Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011 - MP's Gothic Lolita Inspired Look

Hey everyone, Happy Halloween! Australia doesn't celebrate Halloween so we miss out on the true fun and spirit of it :( It seems like such a great holiday and a great excuse to dress up :D

I really wanted to do a Halloween look last year but unfortunately I was majorly stressed out due to studying for final year 12 exams, and during that time I would have felt too guilty to spend my time applying makeup (sad I know lol). This year however is a tiny bit more chilled and I have less contact uni hours compared to when I went to school and it was 8:45am-3:15pm straight Monday to Friday so I'd hardly have time for myself. Last weekend I decided to put together my Halloween look for you guys and yay this was my first time dressing up for Halloween hehe.

I was heavily inspired by a look created last year by top female YouTube beauty guru who we all should know - Michelle Phan! She is very artistic and creative which are personal attributes that I don't possess! I think I am the worst drawer in the world xD I hate how I'm a bad artist because in my uni course I always have to draw diagrams for anatomy T^T

Anyway moving on... the look from Michelle Phan that inspired me the most was her 'Gothic Lolita Doll' look which she created last year. When I first saw this I thought to myself, 'omg, I HAVE to do this look!' and guess what? I did, but a year later haha. I would have done it last year if I had the time but I'm glad I did it this year instead because I think I've improved on my makeup-applying skills and I now have double eyelid tape for this look to work better with my eye shape. Oh and I wouldn't have been able to think of a different look to do instead :P

 Truly an INSPIRED look, not a replica

I believe that it would make me quite unoriginal if I were to copy Michelle Phan's complete look so I made mine a little different with changes here and there. You can already see the differences like the black curly hair instead of the blonde, lighter lips, higher brows and brown eyes instead of pink eyes. Obviously hers much neater than mine as she is a makeup artist and I am not~

Now that you've had a glance of my makeup, here is my outfit:

I was able to find pieces that I already had at home so for this look I spent nothing!
- Black batwing knit
- Black and white stripey tank top
- Black mini skirt
- Lilac polka dot ribbon
- Heart-patterned tights
- Black bucket hat with strap
- White flower clip

And for my shoes which I didn't get to include in the photo:

Black peep-toe wedges... oops you can see my orange-painted toe nail xD
I haven't worn these babies at yet but wahh they're so comfy and tall!
Can you believe that I got these only for $10?? Bargain

Now for the look with makeup and the outfit:

I look freakishly different to how I look normally, scary!

To be honest I have no idea what I've 'dressed up' as for Halloween this year .__. Am I a goth chic or witch? Definitely not a doll like Michelle Phan. I really don't know... haha. The only thing I know is that it looks nothing like me and it took forever to do!

Hair: Black synthetic hair extensions, reviewed [here]
Lenses: Geo Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown, reviewed [here]

With the makeup process I basically followed all of the steps mentioned by Michelle in her video tutorial here:

And for those who choose not to watch the tutorial, I followed the steps such as using foundation a couple of shades lighter to brighten my face instead of whitening, adding lashes to my crease (which I cheated with double eyelid tape) and darkening the lips in the center with black eyeliner. I was surprised how simple it was to follow these steps to achieve the look!

I hope you don't mind me showing you how thick my lashes were:

Top lashes: 3 layers -  Dolly Wink #2, voluminous lashes and spiky lashes
Bottom lashes: 2 layers of simple, straight style lashes

I had never worn so many layers of band lashes in my life! It took very long to apply, especially on an area that false lashes aren't normally applied (crease instead of lash line)

Something that I did that wasn't in Michelle's tutorial was creating higher brows and arches.
This was my first time covering my natural brows and drawing my own on. 
They weren't easy to cover but I tried my best and didn't photoshop afterwards.

I would have worn a wig if I had one
Good thing I had these really thick hair extensions to attach onto my hair
Just letting you know so you don't question why my natural hair can still be seen :)

Then I used my webcam to take pictures which is less HD and so 'flaws' can be covered more. 

Harder to tell that I covered my brows, right?

Another thing I did differently to the tutorial were my lips - I wanted full, luscious lips!

I'm still debating in my head whether I went for a scary or cute look because... it's sort of both!

How innocent... I'm sure people would make friends with a girl who looked like this x) She may be a little weird but she looks nice hahaha

I also used my iPod to take some selcas and channeled the 'evil vs. good' look once again:

So harmless...

Or am I...?


Evil smirk

So I think I've now concluded that I am some two-faced b***h who is evil and good, lol? This is definitely not how I am in real life, I swear :D More like the first, more like the first for sure!

While I was adding watermarks, I discovered that I can add Halloween effects to my pictures! Here's what I did to two of my photos, showing before and after editing.

Instant revamping (pun intended)

I'm glowing, like Edward Cullen. "Your skin is pale white and ice cold"
If I could add a *sparkle* effect, I would.

Feeling like an awkward turtle right now because I'm done with talking about my Halloween look....... ta-da?! Well to conclude, it was loads of fun to put together. It took me a whole afternoon to complete and take photos, not including the time I put in to edit them! I REALLY hope that I can do a Halloween look again next year. I'm thinking of maybe another scary look since I find them way more fun than just dressing up as like, a cartoon character or celebrity. Actually, celebrities can be fun too, it depends who. Isn't Halloween about looking spooky? That's just my guess *shrugs* I like to look fierce for fun xD

I think I'll mention my nails that I had in these pictures. I'm wearing a new nail polish which I purchased from Priceline which now has a Hello Kitty collection! Too cute

SO pink and pretty. And the prices for Hello Kitty cosmetics isn't much - drugstore prices

Hello Kitty Nail Polish in Violet Salome

I hope they have more glitter nail polishes like this! It's gorgeous

Did you liked my Halloween look? Let me know, I'd love to hear your thoughts on it :) I know it's not very special with the costume being regular clothes but I quite liked the simplicity of it and being able to put together an outfit for Halloween.

Questjen of the week:

What are/did/have/would you dress/ing/ed up as for Halloween?

So curious to know! I wonder if your ideas can inspire me for my next Halloween look/s :D
If you have done look/s on your blog, feel free to link them to me so I can check them out!

Sadly I will not be blogging for a week or two due to final exams :( Apologies in advance for my absence, I will be back as soon as I am finished which will be around the 15th of November.

And this means that my first year of uni is complete (not including exams)! On my last day on Friday I wore a skirt for the first time since I started university x] I think I was just more comfortable wearing pants/shorts and in school I had always worn a dress so it was nice to have a change. However, many of my friends have been wearing skirts and dresses to uni lately and this made me want to do so too =)

Paired the brown skirt with a brown belt and a lace tee
Taken in parents' room, not mine

Looking forward to being back to blogging after the 14th of November - the start of my 3-month long summer holiday!!!!

Take care guys ^_^

PS: Thank you for the feedback and comments from my previous post, you are all incredibly awesome


  1. Love the Gothic Lolita inspired costume and make-up! You did an amazing job and it's too bad you weren't able to showcase your hard work and effort on the make-up and the hair >.< I loved it! We've been celebrating Halloween for a few years now (Philippines is heavily influenced by the US) and every year, more and more people dress up and party for the occasion. This year, I dressed up as a Korean Drama Actress turned She-Devil lol


    A Single Girl's Musings

  2. Lol sorry for the confusion, what I meant was that you weren't able to go to Halloween parties and show off your costume and your hair and make-up. If only Australia celebrated Halloween, this would be a shoe-in for Best in Costume for sure.


    A Single Girl's Musings

  3. you did such a great job!!! you eyes look awesome! xX

  4. You did a wonderful job love! And how cool Hello Kitty! Love your nail polish!

  5. Great job! Looks really good :D


  6. Love the Halloween look ^__^ haha I can see how hard you tried to cover up your eyebrows.. tho it is slightly lighter than the rest of your face :P haha, better than what I could do! Ahh, good luck on your exams & happy 3 month summer holidays! :D I'm not dressing up this halloween .. too lazy & i have no inspiration as to what to dress up as!! T___T;; tempted to dress up as an anime character for next year though as the anime convention here in Auckland just passed.. I kinda just want to wear a kigurumi costume.. :D

  7. Love your Halloween look, looks super cute XD

  8. Excellent job! Michelle Phan is a beauty genius. I think your replication is almost identicle.

  9. You look lovely my dear. Love the eye make-up!!

  10. WOW Jen you look so different! You did a really good job at looking like a gothic lolita doll! I love the the GRRR face you pulled, look so cute haha!

    Good Luck with exams sweetie !


  11. walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =D

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  12. Omg you did an awesome look for Gothic Lolita !! And now I really feel like doing it too xD Aha BUT ALAS, I AM IN THE MIDDLE OF MY EXAMS T_T"! I really feel like doing a Halloween post but oh wells :( But in any case, you look awesome !! (and scary ;A;)

    Should totally do a proper photoshoot like thing with you in gothic lolita clothes one day!! :D

  13. Woops forgot to say, GOOD LUCK FOR EXAMS JELLY~! <333


  15. You did a great job! Amazing Halloween make up!

  16. Wow the doll look is sure popular this Halloween. It sucks that Australia doesn't celebrate Halloween :( I really want to dress up!
    You did a great job following Michelle's tutorial! Should def go to an anime convention as a lolita!
    Oh and I was reading my mate's blog post about how hard it is to cover up our eyebrows. Something to do with glue and such :O I commend you!
    Good luck for you exams and I look forward to your next post!!!!
    <3 Gerry

  17. I like it - nicely done. Good luck w/ your exams!

  18. Wow your eyes look massive!!!!!!
    When I saw Michelle's yt vid I thought omg... that is just bizzare. But you look so adorable!!!
    Your hair looks so thick and wavy! I love it!

  19. GASP!!!! You DID it!!!! I remember watching that video and went crazy too >w< but I never tried it out lol. I'm gonna watch the video again =DDD

    hehe I never see you with a more gothic theme before ;) you should do it more often =) I think it's adorable X)

    What do you study in school?? You mentioned anatomy briefly so I'm curious =D (sorry for asking if you've mentioned in the past ><)

    How did you do the Halloween effects?!?!?????? I want to do it too~~~ >_< so freaking AWESOME!

    You know even Halloween is over you can still do Halloween looks who cares XD When I was doing mine I just draw crazy stuff on my face and wash it off after I took photos XD (dork) I had to check if my roommates were in their rooms to make sure the coast is clear before I can run off to the bathroom LOL.

    Hmm I didn't dress up this year. But in my undergrad I usually went for the slutty themes -_-||| I want to do more gory stuff now =DD hahaha.

  20. RE: Hahaha Jennifer where is YOUR cover?!?!!?! I remember you like to sing as well I didn't forget ^_~ I actually was singing very quietly because I didn't want my roommates to hear it ROFL!!!!!!!!!! Now that I've got enough sleep and look back at it I'm like... OMFG WHYYYY did I even decide to post the cover!!! LOL oh well. thank you for being so sweet <3

  21. ooo gothiclita is cute!!

  22. Wow, that's a great look, you definitely put your own spin on things! Those pink circle lenses in the tutorial are just AMAZING.. soo freaking looking (in a cool way) :)

  23. Jen :)

    I really like your goth chic/witch look! Hahaha yeh it does look different from what you usually look, but it's a good 'different' look ;) Love your curls too!

    I didn't dress up for Halloween cos I was preparing for exams. All the best for yours too <3 Can't wait to read your next post~

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  25. Hello miss dolly!
    I've tagged you in my latest post~ You don't have to complete the tag, but it would be lovely if you answered the questions :D
    ♥ Gerry ~


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