Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011 - MP's Gothic Lolita Inspired Look

Hey everyone, Happy Halloween! Australia doesn't celebrate Halloween so we miss out on the true fun and spirit of it :( It seems like such a great holiday and a great excuse to dress up :D

I really wanted to do a Halloween look last year but unfortunately I was majorly stressed out due to studying for final year 12 exams, and during that time I would have felt too guilty to spend my time applying makeup (sad I know lol). This year however is a tiny bit more chilled and I have less contact uni hours compared to when I went to school and it was 8:45am-3:15pm straight Monday to Friday so I'd hardly have time for myself. Last weekend I decided to put together my Halloween look for you guys and yay this was my first time dressing up for Halloween hehe.

I was heavily inspired by a look created last year by top female YouTube beauty guru who we all should know - Michelle Phan! She is very artistic and creative which are personal attributes that I don't possess! I think I am the worst drawer in the world xD I hate how I'm a bad artist because in my uni course I always have to draw diagrams for anatomy T^T

Anyway moving on... the look from Michelle Phan that inspired me the most was her 'Gothic Lolita Doll' look which she created last year. When I first saw this I thought to myself, 'omg, I HAVE to do this look!' and guess what? I did, but a year later haha. I would have done it last year if I had the time but I'm glad I did it this year instead because I think I've improved on my makeup-applying skills and I now have double eyelid tape for this look to work better with my eye shape. Oh and I wouldn't have been able to think of a different look to do instead :P

 Truly an INSPIRED look, not a replica

I believe that it would make me quite unoriginal if I were to copy Michelle Phan's complete look so I made mine a little different with changes here and there. You can already see the differences like the black curly hair instead of the blonde, lighter lips, higher brows and brown eyes instead of pink eyes. Obviously hers much neater than mine as she is a makeup artist and I am not~

Now that you've had a glance of my makeup, here is my outfit:

I was able to find pieces that I already had at home so for this look I spent nothing!
- Black batwing knit
- Black and white stripey tank top
- Black mini skirt
- Lilac polka dot ribbon
- Heart-patterned tights
- Black bucket hat with strap
- White flower clip

And for my shoes which I didn't get to include in the photo:

Black peep-toe wedges... oops you can see my orange-painted toe nail xD
I haven't worn these babies at yet but wahh they're so comfy and tall!
Can you believe that I got these only for $10?? Bargain

Now for the look with makeup and the outfit:

I look freakishly different to how I look normally, scary!

To be honest I have no idea what I've 'dressed up' as for Halloween this year .__. Am I a goth chic or witch? Definitely not a doll like Michelle Phan. I really don't know... haha. The only thing I know is that it looks nothing like me and it took forever to do!

Hair: Black synthetic hair extensions, reviewed [here]
Lenses: Geo Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown, reviewed [here]

With the makeup process I basically followed all of the steps mentioned by Michelle in her video tutorial here:

And for those who choose not to watch the tutorial, I followed the steps such as using foundation a couple of shades lighter to brighten my face instead of whitening, adding lashes to my crease (which I cheated with double eyelid tape) and darkening the lips in the center with black eyeliner. I was surprised how simple it was to follow these steps to achieve the look!

I hope you don't mind me showing you how thick my lashes were:

Top lashes: 3 layers -  Dolly Wink #2, voluminous lashes and spiky lashes
Bottom lashes: 2 layers of simple, straight style lashes

I had never worn so many layers of band lashes in my life! It took very long to apply, especially on an area that false lashes aren't normally applied (crease instead of lash line)

Something that I did that wasn't in Michelle's tutorial was creating higher brows and arches.
This was my first time covering my natural brows and drawing my own on. 
They weren't easy to cover but I tried my best and didn't photoshop afterwards.

I would have worn a wig if I had one
Good thing I had these really thick hair extensions to attach onto my hair
Just letting you know so you don't question why my natural hair can still be seen :)

Then I used my webcam to take pictures which is less HD and so 'flaws' can be covered more. 

Harder to tell that I covered my brows, right?

Another thing I did differently to the tutorial were my lips - I wanted full, luscious lips!

I'm still debating in my head whether I went for a scary or cute look because... it's sort of both!

How innocent... I'm sure people would make friends with a girl who looked like this x) She may be a little weird but she looks nice hahaha

I also used my iPod to take some selcas and channeled the 'evil vs. good' look once again:

So harmless...

Or am I...?


Evil smirk

So I think I've now concluded that I am some two-faced b***h who is evil and good, lol? This is definitely not how I am in real life, I swear :D More like the first, more like the first for sure!

While I was adding watermarks, I discovered that I can add Halloween effects to my pictures! Here's what I did to two of my photos, showing before and after editing.

Instant revamping (pun intended)

I'm glowing, like Edward Cullen. "Your skin is pale white and ice cold"
If I could add a *sparkle* effect, I would.

Feeling like an awkward turtle right now because I'm done with talking about my Halloween look....... ta-da?! Well to conclude, it was loads of fun to put together. It took me a whole afternoon to complete and take photos, not including the time I put in to edit them! I REALLY hope that I can do a Halloween look again next year. I'm thinking of maybe another scary look since I find them way more fun than just dressing up as like, a cartoon character or celebrity. Actually, celebrities can be fun too, it depends who. Isn't Halloween about looking spooky? That's just my guess *shrugs* I like to look fierce for fun xD

I think I'll mention my nails that I had in these pictures. I'm wearing a new nail polish which I purchased from Priceline which now has a Hello Kitty collection! Too cute

SO pink and pretty. And the prices for Hello Kitty cosmetics isn't much - drugstore prices

Hello Kitty Nail Polish in Violet Salome

I hope they have more glitter nail polishes like this! It's gorgeous

Did you liked my Halloween look? Let me know, I'd love to hear your thoughts on it :) I know it's not very special with the costume being regular clothes but I quite liked the simplicity of it and being able to put together an outfit for Halloween.

Questjen of the week:

What are/did/have/would you dress/ing/ed up as for Halloween?

So curious to know! I wonder if your ideas can inspire me for my next Halloween look/s :D
If you have done look/s on your blog, feel free to link them to me so I can check them out!

Sadly I will not be blogging for a week or two due to final exams :( Apologies in advance for my absence, I will be back as soon as I am finished which will be around the 15th of November.

And this means that my first year of uni is complete (not including exams)! On my last day on Friday I wore a skirt for the first time since I started university x] I think I was just more comfortable wearing pants/shorts and in school I had always worn a dress so it was nice to have a change. However, many of my friends have been wearing skirts and dresses to uni lately and this made me want to do so too =)

Paired the brown skirt with a brown belt and a lace tee
Taken in parents' room, not mine

Looking forward to being back to blogging after the 14th of November - the start of my 3-month long summer holiday!!!!

Take care guys ^_^

PS: Thank you for the feedback and comments from my previous post, you are all incredibly awesome

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

'Bling Up' my nails!

Hello wonderful readers, it's about time I revealed my latest obsession - nail deco/art/polish :D Recently I have been hauling new nail polishes and stickers (all to be shown in another blog post) that I have used to practice nail art... which I'm not so good at. A girl like me sadly lacks in the artistic skills department and feels that she will never improve :(

So, what is my resolution for nail decorating? To leave it to the experts. And by that I don't mean to go to a nail salon and get my nails done. I've never had my nails professionally done in a salon before, I just don't think it's necessary when I can purchase false nails with pretty designs and patterns on them. I know it can't compare to acrylics etc. but I'm really not fussed.

Let me introduce you to an online company that does 3D nail art and Japanese nail art - 'Bling Up'. I received a set of decorated nail tips to review and my gosh, they are stunningly gorgeous. Take a look for yourself:

This photo was not edited in anyway (only added watermark) and you can see the light reflecting off of my thumb!

I was really excited about receiving my first set of bling nails and since I've become more interested in Japanese styles, these are perfect for me. Just in case you didn't know, the bling trend is popular in many Asian countries, especially in Japan (bling nails, phone cases, cameras etc). These nails are just so pretty to look at, I love anything that sparkles! The pink ahh, my favourite colour =)

Not only was I extremely impressed with the nails but also the package itself when I received it in the mail :) I didn't expect it to be in a box - silly me thought it would arrive in a padded bag so I was surprised when I found the boxed package in my letterbox haha. It was sealed at every edge and corner with sticky tape and the only way I could open it was with a pair of scissors.

1. I neatly opened the box to find everything neatly placed inside!
2. Two separate packets, bubble wrapping around the box of nails
3. Each nail order comes with nail products such as glue, file, repair package and tape
4. Page of instructions of how to correctly measure your nails using the sizing kit
5. Opened box of nails, neatly aligned with a clear plastic protective cover

US customers are eligible for FREE shipping with this product

I chose this design from their selection and they were made to perfectly fit my nails. I really appreciate their time and effort to design each one individually, it seems as though it would take quite a while and would require much patience.

The nails are stuck using a double-sided foam tape, on top of a spongy cushion for the box. This is quite a clever way of storing the nails as it very neat and easy to use (detach and stick back onto the tape). Inside the box there were replacement rhinestones, so convenient!

I ended up using the double-sided nail tape to put these nails on because I didn't want to have them glued as I would probably ruin them if I wanted to have them removed. And I don't want to ruin these nails... ever *_* Also, long nails like these aren't ideal for daily wear, though some may choose to wear them daily. With double-sided tape, the tips are stuck to my nails very tightly and comfortably without having to worry about them falling off. They stick amazingly well yet they can be removed quite easily with applied pressure and force. There is minimal sticky residue on your real nails after removing the tips :)

I'm impressed about how identical the designs are for both hands. Amazing nail artist

The main reason for my choice of this design was because there were dots on a pink base which TOTALLY reminded me of Dolly Wink ^_^ I had always been interested in doing my own Dolly Wink/Tsubasa Masuwaka inspired nails but as I said before, I'm really not great with nail art - I don't have a lot of patience, I can't draw and I don't have a very steady hand =/ But now I don't have to worry anymore because I've got these awesome nail tips! No way would I be able to design something as pretty as this.

See the similarities with my French nail tips and my Dolly Wink eyeliner? Oh and the bows! Hehe

 If you don't like the flat edges or sharp corners, you can use the nail file to fix them to your liking

My thoughts on Bling Up:
They were very professional by responding promptly and addressing my name in each email. As they are a company based in the US, their emails were very formal with well-written, precise English. I received notifications about the nails being made and sent out which was great because it allowed me to be updated on my order. I think it took a little over a week to reach me which I had no problems with.

The service:
Each nail set is made to order so that they are created to perfectly fit the customer's nails. This is much better than purchasing a set of pre-made nails where only selected nail tips would fit. I guess it's the most sensible thing to do anyway because it would be such a waste to design various sizes of nail tips and send them all to the customer to fit themselves. I like how Bling Up allows people to fill in their nail measurements before adding a product to the cart. If they had this at the checkout then customers might forget to fill it out and yeah... it would cause unnecessary trouble for Bling Up. And if you didn't correctly measure your nails the first time, they send you a measuring kit with your first purchase. And if you did measure correctly, the kit is good for double checking. Most of all I like the nail package that comes with the nail tips. Great to have a new bottle of nail glue!

Bling Up = Just for nails?
Nope, not only Bling Up design for fingernails but also toenails! But other than nails they sell accessories, jewellery and DIY deco kits for cases for electronic devices. Here's what they have on their front page at the moment:

Halloween is in about a week's time so you might not be able to get an order in fast enough to receive your nails before Halloween (maybe if you live in the States). But even if you don't order, their designs could perhaps inspire you for your Halloween nail art :)

They also sell these cute furry pom pom ball accessories n_n

Pros and cons about Bling Up - Nails
+ Many designs to choose from
+ Custom-fit
+ First order comes with measuring kit
+ Neat packaging overall
+ Box storage gives protection
+ Free nail package with order
+ US customers are eligible for free shipping
+ Excellent customer service
+ Reasonable prices but - may be seen as pricey
- Flat edges and sharp corners = not ideal for me

It is evident that the positives outweigh the negatives and I must say that this is an unbiased review with no influence of receiving the package free of charge. I am unsure whether registered mail is an option but I assume that it would be. My package was not sent by registered mail which some may see as a flaw due to the products being of slightly high value and perhaps registered mail be compulsory for all orders. Honestly I am not fussed - registered mail is actually more troublesome for me!

Overall thoughts:
I was very satisfied and impressed with Bling Up's customer service and their attention to detail. It made me see that they put in a whole lot of effort and really care about their customers. I know the nail art bling is seriously impressive but I was actually more impressed with the way they dealt with me via email. I felt that they were friendly and professional at the same time, which to me is the perfect way to deal with customers. I highly recommend them and they are a company/store that can be trusted.

That's it to my review, I hope you found it interesting and/or helpful. Do let me know if you plan to purchase from Bling Up, I'd love to see which design you choose and how they'll look on your nails =]

One last picture of mine:

It's not common for people to wear nails like these in Western countries so I reckon one would either love them or hate them, since they're so 'out there'

My questjen of the week for you is:
Would you wear 'blinged' nails?

It doesn't matter if it's for a day/night or to wear everyday, I just want to know whether you would wear something like these out in public loud and proud. Everyone's taste is different, some may find these to be very tacky and whatnot but I still want to hear your thoughts.

As for me... I haven't had the chance to wear them out yet but for a night function I can see myself wearing these. The bling would look super pretty under shining lights, I can just imagine!

Be on the lookout for my next blog post which will be about my Halloween look!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Guest Post: Luxury Bazaar

Hi everyone, hope you've all had a great week. The weekend is just about to start! Anyway, I just wanted to share with you a guys a guest post provided to me by a company called 'Luxury Bazaar' which specialises in high end accessories such as jewellery as well as fine arts and antiques. Guest posts are welcome here and it's a great way for my readers to discover other bloggers and companies as well as giving them a chance to have a voice on my blog. And isn't it slightly refreshing to hear about another person's perspective? If anyone is interested in being a guest blogger on QuestJen, you are more than welcome to let me know and we could figure something out! Please note that not everyone is guaranteed to be a guest blogger on here, there are some set guidelines etc.

There will be a new blog post written by yours truly (me) on the weekend so keep a look out for that :D

And now I introduce you to an article written by the founder/owner of Luxury Bazaar - Roman Sharf
 Five Pieces of Antique Jewelry that Will Stun Everybody

Everyone knows that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but what about other forms of jewelry? As these 5 jaw-dropping antique pieces demonstrate, fashionistas have a whole lot more friends to make in the jewelry world than just diamonds!

Victorian Bird Earrings
The majesty, pomp and glory of the bygone Victorian age is fully on display with these exquisite yellow gold/turqouise bird earrings. They are so delicate and pretty, while also sporting a certain confidently playful aesthetic that you rarely see any more. You can tell they were made a long time ago because of all the detailed work on the birds, which stands in stark contrast to the smooth and sharp lines of modern pieces. This is the sort of earring set that would make a splash at any event, whether it be a night on the dance floor or an evening dinner with fine wine.

Classic Platinum Citrine Cocktail Ring
This ring has lots of bling! The stone is so huge that it’s hard to believe it's genuine citrine. Besides the huge raised stone, there are also 12 diamonds perched around the ring. It is rated at a 7.5 American ring size. While the details of its prior owner remain a mystery, one thing is for sure: they were super rich! One could easily see this ring fitting in perfectly at a dressy cocktail party in the 1950s or early '60s (think Mad Men).

Platinum Diamond Burmese Ruby Round Cocktail Ring
Check out this fun antique ring from a prominent estate sale. Talk about stunning jewelry! It’s made from platinum and sparkles with small diamonds ornamenting the centerpiece stone, which is a beautiful Burmese ruby. The pink stone is a perfect color for any stylish lady, and would fit particularly well with a sizzling red dress or black dinner gown. This oversized ring really makes a statement and really puts most modern mall designs to shame.


Georgian Gold & Enamel Hair Ring
More than any of the 3 aforementioned pieces, this incredible antique ring has a spellbinding story behind it. Designed during Western Europe's neoclassical period circa 1790-1810, this ring has real hair woven in a pattern under its glass covering. Talk about a conversation piece! The 15k rose gold, French blue enamel, and oversized design of this piece will never fail to draw intrigued glances from fellow party-goers, but it's the presence of real hair from the 18th-19th century that makes this ring so incomparably unique.

Georgian Antique Garnet Maltese Cruciform
This fabulous garnet piece came from England and was made some time between 1790 and 1810, which is when these types of pendants were most popular among refined ladies. It’s crazy to think of all that has happened in the world since this piece of jewelry was made! The design takes clear inspiration from British religious iconography, but it also offers a certain natural beauty insofar as its design and layout are undeniably easy on the eyes. The shades of red in the garnet never fail to attract attention as they shimmer all around the larger flower in the center.

Antique jewelry (also called "estate jewelry" because it is often passed down from generation to generation) exists in a whole different category of luxury goods. Each piece has its own vivid history and intriguing story to tell, directly connecting the wearer to the lives, amibitions, and trials of its previous owners. Some of it is stunning with beautiful gems and designs, while some of it holds sweet or sorrowful memories. What is most important, of course, is the future it will experience with you wearing it!

Thanks for that Roman, I absolutely adore those Victorian bird earrings, the turquoise stones are gorgeous! I love accessorising with jewellery pieces and I can never go wrong with a cocktail ring Huge stones and bling is my thing haha. 

Perhaps some of you guys could share with me your current favourite jewellery pieces and accessories - I'd love to know :)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Maybelline The Falsies Mascara... True or False?

Hello dolls ^_^ I'm going to review the popular Maybelline 'The Falsies' mascara which I purchased about... 4 months ago! I have had a lot of 'experience' with this mascara (wait that didn't sound right... well in other words I have tried this mascara for quite a while!) so I can finally do a thorough review of it.

I love curling my lashes and it's a complete must for me every time I go out. I don't wear mascara often because it can be a pain to remove and I hate getting panda eyes. But when I go out at night or to a special occasion, mascara is essential! I need my lashes to stand out more and to be thicker, darker and longer... especially for photos. Of course, not all mascara can achieve all of the above (that's why false eyelashes can be used as an instant cheat) but apparently there's this mascara that can do all of the above AND can give that 'false lash effect' :O

Yes, this one right here:

Maybelline The Falsies' Volum' Express Waterproof in 291 Very Black

When I first heard about this mascara I was so curious about it and I really wanted to get it. The only thing that delayed my desire to purchase this was the price. It's not overly expensive but it retailed for about $17.99 and I wasn't in need for mascara so I wanted to wait for it to be on sale. To my surprise, I received something in the mail that really motivated me to buy this mascara, even when it wasn't on sale xD

Discount vouchers are the bomb, thanks Priceline

Correction: The mascara was on sale at Priceline and I got an additional discount on it, so I ended up paying about $12ish for it :) But hey, these days you can get this mascara for half price or $10 if you're lucky enough to catch it when it's on sale!

(Click to enlarge to read the details)

Ta-da~ The waterproof version
Why purchase a non-waterproof version when you can buy a waterproof one for the same price?? I always buy waterproof mascaras

It has a spoon wand which is flexible which helps to lift and separate the lashes

About the Falsies mascara:
  • The Kera-fiber formula instantly builds 5x more volume without clumping to complete the false lash look and the unique flexible wand provides the look of more lashes
  • This mascara has a wet formula so you have to be quick when coating the lashes to avoid clumps

For best results, hold brush with spoon side against lashes and sweep from root to tip. Repeat until desired look is achieved. Do not let dry between coats.

Now to some demo pictures and side-by-side comparisons with my own lashes!

I rarely show photos of my eyes without any makeup! 100% natural. I wish my lashes were naturally curled... that would save time curling haha.

Here are my curled lashes using a mechanical eyelash curler which doesn't curl my ends as well =/ I need one of those mini curlers since my heated curler won't do the trick. Looks better than my straight lashes at least :D

So after one coat there's a difference/improvement compared to my lashes without mascara. There is added volume and a couple of millimeters in length, especially seen on my bottom lashes. Because my lashes are curled, the length cannot be seen when my eyes are closed however you can tell that my lashes appear thicker and darker.

The second coat of mascara gives added volume but makes the lashes appear more clumpy. This could probably be fixed with an eyelash comb. For review purposes, I left it as it is to show how the fibers worked on my lashes. Personally, 2 coats is enough for me, I really dislike clumpy lashes that look too spidery.

Can you see the difference? Darker ✔ Thicker ✔

 Now I've applied two coats of the mascara onto my other eyelashes without curling

I used to not curl my lashes and just apply mascara like my eye on the right xD It would clump pretty badly and there would be minimal lengthening effects. So yes, curling your lashes makes a difference =]

My thoughts
  • I can see that it lengthens my lashes, especially after curling them and when I apply the mascara onto my lower lashes.
  • I have mixed thoughts on the fibers. Yes they probably are present and work but the effects are not too impressive. I am certain that other mascaras without the Kera-fibers can achieve the same/similar results
  • The wet formula is new for my use as my other mascaras have drier formulas which in my opinion are easier to work with. This formula made my lashes more prone to clumping, however the wet formula could be vital for maximum volume
  • My curls were held up well but it was hard to avoid getting panda eyes
  • Two coats wasn't too heavy for my lashes but was quite clumpy for my liking

  • Ophthalmologist tested
  • Contact lens safe
  • Waterproof
  • Can be used as an alternative for individual false eyelashes
  • Decent for drugstore price
  • Readily available in stores and online
  • Spoon wand makes application more easy
  • Wet formula coats each and every lash
  • Kera-fibres for the lashes
  • Volumises, thickens and darkens lashes
  • Lengthening is very visible on lower lashes

  • Can't be an absolute replacement for false lashes, especially full ones on a band
  • Takes more time to dry due to its wet formula
  • Can smudge/transfer onto eyelids if it is not fully dry
  • Lashes are more prone to clumping with this mascara
  • If clumpy-ness appears, it is harder to remove

I have never needed or wanted to repurchase a mascara because I always like to try new ones. I haven't really found my holy grail mascara but I did have a huge liking for Maybelline's Pulse Perfection which is now discontinued :( With drugstore-brand choice, I tend to go for Maybelline mascaras just because they have a pretty wide range. I don't think I'd get around to purchasing a new Falsies mascara and I don't like buying back-ups for mascara.

You're probably desperate to know whether this mascara is really a falsies mascara. Well I'm sorry to say this but... I can't say yes or no on everyone's behalf! But for me personally, I wouldn't say that it is THE one and only mascara for that falsies effect... it's not that much different to regular mascaras. It surely isn't the most impressive mascara that exists and there are still 'gaps' in my lashes after applying the mascara (despite layering on the coats!). It does however do what it claims and so it is impressive on that aspect. The only really false lash effect is the lengthening thanks to the fibers, therefore I reckon this could be an alternative to individual false lashes :) I haven't tried individual false lashes before thus I'm only judging by what I've seen and such.

I can imagine this working better with non-Asian eyelashes (since it's typical for Asians to have short, sparse lashes), especially ones that are naturally long, curled and thick *massive envy*

That's probably why there are many Asian-branded mascaras with fibers in them! An example would be Majolica Majorca's range of mascaras. In particular, the Majolica Majorca Enamel Glamour Volume On mascara:

I want to sell this! Still with its box, excellent condition
Is anyone interested in purchasing this from me? I'm offering it for $10, shipped
Comment below or email me at jlyxoxo@gmail if you would like to purchase from me
I only accept Paypal and Bank transfer, international buyers welcome

SOLD! Thank you ^_^

My reason for selling~
This mascara works INCREDIBLY well - it holds curls and is smudge-proof, waterproof, sweatproof etc! It has a double comb wand and has fibers that don't end up clumping your lashes. My only problem = my eyes are too sensitive for the fibers v_v It's perfect for anyone who doesn't have sensitive eyes and would like to try an Asian-brand mascara specially created for Asian lashes. For $10 with free shipping, this is an absolute bargain. Depending on where you are, shipping alone would be around $10 (damn Australian postage fees, they're so expensive for international). On eBay and other online shops, it's at least $20 not including shipping! First in best dressed.

Questjen of the week:

Which mascara/s do you use?

I'd actually also like some suggestions of which ones are good or have worked well for you!
Currently I'm using Maybelline's The Falsies mascara and Pulse Perfection :D

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Olive Green Eyes and Redyed Hair

Hi there, how is everyone? Hope you're all well~ My two-week uni break is at its end! It flew by way too quickly and I haven't felt that I've accomplished much ._. I've just got Sunday left to 'make the most of it' before having to get used to waking up early each day again. I must say that I have enjoyed my holidays overall :)
I have a new pair of lenses to review which I received from MukuCHU and these are the Geo Olive Green lenses. I picked this pair because it's part of the Wing series which were apparently designed by Miss Tsubasa Masuwaka. There are pictures of her wearing other colours from this series except for the green as it is a new product released early last year I believe.

I actually have the brown pair which is called the Honey Wing lenses and I have a review of them here.
You may have noticed that I wore these green lenses in my 'Giveaway Babie' blog post to test out the comfort and how well they blended in and/or stood out in pictures. I won't spam you with those images so I'll have closeups of my eyes.

Green Wing: OL-103 
B.C.: 8.6mm
DIAMETER: 14.00mm
With flash photography
Some may see these lenses as 'boring' because they are just one colour with a less-noticeable design but I actually don't mind, I'm cool with plain, natural-looking lenses. Anyway, that 'squiggly' pattern in the center isn't as obvious on my dark eyes however the green outer limbal ring is pretty obvious, which is good for the appearance of enlarged eyes.
They're alright for gyaru makeup
Just in case you were wondering, I sort of did an inspired look from my magazine:
I don't normally use pink eyeshadow but 'the color is very retro!'
Lol nah that's not my reason... the pink stood out and the model looks cute
An unused picture from my previous post. I think these green lenses make me look more alert
Honestly, I like the way I look when I have circle lenses on. I hardly where them when I go out because my eyes dry out really quickly when I'm outdoors (even without lenses my eyes can randomly start to become teary or go a pinkish red when I'm outside for a while :/). Since they look so 'natural', I'd gladly where these out :) Green eyes are pretty, even though these are an abnormally dark green.
In comparison with my Geo Angel Green lenses, these aren't as vibrant as those but the colour is pretty much the same. The main difference is that those lenses make me look my dolly with a black outer ring.
Colour: /5 - This shade of green is suitable for both dark and light eyes but stands out more for light eyes. No need for thick/heavy makeup to adjust its vibrancy as they appear quite natural
Pattern: /5 - Blends in really well with dark brown eyes however the pattern is not very noticeable in normal lighting. Only a little more noticeable with flash.
Enlargement: /5 - Enlargement can be seen as there is a green limbal ring around them. Subtle enlargement for 14mm lenses
Comfort: /5 - I found these to be very comfortable and I had no problems wearing them for a few hours indoors
Overall score: 17/20 - I love them!

Thanks MukuCHU for sending me these lenses, I really like them. Green lenses go well with gyaru looks in my opinion :]

If you're interested in purchasing them, here is the direct link to the lenses~

That's it to my lens review! Can you believe that I haven't done a lens review in a couple of months? I swear I haven't lost interest, there's just been so many other things to blog about lately haha.

You may have noticed that my hair looked rather black in that image above. It was looking like that because:

1. My iPod Touch's camera is inaccurate with colours (I'm guessing)
2. My previous dye job is fading (this most likely)

Nothing I can do about the iPod so I did something about my hair - I redyed it after two months :D Here's what my hair looked like before I dyed it at home:

Yeah this doesn't look too bad besides some unevenness but wait 'til you see my regrowth...

 In this picture my hair looks more orange and light o_o It's more like the previous picture than this but anyway - horrible regrowth and orange-looking hair T.T

So those are my before pictures. Now I'll show you the dye I used:

 I purchased the L'Oreal Paris Superior Preference 5 Palma Brown, just one bottle because it should be enough to cover all of my hair (it's not that long)

 Didn't realise how dusty the top of the box was until after I took the photo :S
That's the hair colour swatch by the way

The back of the box with information and more hair colour swatches. I hoped to have one of the bottom shades

So now that you've seen this, you can compare with the pictures of my hair after I dyed it:

A bit in between one of the middle colours from the box swatch
 It's almost like the dark brown that I've always wanted... not much orange/redness

 Again this hair dye made my hair feel smooth and silky after!

A non-flash photo. Yay my regrownth is gone :D
Darn I really need a fringe cut...

There are still black parts here and there but I think it's due to the fading I had before I redyed it and maybe the dye works better on already dyed hair. I really don't know but at least the majority of my hair is a darker brown now. And I really like it this shade because regrowth won't be as big as an issue ^-^
I know you might be thinking why I went a couple of shades darker despite it being spring and soon summer where lighter hair is highly favoured. Well I was sick of regrowth and I was getting bored of my light-ish brown hair. I'm more used to having dark hair!
Next time I want to try an Asian-brand hair dyes like Palty and Prettia because they have a foam formula instead and may be more suited to dark, Asian hair. But the thing is is that I'm not sure whether to get it online or instore. Is it cheaper online? And is one bottle enough for long hair?
I won't have a questjen of the week this week (I actually can't think of one to ask that's related to my lenses and hair ;A;) but next week I'll back with one hehe.
Take care lovelies!
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