwahahahaha. Thanks for the post.. now I know you better ^^

  5. Jonghyun and Donghae were my first biases hahah. Now, I really like Daesung and Jay Park. I love SNSD too ^^

  6. Thank koooo for answering my questions! Love reading people's answers hehe~

    Wow at the coincidence of you having the same phone case as a Kpop star!

    Aww, don't be too sad that you've missed the concert. I'm sure they will be back and you can catch your favorite stars next time :)
    I would choose to be a cat as well! Cos they can fit through small crevices hehe. And you can hang with your cat Coco :D

    Thanks again for doing the tag! I hope those reading it will do it too!

    <3 Gerry

  7. OMG FELLOW FANGIRL HELLUUUUUWW~ *glomps* Good to see you back on Blogger! >: D omg I love Suzy! Who's your SNSD bias? I'm a Sunny-fan~ Ever since I saw her in Cookin? Cooking! (Super Junior Happy) I just LOVED her innocent face!

    OooOoo and you watch dramas? I just started watching them consistently recently (since my grammar teacher told me to) Which ones are your favorite? I'm at Marry Me Mary (or "Mary Stayed Out All Night" - whatever you prefer) atm. JANG GEUN SEOK FTW <3 He's so epicccc! And Kim Jae Wook is in it too! D:

  8. Yay! It's always a good feeling being stress free! Now you can do anything and everything you want ;)

    Awww I totally agree with you that SNSD are an awesome bunch of girls that CAN sing. I don't know why there are people who say they can't :( Would be so soooo good if we could catch them performing live at the Kpop fest in Sydney last Saturday! There's always next time yeh? :)

    What's pissing you off now is exactly what's pissing me off too D: My fringe is neither here nor there but I'm waiting for it to grow out cos I've been having short fringe for quite some time now and I'd like to try sth new!

    Hahaha! I know what you and Tezza mean by being 'water hogs' LOL x) I'm like that too! I bring my bottle with me everywhere I go!

    And for the five words describing you, I'd say you're caring, determined, confident, pretty and definitely smiley. Your smile never fails to brighten my day :D


  9. YAYY welcome back =DD Yes I was SO tired of seeing your last post. LOL jkjk!! But I did come back a few times and was like, aw... no update =T Congrats on finishing your first year =D danggg your summer vacation is LONG! 3-4 months?!?!?!? we only have 2 months here =(

    I didn't even recognize the girl from MissA O_O is it just me or she looks really different in this pic from her videos? LOL@ the phone case! that means you guys have the same taste ;)

    Lol but wouldn't washing your hands make your hands even drier??? And how do you go without cleansers??? O__o you don't use cleansers even on days you wear foundation and such?!

    Hmmm never heard of non-surgical rhinoplasty. I've only seen the surgical one (and hella scary may I add) I don't understand how it can be non-surgical *mind blown away* I need to google it after this XD

    Hehe I was never that into Kpop (more of a Jpop person) but lately I've been preferring Kpop so much more! (not just because of T-ara XDXD) I want to go visit Korea too ^_^

    I like how positive you are ^_^ stay that way :D hmmm positive thing about spiders... they eat bugs??? LOL okay maybe this is not the time for optimism.

  10. Congrats on completing your first year of exams. xD Many more to come haha~

    And everyone has forehead wrinkles when they raise their eyebrows.

  11. @Katherine Tealeaf Thank you! Actually some people are lucky enough to not have any :O

  12. RE: ahhh I see I see ^_^ I think that sounds like a great idea!!!! even if you don't like it it wouldn't be permanent =DDDDD I wonder how I'd look like if I had taller nose... my mom used to always pinch my nose bridge and told me it would help make it taller when I was little XD maybe that's where the concepts of nose clips come from ahahahha. Oops I'm sidetracked. LOL! Have you tried nose clips before?!?!?!? I've heard they actually work if you wear them for over a year O_o

  13. PS: what happened to blogging more now you're on break!?!?!?!?!? LOL jk jk jk. I hope you're enjoying your summer holidays ^_^


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