Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Giveaway Winner Babie!

Sup guys? Apologies for my delay in writing a post on the weekend, I had a massive week and I am extremely glad that it's mid-semester break! I've been catching up on my sleep over the weekend (that's why I didn't blog) due to my horrible sleep debt and now I'm back on track! Having two major assignments due on the same day was not fun T_T My procrastination got the better of me again. Stress levels plummeted through the roof.

But anyway, to happier news -  I happened to find some good in all the 'bad' stuff that was going on - I won Cindy aka The Bad Barbie's giveaway! There were two prizes, one for an Australian winner and an international winner, and through a random draw I was chosen *-* Finding out via email made my day/night/week xD

I can honestly say that I was not expecting to win. As you may or may not know, 'Cindy' (it's her alias) is one of my blog friends and we're from the same city, Adelaide. It's a small city and I'm surprised that I haven't been able to see her around despite sometimes catching the bus on the same street she goes to for her studies :o I seriously want to meet this girl but I'm so darn shy lol v_v Have you seen her? She's freaking gorgeous ♥ But not only that, she's an absolute sweetheart!

Just a screenshot of her blog. Her face isn't on the header but if you scroll down a little you get to see her doll face staring back at you. Envyenvyenvy.

Not only am I shy but I will probably be speechless anyway if I saw her in person *imagines being starstruck*

So as I was saying before, I entered her giveaway as a way of showing my support of the launch of her online store, BadBarbie. She was the co-owner of the previous online shop... oh crap I forgot the name :S Bahaha, this shows how insignificant that 'other' shop is to me now, ever since Cindy left. But yeah, I'm glad Cindy is now the boss of her own shop so she can have things her way without unnecessary arguments and whatnot.

By the way, I decided to use 'babie' in the title instead of baby because it's a combination of bad barbie, hehe.

And since we live in the same city, shipping only took a day! Fastest package received ever~

 The contents of the prize, items which can be bought from the Bad Barbie shop:
- BadBarbie Arty Ring ($30)

I felt that it was appropriate to deck myself out in gyaru-ness while wearing the bag and accessories. I'll be nice and show just two HD pictures of myself with lenses, lashes and double eyelid tape. 

I wore my hair extensions so that I could see how well the feather earrings could blend in with my hair. I wasn't worrying about how well the extensions blended with my hair. I guess it sort of did blend in. Wearing the extensions made me miss my long hair :(

 Lace, denim, feathers, bows, floral, union jacks/flags, studs - just some gyaru fashion trends

My favourite item out of the giveaway prizes is the ring:

 The arty ring is gorgeous, I love the turquoise stone and I have been wanting a ring with a big rock like this but I just haven't found. I had no idea how popular these types of rings were until I got my own and did a little research online/Tumblr.

 BadBarbie has this instock, only size 17 is available. That's about a S-M size

Another thing I didn't know was that they're designed by YSL!! Mine is an inspired one whereas a genuine YSL one would cost around $200 I think o_o ?

When I first saw this I could not make out what was engraved =/ It reads 'YVESANLURENF' lol, close enough

I like how the ring looks on my index finger but it doesn't fit properly :( Only middle finger or thumb

The pink one is so pretty *-*

I really do love my arty ring, I haven't seen anyone wear one before (in person) so I reckon this would make a great statement piece. It is a little big for me but if I'm careful when I wear it then it should be okay. It's definitely not too over the top like other chunky rings - it's enough to attract attention and compliments.

I took pictures from my ViVi back issue of turquoise accessories and rings:

My second favourite item would be the earring:

Feather accessories are in

I never used to like feathers that much but now I've been inspired by celebrities and I reckon they're pretty cool. You should know that I love jewellery, especially earrings and necklaces. The fact that this can double up as a feather hair extension is awesome, the length is great and the colours match each other :)

You can read all about the trend here as posted by Miss Boss herself: http://www.thebadbarbie.com/2011/08/feathered.html#more

Even though it flicks outwards here, it still complements my hair

Swapped side

I don't know whether it's real feathers or not so please don't ask me u_u But I seriously love the blue feathers because they stand out against my dark hair. I liked the patterned stripey one too ^.^ The 3 layers are very distinct and when I first saw these on BadBarbie, I thought that they were attached by thread but nope, gold chains! It's a hook at the end to hook into your ear piercing (like drop earrings) so there's no need for an earring backing. I guess you can only wear this if you have your ear lobe pierced :P Overall I adore this piece!

I recently bought a back issue of Chinese Popteen magazine and I found some feather accessories:

Feathers AND turquoise stone on the necklace, cute!

Thirdly and finally is the bag:

I'm going to be very honest here - this time last year or anytime before this year, I was definitely not interested in wearing any flag symbols as clothing or accessories. Tacky would come to mind but also... others categorising and judging. I would stand out from a crowd and that's not ideal for a shy girl like me. It would seem as though I'm representing the UK instead of Australia, despite the union jack being on the top left hand corner of the Australian flag. This could sort of be controversial... I don't know. I'm self-conscious and I really do care about what others think of me ~_~ I hate getting weird looks from strangers!

Buttttt things are different now. No, I may not be confident enough to change my sense of fashion entirely however I could wear this bag without caring as much as I used to. BadBarbie = giving people self-confidence to dress stylishly and freely? That's what it seems haha, and I love it!

*Clutches bag* Stuff the haters >=P

The material is sturdy and not too soft or hard. It has an adjustable strap so you can wear it as a cross-over or shoulder bag. The buckle at the front is easy to twist to open and close and it's enough to keep everything inside secure. For added security, there is a zip inside as well as another compartment zip and phone holder.

:O It perfectly fits something inside! I'll reveal what it is soon hehe

Everything is sewed on well, especially the front design. The gold studs seem to be glued on nicely so I don't have to feel paranoid about them falling off randomly. I hope none of them do!

There's just one thing that has made this the third liked item of them all. It's not about the design or symbol but it's about the scent. Everyone is different and this may not be a big issue for some but I dislike the scent of the bag. It's not that slightly pleasant 'new bag' scent unfortunately... it's much stronger and smells like a factory of some sort :/ I really can't describe it but it sort of reminds me of moth balls. I reckon it's the material that is emitting this scent which has made my room smell a bit like this lol. It also transfers onto my fingers after I've touched it D: I've opened my windows, lightly sprayed the bag with my perfume but the scent is still there with a hint of my perfume's scent ._. I guess the only way to get rid of it is to wash it thoroughly. Aww what a shame... wish it could go away by itself.

If anyone has any tips on how to get rid of that 'strong bag' scent then please let me know!

Since I wore my denim dress and this union jack bag, just thought I'd also incorporate pages from my magazines:

 This outfit looks familiar ;) I've seen it worn by Cindy before (she's model material by the way)

 Repping the American flag, despite being Japanese

It actually looks pretty alright, in small doses

So yeahhhhh, that's it to my little show and tell of the items I got from winning the giveaway - thanks so much again Cindy! It's lovely to add these awesome items to my accessories collection, I feel very lucky. Don't know whether I'd wear them all at once as seen in my pictures but I'll be sure to make use of all of them :D

If you haven't checked out BadBarbie already then you should be making your way there now (after you're done reading my blog post) for all gal-inspired items. The cool thing about it is that it won't only be for girls - a Bad Ken section will be coming out soon for men apparel and footwear. It would be cool to let her know that you've been referred by me but since Cindy and BadBarbie is already overwhelmingly popular, I'm sure most of you are aware of her and her shop by now.

Now to reveal the item that perfectly fits in the union jack bag...

 My newly-owned mini notebook/netbook - Asus Eee

Technically, it's my boyfriend's but he was kind enough to lend it to me to allow me to multi-task on dual screens. A few days after he lent it to me, he said that it is now mine and I can keep it - yay =) Glad to have this netbook and an awesome bag to store it in ^_^

Ok this post is really long now and photo-spammed (so sorry). Now that I've increased the width I've decided to make all of my photos X-large to fit in with it. I know that it may decrease loading time and if this is an issue for you, please tell me so I can downgrade the size of the pictures next time to large or medium, thank you.

Questjen of the week is...

Describe your fashion sense

This isn't an actual question but I want to know how my readers dress and style themselves lol, sounds kind of creepy. The sad thing is that I don't get to see more than three quarters of you in person :( But if we were to meet, how would you dress? Are there any clothing items that you avoid like skirts or dresses?

I'm a mix of things - casual, girly, sporty and chic and more. I'm not a sporty person but I like to wear hoodies and trackies sometimes x] There's nothing that I really avoid besides the really outrageous outfits like Lady Gaga's. Actually, nowadays I avoid wearing halter-neck tops, shirts that expose my stomach, maxi dresses (just not my thing, maybe for an evening dress only), baggy pants, mini skirts, checkered shirts, flare jeans and polo tops. I used to wear a few of what I just listed but I won't say what they were :P I love my skirts and dresses as well as my shorts and pants. I'm very versatile with my fashion but most of the time I dress chic/girly because it suits my personality the best. These days my fashion sense has definitely been inspired by the items from BadBarbie 

See you in a few days time when I'm back with a new post,


  1. nice win! ive always wanted a union jack bag, but coz its always come in small sizes, i cant fit all my junk >.<

    u have a super doll face too!

    xoxo elle

  2. Yayyy congrats on winning ^__^"!
    I think the bag is my favourite item out of them all! I don't think you would stand out with that? But I'm not sure ..maybe Melbourne is slightly different from Adelaide >.<? Or I'm just a little ..strange xD hehe

    Anyway! you look gorgeous in these photos *__*! <3 And uh lol, my fashion sense is so all over the place atm ..I'm a little confused as to what I like and don't like xP

  3. congratz for winning~~!!

    I'd be the same as you if i saw her in person *-* i even used to read her blog heaps without commenting because that how intimidating her beauty is wtf. ;-;

    I used to have a union jack bag like that xD i think the British flag used to be super super fashionable in Melbourne. Actually i'm pretty sure even now LOL i think Melbourne is like the Australia's London.
    I don't think wearing international flags is tacky, i find wearing our own flag tacky/bogan! XD unless its australia day..or you're a tourist.

  4. congrats ! LOL i forgot to enter this giveaway D:

    The prizes look really good :) i've been wanting a union jack bag or union jack piece of clothing XD


  5. Congrats!!
    I love all the items!
    Ad I'm a big fan of this bag!!
    I don't follow fashion, I just what I like in every style.
    I really love asian fashion though!

  6. Congrats on winning <3 super cute prizes.. i esp LOVE the feathers <3 the ring is cute too! But i have such tiny fingers that i give up looking for rings to fit unless im overseas >.< Lol, i hope my suggestion on twitter works on the smell~~ =/

  7. Cindy is very gorgeous in person ;) Congrats on winning her give away!

  8. Congrats on the win, Jen! I love the ring, turquoise jewelry is just adorable, I love them, for some unknown reason haha The unionjack handbag is just cute!


    A Single Girl's Musings

  9. omggg, love love love it !! loving the ring, earring and your eye make up the most ='D i checked her shop before, cool stuff there ='D !

  10. yewww you're so lucky to have won her giveaway! everything she included was lovessss. especially the ysl inspired ring!

  11. I have that laptop! :) I used to use it last year in school but I don't use it anymore cos that's all I thought it was useful for. x)

    I loooove that bag & ring :)

  12. Congrats on winning Jen! The bag is really cute and I loooooove the YSL inspired ring! I've been hawking Ebay for them the past few days lol. I really want to get a turqoise colored one :) The earring looks really cute on you! Feathers are really in trend right now. And I love the gyaru look you did - it really suits you! I'm really envious of Cindy too - she's gorgeous :(

  13. I think you should go for the third piercings! I LOOOOVEEE that feather earrings!!! I really want feather earrings, they are so in! <3


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