Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Review: EOS Pink Lenses

Hello everyone :) I'll be doing a review on a pair of pink lenses that were sent to me by MukuCHU and these lenses are from the brand EOS. Don't get that confused with the other EOS brand, aka Evolution of Smooth which are known for their lip blams, haha.

I also did a FOTD look to try and complement the lenses, using my 88 shimmer palette. I was going to use pink eyeshadow to match the pink lenses but that probably would have been pink-overload.

Anyway, for those who don't wear coloured lenses or know much about circle lens trends, pink is ones of the newest colour additions to the series of coloured circle lenses. The main colours are brown, grey, blue, green and violet. Pink lenses was the latest trend in 2009/10 and I remember being very curious about how pink lenses would look on my dark brown eyes. I bought my first pair of pink lenses last year, Geo Nudy Pinks which I reviewed here. They were very vibrant and I never wore them in public xD

Since those are almost past their expiry date, I thought it'd be nice to try a new design of pink lenses from a different brand.

EOS Baby Color Series

B.C.: 8.6mm
DIAMETER: 14.00mm to 15.00mm

The lenses that I got are 14.0mm, the smallest diameter available for circle lenses

All of the colours in the series

There isn't an official model for these lenses or for most of the EOS lenses so I will be the model hehe. There's going to be a quite a few pictures of me with theses lenses on...

Lens on one eye and no lens on the other. Natural lighting

Lenses on both eyes, natural lighting

Lenses on both eyes, in flash photography

What a great model I am... a strand of hair is seen in that last picture, ugh! You know I could photoshop it out but I never like to photoshop my pictures. I show all imperfections :) This was the best I had - my other flash photography pictures had way more strands of hair in the way Dx

I just realised that I forgot to put on mascara on my bottom lashes... I didn't put any on my top lashes either lol!

Anyway, the lenses are vibrant and they do not blend in with your natural eye colour! As you can see, these lenses accentuate my pupils which aren't even that big. So yes, these lenses are not natural-looking at all and the fact that they are pink makes them even more noticeable and 'weird'.

They can give off an alien-ish look or reptile-like look as they cover my natural dark eyes really well. I think that regardless of what colour your natural eyes are, these pink lenses will turn out as a baby pink like colour of the actual lens itself.

This is what I mean about my pupils standing out so much, and these lenses look like stickers on my eyes. A bit creepy-looking ay?

They definitely don't look natural in normal lighting, but do they look ok?

EOS lenses are known to produce thinner lenses than other brands of lenses, which makes them more comfortable to wear (because you can't 'feel' them in your eyes as much as other lens brands) but a little more difficult to put on. I started wearing circle lenses in late 2009 so I've had a fair amount of experience with putting on lenses, yet I still have trouble sometimes. It's always hard for me to tell which is the right way of the lens and there have been times where I've put on lenses and they've made my eyes sting and water from pain ;( It happened when I first put on these lenses and I think I have myself to blame for that (I don't think I soaked them for long enough in solution and I should have cleaned them more thoroughly).

After you wear these lenses on correctly, they are very comfortable! So comfortable that there were times where I was using my iPod Touch and almost forgot that I still had them on. So comfortable that it would have been fine if I left them on for long x) Obviously, you have to eventually take them out as you shouldn't wear them for more than 8 hours a day!

Sometimes lenses tend to slip around on the eye when they're worn. Fortunately, these lenses stayed in tacked when I looked from side to side, up and down etc.

It's currently winter in Australia. Those who are experiencing summer right now are probably thinking, 'ew, a jumper! It's too hot for that' - well I'm loving my jumpers right now, and this one I'm wearing was gifted from my friend on my 18th birthday

 The lenses are even more vibrant in flash photography

Colour: ★★★/5 - A little darker would stand out less and maybe look a tad more natural
Pattern: ★★★/5 - Doesn't blend with my eyes in the center but it's still a nice 1-tone pattern
Comfort: ★★★★/5 - I found these very comfortable to wear
Enlargement: /5 - Very subtle black limbal ring, minimal enlargement hence my rating is ★★★★/5
My overall rating: 16/20

If you're looking for some vibrant pink lenses for a party/cosplay etc, I would recommend these pink lenses. Mad props to you if you're willing to wear lenses like these on a regular day without makeup! You may end up freaking many people out haha. You can purchase these lenses HERE

So now to show you all my FOTD look that I did while I had these pink lenses on. I was inspired by the dramatic-ness of these lenses so I used colours like gold, bronze, orange shades that I normally wouldn't use for eyeshadow, but would love to use for fun ^.^

Please don't diss, I haven't applied vibrant eyeshadow on in a really long time D:
I am wearing Daiso lashes in number 8

Winged my eyeliner a bit and applied some purple/pink on my bottom lash line and black eyeliner on my waterline

And on my lips I am wearing NYX's Round Lipstick in Indian Pink. It's a gorgeous colour!

That's it for my review, I hope you found it useful and/or interesting. Thanks MukuCHU for sending these lenses to me :) If you'd like to see what other lenses MukuCHU has in stock, you can visit them here:

And their current promotions are as followed:
Buy 1 pair of Geo Extra lenses and get 1 pair FREE

MukuCHU's Mid-Year Sale

All Geo Lenses - $23/pair
All EOS Lenses - $25/pair
All FunkyEyes Lenses - $28/pair

There's a monthly giveaway lucky dip where you can win two pairs of lenses just by purchasing a pretty lens case!


Now it's time for my questjen to you guys. This time it's a very simple yes or no question:

Pink lenses - yes or no?

What are your thoughts on pink lenses? Are they too weird? Would you wear them? 

I think that pink lenses are okay but I'm still not game enough to wear them out in public :( I do have the GnG Max Pure Pink lenses which are still in their vials (I'm yet to open them lol) and judging by the pictures I've seen of people wearing them, they blend extremely well with dark eyes. Those pink lenses are the only lenses that I would consider wearing out for a natural look.

With these vibrant pink lenses, I wouldn't wear them out on a regular day i.e. to uni or work. I just don't want to attract to much attention and have people staring right into my eyes thinking 'wtf, you have pink eyes?'. I'm pretty shy so I wouldn't really like it if people did stare at me or ask too many questions about me T^T Pink is my favourite colour and when I found out that there would be pink lenses available, I initially had mixed thoughts but now I reckon that pink lenses are cool. It's a unique lens colour and is something new. However, pink lenses are probably something you either love or hate!

I have a preview for my next FOTD look. This was just a trial and I am sure that I will do a better attempt next time. If you follow me on Twitter, you may have already seen this picture but I'll post it here again for those who missed it or don't have a Twitter:

Can you guess what I'm trying to be or what I'm trying to do?

I'm wearing a nose clip to hide my nose, I'm wearing double eyelid tape to make my crease deeper and higher, I'm wearing dolly circle lenses, Dolly Wink Lashes, bottom lashes, black eyeliner, pink blush and barbie pink lipstick!

It's my first attempt to be a gal, following the hime-gyaru trend! The nose clip is used to hide my non gal-like nose :( Can't wait to do a full look with full-face makeup, hair styled, wearing an outfit etc :D Be on the lookout for it hehe. 

If you have any suggestions or improvements for my gyaru look, please feel free to let me know :)

PS: Are you liking the new width of my posts? I decided to have a single sidebar so I can upload bigger pictures for my blog!


  1. i think pink lenses are cute! i have pink lenses but they look violet on my eyes maybe its cause my eyes are dark. but they really show up pink on you. very pretty!

  2. oh wow it's so big and pink, suits you nicely so yes, Yes for pink lenses!

  3. love the pink lenses, and lol at the nose clip i use it too :D

  4. Thanks for the review! The lenses itself looks so scary LMAO >.< I've never liked lenses like that. I prefer them to be more subtle... especially if it's pink. But lenses like this one... it's so out there. I would only wear them when I am doing a shoot with lotsa pink props in the background Hahhaa :)

    And you're right too! They make your pupils looks so O_O ... scary >.<! But yap.

    On the other note Jen, I'm waiting for your gyaru look to come up!!! Hopefully it'll be up soon? :) And is that nose clip actually a 'nose clip? I thought you were joking!! :$ Tell me!! Hahaha


    P.S. You have really nice lips!! :)

  5. The pink lenses look really pretty on you! I agree that they may look creepy in person, but they look really nice in pictures! I love the eye makeup that you created for the look too :)

  6. The pink EOS lenses actually look a bit like your nudies! Just these look more "stand-out" ish ~
    I agree with EOS lenses being super comfy! Love my EOS babies.
    Your fals lashes are so natural!

    I didn't notice you had double-eyelid tape on in the last photo ><(since you already gots double-eyelids) lol.

    And yes I like the new width of your blog. It makes everything bigger ahaaa.

  7. i actually like pink lenses. i think they blend well with the eyes and just give a lovely pink shade. :3 IMO pink lenses look rather grey and just show on flash photography. ;)

  8. Ohhh- these are the Cotton/J-211 Pink! o:

    I have the Cotton Blue, Grey, and Violet. <33

    Anyway, these pinks look super-pretty on you. :] I rather like pink lenses, though, so perhaps I'm biased.

    As for your gal makeup, I'd say to do some A+ contouring work-- nose highlighting~. ;] Otherwise, I always focus on a gal's eye makeup first.

  9. the lenses look super pretty! It's good that they are super thin because I really want to try circle lenses but i've never worn contacts before so i'm scared they won't breathe x__x but then i'll probably have to see a optometrist before i can get circle lenses :/ thank you for the review!

  10. Great post! Love your falsies! looks natural!

  11. You look totally amazing with the pink lenses~! Love it~

    Btw, I have a blog award for you. Do check it out =D


  12. You look really pretty with the lenses! :)

    The Cat Hag

  13. so many things to comment about! XD where do I start? *scrolls to top*
    I love the pink contacts on you! I think they are really cute and pretty on you but kinda creepy when there is flash... But i really love how vibrant it is! I love how you did your FOTD! Brown suits with the pink lenses well!

    LOOOOOOOOOVE the idea you trying out to be gyaru!! I think you will make a really cute gyaru! i imagine you more of a gyaru than a hime gyaru though... can't wait to see what you're gonna do!! ^-^

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