Saturday, June 11, 2011

Collective Makeup Haul and Hiatus

Hello! It's been a week already since I last posted :) This was my final week of uni for the semester which now means that I should be studying hard for exams! Just thought I'd do a blog post before I get into major study/cram mode, eek I'm so not looking forward to my first university exams :( I have 4 to do by the end of this month.

Thanks for the comments on my two previous posts which I wrote last week. If you haven't checked them out, they are here and here. And in one of the posts I held a mini giveaway of two 10-pair false eyelash boxes and I have drawn the winners. They've already been contacted but I'll still share the winners here...

Jennifer H

Congratulations girls, hope you'll like the lashes ^.^ And for everyone else, I promise you that there will be more giveaways from me!!

One of the main points of this post is to say a temporary goodbye from my blog while I prepare for my exams. I didn't want to be MIA without giving you guys any notice, that would probably make me a bad blogger. I'll be on hiatus for 3 weeks as my exams will finish on the 28th of this month. It sucks for me that I will be absent from the blogosphere while most of you will still be here (those on summer holidays and those who can study for exams + blog) and I will definitely be missing you guys haha T.T Sorry that I have to do this, I hope that you'll all understand. I really need to focus on my studies now...

Don't worry though, because when I'm back I will be on holidays! Which means more time for blogging instead of once a week AND I'll have time to create a new blog header, so be on the lookout for that when I make my 'comeback' ;D Feel free to create a blog header for me while I'm away, I'd really appreciate that (since I'm a major photoshop noob) and I'll feature/mention you here =P

Now that I've got the sad/bad news out of the way, I'll now attempt to make this post more happy to read. Not much has been happening to me recently besides uni, but I have bought/received new makeup products. This will be a collective haul because I didn't get all of these items at once (that'd be a little crazy for me) or from once place. Some were bought online and some were from my favourite drugstore, Priceline.

Maybelline The Falsies Volum' Express Waterproof Mascara

I bought this when it was on sale, and my main reason for purchasing it was because I received a $3 discount voucher for the mascara! I thought I'd make use of it and purchase a mascara that I was rather curious about. I think there are a few mascaras that claim to give that 'false lash' effect but I reckon Maybelline's version is the latest. I have tried this so I can give a review if requested. I'm happy with the price I paid instead of the RRP (around $17 is the RRP and I paid around $12)

Manicare Precision Blending Sponge

Funny how I bought this a while ago but still haven't used it yet! In case you're not familiar with this sponge, it's an egg-shaped sponge to apply foundation and have it evenly distributed. I guess it's a dupe for the more expensive and well-known beauty blender. It was around $7-8 and I didn't get it on sale. I don't use a liquid foundation (I use a velvet/cream textured one) so it would hard for me to test out how well it blends. I do however have a tinted moisturiser with a very smooth consistency but it wouldn't require the use of a blending sponge. When I do get around to using it, it's likely that I will do a review =]

Red Earth Brows Perfecting Kit

This was in the bargain basket where all the heavily discounted items were sitting. Priceline has now discontinued selling Red Earth cosmetics and so most of the items are around $2 each. I picked this up because I really wanted/needed an eyebrow kit and $2 was a more-than-ok price to pay! I love how it comes with mini tools, so cute. I'm glad it's the right shade for my natural brows but since I've dyed my hair (if you're not following me on Twitter, you probably didn't know that I've become brunette!), I've wanted to slightly lighten my brows but I don't know how without using a dye =[ I know how to totally redraw the brow but no idea how to lighten! Someone teach me pleaseeee.

1000 Hour Heated Eyelash Curler

Another product that I had wanted and was on my wishlist. It definitely won't be replacing my usual manual lash curler and I don't think anyone should even consider replacing a regular lash curler with a heated one - they work differently and have different purposes :) But yeah, so far I'm liking it and it was worth the $15 or so dollars I paid when it was on sale.

88 Ultra Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette

I won this from an eBay bid for under $20 shipped and the seller happened to be from the same city as me, so I received it in a matter of days xD That was pretty cool actually. Anyway, I had been wanting an 88 palette for a while, just so I can have heaps of colours to work with for makeup looks. I won't be buying anymore eyeshadow anytime soon, I swear! I must say though, that I am happy with the pigmentation.

6 Shades Contour Palette

Another item that I wanted which used to be on my wishlist hehe - got this on eBay as well for $11 and free shipping. Now I can contour my face and nose to make it all look slimmer hehe. I'm not that great with contouring but I am practicing and trying ^^" I don't mind that they aren't that pigmented and are a little chalky because I did get this really cheap and it's not meant to be pigmented like eyeshadow.

L'Oreal Infallible Make-up Sample

Being a Priceline club member has a few lovely privileges and one is getting samples. This is actually the first time I've received a sample from Priceline so it's not like they send out samples often. I guess I could try out my blending sponge with this foundation sample, cool =]

Sigma Miss Taylor Retractable Kabuki Brush

As a Sigma affliliate, I received this cute purple kabuki brush and I love how it's retractable - so purse-friendly. I will be doing a review on this next month after I make use of it :P All I can say now is that it's super soft like fur! Hope the analogy isn't too bad, especially to those who are anti-fur... oops ;S It's synthetic hair by the way so no worries ^_^

Maybelline Baby Lips Balm in Anti-Oxidant Berry

I think most people in Australia got this for free in the mail but the letter than came with mine said that I was one of the lucky few to win this so yeah @_@ I can't even remember how I entered to win this but it was such a surprise to me when I received this haha. It smells lovely and I probably will eventually do a review when I have time.

Since I'm going to be away for a while, here's a little something for you....

Another mini giveaway, 1 prize =]

- My Beauty Diary Pearl Powder Mask
- Cellnique Jar Samples (inside the box)
- Pupa Triple-Purpose Eye Pencil

I know it's not much at all but I've decided to giveaway items to match the theme of my post (just like my previous mini giveaways lol).

To enter, please leave a comment with your name and email address AND also your answer to this week's questjen. I will randomly draw the winner's name out of a hat when I make my return:

Do you prefer makeup or skincare?

My answer:
It's tough to pick one because as much as a makeup junkie I am, I also care a lot about my skin. Despite sensitive skin being low-maintenance, it requires quite a lot of attention. It's almost like a skin disorder because when an allergic reaction occurs, it should be treated with special cream etc. I have never visited a dermatologist but I have seen a doctor about redness/itchiness/rashes on my face. I haven't had any problems with my skin recently so I haven't been needing to use specific cleansers or creams. To be honest, I don't even have a skin care routine! I usually just wash my face with water and put on moisturiser, that's it haha. I use makeup wipes to remove foundation and don't bother with toner. I could do without using makeup and skincare but makeup... I love how it can transform your look. Concealers and foundations can hide an ugly pimple so well whereas skin care products only help the pimple to become gradually smaller. So what do I prefer? It's almost a tie but not quite - makeup wins for me.

One last thing before I go - I have some new pictures of me :) I went out on Wednesday night to my friend's 18th dinner! An OOTN to share hehe~

- Grey woolen dress with a turtle-neck style?
- Grey blazer ($10 fromValleygirl)
- Brown and gold belt ($5 from Temt)
- Black glittery tights ($2 from Supre)

Oh and the bag I used is also seen in this picture, it's sitting on my chair! Burberry-inspired vintage bag

Now onto my jewellery which I kept very simple

Wearing the dangly earrings that Natsumi aka Bunny got me, yay (:
And my crown studs which I adore
You can also see my lashes and I didn't wear falsies, just used my The Falsies mascara hehe

Flower ring which I got from Lovisa for $3!
I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it

This sort of reminds me of something that you'd see on Tumblr. Don't ask why lol. I don't even use Tumblr but I've seen pictures like this where they don't show their face haha

My hair doesn't look as brown as it really is in those pictures above but I shall do a post where I do a before and after comparison so you can have a better look.

One last picture before I go for good....

See you again at the end of this month bloggies, I will miss you guys!

 Hugs anyone? Or not...
 Look at the mess on the floor... my studying materials x]

TAKE CARE EVERYONE, and best of luck to those who also have exams now or soon :]


  1. Good luck Jen!
    Going to miss you :(
    your outfits area always soooooooooo cute! then again you're fricken cute yourself :p
    the falsies is a great mascara! i like it very much :)
    the heated eyelash curler i've tried before and i have to say i don't like it much and it doesn't do much for my lashes so i think i like sticking to my manual eyelash curlers better :p

  2. nice haul! you have the nicest cheekbones ever yup yup <3

  3. Name: Angelin Ng


    I prefer makeup more (= Although skincare is important too.. I love using different makeup than skincare. For skincare I would prefer to use one type of skincare instead of alot.What I meant is the brand. I would stick with a brand that suits me well. For makeup I would go for anything as long it is nice and easy to use (=

  4. Great haul hon, and good luck on your exams!


    And wahh I'm a priceline club member but I never get samples ;~; only offers and discounts! :( Oh wellls :P teheheee.

    And your outfit looks heapppss cute! :D

    In regards to your question, I think I like makeup more .. I really ought to care more about my skin but I'm quite clueless on that type of stuff so Idk :/ Hmm, but I really do care about my skin too ;~;



  6. Good luck in your exams!! I just finished mine =) Oh I've been tempted to try the falsies mascara for awhile now, and it look great on you! Would you recommend it? You got loads of great stuff!! I love your ring, it's so pretty! =)

  7. love the haul!
    and i prefer skincare, because, i guess even if you don't have time to put makeup on, if you have good skin you could just wing it with tinted moisturizer and also i just feel more confident with good skin.

  8. oh and my email is: :)

  9. Nice haul!

    I like makeup more but skincare is really important! Makeup can only look good if you have a good base to start with.

  10. Thank you SO much for the mini giveaway last time! :)

    Good luck to you on your exams.. it's my first exams too T___T" blargh.

    Good luck to everyone who enters this giveaway too!~

  11. Catherine Su

    i prefer skincare. hands down. no matter how much you cover up you skin the flaws will still be there and continue to grow. i guess for me foundation is a prime example. pimples: lumps and bumps. still visible and a lil gross looking with foundation on. :|

    love your posts!

  12. Good luck in your exams Jenny!! all the best. and you look so pretty in that outfit! :)


  13. goodluck on your exams!!~ (: I love the flower ring ^^ & soo many eyeshadows for such a good price (:

  14. The 28th is a long way away D:
    All the best in your upcoming exams Jennifaaaaa ~

    You gotta show more photos of your brunette shade! My hair is lighter than my brows too! A lot of people tend to pluck their brows and fill em in with pencil? I just fill mine with brown eye shadow and it matches me hair xD

    Wow under $20 for an 8 palette is a crazy bargain! :O Lucky ducky!

    Ehehe, I agree with you on make up over skin care. I'd rather look good on the outside than inside :( How baddd ass.

    Lovely outfit ~ I love the crown studs and THAT RING! aaaaaA!

    Once again, best of luck!!!! <3

  15. goodluck with the exams Jenny (i hope you dont mind me calling you that haha)

    anyways, you've got me interested on those contour something that you mentioned. ive seen a few on tv about make-up making the nose pointed and slimmer but idk how to do that, so i hope you'll come up with a tutorial soon :) id also love to see a review/tutorial on the 88 shades palette =)

    as for the questjen of the week:
    actually id prefer skin care because as what they always say, prevention is better than cute. but then again for those with imperfections.. i think the make-up would be the best option as it hides their insecurities and imperfections. now im torn between the two haha but if i were to choose one, id choose the make-up :)

    Thanks again :)
    Jel O
    punkme15 at gmail dot com

  16. awesome haul! I have the maybelline falsies mascara too!

  17. Yaaay got so excited when I saw my name and immediately went to check my email :P THANKS!!
    AHAHA I bought that Lovisa ring just a few days ago too! Isn't it just lovely :)
    Good luck for exams!
    x S

  18. Ahh.. Good luck for your exams!

    deariesx (at) hotmail (dot) com
    I prefer skincare as makeup is temporary but skincare is long term effect!

  19. Will miss your blog updates but all the best for your exams. :)

    Haha tough choice between makeup and skincare but I think I'll go with skincare because if you don't take good care of your skin, it will be bad and get worse when you cake on the makeup.

    Name: Yi Lin

  20. AH YAY you got the beauty blender! *_* I wanna try it so bad! I love the elf powder brush, but the beauty blender... ughhh -runs in circles-

    Will be looking forward to the review on the Sigma brush! : D

    Oh.. and btw, I tagged you ; D

  21. GFC: Jer
    Email: jaekayy@gmail(dot)com
    I prefer skincare because if you don't have a good base to put your make-up on, then your make-up won't look as good!

  22. GOOD LUCK JEN!! =)

    by the way your lashes look AMAZING with Falsies mascara! ^_^

  23. Loving the Haul! and I'm using the same mascara for uni! Isn't is awesome?! Its so good cuz i don't know to use falsies with it! (hence the name of mascara? lol)
    And girl, I love your earrings~!!! kekekekeke! So happy you are uing them!
    You pretty girl XD

  24. haha i received one of those maybelline lip balms too, so random!

    priceline used to be my faveee store and i got so many points on my card but now that i work at my chemist, i can get the same products for cheaper, and my priceline card is sad and lonely now... lol

    and lol @ your 'tumblr' photo... i totally agree, tumblr is full of photos like that!

  25. i definitely prefer make-up to skincare. i know it's gonna make me sound like a total slob but i'm all for making messes and never cleaning them up! LOL :P :P (unbelievable that i just admitted that out loud! and on the internet too... YIKES!) also, all the very very best for your exams!!!

  26. cute outfit dear! :) love your earrings. the sponge is interesting hmm... i wonder if it works like the beauty blender? ^^

    my answer to your question is makeup. i think some people are able to get away with just soap and water haha! x) makeup is more colorful and fun to play with too. :3

  27. Best of luck with your exams Jen! I know you'll do great though :D

    Great haul you got - I'm curious to see whether the sponge you got really is a dupe for the Beauty Blender :) And I love your outfit and jewelry - the rose ring is really cute!'s hard to decide but I think I prefer skincare. I'm more willing to splurge on expensive skincare items than I am on makeup. I see it as a good investment in the long run :D
    GFC: Rinny
    Email: eva_s_151[at]yahoo[dot]com

    Thanks for the mini giveaway!

  28. gud luck n all da best, j~
    i love priceline to hehe
    tough q, i wish i can say its skincare, coz thats important but its sooo boring hahahah makeup is so exciting isnt it? so makeup wins, coz it got colours!

    xoxo elle

  29. please join my giveaway!

  30. Goodluck on your exams! I would love to see you use the contour/blush palette in a tutorial soon (:

  31. Name: Jenny Quah


    Hmmm, I would say, at the moment for me its skincare since I'm trying to use less makeup since my skin's been horrible this past month or so ):

    GL with exams~! I've got my assessments coming up too~! eep :S

  32. i prefer skincare :3 my skin is very sensitive so i have to take good care for it or else it dies :/ and good look with your exams! you will do great ;D and btw new follower and same name hurdur :3

  33. good luck on ur exams!
    i love ur earrings btw :D
    btw, checkout my giveaway here:


  34. Good luck with your exams, and I'm sure you'll do great!

    I prefer skincare because even if you have makeup on, you skin may not be at its best. Having good skincare will be more beneficial in the long run in terms of health. Anyone who is naturally glowing will be able to rock any look with make-up ;] My skin is sensitive so it is important that I take good care of my skin before I worry about dressing it up with make-up.


  35. Thanks for the follow Jen.

    Your blog is beautiful and amazing.
    Looking forward to visiting it more often and hope to see you at Things I love as well :)


  36. Great haul. I love the palettes. That ring is super cute.


    *Check out my giveaway:

  37. Great haul jen.

    well my answer is make up, i think even i review a lot of skin care than make up, i would still choose makeup.. mostly skin care breaks me out, and when it breaks me out, i need to run to a facial center and get treatment plus diamond peel. .
    well make up is what choose because it can transform me ^__^

    CAMILLA of course i follow u (GFC)

  38. I prefer makeup! I really should pay more attention to skincare, but it's a lot less interesting, I find.

    Also, that heated lash curler is on my wishlist too. One day, I'll get it. One day *_*


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