Monday, September 19, 2011

Tutorial: How to Apply Falsies [Requested] + Updates

Hey, how is everybody? Hope you're all well. Today my post is going to be one that was requested by one of my blog readers Mimi who wanted me to do a tutorial on how to apply falsies. I am welcome to your suggestions on blog posts so don't be afraid to let me know what you'd like to see here!

If you are completely new to this and have never/rarely worn false eyelashes then that's okay, I'm sure you're not the only one and hopefully my picture tutorial will be clear and will be a good starting point to learn how.

This is just my way of applying falsies, it doesn't have to be exactly like this!

I wad going to do a video tutorial... in fact I filmed one but it wasn't very good :| I've never done a picture tutorial before so bare with me if it's a bit dodgy lol. I've already got one pair of lashes on one eye as a comparison.

[My hair was still long when I took these pictures :P I did this tutorial a while ago but I obviously took my time with putting it up onto my blog]

Step 1: Have your falsies ready
 Here I'm using Daiso #1 lashes. Daiso is unfortunately not available in my city :( Glad that my bf was able to get me some when he went to Melbourne earlier this year

Step 2: Measure them on top of your natural lashes
You don't have to have the lash starting from the very inner corner of your eye, you can leave a gap like I have above. It's actually more comfortable to wear like this.

Step 3: If needed, trim the outer corners of your falsies with a pair of scissors
 Lashes tend to have a shorter end and a longer end. It's better to cut at the end that's longer because the shorter end goes on the inner corners of your eyes. If there is no longer or shorter side then you can cut at any of ends.

Step 4: Make sure that you have good eyelash glue
 I've been using Duo Eyelash Adhesive and I swear by it! I haven't tried any other lash glue that holds my lashes in place as well as this. I love that it's waterproof and you can choose to have a white glue that dries clear or a dark glue which can blend in with your eyeliner

Step 5: Apply a thin line of eyelash glue to the band
 It doesn't have to be thick at all! Just a 1mm line will do. Make sure that there is glue on the outer edges of the lash band because you won't want your lashes to start lifting up at the corners - that gets annoying, especially when it starts poking your eyelids

Step 6: Wait 10-20 seconds to let the glue set until it is tacky
 You can just hold it and wait (which I find pretty boring) or you can....
 ... Start blowing at it x) I guess it speeds up the 'drying' time but that's what I tend to do, lol. Don't make the glue completely dry though!!

Step 7: Place the lash band as close as possible on top of your lash line
 While this happens, the glue should still be quite wet and you'd be able to feel this when you place it on your lash line. Don't worry if you can see white glue, it'll dry clear if you use Duo glue. If not then you can draw over it with eyeliner

Step 8: While the glue has not fully set yet, maneuver the lashes so that it is stuck on properly and comfortably
 The glue is white, therefore the glue has not fully dried yet. This means that you can still move the lashes around before it sets. I like to use tweezers to neatly push the corners of the lash bands onto my lash line

Step 9: If Step 8 is not needed, stay still while the glue dries
 It's boring staying still while waiting for the glue to dry, so I like to tilt my head slightly back for the glue to dry without touching the top of my eyelid. Also, I like to use my eyeliner to draw over any gaps/glue lines. Here I'm using Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner, my holy grail

Step 10: Press the band firmly onto the lash band, making sure that the whole band is stuck down. If not, it may be best to start again

 [No image for this]

Step 11: Curl your lashes so that the falsies and your natural lashes blend in together
 Gently press to curl the lashes together, or...

... use a heated eyelash curler. Here I was waiting for it to heat up. This is the heated eyelash curler from the brand '1000 Hour'

I don't think you'd have to worry too much about the heat affecting the glue. If you are worried then stick to using a mechanical lash curler

Step 12: (Optional) Apply mascara as per normal

I wasn't planning to go anywhere after I did the tutorial thus I didn't bother with mascara. Here's how it should look in the end:

I know I cheated by showing you the 'finished product' as the other eye's picture xD But still, I followed the same steps to achieve this. How did I go? Hehe

 Both eyes done. I think I needed extra black eyeliner in between the lashes but mehhh, I didn't notice until I took a flash picture

Random 'end product' photo. My mirror makes an appearance again :]

That's basically it to it! Video tutorials are more informative and helpful in my opinion however I think having it out step by step with images is still okay, right? I've followed tutorials in magazines for hair/makeup etc. and I didn't have problems with those. 

Do realise that eye shape can make a difference. It's taken me months of practice to be able to put on falsies within a matter of minutes for both eyes! I've had to get used to my eye shape being this way and leaving space on the inner corners of my eyes.

If you have any problems/questions about applying falsies, feel free to hit me up with them here, Twitter or on Formspring.

Now to a little 'life update' from me...

Firstly I want to say a big thank you to those who commented on my previous post. I'll be sure to do more lifestyle posts since they seem to be of high interest. I'm glad that my questjen was answered about whether or not we can become too old for plushies - the majority said that we can never be too old for plushies!

Within the past couple of weeks I have bought things that are not makeup-related (hooray)~ I bought my first Asian magazine and music CD in-store ^.^ First time ever having K-pop CDs in store, yay! I was going to online shop for these items but I remembered how exciting it is to see something you want in a shop and get it straight away without having to wait for it to arrive on your doorstep or in your letterbox.

Back issue of ViVi (Chinese Version) and T-ara's Breaking Heart Repackaged Album

Latest issues of ViVi are overpriced in my opinion -_- I don't mind back issues because all magazines are going to get 'old' anyway and these back issues in store were still in perfect unopened condition, just majorly discounted hehe. I mostly look at Asian magazines for their pictures anyway because I can only fluently read English :( I can sort of read Chinese but mm, I bought the Chinese ViVi version so that I could read it with my mum. Good bonding time lol.

Yeah, not that I know any Korean either but what can I say, I'm a K-pop lover. Not to that extent where it's freaky or I'm trying to be Korean (because I'm not haha), I've been hit with the hallyu wave since 2008. Don't know what that means? Google it :P A-cha~

Prefer the girls in black than the yellow and black. They're gorgeous either way

My blog makes it seem that I am 100% T-ara biased but in reality I'm not. They're not my number one favourite girl group which may be a surprise to some as I tend to associate them with my makeup looks and what not. SNSD (Girls' Generation) is actually my favourite but I haven't been too impressed with their visual concepts lately. T-ara has some cute-as former ulzzangs like Qri and Hyomin who have had some really pretty eye makeup looks that have inspired me! SNSD, not so much... they tend to go for the 'natural' look with no colourful/interesting eyeshadow colour combinations. Where's the inspiration for me :( ?

This in my opinion is T-ara's best album. It's their first full album repackaged with two extra songs. Their songs nowadays aren't as good as their originals *frowns*

Oh and on Friday night I went out with a few of the ABBM girls (mini bloggers meet up) to eat Korean BBQ! It was actually my first time (what is this, a month of firsts for me? haha) and I was happy with the whole 'all you can eat' concept about it, omnomnom. Sorry no pictures but I'll name the girls that I met up with: Celeste, Sherry, Jeneara/Steph (only for dinner) and Mae (only for dessert)

Afterwards we went to have dessert at the Aviary and I ordered Belgian Waffles. It was nice inside with a bird theme going on (hence aviary) and I didn't realise that there were two levels until I walked in. I'm happy with the way the dessert cafe looked but my dessert wasn't amazing. It was good though, and I finished it all despite feeling rather full after dinner. I took a picture before I started digging in:

I'm looking at this now at 12:30am and I'm not craving this at all o_o 
As I said before, it wasn't an amazing mouth-watering dessert lol

Thanks to Celeste, these blogger meet ups in my city are happening! The impressive thing is that she isn't actually a blogger based in Adelaide but she comes down here once every month or so :) Soooo grateful for her making her way down here and arranging these meets *_* Thank you again Celeste! You are way too awesome.

Here's an update picture of my soon-to-be cat by the way. New blog followers of mine may have not met my pet kitten yet. I'll give a little intro: His name is Coco and I've had him since December last year. Here's almost 1 years old and his breed is Moggie :) Today I took a picture of him when he was sleeping on my bed. He woke up when I got my camera out but I managed to snap a picture of him with his eyes closed keke:

Definitely not as skinny as he used to be when I first got him! I refuse to say that he's fat lol, he's really not I swear x[ At least he's healthier now compared to his first day at my home:

I secretly wish that cats could stay tiny like this, eeee too cute!

I'll be sure to blog again next week after my final week of uni before the mid semester break. Stressing out now because of my assignments due soon.... I'm glad that I have my blog as my de-stresser. Can't wait to be on holidays, more time to blog again!

A questjen for you, because I am one curious girl:

How did you learn to apply false lashes?
Did you learn from a friend or a makeup artist? Youtube tutorial or self-taught? Or do you still not know how to apply falsies? Maybe you only found out how on this blog post xD

My answer:
I learnt through watching many Youtube tutorials! Very handy indeed. I wouldn't have a clue about who I learn from i.e. beauty gurus' usernames etc. but there are plenty of tutorial videos on Youtube to check out.

Don't fret if you can't put on falsies well - practice makes perfect I promise! Good luck :-)


  1. Great tutorial ^__^ I think you're going to help a lot of girls with it. I also learnt how to apply false lashes on youtube.

    Your cat is so cute *_* I love cats!

    Recently I've tried to listen to K-pop, T-ara is one of my favourite band but I prefer 2NE1... I guess.

  2. waah thanks for the tuto, I think I should buy heated eyelash curler too ^^

  3. Love the tutorial! I learned to apply lashes mostly by myself. It's super difficult when you don't have a routine down yet, but this was great : D Thanks for sharing!

    Woah I didn't know that they released Vivi in Chinese! COOL >: D and T-Ara look damn GORGEOUS in those rock-inspired outifts!

    Aw I miss my cat : ( He died 2 years ago. /crey
    And the waffle looks so yummy! *_*

  4. Lovely, detailed and well-explained :)

  5. Thanks for the tutorial haha guess it's true when they say that practice makes perfect ^^~ Great tutorial.. i shall keep trying with those lenses you sent me! You don't have a Daiso in Adelaide? D: I've seen that ViVi magazine at my chinese grocer! A good read? :) Totally understand how you feel! ^^ My kittens have all grown up and gotten so.. big :( So much cuter when they're tiny~

    P.s. sorry U haven't sent you that package yet.. I'll try to send it off this week ^^

  6. Chinese Vivi's are usually $12 here for the new ones, and the back issues are $9.50 or $8.50. xD
    better than japanese version which cost like $21.70.. .___. and i cant read either languages so whats the point in getting the jap version when the chinese version is so much more cheaper!! 8)
    i self taught myself how to put lashes on :D well..i read from the back of my first false lash packaging but still.. LOL! i experimented so much on lashes back in the day xD

  7. Oh myyyyy, thanks for this!! I still don't know how to apply them properly. I'm still learning; it takes me prolly 30 minutes before I actually get it perfect :/ I waste too much lash glue lol

  8. Thank you so much for this tutorial! I've never put on falsies ever. Something about putting something on top of my eyes is just too intimidating for me haha But I've always wanted to try them.

    Haha, I see you're a Kpop fanatic as well. I finally succumbed to the hallyu wave last year, although I have been secretly listening and reading about K-pop stars for about 2 years now :) My friends reckon I'm too old for it but so what? haha

    And your kitty is sucha cutie! And no no, he's not fat at all! He's just healthy and has a big body structure haha Same as my cat, I'm in complete denial about his ever growing belly lol And I'm with you, I wish they don't grow up and stay as cute as they were when they're still kittens lol.


    A Single Girl's Musings

  9. Thanks for the tips on applying falsies! I have yet to master this technique. D;

    Aww...your kitty is adorable!!! If only they could stay tiny, I agree. -sigh- ^^

    Ooh! K-POP! I'm not much into the girl groups...but they're alright. ^^ I've been on that wave since 2006 though. :3 I feel old. keke. Ooh but I love asian magazines too even though I only get there for the pictures. heh.

  10. Hi Jennifer!

    Just wanted to let you know that I received my prize - LV inspired bag) I blogged about it here -> Thank you so much! I added you to my blogroll)

    Your tutorial is great, I need some practice in applying falsies, hehe) And your cat is too cute! I have two cats and I always wanted they could stay tiny)

  11. Great tutorial! Love the lashes, it looks very natural. My sister listens to Kara as well.


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