Sunday, May 29, 2011

Viva La Nails Sample Pack #2

Hi everyone, hope you're all having a great weekend. Just a post to let you know that Viva La Nails have released their second free sample pack, specially for YouTubers and Bloggers. They only had 100 packs available and I got email notification for this a few weeks ago. I received my pack on Monday. Here are the contents:

(Credits to Viva La Nails for the images)

So in total there were 8 water decal nail wraps with different designs and patterns. If you aren't sure what water decals are and if you've never used them before, I made a photo tutorial last year in this post here where I used water decals from Viva La Nails' first sample pack.

Now they have nail wraps using the same method of water decal-ing and you can check out all of their designs here

I'll soon let you know how you can obtain your free sample pack, but first let's take a closer look at the nail wraps:

 Simple step-by-step instructions, yay! 
Great for first time water decal-ers

 The clear plastic was sealed so tightly that I had to literally rip it to take it out
It was a sticky-sealed plastic covering as well so I don't know why it was this hard to open!
I think Viva La Nails should improve on this, hmm


Now I was going to show you all a video demo/tutorial but... I failed at applying these water decal nail wraps :( I'm really not that good when it comes to nail art *sigh* but I usually do persist and keep trying. Except with these, I gave up after stuffing up two of the pieces. I don't know what went wrong! When I do eventually get it right I'll show you as a NOTD.

So you're probably wondering how to get this free sample pack (everyone loves a freebie). Here is how:

Firstly, this is an exclusive sample pack from Viva La Nails where you must be a blogger or a Youtuber. But not only that... you must have received sample pack #1 AND have mentioned it on your blog/Youtube channel as review/tutorial etc.

If you have done that then congratulations, you can get yourself a free sample package from Viva La Nails here, but keep in mind that you will have to pay for the shipping fee (it's only £2.95)

It's currently out of stock at the moment but you can simply request to be put on the waiting list when it does become in stock again. I'm glad I got in fast haha.

For those who didn't receive sample pack #1 or didn't mention it anywhere, I can give you the opportunity to try the water decal nail wraps (just because I'm in such a generous mood)

Kidding, I was intending to give away a few as I am not big with nail art and I had a fail attempt at applying these water decal nail wraps. Also, I don't think that I will have the chance to try them all out so for those who would like one to try out but have missed out on the opportunity to obtain a sample pack can now do so!

I hope Viva La Nails don't mind me sending three of their water decals nail wraps out to some of my readers If they did mind then these would just be sitting around unused ._.

This is just a mini giveaway for my readers who have stuck by me and have remained followers, even after my previous giveaway announcements. Yes, there have been people that have unfollowed my blog after my giveaways have ended because they didn't win (it just happened after I announced my May giveaway winners). Thankfully they didn't win because now I know their intentions and are just part of the small minority. Oh well, it's their loss instead of mine.

I know that there are some wonderful readers out there who have given my ongoing support - thank you once again! Here is a small giveaway for you all that will only go on for a week:

I will randomly choose 3 people to win one of the following sets of Viva La Nails water decal nail wraps

 The designs will be handed out at random, unless you would like to request a specific one

This giveaway will just be between me and my current blog followers, although new followers are also welcome. I don't intend on gaining more followers from having this giveaway. To enter, comment on this post with your name and email address so I know that you're entering and not just commenting :D

But that's not all - you need to let me know that you're actually into nail art (because the prize would be less useful for you than it is to me lol)

So don't just provide me with you name and email address, you must also answer my questjen of the week to have a fully qualified entry to my giveaway, which is:

How do you like to decorate your nails?

For me, I love to add rhinestones from my coloured rhinestone wheel because it totally blings up my nails. In the past I have used water decals and I loved them - they lasted so much longer than nail art stickers! I currently don't have any nail art brushes or dotting tools but i really want to get some! I need to learn more nail art skills since I am lacking soooo much that I end up with just having plain painted nails. I can't get my konad stamps to work as well so that's heading to the fail department too :( I don't know, I think I'm pretty hopeless with nail art so I tend to stick with makeup :P

Speaking of my lack of nail art skills, here's an NOTD I had last week for my 18th birthday. It sucks heaps I know lol, I was strapped for time and my nails weren't at the length that I wanted them to be T_T I wanted them to stand out against my black dress so I made them pretty colourful... it didn't turn out as pretty as I had imagined in my mind

 It would have looked better with just the green rhinestone tips but boo, I put the gold ones on first

 I liked my thumbs the best
The nail polish that I am wearing is Sephora by OPI's Handpicked for Me

Don't ask why and don't give me suggestions... I know I'll improve next time! I ripped everything off after my birthday celebration was over that night haha.

Thanks for reading guys, take care!


  1. i like your thumb too! and yesss i wanna try nail decaals !
    cant believe i didnt find this site earlier, what is thissssssss



  2. Ahhhh I'm so bad at decorating my nails T~T the only thing I do is pretty much just paint them .. AND I haven't done that in ages too xD I'm so damn lazyyyyy.

    But ahhhh I think your stickers look alright D: well they look much better than whatever I would do loool

  3. I like to many things with my nails, Konad, brush detailing and sometime glitter.
    I would love to give this a try though. :)

  4. Ohh those jewel accents make your nails look cute. I like your thumb too. Loll

    I hardly ever take the time to do nails. :( I used to play piano ALOT & my nails are always kept semi-short.

  5. i looove nail art, especially nail wraps. the new ones by sally hansen are gorgeous! x

  6. I rarely decorate my nails!! Too lazy :3 I only have rhinestones at home anywayz. ;)

  7. too bad.. would have wanted to get samples too. i love to decorate my nails, i could do it everyday! haha your NOTD reminds me of my first try with bornprettystore's rhinestones. is that where you got those circle rhinestones? also, if only i got better materials like dotting pens and nice brushes, i could have done justice to my nail art, but since im only using the brushes that comes with the nail polishes i think they look like ew but nah it doesnt matter i love my nails still =)

    thanks for this giveaway btw. enter me please :D ive never tried water decals before so im pretty excited. ive only tried stickers but i dont like them. ive tried rhinestones and i find them cute especially when they sort of glitter haha.

    punkme15 at gmail dot com

  8. Helloooo. Your blog is very nice. I liked it. I have very interesting blogs. You should visit and follow my blogs. Thanks.

  9. these look so cute but i guess water decaling is hard to do, just by thinking of it hehe. you did really good on your nail art. you should do more. its fun!

  10. Oh my gosh, I love your blog! It's so charming! If my nails didn't break all the time, I would so do that :) I was hoping we could follow and friend each other! Thanks!

  11. just read this post again...did i miss the question first time round? LOL

    how do you like to decorate your nails
    WELLLLL, i like to always decorate my ring finger with rhinestones or a diff colour nail polish or my fave silver shatter polish hehe.

  12. Dropping by to say the love crystal on your thumb look gorgeous!:D Followed your blog. Love it!:D

  13. Whoa, those are so cool! I've been wanting to try those! :3


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