Saturday, August 6, 2011

Review: Geo Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown Lenses

Hi everyone, how are we all? Today I have a review on some lenses that were provided by Pinky Paradise. For you circle lens fans out there, I'm pretty sure that you've all heard of Pinky Paradise since they have such an extensive range of lenses! Not only that, they also carry products such as BB Cream, false eyelashes, face masks and more :) For those who aren't aware of this company, here's a little about them.

Pinky Paradise is a company based in Malaysia and they have 350+ choices of lenses ranging from natural series to cosplay series. The fact that they have ready stocks means that their products are shipped out to you between 1-3 days, so less waiting time overall!

Now onto the package that I received from them:

- Registered mail (I needed to sign for this package)
- Bubble wrap padded bag
- Extra foam wrapping around the lens vials

It took over a week to get to me but under 2 weeks which is good. Pinky Paradise love to send out freebies to their customers as their way of saying thanks and being appreciative. Honestly, I thought that was it for the contents of the package but when I had a look inside, there were two 'free gifts':

An animal lens case and pink hair velcros!

I didn't know these came in a pack of two

You use them to put your fringe/hair back when you apply makeup etc.

 Purple hippos? I think so haha
*correction* they are fish LOL

When you order from Pinky Paradise, there won't be a cute animal lens case given to you automatically. BUT if you would like a free mystery gift and an animal case along with you lenses, you'll have to use this code:


Use this code at the checkout when you purchase at least one pair of lenses from Pinky Paradise and you will get a FREE animal lens case and a mystery gift

The mystery gift may or may not be the hair velcros like I got, it'll just be a lovely surprise for you to look forward to haha

The coupon code can be stacked. So if you ordered 3 pairs of lenses, with the code you will get 3 animal lens cases and 3 mystery gifts! How awesome is that?!

A minimum of 1 lens purchase can activate this code and there is no expiry date :)

Geo Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown Lenses

Item details
Diameter : 15mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 1 year disposal

I decided to try these lenses because they're a new design from Geo and correct me if I'm wrong - famous gal model Tsubasa Masuwaka created this style. They're 15mm lenses which are really big for circle lenses as they are normally 14mm but since I'm quite gal-curious now, I thought I'd give these a try! I've tried 15mm lenses before so I didn't have trouble putting these on.

These lenses look so... normal on her. It's like her eyes are naturally that big :o

Look at the enlargement on my eyes

Flash lighting

Again I've gone with the gyaru-style because these lenses are WAY too bold for natural makeup. When I first tried these on I shared on Twitter that these lenses made me look posessed without any eye makeup on o_o Black eyeliner, top and bottom falsies tones down the dramatic-ness of the lenses

The yellow in the center really makes my eyes pop in flash lighting and the brown is more like a crimson-brown than a chocolate brown which isn't very natural-looking. But hey, when you've got 15mm lenses, you shouldn't be expecting a natural look at all :P The black limbal ring is not very thick but still noticeable.

A few weeks ago I purchased some fashion non-prescriptive glasses since I didn't own any previously. I used to want to get the more rectangle ones but they don't suit me that well. What do you think of these ones?

Haha it's funny how when I was younger, I used to WANT to wear glasses xP People might have thought that wearing glasses makes you look nerdy but I thought they were cool (maybe because the 'cool' kids wore them LOL)

Just another angle for you all to see. I think I'm improving with applying bottom lashes. I didn't need to do any trimming for these. Can you guess what top lashes I am wearing? They're my Dolly Winks No. 2 which I really like! I'm thinking of getting more Dolly Wink lashes hehe.

What I think of these lenses:

First of all, these lenses are extremely comfortable despite them being 15mm. I don't think that the diameter has much of impact on comfort, perhaps it's more to do with the base curve and thickness. Just like other Geo lenses, these are the same thickness which I reckon is the perfect thickness for comfort and ease of removal. With thinner lenses, I have a little more trouble putting them on and taking them out. I'm happy with the actual lenses themselves.

Used my iPod for the following pictures:

I remember when these first came out and a few people experienced defects in the lenses where one would feel more comfortable than the other or they would be too unbearable to wear for long hours. Naturally, I was skeptical after hearing about others' issues with the lenses but fortunately I had no problems. Maybe Geo (the manufacturer) fixed their problem and I happened to get one of their newly made ones *shrugs* Or maybe people were talking about the other colours (green and grey) which I haven't tried yet.

 I didn't mean to do the duck face, it just makes my nose appear simmer ._. And it sort of worked xD

Overall thoughts:

I know that these are not the nicest colour from the Princess Mimi range and they aren't highly raved about however, when I try a new pair of lenses from a series I always like to try the brown pair first (just to see how it looks on my naturally brown eyes). If the pattern is too over-the-top then I wouldn't consider trying other colours like blue, grey etc. Now that I have tried the brown from this series, I would consider the other colours because the pattern is quite 'normal'. In other words, there aren't any random swirls or stars and such lol. They would blend in with my eyes without appearing too vibrant and obvious in natural lighting.

I strongly suggest that you don't wear these lenses out without any eyeliner because you will look odd (even if you may think you don't haha) and when you've got gal-style lenses then that means you must put in effort for your eye makeup!

I don't think I'm going to do the star rating for this because my views would seem a little biased. All I'll say is that yes, these are comfortable and yes they give you a definite enlargement. Whether you're fond of the pattern/colour/thickness is all up to you!

My personal opinion... I honestly wouldn't wear these lenses out unless I have the gyaru makeup on. I haven't worn gal makeup out before so it's really unlikely that I will be wearing these lenses in public anyway. They are super duper bold and enlarging - you're bound to freak someone out if they aren't familiar with circle lenses! For lenses, 1mm really makes a difference.

Something that I really, really like about these lenses:

I almost forgot to mention that with these lenses, you can tell which side is the right way up! I discovered this when I first got these lenses and looked at the bottom of the vials. One had a black limbal ring and the other had a brown ring. At first I thought there was something wrong with one of them but it turned out that one was flipped the other side. This was then I discovered that the...

Brown ring is the one shown on the 'inside'

Black ring is shown on the 'outside'

Now I won't have to worry about which is the right way to put these lenses on because it's as simple as looking at the limbal ring :D I don't know whether it's the same for other lens series but I reckon they should all be like this - it makes life easier and it saves us from feeling that awful stinging pain when we insert them the wrong way!

Thoughts on Pinky Paradise

I am able to give my 100% honest opinion on Pinky Paradise as I had been a customer prior to obtaining sponsored lenses. I was stoked when I was contacted by them to review lenses. I can truly say that Pinky Paradise is a trustworthy lens company and you won't have to worry about being scammed or being sold fake products. I was happy with their customer service by promptly replying to my emails, addressing my name in each email and answering all the questions that I had. They are very friendly, polite and their emails were formally written. The fact that they are popular online (YouTubers and bloggers talk about them) means that they are a well-established company that satisfies their customers and have a great reputation. This is what I think is important about an online company, without all of this a company cannot be successful, trusted and respected.

All customers are treated equally and fairly. It's not like they use special packaging for sponsor parcels etc, it's all the same. The elements of my sponsored package looks exactly the same as my purchased one so I didn't get any special treatment besides getting it free of charge. Because Pinky Paradise has been around for quite a number of years, you know they're reliable and awesome! Lastly I want to say that their prices are very reasonable so you don't get ripped off :D Thank you Pinky Paradise for sponsoring me these lenses.

Please let me know if you do have any questions about these lenses or Pinky Paradise, I'd be happy to answer them for you :)

If you're interested in purchasing these lenses, you can click here. Don't forget to use the code 'QUESTJEN' at the checkout to get your free animal lens case and mystery gift!

Thanks for reading this post, I think I might post again soon but if not I'll be back this time next week. No actually, I won't because I'll be at the Adelaide Beauty Conference!! One week to go *excitement* I sort of want to blog about my photoshoot that I had last Monday if I can get the pictures soon, hmm. We'll see, maybe my next blog post will be about that =)

Hope you're all well, take care

Disclaimer: The coupon code to use at Pinky Paradise does not give me monetary compensation, it is a code for you guys to use for your benefit. I am not affiliated with Pinky Paradise so the links I have provided do not benefit me in any way when they are clicked on.


  1. they look nice on you! :)
    i bought all the lenses from the series BUT this one. hahaha xD i kinda regret it now~

    the contact case looks more like fish than hippos to me xD

  2. this was such a helpful review!
    the lenses are so dramatic, but they still look great on you!
    i'd be sure to order from Pinky Paradise one day!
    Krissy xoxo

  3. Great review~ the lenses look great on you. ^^ And you look so dolly-eyed w/the falsies. KawaiiI~!

  4. HOLY CRAP the enlargement is pretty impressive O__O!!! LOL I've read so many reviews on those Princess lenses and they all look so nice! You look SO different in gyaru style! I went WOW when I saw the first pic ^_^ ah I think glasses are awesome XD especially those large frames. GLASSES FTW LMAO!! XD

  5. you look so korean jen! :o
    ah everyone has mimi lenses! i want some too! ><

  6. I find the second photo of you wearing glasses really cute! And I agree, that's why I never wear circle lenses without make up, it makes me look like a freak! As for the lens case, it kinda looks like a blowfish hahaha xD

    Btw those lenses look lovely on you! <3

  7. you're soooooooo pretty!
    i know i always say it but yeah ahhaha. i love reading your posts cos you always have super awesome reviews and your photos are super gorgeous :)
    you and badbarbie look similar-ish. LOL <3

  8. Ahhhh jelly!
    You look so adorable in this type of make up *___*! But your eyes look super super supperrrrrr big with the falsies + lenses together .___. !!

    Imagine yourself with blondeish hair too ;O super gyaru then xP ahah

  9. nice eyes!


  10. i have these lenses in grey and will definitely be ordering the chocolates ones now that i've seen this post. :)

  11. wow~ I just make a review of this lens too! Love this lens, it's so addictive :D
    and it looks really good on you!

  12. You look so beautiful in the lenses!(&without too=))
    <3 this post xx

  13. You look great with those lens and I always love your reviews! Thanks for sharing and I love using the pink Velcro, I have it on at the moment too! lol

  14. RE:
    haha high five! XD yeah seriously the redness has been bugging me to no end -__- I would think my skin is perfect if it doesn't get red so easily. lol. I know I like cold water especially it's been so hot here! but it makes my face red and sometimes that would make me overdo my face makeup since I'd try to cover it up, but then the redness fades gradually over the day. ugh so annoying!

    Have you tried chilled natural yogurt on your face? it really helps a lot with skin problems! I use it when my face is irritated!

  15. Your eyes look huge =) great review

  16. Ooo brown lenses! I imagined a cup of coffee just then. Might go and make myself hot chocolate later, since it's too late for coffee o _ o
    I believe the lens case animals are two fishies! I don't know, they have pouty lips ahah!
    Your eyes re like WOW! POW! The lenses really made them stand out! I've never tried 15mm lenses before.
    I am loving your glasses bru! They are huge and frame your eyes well ~
    It sucks that you wouldn't wear em out without gyaru makeup on. Hmm I guess we're lucky to see em on you in this post. Sounds more exclusive! ONLY SEEN HERE!

    When I bought the feathery thing, it was just labelled a clip :\
    So I guess... Feather clip? AHAH!
    I got it from Sports Girl btw!

    Until next time, have an awesome time at the conference! Take care!
    ♥ Gerry

  17. they def make your eyes loook huge! love~! check out my blog =)

  18. ~Such pretty lenses. You look adorable in it ^^. Yup, it's super excited to pass hehe.
    ~XOXO Charlotte

  19. You are so cute!! I love how doll like your eyes are~ ^_^

  20. Huge false lashes and color lenses are perfect match for big glasses.. well done! ;) YOU LOOK GREAT! I blog current Japanese beauty secrets and rank them. So plz chek it out! ThanX!

  21. I wonder whether the hair velcro would hold up thick hair.

    Your makeup skills are good, i think the lenses suit you. So cute!

  22. Short hair suits you so well! Very mature and sophisticated looking :)
    Hope all is well on your side of the country.

  23. Ahh such cute lens!

    The only reason i haven't bought from pinky paradise is that its so hard to find lenses in my prescription.
    They do have quite a few that have prescriptions but no way to sort them all out so you can only look at the prescription lenses. So to get lenses from them i have to spend all day going through them and most of the time the lenses i like aren't available in prescription.

  24. JEN~ :D

    You look great with those lenses! You really brought out the whole gyaru look :) esp when you had those oversized glasses on hehe!

  25. Thanks for sharing the review on colored lenses, it's will be quite informative for us. geo bella brown provide high-quality and safe contact lens online at a affordable price.


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