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Olive Green Eyes and Redyed Hair

Hi there, how is everyone? Hope you're all well~ My two-week uni break is at its end! It flew by way too quickly and I haven't felt that I've accomplished much ._. I've just got Sunday left to 'make the most of it' before having to get used to waking up early each day again. I must say that I have enjoyed my holidays overall :)
I have a new pair of lenses to review which I received from MukuCHU and these are the Geo Olive Green lenses. I picked this pair because it's part of the Wing series which were apparently designed by Miss Tsubasa Masuwaka. There are pictures of her wearing other colours from this series except for the green as it is a new product released early last year I believe.

I actually have the brown pair which is called the Honey Wing lenses and I have a review of them here.
You may have noticed that I wore these green lenses in my 'Giveaway Babie' blog post to test out the comfort and how well they blended in and/or stood out in pictures. I won't spam you with those images so I'll have closeups of my eyes.

Green Wing: OL-103 
B.C.: 8.6mm
DIAMETER: 14.00mm
With flash photography
Some may see these lenses as 'boring' because they are just one colour with a less-noticeable design but I actually don't mind, I'm cool with plain, natural-looking lenses. Anyway, that 'squiggly' pattern in the center isn't as obvious on my dark eyes however the green outer limbal ring is pretty obvious, which is good for the appearance of enlarged eyes.
They're alright for gyaru makeup
Just in case you were wondering, I sort of did an inspired look from my magazine:
I don't normally use pink eyeshadow but 'the color is very retro!'
Lol nah that's not my reason... the pink stood out and the model looks cute
An unused picture from my previous post. I think these green lenses make me look more alert
Honestly, I like the way I look when I have circle lenses on. I hardly where them when I go out because my eyes dry out really quickly when I'm outdoors (even without lenses my eyes can randomly start to become teary or go a pinkish red when I'm outside for a while :/). Since they look so 'natural', I'd gladly where these out :) Green eyes are pretty, even though these are an abnormally dark green.
In comparison with my Geo Angel Green lenses, these aren't as vibrant as those but the colour is pretty much the same. The main difference is that those lenses make me look my dolly with a black outer ring.
Colour: /5 - This shade of green is suitable for both dark and light eyes but stands out more for light eyes. No need for thick/heavy makeup to adjust its vibrancy as they appear quite natural
Pattern: /5 - Blends in really well with dark brown eyes however the pattern is not very noticeable in normal lighting. Only a little more noticeable with flash.
Enlargement: /5 - Enlargement can be seen as there is a green limbal ring around them. Subtle enlargement for 14mm lenses
Comfort: /5 - I found these to be very comfortable and I had no problems wearing them for a few hours indoors
Overall score: 17/20 - I love them!

Thanks MukuCHU for sending me these lenses, I really like them. Green lenses go well with gyaru looks in my opinion :]

If you're interested in purchasing them, here is the direct link to the lenses~

That's it to my lens review! Can you believe that I haven't done a lens review in a couple of months? I swear I haven't lost interest, there's just been so many other things to blog about lately haha.

You may have noticed that my hair looked rather black in that image above. It was looking like that because:

1. My iPod Touch's camera is inaccurate with colours (I'm guessing)
2. My previous dye job is fading (this most likely)

Nothing I can do about the iPod so I did something about my hair - I redyed it after two months :D Here's what my hair looked like before I dyed it at home:

Yeah this doesn't look too bad besides some unevenness but wait 'til you see my regrowth...

 In this picture my hair looks more orange and light o_o It's more like the previous picture than this but anyway - horrible regrowth and orange-looking hair T.T

So those are my before pictures. Now I'll show you the dye I used:

 I purchased the L'Oreal Paris Superior Preference 5 Palma Brown, just one bottle because it should be enough to cover all of my hair (it's not that long)

 Didn't realise how dusty the top of the box was until after I took the photo :S
That's the hair colour swatch by the way

The back of the box with information and more hair colour swatches. I hoped to have one of the bottom shades

So now that you've seen this, you can compare with the pictures of my hair after I dyed it:

A bit in between one of the middle colours from the box swatch
 It's almost like the dark brown that I've always wanted... not much orange/redness

 Again this hair dye made my hair feel smooth and silky after!

A non-flash photo. Yay my regrownth is gone :D
Darn I really need a fringe cut...

There are still black parts here and there but I think it's due to the fading I had before I redyed it and maybe the dye works better on already dyed hair. I really don't know but at least the majority of my hair is a darker brown now. And I really like it this shade because regrowth won't be as big as an issue ^-^
I know you might be thinking why I went a couple of shades darker despite it being spring and soon summer where lighter hair is highly favoured. Well I was sick of regrowth and I was getting bored of my light-ish brown hair. I'm more used to having dark hair!
Next time I want to try an Asian-brand hair dyes like Palty and Prettia because they have a foam formula instead and may be more suited to dark, Asian hair. But the thing is is that I'm not sure whether to get it online or instore. Is it cheaper online? And is one bottle enough for long hair?
I won't have a questjen of the week this week (I actually can't think of one to ask that's related to my lenses and hair ;A;) but next week I'll back with one hehe.
Take care lovelies!


  1. regrowth really sucks xD that's why i just dyed my hair dark brown so it's not visible anymore :P i also want to try Japanese brands but i actually haven't heard many good things about palty hair dyes.

    anyways, i love the color of the lenses! it's not too obvious, almost natural looking :D niceee!!

  2. A lot of my friend used prettia and they loved it ^^ I've been thinking about dyeing my hair too. But I don't think I'll look good in brown.ha2

  3. Hey Jen!
    I use Prettia Bubble Hair Dye - it's amazing how easy it is to do yourself! And super fun too haha I had fun playing around with my hair making shapes with the foam :P
    Anyways, my hair is below boob length so very long and I used 1.5 bottles. Not sure how long your hair is exactly but unless you have as long hair as me, then 1 bottle should be enough. It covers very evenly too :)
    I bought mine from Yesstyle.. it came to around $20AUD/box including shipping? Quite expensive I guess (especially cos I needed 2 bottles) but for me it was worth it.
    Definitely do a review or something if you choose to try them out!
    <3 S

  4. Ooh okay just remembered the name of the dye I used - it's actually called Liese but it's by the same people who do Prettia. Specifically, this is the one I got -
    :) turned out medium brown on my hair in natural lighting, and quite light brown in flash photography/sunlight.
    - S

  5. Omg, you regrowth isn't as bad as mine right now.. and im super over-due or a root touch up AND a finge cut :/ Umm, if you hair is as long as mine (half way down your back or so), one bottle of Prettia foam dye should be enough, that's what the lady told me when I bought mine~ Depends how much they sell it for in Australia too? I buy mine in stores coz it's only $20-30 and it actually works on my hair so i don't mind spending more on that hair dye.

    I like the lenses! You look great with them & you look so pretty in you pictures <3

  6. @S. Thanks for the link! My hair is a about 5-10cm short than yours so maybe one bottle is enough for me ^^

  7. JENNNN YOU GORGEOUS GIRL YOU! I love the lenses so much! (I'm a sucker for olive colors) and the haircolor is perfection on you : D I'll be dying my hair next month (if everything goes as planned) so wish me luck! xD haha

  8. Well since youre going to use foam dye i think one box would be fine for you! 8)
    I was gonna dye my hair with the old version of Palty... and i needed 3 boxes @@

  9. i follow hope u follow back too :)

  10. Try Prettia! ^^ It's a great brand for dyeing hair by yourself ^_^

  11. that's a nice lens looks great on ya with your gyaru makeup.<3 I haven't tried wearing green lenses yet.. but I would surely try one someday :)

    speaking of hair color. I'm sooo excited to have my hair colored to blonde by the end of this month. ~yay! I can't wait.. I'm so thrilled about it XD

  12. Omg jelly we are the same in the terms of contacts / eye drying >.<! My eyes dry out super fast and in the end, I regret wearing lenses for too long ;~;

    Anyway, you look super gorgeous with the olive eyes and the lashes *_*!!

  13. With the palty I've heard most people using 2 boxes when they have long hair. And as per usual (In Adelaide at least) it's cheaper online. :]

    The lenses look really good too. :D


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