Friday, July 15, 2011

Bohemian Lace Look Inspired by Son Ga-In

Hi everyone! I haven't blogged in a while due to unexpected busyness during my uni break and tiredness from work etc. but I have been taking pictures for upcoming blog posts (I am organised haha). Oh and a big hello to my new followers *waves* and of course to all of my current followers - good luck to everyone entering my Sigma giveaway! If you haven't entered yet, you have a bit over a week to do so - just look over to your right and you'll see it on the very top of my sidebar :)

I've decided to do another inspired look from a K-pop celebrity because they're always so fun to do and I love the eye makeup that they have in their music videos, guest appearances and photo shoots. It would be so awesome to be a makeup artist for K-pop stars hehe *_*

This look was inspired by Son Ga-In from the girl group Brown Eyed Girls. There are 4 members in this group and they are/were the faces for the Korean cosmetics and skincare brand Tony Moly. To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of Brown Eyed Girls and I am only familiar with a few of their songs... but that doesn't matter. I am going to be focusing on the makeup look that Ga-In had for the Tony Moly photo shoots.

There's a shop here (actually, there are 5 of them here) called Morning Glory had these makeup/photo cards of Ga-In so I helped myself to one just because I was curious and there is hardly any Kpop-related stuff in Morning Glory :/



I can't read Korean fluently so I wasn't able to understand the steps or instructions on the back but I could see that the images next to them were Tony Moly products used to achieve the look. I only have the Tony Moly black gel eyeliner pictured (I may do a review on it) and I would love the other products too but eh, maybe next time I'll consider purchasing them. I created the look without using those specific products.

So basically, it's a smokey khaki/army green look with white shimmer on the inner corners of the lids and baby pink lip gloss. Ga-In has monolids and so for this picture, I do think that the eyeshadow suits her despite the fact that she doesn't have a noticeable crease. If her eyes were more open i.e. looking up at the camera, maybe the look would be too bold. I don't know... I tend to think that monolid girls suit more subtle eye makeup with winged eyeliner. Another facial difference between me and Ga-In is that she has milky white skin whereas I... don't. Oh and she has short hair and I have long hair!

Please note that this is only an inspired look - I don't think that I look like Ga-In at all, in fact we are almost totally opposite with our facial appearances, we have different characteristics! I just really admired the look on her so I decided to give it a shot. It gave me a great opportunity to use green eyeshadows which I seldom use.

Here is my look side-by-side with Ga-In's look...

 Taken with my webcam to try and get the right angle etc x] How's my posing ;) ?

You can already spot so many differences with me and Ga-In... my brown hair and her red hair, side fringe parted opposite ways, flat and pointed nose, double and monolid, medium and fair skinned etc. I just wanted to nail her look =]

I ended up using my 88 Shimmer Palette and blended various greens to achieve the right gradient. My eyeliner was thicker than usual (almost up to the fold of my lids) to match the thickness of hers and I put some white highlight from my Contour/Blush palette on the bridge of my nose. I wish I had the same pink lippie as Ga-In, I don't have one like that unfortunately :(

Some closeups of the look with my camera. Be warned - I don't photoshop any of my pictures - imperfections may be seen!

In flash it looks rather golden-green, hm...

Green is less subtle in normal lighting

I look super tanned compared to Ga-In :S

Colour comparison - I'm close, right?

This flash makes my skin colour closer to milky white :) But then everything else is washed-out

 I also made my brows more defined like Ga-In's to complement the look.
I used Tony Moly's Lovely Eyebrow Pencil in Black/Brown. It sort of matches my hair colour

For this look I didn't bother with circle lenses, lashes or blush since it was mainly about the eyeshadow. I did curl my lashes though, and I used the Maybelline The Falsies mascara (review for that might be up next week or the week after). I used NYX Mega Shine Lip gloss in Beige which actually isn't 'beige' at all lol... it's like a nude bubblegum pink.

 With webcam pictures, my lips look my vibrant than my makeup!
PS: Spot my mini Domo-kun :)

I could do a tutorial for this look if anyone requests it, I'm up for anything. I initially only wanted to give this a try and see how I'd go. By the way all of these pictures are of my first and only attempt of this look.

Did you know that I can make my double eyelids turn into monolids? It's not as complicated as you might think ;P
Here's me with a puffer fish face and my eyes widened to show you how thick my eyeliner is! For my eyeliner to be clearly seen, I have to open my eyes wider because I have small double eyelids -_-
PS: Spot Winnie the Pooh :P

 Now my eyelids have disappeared and I am left with monolids D:

Haha I kid - I have pretty (not using it as an adjective, using it as an adverb) hooded eyelids which can appear and re-appear when I make particular faces. I reckon my eyelids make me look very Chinese, which I am.. but I always get mistaken for other nationalities.

You may have noticed that I also tried to dress like Ga-In and to fit-in with the title of the look, I wore a white lace t-shirt! I rolled the sleeves up to make a singlet but then that got annoying so I took it down.

I know my brows look way too dark and thick here, I did it for the look haha~
Did you notice that my regrowth hasn't been showing in these pictures ;D Yay

Twitter followers of mine may have known that I've recently changed my display picture - and the photo was taken after I did the look. I purposely cropped my brows out because they looked too bold -_- Never again am I going to define my brows to that extent for photos unless the inspired look includes bold brows, hmph!

I hope you guys liked seeing my inspired look. Remember that inspired looks aren't intended to be the exact replica of the original. They can be, but you can also put your own personal touch to it. This look has inspired me to use green eyeshadows either as a smokey look or to blend in with another colour.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to request any looks or posts that you'd like to see from me (: I am open to requests and the requests that I have received from previous comments are:

- Tutorial for applying false lashes
- Tutorial with my 88 Shimmer Palette
- Tutorial with my Contour palette (contouring/highlighting etc)

I will keep all requests in mind and I may or may not do posts about them, however it's likely that I will because I do love you guys hehe :D They can be anything from reviews, looks, tutorials, quizzes and so on.

I haven't forgotten about my gyaru-inspired look, I still need to perfect it and take pictures so bare with me on that one. Gals would know that gyaru styling (makeup, fashion, hair) takes time and effort!

So far with my inspired looks I've dealt with some 'out-there' eyeshadow colours like blue (Park Bom), purple (Qri) and now I've dealt with green. That's why it's so fun experimenting with bold colours, I wonder what will be next ^_^

Take care everyone Until next time,


  1. i love the look! and the lip color u used makes your face look brighter!!

  2. LOVE THIS! i love ga in and the side by side photo of you and gain doing the same pose is so cute! so so so pretty! you should do more kpop looks! p.s. your webcam seems really good!!! it gives a nice pink colour on your lips

  3. Lovely Ga-in inspired look! I like the gradient you made. :D You should definitely do more kpop looks! ^^

  4. ahh its so pretty!
    its definitely a great makeup inspiration! love it!
    you should do more of these!
    Krissy xoxo

  5. great job! the makeup looks gorgeous on you dear. :D

    love the similar pose shot you have haha! so classy. ;)

  6. WOAH!!!
    It's so pretty.
    And very similar.
    So cool.

    Please visit.

  7. This is great!!
    I love this look!!

  8. love the look, you look just like her :D

  9. great job, i look the same...
    i saw the make up that gain use for that look @tonymoly shop here in Phil.

  10. You did a really good job! :)
    You look like a tanner Chinese version of Son-Ga =DD
    Hmmm, my eyelids do that too.. cept i'm like a monolid and it looks semi hooded >_>" weird. Love the look though ^_^ you did really well~ Looking forward to the Maybelline Falsies review <3

  11. haha lol the first pic was so cute, you did a great job following her pose :P

    also for the tutorial, yes id love to read about your tutorials coz i love to learn from you ;)

  12. the make-up looks gorgeous!! i love song gain's makeup ^^ <3

  13. The eye shadow is so cool! Like it looks gold, green and brown at the same time! O_O I like how you thickened your brows.
    LOL @ missing eyelids!
    I reckon you pulled off the Ga In look well ~ You should totally do more inspired looks!

  14. i really love this green golden bronzing colour!

    xoxo elle
    ps: thats a great look-alike job well done!

  15. Jenniferrr :) <3
    I think you did a great job! It's not easy to pull off green, but you did it! That Korean singer is gorgeous!! I wish I had skin like hers. She looks quite familiar, I wonder if she's in City Hunter, hmm.
    I didn't realise you are having a giveaway, will check that out now :) xX

  16. hehe your pose is so cute!!
    you've got such good skin too!

  17. the shade of ur e/s is almost similar to the album, excellent!

  18. this is a really nice replica :) I likey!

    haha I always get mistaken for other nationalities as well! I always get mistaken for Korean XD I thought I look totally Taiwanese/Chinese though -__-

    and I really like your hair in that last second pic >w<

  19. I love Brown Eyed Girls! Your take on her look came out really well. I think you got the colors to match perfectly. The look looks beautiful on both you and her ^^


    But jelly! You look so sexy with this inspired make up! It makes me want to do similar things ..except I would probably fail really badly :(

    I think my eye shadow part of the make up is quite similar ! And eee, when my eyes were swollen, it turned in to a monolid - a really fat one LOL! It felt so weird T-T"

    Anyway, I miss youuu!
    And I am slowly getting around to sending your birthday present xD ! I'm always so late in these things v.v

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