Monday, July 25, 2011

Ulzzang and Gyaru Looks

[Photo heavy!] Hiya folks, so I'm going to be showing you two different looks inspired by two different Asian styles :) Judging by the title, you'd already know which styles - ulzzang and gyaru. I adore these styles very much and for my looks I was actually inspired by some well-known girls who follow these trends. Although I do no follow those styles on a daily basis, I appreciate the effort put into doing hair, makeup etc. to achieve these looks. 'Ulzzang' is a Korean style meaning 'best face' and 'gyaru' is a Japanese trend of being a 'trendy girl' where you can fit into many different categories. Correct me if I'm wrong, I did a little search on Google so I'm not 100% sure :/

I'm going to start off with an image I found online of a comparison between ulzzang and gyaru just for everyone to know the basics of them both:

So now that we're all on the same page, it's time for me to reveal my first look!

Ulzzang-inspired look using Geo Angel Grey lenses (sponsored by iCandyStyle Lens)

And my inspiration for this look was from...


When Qri from T-ara tweeted this picture, I just had to get myself a pair of Geo Angel Grey lenses! I know I mention her a lot on my blog (haha, do a search for her under ulzzang and there can be a picture of me to be found xD) but she is one of the prettiest ulzzangs *-* I think on her profile it says that she's a former ulzzang but I reckon she's still an ulzzang even after debuting as a singer :) I love how she's always wearing circle lenses in her pictures, performances and appearances.

Other K-pop girls who look very ulzzang are the rest of the T-ara girls and girls from the group Rainbow.

I didn't have bottom lashes like Qri's so I err, improvised with what I had...

... which I know, didn't turn out so great... so I took them off

If you're interested in purchasing Geo Angel Grey lenses, here's a mini review

[GEO] CM-835

Series: Angel
Colour: Grey
DIA: 14.00mm
B.C: 8.60mm
Water Content: 38%
Brand: GEO

Life Span: 1 year disposable

I think this time last year I was never looking for an enlargement but instead I just wanted a colour change. Times have changed - I don't mind enlargement! I've been curious about the Angel series lenses for quite some time and I really want to collect the whole series haha.

They blend well in natural lighting and don't look too freaky in flash lighting. I reckon with the Angel series lenses, you either love or hate the colour/design as some don't like how they don't show up that well on dark eyes. I actually don't mind since I prefer natural-looking lenses over dramatic ones.

Since these lenses have a thick black limbal ring, they give plenty of enlargement for 14mm lenses. To have some more enlargment, you could opt for the 14.8mm Angel Grey lenses. These lenses were very comfortable to wear and I had no problems with them at all :)

Now back to the camwhoring~ I used my iPod Touch to take the rest of my ulzzang-inspired pictures as my digital camera didn't give the look any justice. I took quite a few pictures but I looked more like myself than ulzzang (ulzzang is a fairly natural look but to successfully pull it off, you have to look more than natural... better than natural).

I used an photo app called 'Pudding' which gives your pictures different effects. It's a Korean app so I'm guessing ulzzangs would use this for their selcas =]

 I don't need BB cream to make my skin milky white, just use the Pudding app!

Ulzzangs don't normally smile but I can't help but smile...

 Rilakkuma ftw!
Now onto a look that has been anticipated since I showed a preview/half a face picture of my first attempt of this look.... gyaru!

Gyaru-inspired look using Geo Angel Green lenses (sponsored by iCandyStyle Lens)

The inspiration for this look was inspired by the famous...

 Tsubasa Masuwaka!

 Inspired by her picture for the Dolly Wink No. 4 lashes which I have

In her look, Tsubasa is wearing baby pink blush and pink nude lipgloss. My brows and hair colour do not match hers so I kept them all natural. I filled in my brows, that's about it. Maybe I should have arched them, maybe next time.

 Wearing two pairs of of the No. 4 lashes here, one on top of the other

 Wearing half bottom lashes since my top lashes are half lashes too
I'm also wearing double eyelid tape to raise my crease

 Since I was lazy with styling my hair (by the way, gals should never be lazy with their styling!) I put on my clip-in wavy black extensions to test it out but eh, it looks bad against my dyed, straight hair. I took them out.

 Wearing these cute nails that I got from Amanda  using temporary adhesive
Totally suits the gyaru style! 

My outfit - pretty plain, mehhhh

 I recently bought this white lace top and I love the sleeves! I know gals love their lace hehe

 I think I've seen this pose before on a gal. Well I know for sure that I've seen it used by CindyTang 

Now to review the lenses for those who may be interested in purchasing them

[GEO] CM-833

Series: Angel
Colour: Green
DIA: 14.00mm
B.C: 8.60mm
Water Content: 38%
Brand: GEO
Life Span: 1 year disposable

 They make my droopy eyes (when wearing eyelid tape) look better

I like how the green does show up in natural lighting despite it being rather dark. I don't mind it not looking too vibrant on my eyes, as long as they blend in alright without making me look like a freak then I'm cool with it. 

I barely took any pictures without the flash on because well, my nose contouring wouldn't have been noticeable and I think flash makes my lenses stand out more and hence make me look more dolly. Flash also does wonders to your skin complexion and makes pictures clearer. I don't have the most steady hands and you can tell with the natural lighting shot of my eyes. Again I apologise for the blur, that was the best shot I had unfortunately.

These lenses give the same amount of enlargement as the Angel Greys unless you're one to believe that darker lenses make your eyes pop. I can see how that can be true with black lenses, they can sometimes make people look posessed lol. Anyway, these lenses wouldn't give a very natural look as the green is a deep green colour and no one has eyes that colour haha, but in natural lighting it would blend with dark eyes and so it could come across as 'natural'. Same limbal ring to give an enlarging effect.

I found these lenses to be really comfortable and at times I would 'forget' for a second that I had my lenses in. They don't slide around in my eyes and I didn't experience any problems with them. I'd recommend them for a dolly look, as well as the Angel Greys. If Tsuabasa Masuwaka wore them, that must mean that these lenses are gal-approved, right?!

If you want even more of an enlargement then you could try the same Angel Green lenses in 14.8mm

I took wayyyy more pictures on my iPod Touch of my gyaru look however I will definitely not be uploading all of them xD Just a few that I can make comments on~ I didn't use any special app (because I don't know any for gyaru-style) and I didn't want to use Pudding again for the same effect as ulzzang. If you know any good apps for gyaru pictures, please let me know!

My best impression of Tsubasa's smile on the Dolly Wink No. 4 lashes package xD

She's known for the duck-face/pout. Have you seen her Milky Bunny/Bunny Days PV?

 After I cry my eyelids look like this, true fact.

 Her smile is contagious, I'm doing it again

 Collarbones that stick out, yes or no?

Back to looking like my usual, plain self with no makeup. What a difference.
Recently bought these glasses and I wish I had bought them earlier to incorporate into my looks.
My hair is shorter now! It's just above my chest and my hairdresser took off around 15cm of my hair. Yes it's healthier now and less messy/tangly but I loved having long hair *sniffs*

That's it for this rather photo-heavy post! Thanks for reading, it means a lot to me :D I'd love your feedback on how I went with my looks. The ulzzang one took less time to do than my gyaru one but that doesn't mean that one is better than the other. I really do appreciate these styles and even though I am such a noob, I enjoyed giving them a go - it was fun! In the future I hope to put in some more effort with more drastic changes such as better contouring, shaping the brows and wearing wigs etc.

Until next time, take care! ^.^


  1. aah Jung Ro is cute! (the ulzzang on the first pic) and u look good with the lenses on, I used to love GEO <3 now I'm a big fan of B&C lenses ^^

  2. I'm flipping out! You look gorgeous as gal! Hmmm as far as I know gal make up is getting more natural-ish well onee gyaru anyway. Brows don't have to be thin, I don't see many thin arched brows much in gal magazines. They're more fuller & straight with a maybe little thin arch :P

    and lol that pose!
    I want to see more gal from you!


  3. you look so gorgoues in these pis jen! both the gyaru and ulzzang style! hehe

  4. Thank you for the comparison post, I didn't really know what 'ulzzang' was like and also noticed that they're doing... 'more innocent' make-up, you look so cute as ulzzang :)

  5. Either look really suits you ^_^ Ulzzang is cuter though ♥

  6. I love both look and lenses!!
    They're great!!
    I love your nails <3

  7. Love your new header :)
    it's been a while since I commented..

    I like the gyaru look on you, somehow those bottomlashes in the outer corner, makes the look innocent and cute :D

  8. Wow, I didn't know that Uzzlangs and Gyarus are that different. I think I'm more of Gyaru (just I hardly wear bottom lashes). Both looks are fun to pull off.

    Omg Jen! you look really pretty~ I think you suit the gyaru look a lot! I love your green lenses in the look too. And lol I agree with Tezza on twitter > You do look like Amanda in the last few shots :D
    Those glasses are totes cute! I want to go get my eyes checked just so that I can see if I can wear glasses ==
    Dw about your hair being shorter hehe, because there is hair extensions ~

    <3 Gerry

  9. OEHHH, I really like your last look! It suits you !!! It's soo goodddd, and your eyes are so big :D i like i like hahah

  10. i never realised how much of a difference there was between the two looks but once you break it down there is a huge difference. great post and pics

  11. Wow, so gorgeous! ^^ I like the ulzzang look a lot more :)

  12. I love these lenses! I have a pair myself too, in blue. :L Which is pretty not-that-obvious and hence kinda natural o_O

    Grey never fails to stand out though :>

    I prefer gyaru, cus ulzzang is for the naturally pretty-faced.. ffuuu... Q_Q
    For gyaru.. The extra makeup helps. LOL

  13. I dig this entry pretty damn much! You look SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute with both looks, but I gotta say that I prefer ulzzang on you <3 Either way, your face is so darn versatile. T_T; I wish I had your features... -condemns white girl features-

  14. Your eyes look amazing! I've got a giveaway going on at the moment, it be great if you'd like to visit back! Izzy xo

  15. You're so gorgeous!! I love your nails and both makeup looks! (: How do you put your eyelid tape higher up to make the eyelid higher up? I tried it before and failed miserably T__T Please do a tutorial!!

  16. I was looking forward for this entry! You look soooo cute in both style but ofcuz i love the gyaru style moooooooooooooooore!!!
    Maybe you should become a gyaru? hehe ^^ Great job!! <3 <3 <3 *hugs*

  17. Ulzzang style seems so plain..yet the people are so friggen pretty and addicting to look at *-*
    probably heavy photoshopping though =="

    I like gyaru style more~ the make up is so awesomeeeeeeeeee!! xD
    and the lashes!! <3 cannot live without lashes ><"

  18. U sooo cute! I would carry u in my pocket ^__^ <3

  19. oh my gawd... I thought it was a korean model in the last pic @_@ you don't even need makeup LOL

  20. super cute! I didn't even know that there was a difference between Ulzzang and Gyaru look. they both look the same to me...LOL
    thanks for sharing.

  21. Omgosh i loved ths post!!!! Your makeup was so cute and pretty spot on even though you claim to be a noob :P Haha i've never tried double lid tape before, is it hard to put on?

  22. you would look really cute as a gyaru or ullzang:)

  23. i think gyaru suits you!!
    or no makeup ^^

  24. gyArU suits you!!

    really cute.. =]

  25. Lol I think some gyarus look kinda scary with their huge false lashes... especially the gyaru in the ulzzang vs gyaru pic xD You look cute as an ulzzang and a gyaru though :)

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