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Review: Spiky Tail False Eyelashes

Hello again, I know I only just blogged yesterday but since I'm in a blogging mood again, I thought I'd do another post! While I'm still stress-free, I might as well continue on with my hobby without needing to worry about other things :) Please don't comment on my outfit being the same as the one in this post, I took these pictures after going out because the sun was shining oh so brightly :D

Recently I was sent a box of 10 false lashes from KKCenterHK to review so here is my review. I know that many bloggers out there have reviewed lashes, cosmetics etc. from KKCenterHK however I do like hearing different people's perspectives on a company and their products. Basically they are a company from Hong Kong that sells mainly false lashes as well as cosmetics, makeup, nail art tools, accessories and more at fairly low prices.

Here are the lashes that I received:

These are the ES 10 Pairs Black Spiky Tail False Eyelashes
Price: USD$12.50 a box

First, let's start off by talking about the parcel packaging:
 This is the back of it. I've never received a package with these string-tie seals before. They make me feel skeptical about how well they seal the package, especially if there are small items inside that may be able to slip out.. hm. Luckily there were no small parts inside my package, just the box of lashes.

 Plenty of bubble wrap for the box which is good but it wouldn't make it squash-proof. I guess the box itself it pretty sturdy anyway. When I sent out boxes of lashes for my giveaway, I added extra cardboard wrapping around the boxes for more protection.

I should also mention that the time it took to get to me was pretty fast. I received the lashes about a week after they shipped it. 5 working days from Hong Kong to Australia which to me is very fast. I'm pleased with that =]

These lashes were made in Korea

I liked how there were instructions on the back of the box with pictures. You can also see that the instructions have been written in 4 languages - Korean, English, Spanish and Chinese.

I had a read of the English instructions and erhh, they didn't make much sense to me. I think an electronic translator was used instead of a literal translation because it really isn't proper English.

It might be the same for the other languages
I decided to try some spiky lashes because I haven't really used any dramatic-styled lashes since I'm always wearing ones that are simple and natural-looking.

Lash packaging:

As you can see, these lashes are stuck onto the clear plastic unlike other lashes in boxes of 10 where they are only attached on a piece of cardboard without any glue. Personally I prefer the lashes to not be stuck onto the packaging so that the lash band isn't all sticky before applying them on.  It may seem as though the lashes being stuck onto the packaging like that helps to retain its shape but to me it's the complete opposite - as you pull the lashes out, the lash band goes out of shape and you still need to re-shape it yourself.

About these lashes
I believe that these are synthetic lashes, not human hair and probably not handmade. They are quite smooth and they would be soft if they weren't this style. The spiky style causes these lashes to be quite prickly on the ends but doesn't affect the comfort of wearing these lashes. The length of the lashes stay relatively the same from one side to the other. KKCenterHK claims that these lashes are reusable. I don't know about you or others but I tend to reuse my lashes if they're still in good condition, despite whether or not it says so on the packaging or description. I guess these are reusable lashes for sure because of their ability to stick back onto the packaging.

Applying the lashes
When I pulled them out of their packaging, the lash bands weren't nicely curved as they looked in the package. Thankfully the lash bands were quite flexible so I could easily re-shape these lashesby wrapping them around my finger for about 10 seconds and letting go. Don't worry if you don't know how to do this, I'm sure to make a tutorial some time. These were a tad too long so I trimmed about half a centimeter off each one.

I used my Duo Eyelash Glue which works like a charm. I have to admit though, I struggled a bit when I was applying these lashes on. I couldn't get them to sit perfectly on my lash line like I can with other lashes. I definitely needed to use my tweezers to maneuver these lashes into place and as one side was stuck down, the other side would lift up and I'd have to push that side down and the opposite side would lift up and so on =/ I'm not a noob when it comes to applying lashes, I swear! These just seemed a little flat and not curved enough for my liking.

After a few minutes of applying and letting the glue dry, here are the results:

Yeah the inner corners of these lashes are sticking out slightly :| They wouldn't stay down no matter how much glue I put on them

In case you were wondering, I'm wearing the G&G Max Pure Pink lenses!

Argh they're sitting so close to my crease! I definitely prefer my larger eyelids when I have my gal makeup on and double eyelid tape

Now here are some lighting tests to see how they look

 - In natural lighting, there is a bit of shine
- Can definitely tell that I'm wearing falsies
- Gives volume and length

They're even more shiny in flash photography!

Although they look quite thick and heavy, they're actually not. I'd say that these are lightweight and didn't make my eyes feel droopy. It could be that I'm just used to the feeling of falsies on but I doubt it. They're as light as feathers.

From about 30cm away, they don't look too dramatic and over-the-top
(PS. what do you guys think about my hair length, do I suit longer or shorter hair more?)
Hehe there's my pig rabbit at the back x]

What I think about these lashes overall
For a box of 10 lashes that are good quality, the price is reasonable. They are all nicely lined up in the box without any lashes out of place etc. (I've seen it like that before in other boxes of 10 lashes, not from KKCenterHK though). The lash band not being too hard makes it easier to bend and fit onto your lash line to suit all different eye shapes and sizes. The fact that these are reusable must mean that they can last long. I don't mind that they may look super fake or shiny in flash lighting, I wouldn't normally need to take photos with my eyes down (I only did for review purposes). The only slight discomfort I found with these lashes was that the parts sticking out on the inner corners of the lash bands were poking my eyelids. I think next time I should place them further from my inner eyes to reduce the poking. Other than that though, I'm happy with these lashes.

My thoughts on KKCenterHK
I admire their prompt emails and replies, it truly means that they believe in good customer service. I understand that English may not be their first language but regardless of that, their emails are still polite and clear. They also notified me of when they shipped out my lashes which is something that not all companies do (sometimes I'm left to assume whether or not the product/s have been shipped... and sometimes I have to ask!) I can't really think of any improvements, I'm pleased with their service and site. I know that on the lash box the instructions could be fixed to be more fluent in all of the languages but I don't believe that KKCenterHK are responsible for that - KKCenterHK are the sellers and not the manufacturers.

I'd recommend these lashes to anyone who wants something in between simple and dramatic as these are not simple nor dramatic. You could wear these out for any events, not necessarily or only for a dress-up/cosplay thing. I'm not brave enough to wear spiky lashes out during the day for like, uni or something haha... maybe only for an evening event.

Are you interested in purchasing these lashes? Here is the direct link to finding these ES 10 Pairs Black Spiky Tail False Eyelashes

Randomly started posing with my pink tofu plushie
I tried to mimick her cute smile (she's obviously cuter lol)
She's good for cuddles and sleeping on xD

Well, that's all from me! I hope you enjoyed my review on these lashes. I'm going to head to bed now since it's already 12:30 am and I have my trial shoot tomorrow (technically, today). I mentioned it in my previous post as one of the last paragraphs. I'll blog again in a week's time and let you know how everything goes =] Of course for even more updates, there's my Twitter.


  1. O my gosh, you look gorgeous!!! Very pretty :) xX

  2. OWW I love the plushie! So cute!

    You should go for their clear-band lashes instead. They're much easier to maneuver around and they don't pop up in the corners at all : D I use the spiky version of those - and they're by ES as well. HAHA btw.. the translations made me LOL so hard! XD Gotta love Engrishhhhh ; D

  3. hmm.. it's a bit too dramatic for me.. and it looks a bit too plastic-y lol =p and heavy

  4. kkcenterhk
    ummh,,.. i think i need to try their products.. that lashes looks pretty

  5. I see so many people doing reviews on the kkcenterhk lashes.. and now even you tempt me to try them out LOL
    mg.. i want your plushie It's so cute~ ^_^ the lashes look really good on you.. though they still seem slightly too long for your eye near the inner corner? Idk, im a noob too.. so yeah *ignore ignore* idk what im talking about! haha. you look gorgeous with lashes ^_^ and i LOVE your pink lenses~

  6. Oh there super cute! I've meaning to pick up some sets of eyelashes so i might have to try theses out too!!

    <3 Jen

  7. guh I hate it when the corners stick out like that, I always experience that problem! and I love your giant tofu!! so cute and pink and cuddly! *u*

  8. coincidence much? :)
    i had long hair too and cut it short to about your length ^-^ short hair looks very cute on you keke

  9. I've always wanted to try out fake eyelashes. Yours turned out great!


  10. Bonjour!
    What a lovely blog. You have such great style! Those lashes look dangerously sexy. Come stop by our blog and our shop sometime :)

    Have a wonderful day!

    Jessica & Holly

  11. Jen, I am so behind about your hair. You look really elegant and mature with this hair :)

  12. The English translation is a bit awkward and confusing lol I haven't tried using false eyelashes yet, but I really want to give it a try. So glad I stumbled upon your blog and for your good review.

    Following you now, hope you get the chance to check out mine and maybe we can follow each other?



  13. the lashes look lovely on you. what ive found is that once you start to reuse the lashes, the ends will stick down! xx

  14. T love the lashes, you look soo pretty! Great blog- am following and it'd be great if you could look at mine some time! :) Aly xx

  15. they look good on you! I actually JUST bought some lashes like those that came in the same pack for only 1.99 on ebay! should check it out

  16. Hello!!This blog is so interesting about eyelashes and thank you for sharing...


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