Friday, May 27, 2011

Winners of my May Giveaway!

Hiii! Ah it's so exciting to finally announce the winners of my May Giveaway which ended on my birthday. Thanks for all the lovely birthday wishes last week ^^ Being 18 has been awesome so far hehe.

Let me just start off by saying that there were SOOOOOO many entries! Thanks to those who participated :D It took me ages to count up and collate but I managed to do it all within the time span of one week which I promised. Luckily I've finished all of my university assignments for the semester so I had more time on my hands than usual :)

So there are 4 different winners who have been randomly chosen through (I put all of the entries on an excel spreadsheet so each entry had been allocated a number). I even felt the suspense building up inside when I went onto and generated the random number!

I filmed the processes of picking out the winners but it was so dragged on and unnecessary so I ended up taking screenshots from my video footage to show you guys the 'proof' of the winners.

Without further ado, here are the results!

And just to refresh your mind, these were the prizes...

Number of entries: 176 generated this number:

Who's entry is #121...

Here I am showing you all the entries that SinYee had to show you that one entry may not be enough for you to be a winner. The more entries you put in, the higher the chance of you winning ;)

Number of entries: 95 generated this number:

Who's entry is #86...

Again, if Elena had only put in one entry, she wouldn't have been the winner of this prize. Each entry makes a difference!

Number of entries: 195 generated this number:

Who's entry is #17...


Having at least 3 entries is ideal for a giveaway, but obtaining the maximum number of entries is what I'd do :) Won't hurt to do a little extra which could make a heap of difference!

Number of entries: 46 generated this number:

Who's entry is #29...


Connie having multiple entries really paid off in the end as her third entry happened to be the one that was picked.

I'll be contacting the winners shortly, so please be on the lookout for an email from me! I will give you guys 48 hours to reply to my email/tweet or else I will have to pick a replacement winner.

That's it from me, I'll try to blog again very soon since this doesn't really count as a blog post. Maybe you'll hear from me again tomorrow :)

Oh and don't feel disheartened if you're not a winner, I will be having another giveaway soon since I have recently reached 600+ blog followers. Keep your eyes peeled for that and maybe you'll be one of the lucky winners then, okay!

I always say this after I announce giveaway winners but I'll still say it here - any blog unfollowers will be disqualified from future giveaways hosted by me. I will keep track of anyone who does, I've caught out at least 5 people who have unfollowed my blog and re-followed when there's been a new giveaway from me. They have been permanently disqualified without notification but I'm sure they know who they are.


  1. mwaaa...grats for the winner ^^

  2. Congrats you all lucky peepzzz xx

  3. congrats to all the winners! ;D
    and thanks for you Jen ;)

  4. Congrats girls!
    And thank you!

  5. yay~ thanks jen for this giveaway and for the chance of getting items that aren't available here in my place :D im really excited about the items.. specially the accessories ^_^ i think you've got awesome stuffs there in aus (specifically your earrings haha been raving about how pretty and cute it is on the vid)... anyways, thanks again and belated happy birthday.

    p.s. sent you a mail already :)

  6. wow congratulation to all winners =D

  7. congrats to all the winners!! ^^

  8. Ooo congrats Sinyee, Elena, Jel and Connie on winning ~

    And wow I didn't know people would actually follow, unfollow and refollow to enter giveaways! That is so sad :O

  9. yippeeee! thanks sooo much jenny, for hosting this giveaway ! :3 i emailed u my postal address!

    thankies everyone! :3


  10. congrats to all 4 winners!

    xoxo elle

  11. congrats to all the winners!


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