Friday, July 1, 2011

Bluefly Update - Showcasing Designers

Hi everyone, hope you're all well. I've been contacted by Bluefly to do another blog post about their site. If you are unfamiliar with, they are an online retailer that sells designer brands and fashion trends at 'lower than recommended retail price'. For more information about them, you can check out my previous posts here and here where I reviewed the site and spoke about one of the well-known designers being a part of - Prada.

And now for this post I will talking a bit about some less well-known designers which Bluefly also caters for. I only recently heard about these designers and had a browse through their pieces via Bluefly. Here's just a few brands/designers that I will introduce to you all. You may or may not be familiar with them, and if you're not then here's a chance for you to discover a new fashion label that may spark your interest!

As always, I like to incorporate screenshot images of Bluefly's website along with my descriptions so that you can follow and understand what I'm talking about. It also makes this post a little more exciting to read :)

The first designer I'll briefly mention is Michael kors which is a brand that specialises in shoes, handbags, acessories, fragrances and also sportswear. You can read more about Michael Kors in the 'about Michael Kors' section and browse their designs on the left hand side menu.

I like how their pieces are quite simple yet classy, just like their belts. One of them is really unique with a black sequined pouch attached to it - how handy if you don't have pockets or a handbag to store your phone etc?!

The black sequined pouch attached to the belt really caught my eyes. I haven't seen any design like this before!

You either love this design or hate it. For me, it's extremely eye-catching, convenient and quite cute. Even better if it's detachable :D

Now onto another brand and designer that goes by the name of cole haan which caters for women, men and also children. I like how they have a quite broad range of shoes under specific categories so you can easily find what type of shoe you're looking for.

Since it's currently winter in Australia, I decided to have a look at the coats to get some inspiration and ideas of the type of coat that I'd like to be wearing during the cold weather. I seriously wish that I could afford a coat from Cole Haan's range, they're so stylish!

I'm still on the hunt for the perfect trench coat

Another brand that I looked into was called stuart weitzman which is a label that solely focuses on shoe designing. I am a massive fan of shoes and in all seriousness, I really don't think that I have close to enough pairs of shoes :( I love all types of shoes - flats, heels, boots etc. but most of all, I love shoes that are comfortable!

Oh yeah, when I first clicked on 'Stuart Weitzman', this popped up. I realised that Bluefly has installed this function where you can 'chat' to a personal shop assistant to help you find what you need! That's perfect for someone who might be new to Bluefly and/or someone who just needs a hand on choosing between this or that. Also, it's an optional thing so if you're not in need of help then you can easily cross it off with a click of the mouse.

I had a look at all of the shoe categories but the one that attracted me the most were the boots. I absolutely adore boots, they're so great for completing a winter outfit. Pretty sure a girl could wear a hoodie and sweatpants and still look great with a pair of cute booties. Boots are also great for keeping your feet warm ;)

I don't know if I can pull-off the over-the-knee boots! I am so tempted to try but they might not suit me which could be a waste of money. I don't have very long legs so they might make me look short and stumpy :/ Maybe I'll just stick to my calf and ankle boots :)

Bluefly's site is enjoyable to browse despite not making any purchases through the site. One day I hope to purchase from Bluefly, seeing their gorgeous designs for sale gives me so much motivation for the future. For now I will continue to window shop on!


  1. Seems like a great site! I'll have to check it out =)

  2. I remember bluefly when they were on America's Next Top Model~ I forgot what the models had to do but I just remember the site XD I love michael kors! My first "expensive" brand purse if from michael kors haha~

  3. OooohooOOohhh! : D nice! I rarely buy from these (to me) 'strange' websites. I like to purchase from the brand site itself.. I dunno... I'm just scared of fakes and getting ripped off >_<"

  4. thanks for sharing the site dear! :)

    i think you can get away with any length of boots as long as you visualize how'd you look in it and what are the items that you'll pair up with it.

  5. Ahh the site is cool *__*

    AND I BET YOU COULD PULL OFF THOSE OVER THE KNEE BOOTS !! I love them but I have yet to buy one hehe. Ahhh they're quite expensive on the site :( But I guess thats what you get for designer stuff >_< ! STill awesome though *_*

  6. great recommandation ;)

  7. i so wanted to try pink lenses because i think they are so cute but im afraid of wearing them out in public lol. haha people here in the phil are not so used to seeing people wearing lenses :))

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