Monday, September 12, 2011

Just enjoy the show

Hi lovely people :) I'm back to do a 'lifestyle' post where it's nothing related to beauty or fashion~ I've missed doing these posts where I can freely make a recount about my day/week - my first blog was always about me and my life haha. Should I do more of these?

For the past week, my city has had something called the 'Royal Show' which happens each year at the same time. Basically it's a carnival filled with rides, stalls, games, animals, show bags and more. The venue for the show is the same place I did my first uni exams last semester, so it was funny to see the hall where I did my exams transformed into the showbag pavillion xD I will see it again when I go back for my semester 2 exams, eek!

I was excited to go this year because I hadn't been to this carnival for the past 2 years and this was my first time going with my boyfriend. I would have gone in the previous years but being in school made it hard, especially when there was no day off dedicated to going to the show (most schools have a show day) and I'd be busy on the weekends. This year I ended up going on Tuesday because I only had one tutorial in the morning and two lectures afterwards which I could easily catch up on, hehe.

Me with two of my biggest toys that my bf won for me
Ah regrowth! I will dye my hair darker in a couple of weeks time

The first thing we did was visit the stalls as we were thinking of maybe buying some things. This was when we had the most money in our pockets (we pre-purchased our tickets lol) and even though we may have felt tempted to spend at times, we ended up walking out of the hall with the same amount we walked in with haha. The show or any carnival for a fact is the biggest way to waste money :/

And just for a beauty reference, I saw some makeup stalls selling makeup brands that I had never heard of. I wasn't intrigued and besides, I have lots of makeup now thanks to the ABC (by the way, have you seen my part 1 and part 2 posts?).

A nail stall was selling OPI nail polishes for $10 each which is considered to be cheap in Australia since they are around $20 a bottle! I saw the nail polishes in a glass display cabinet and there didn't seem to be a lot of colour variations, thus I didn't bother having a look or purchasing. Maybe I should have purchased one but as I said before, it's time for me to either save or spend on something not beauty-related T_T

We went to the dog pavillion to watch the different breeds being judged and aww, there were some really cute dogs ^^ I took some pictures from the stands:
There's a judge walking around the dogs
I am extremely clueless when it comes to matching dog breeds with appearance -_-
Does anyone know what breed these dogs may be?

These looked like they were getting groomed or waiting for their turn to come out and be judged. Such snowy white dogs :3

On the other side my boyfriend and I spotted some huskies :O My boyfriend and I are fans of huskies and we hope to have one as a pet one day ^_^ They're so big, fluffy and cuddly!

Wish I could go and give one a hug lol, or all of them

There was one that stood out from the others - this white and brown one! So cute and unique

And this one was darker than the others which made it look more wolf-like

 So obedient. Who wouldn't want to give this husky a hug from behind?! Haha

We were getting hungry so we didn't wait for the huskies to come out and be judged. Actually, we saw them all go into a different room which was why we left x)

I'm glad we left the dog judging pavillion because the hall next door was a place where many other dogs were waiting and staying before and after being judged! To my surprise, we got to see other huskies there AND I got to pet one right in front of me! I've never been able to before *_*

I got to pet him/her, eeee now I really want a husky when I'm older

Show food is really expensive :( Two dagwood/corn dogs costs $10 and I think if I bought a single one it costs more, $7 or something =/ It wasn't even thaaat nice hmph.

We played some games, won some toys and went on 3 rides. I'm not game enough to go on those really extreme rides that twist and turn - just ones that are enough to make me scream and enjoy the ride :P Here's what I went on... (pictures from the royal show website)

Big Dipper Super Loop Coaster
A rollercoaster that goes for probably less than a minute with sharp turns
I felt like I was going to fall off soooo many times

Ali Baba (inspired by Alladin)
It swings horizontally up and down, goes up quite high. When it swung down I felt like I was falling haha *screams* It's definitely one of my favourite rides

Skymaster Ferris Wheel
It was my first time on a ferris wheel!
I was able to take pictures during my time on the ride and film a bit of it

View of the kiddy rides

View of the entrance

For the other rides like the Mega Drop (on the right), they're up way higher! Scary

Here's a short video I filmed on the ride. If you have a fear of heights or anything then maybe it's not best if you watch it lol. We had a to share the carriage because well, it's easier for the people who run the ride to get people on and off. I was hoping I could have one for the two of us but it was okay, there was no invasion of privacy or awkwardness.

I bought two showbags and my boyfriend bought one. We got lolly ones because they're cheap and yummy hehe. I got two bags for $10 - Trolli and Yupi and he got Hubba Bubba.

I still have many lollies to eat hehe. They came with some quirky toys:

A sipper, giant pen and a diablo - what to do with these!

I will attempt to drink out of the sipper, I've played with a diablo before back in primary school (I forgot how to now ._.) and with the big-ass pen...

Yes, you can actually write with it properly! How cool :D

Carnival games can be pretty rigged/dodgy so when you 'fail' at the game it makes you feel really pathetic because it seems really easy when in fact it's not! It really wastes money ahhh, but luckily we were able to win some plushies. Here's a picture of all the toys I brought home from that day:

 Tatty/Me to you bear, Darwin from G-Force, Pink sheep, Penguin, Siberian Husky, Kangaroo and Nemo/Clown fish

This is my favourite out of all the toys my boyfriend won, because the game he played was only $5 and it was really simple - just a race game :)

The only bear that I own that has its arms out ready for a hug, awww
It's not the biggest plushie that was won but size really doesn't matter (no pun intended lol)

Now to some selcas because I love taking selcas (self-cams) with plushies. It makes me feel less awkward and lonely!

Pouting like a sheep? Rofl

It's so fluffy (I'm going to die)

That's all that happened at the show, after we won the big plushies we decided to leave because we had already saw everything and carrying around a big pink sheep is not an easy thing to do! I had fun and I really enjoyed spending the day with my love. I may go again next year, we'll see :)

Thanks for reading guys! If you don't mind seeing more posts like these, let me know. I feel more relaxed when I can freely blog about things on my mind and things that have happened.

A questjen for you:

When is it 'too old' for plushies?

It might differ between males and females but I think I'll be too old for plushies when I have my own kids because the plushies will be for them... right? Is 18 too old for plushies? I think they're so cute and they're great to collect. To be able to win them at the show is pretty cool. As much as I'd like to have more, I have plenty already and they just sit on top of my cupboard and a few are on my bed. I'm going to run out of room for them argh!


  1. This looks like so much fun! I love carnivals :D I've never been to a dog show before though. The dogs are all so cute and well groomed ^^ And omg, OPI polishes are so expensive there! They're normally $10 here in the US and I even think that is expensive lol. And your bf is so sweet to have won so many plushies for you! I don't think you can ever get too old for them. My bf and I have this weird habit of buying a TY beanie baby whenever we go to the market. We've got a bunch of them sitting on our desk now lol

  2. Oh fun and I want me some plushies too!!! :D You are one lucky girl to get those 2 big ones, now I want my bf to get me some huge ones too ^^ and looks like you had a ton of fun! You are never too old for plushies! I collect them and beanie babies :D they are easiest to carry and love!!


  3. Love the stuffed animals your bf won for you! : D
    OMG DOG SHOWS <3 The two first breeds there are Yorkshire Terriers and Bichon Frisé ; D Hehe. I've been going to dogshows for as long as I can remember.. I even show dogs myself every year for an Italian breeder : D I love dog shows so so so much <3 And the huskies look amazing btw! : D

  4. I like this kind of posts! Never ever be too old for plushies. Though I do not own a lot (during to moving :(), there are always a few plushiess that I keep and see on a daily basis. That's so sweet your bf won that for you. I wish mine would do something half as sweet lol

  5. Seems to be very fun ^__^ I want big plushies too *__* **jealous** lol. I still have a collection of them from my childhood ;p.

  6. oh so cute! those teddies are so adorable! the carnival looked like so much fun! and those doggies are so beautifully groomed!
    Krissy xoxo

  7. I've never been to the royal show because it is too expensive and over crowded, I get really grumpy when there are too many people pushing and shoving lol. I enjoy reading your lifestyle post :)
    I don't think there is an age limit for anything really. Would love to see more of your collection :)

  8. NEVER too old for plushies! My mum loves them and she collects them just as much as we do. In fact, she and sis have a secret stash of plushies at home hidden in my sister's wardrobe so dad doesn't realise how many plushies they really have lol.

  9. I used to go to the Royal Show every year when i was a kid! :D but no i cant really be bothered going because its so over crowded, hard to find parking and expensive x_X!
    Though i did go last year with my boyfriend because he really wanted to buy showbags hahaha!

    You guys won so many toys :D !! The me to you bear is really cute! <3

    I don't think anyone is too old for plushies! =D My parents have a few =D and some of them came from the royal show too XD

  10. You are so right about shows/carnivals to be the biggest way to waste money. I remember going to the Rockhampton Show in QLD last year, and boy, the food was expensive (and it didn't even look yummy to begin with, so are the rides and the games are rigged (or maybe I was just unlucky haha. But anyway, it was my first ever carnival outside my country so I indulged in it anyway, I mean, that's what tourists do, indulge lol.

    And aww... such lovely gifts from your boyf! I really like the Tatty bear, it's just adorable! And haha no one's too old to collect plushies, I think they're really sweet.


    A Single Girl's Musings

  11. Looks like a lot of fun. Your hair looks really cute, btw.

  12. These look fun!! Jenn you look so prettyy!! I love your cute dimple! Hope you are well my love! xxX

  13. Oooo this makes me excited for the royal melbourne show!!
    I think its okay to have like 1-5 plushies after 18... all mine are hello kitties lol

  14. Omg, so many cute toys <3 haha i remember the days I could use a diablo too.. now I just fail. Ahh huskies <3 they're so gorgeous and so high class looking. Buy one of Cindy! Haha, that's what I intend to do if her family still sells dogs when I move to Australia. We have a similar show to yours in NZ, but on a much MUCH smaller scale. (BOO). Ahh OPI for $10? So lucky. They charge almost $30 RRP here. Sucks there wasn't much colours available but at least you saved lots of money! ^^

  15. OMG MY EYES! I am a huge dog fan so seeing all those photos of dogs just makes me. *sobs*
    The festival reminds me of Easter show here. Expensive everything and more importantly, show bags!! I love your toy collection! THe kangaroo is sooooo cute! 0 v 0
    NEVER TOO OLD FOR TOYS! I might hand them down to my children one day hehe.

  16. THE TOYSS *___*!
    You lucky lucky girlll!! Teheh. Ahh, there's a Melbourne Show in like a few weeks? I think? But I've never been ;A; BUT I WANT TOOOOO! Maybe I'll decide to go this yearrrr !! Eee, I love showbags!

  17. I love the huge ME TO YOU BEAR! Its open arms are just adorable! I personally still love plushies but only certain ones hehe.


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