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Fashion - Byron Bay Threads

Hi guys! I know I said that I'd have part two of the conference up right after the first post but unfortunately I haven't got the official pictures yet as they are not released (although I got to have a sneak peak of them). Hopefully by next week I can write up that post, sorry about the delay~

So today I've decided to step aside from the beauty blogging and make a fashion-related post as it's been a while since my last one. I'm not just a beauty blogger :P Now to shine the spotlight on an Australian (yay for Aussies) online clothing store that I recently discovered.

Introducing Byron Bay Threads - An Australian online clothing store based in Byron Bay, New South Wales (the same state as Sydney, for those who don't know). They cater for womens online clothing, mens clothing and also childrens online clothing. I don't know about you but I hardly come across any online stores that also provide children's clothing! I guess it's because kids won't normally be interested in or know much about online shopping x) Well if they do then they could browse this shop and ask their parents if they can get something haha.

When I first came across this site, I thought that maybe this would only ship domestically so I wasn't heaps keen on sharing but not to worry - they do ship internationally! They haven't listed where to exactly but I'm sure if you contact them, they'll let you know whether they can ship to your country.

What I like is that they offer free shipping when you spend over a certain amount. Knowing that for any online store motivates me to spend over the amount just to get free shipping. Like seriously, who likes to pay for shipping when they can buy an item or more to have their items shipped free of charge?! For free shipping, all you've got to do is spend over $100 in one transaction. That's not too hard when it comes to purchasing clothing.. well, for me anyway xD

You know what else motivates me to purchase from a particular shop? Being part of a rewards program! I'm not surprised that my favourite stores are the ones that reward me each time I shop there. After all, it's a great way to encourage customers to come back regularly. However, their rewards program is not like other typical 'boring' ones, as stated on their website:

The 'pros' of this online shop would be the fact that they're based in Australia so I can ensure that purchased items would arrive quickly. Byron Bay Threads offers refunds or exchanges depending on the reason and there's a testimonial section where you can read about other shoppers' thoughts which would be helpful for first-time customers.

No showcase for me is complete without sharing some of my favourite pieces that I found on the shop. I could bombard you all with plenty but I decided to keep it to 5 different clothing items - a coat, skirt, dress, top and and blouse:

It's different to ordinary trench coats! I like how on the side, it indicates how many of each size are still in stock :) If it said '1 available', it'd be a great chance to snatch it up before someone else does :P
[Link to the item]

I'm really in need for a new skirt like this, I love the colour of it and the bow on the side. So chique.
[Link to the item]

Oh, I think is pretty. Very feminine and cute.
[Link to the item]

 It may seem simplistic but I like the detail at the front. Looks great with a pair of black leggings
[Link to the item]

I'm a fan of chiffon and I'd love to have a blouse like this! The sleeves are like wings ^_^ Gorgeous 
[Link to the item]

Would I consider purchasing from Byron Bay Threads? Yeah I reckon I would one day, they have many lovely pieces and it would be good  for me to support a proudly Australian company. If anyone has shopped on this store before then please let me know, I'd love to hear your thoughts on it. And those who may plan to purchase from this site, let me know how it all goes!

You may have seen in the first picture the video from their home page. Sorry if you tried to watch it straight from there, it was just a screen shot of the page! The video is their first ad which I will share you guys here in case you wanted to watch it:

I'll keep you guys posted on any other fashion-related things that I think are worthy of sharing! Until next time, take care :D


  1. Ooooh their clothes look pretty awesome ! I would def check it out sometime maybe xP !!


  2. Wow, this shop is so cool! The interface looks fairly easy to understand and it's great that they would let you know how many quantities per size they have in stock. I'll definitely check this out when I get to Aussie ;) And I agree with you on the chiffon top, it's gorgeous! I, too am a big fan of anything chiffon ;)


    A Single Girl's Musings

  3. Thanks for sharing! I love the chiffon blouse - it's so cute! I actually really like all the things you picked out. Their clothes look a lot more unique than the things you would normally find in stores.

  4. cool sites! i love the trench coat the most!

    love from indonesia <3


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