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Phyle.Asia Haul + Outfits

Hello everyone, I hope you're all well :) Just had my first week back at uni for the second half of the semester and I've already had things to do - one test and a quiz. The work load will be more and more heavy as I will be gearing up for exams in roughly a month's time. I really don't want to think about it but it's hard not to when lecturers keep mentioning them -_-

I'd like to say a big hello to my new blog and Twitter followers, hi guys! You may not be too familiar with my style of blogging at the moment but I really hope that you enjoy reading my posts that I do weekly. It's only been a week since my giveaway opened and I am surprised about the amount of people who have entered - I didn't think that it would have attracted so many people, thank you.

Twitter is the place for the latest goss and also some controversy - just like the time when I outed an anonymous abuser who posted on my Formspring. Ouch to them lol. I've mentioned it here because the comment/question was in relation to my blog.

Today's post is going to be about some outfits that I have created with the clothing pieces that I received from Phyle Asia. If you haven't heard of Phyle Asia before, you can check out their Facebook Page or their guest blog post which I posted on my blog a few months ago.

I allowed them to feature their press release on a blog post of mine and as their way of saying thanks, they kindly sent me two clothing items from their online shop. By the way, this post is not sponsored - I have not gotten monetary compensation from Phyle and it has been my choice to blog about these items.

In the guest post, I mentioned a piece from their shop that I thought was lovely - the Sleeveless Chiffon Blouse

 (Images from Phyle.Asia)

... which they ended up sending to me and I love it!

I also received the Top-Tunic Dress in Lavender which comes in a three colours - Light Salmon Pink, Lavender and Charcoal Black. It is a dress which Phyle designed as their interpretation of Audrey Hepburn's famous black dress.

(Images from Phyle.Asia)

Comments on Phyle.Asia
+ Prompt email replies, great communication
+ Items folded neatly and into clear, sealed plastic packaging
+ Package as a whole came in a box, undamaged items
- Shipping can take 3-8 weeks depending on your location
- It took over a month for the package to arrive. Phyle.Asia is not at fault, unless the package was delayed due to customs (no customs declaration sticker was on the box and when it arrived the box had already been opened)

Instead of just making this a haul, I've decided to show how these pieces can be suitable for both the day and the night depending on the event. I don't think that I did that good of a job but I tried my best! I'm definitely not the most stylish or creative person out there however, I love dressing up and accessorising.

The chiffon blouse is a dressy top which can be worn for various events despite them being during the or in the evening. Personally, I love dressy tops because they usually have simple detail and are so pretty at the same time.

Day to night outfits

Outfit 1
Excuse the LQ pictures, I used my iPod because I did a vlog with the outfit but decided to use still shots instead. My vlog was very pointless and I wasn't great at describing my outfits *face palm*

Blouse from Phyle.Asia, white singlet, shorts and skinny jeans from Cotton On, bags from Strandbags, jewellery from Equip.

Many may argue that the above outfits are fine for the day and for the night but again, it depends on the occasion. I usually wouldn't wear shorts at night with a dressy top unless it's a chilled, informal occasion. I reckon that the majority would say that shorts are better in the day time when the sun is out.

I didn't do anything with my hair or pair the outfit with some shoes however I accessorised just a little with rings, bracelets and a bag. Black pants with a dressy top go well together, it gives the outfit that touch of classiness.

Overall thoughts on the blouse:
I really like the chiffon material, I love how it flows elegantly. Although it was manufactured from a wholesaler and not from Phyle's VTM process, it still had quality. There is elastic around the waist area which I totally adore, it makes the top fit better and not look baggy. As a free-size piece, it fitted quite well as the straps were nicely sitting on my shoulders. The chest and back area has a double layer of chiffon so that it can be worn on its own without having to wear something underneath. I chose to wear a white singlet underneath because I didn't want my stomach to feel too exposed! I don't have anything to hide, I swear x]

Outfit 2

Dress from Phyle.Asia, tights from Supre, bag and clutch from Target, jewellery from Diva, Equip and Zamels, belts from clothing boutiques.

These outfits look really similar with a few differences here and there. I tried to make the outfit on the left as casual as possible but with a silky dress, it's quite difficult! I wore tights, put on a grey belt and wore a cross body bag. I think the one on the left is most suitable for a semi-formal event for the day or the night such as a birthday party, a university graduation etc.

With the outfit on the right, I honestly would feel a tad uncomfortable wearing that out (especially at night) because the length of the dress is a little short, about 10cm above the knee! I know that there are even shorter dresses and 10cm isn't too bad however, the silky material is quite thin and there isn't another layer on the inside. I guess the only appropriate time to wear a short silky dress out would be at night - maybe for a clubbing/partying scene.

Overall thoughts on the dress:
When I first tried it on, it seemed a little big on me as it was loose around the sides. The dress isn't a free size so maybe it just wasn't the perfect size for me. Putting a belt around the waist was a great way of fixing that problem as well as giving the dress more detail. The design of the dress is very unique in terms of its cutting and sewing around the neck area and on the sides. There is a zip on the side so that the dress is made easier to put on and take off without it being such a hassle. The only criticism I can give about this dress is that it creases easily.

Thanks Phyle Asia for sending me these pieces, now there are more items added to my wardrobe! I will let you guys (my readers) know when I decide to wear these items out and may show them as an OOTD.

Hope you guys found this post interesting, I wanted to do more outfit/fashion posts since it's also one of my interests. Thanks so much for reading!

Questjen of the week is:

Do you prefer to dress up for day events or evening events?

My answer:

I prefer to dress up for evening events because it's way more 'fun' for me x) It gives you more choice of whether or not to go 'all out' or to keep it simple. I love applying makeup and night seems to be the perfect time to do heavy/smokey eye looks without it looking like you've overdone it. It's hard for me to dress for day events because I don't know how other people may dress so if I'm wearing too many accessories etc. then I wouldn't really have an excuse whereas at night it would be more excusable to look fancy. It's also easier for me to pick out what to wear at night. I don't know why it is but I'd rather go out at night than during the day haha.


  1. Love the lavender dress~~

    I prefer to dress up for evening events :) You can go all out then, without looking exaggerated ^^;

  2. The blouse looks really pretty and suitable for Spring/Summer. If only it wasn't Autumn right now.

    Personally, I prefer dressing up for day events. Probably because the way I dress is more suitable for day events. Haha.

    :) Good luck with uni and the upcoming exams!

  3. I absolutely HATEEEEE chiffon ><
    ..on me. :P LOL!
    but on you, they look nice :D
    i really hate having to wear something underneath it though >>

    the lavender dress looks really unique, i like semi-baggy dresses, covers my fat :D :D

    i like dressing up for day events..even though i go out more at night xD
    ...but i like doing my makeup for evening events. ><

  4. The lavender color looks AMAZING on you! *_* wow.. I could NEVER pull it off that well.. -hides-
    And LOL @ loser people hiding behind their internet screen names. LOL. I love when people get called out on it! Hahaha! The whole Xiaxue and Peter Coffin case was EPIC as well! God I'm a sucker for that stuff.. Mwahhahaa

  5. Hi Jen! I prefer to dress up for evenings - you can be more glamourous!

    Kisses, Melanie

  6. The lavender dress looks really cute on you! I think the color complements your skintone very nicely ^^

  7. I just finished doing a quiz for uni too. I hate studying zzz.

    Audrey Hepburn!
    Outfit 1 is adorable Jen! I love the baby-doll-curtain-flowy look! It's great that the dress can be worn as a top! All my dresses are strictly dresses ==

    I preferrrr.... Dresses for day events. They're usually floral and summery :D

  8. Ahhh, I think the lavender dress would look heaps better if it was more tight fitting! But either way, you still look gorgeous in both the outfits :D

    Mmmm, I love evening dressing cos you be more dressed up and it won't look too awkward xD

  9. loving the lavender dress on ya !! i prefer to dress up for day events ='D i think it's so hard to dress up for evening events x__x can never find nice clothes for the evening.. anyways.. that Sleeveless Chiffon Blouse makes me think of her dress : it's a girl from kdrama 49 days xD who is wearing a similar design of this dress haha

  10. The top-tunic in lavender looks beautiful actually in all colors it looks really great. :D I wouldn't have been able to choose a favorite. On you, it looks spectacular! Especially while you're in the day time outfit for the top-tunic.

    Good luck on preparing for exams! and nevermind those annoying anon's who like to ruin people's lives. I don't know but when I see anon's harass people through formspring or other places I tend to think of them as a joke. Sort of like, there's no point in them having to express their hate because obviously no one is gonna let an anonymous user bring them down.
    Overall, you go girl for letting them know what's up!

  11. I like dressing up at night because it is dark and no one can see my flaws. haha.

  12. i love outfit number 2 (the night look)
    You have a lovely blog - wanna follow each other!

    My Lyfe ; My Story

    MyLyfeMyStory on twitter

  13. yay Jen! I found you!! Thank you so much for your support! <3

  14. Pretty! I love the lilac dress! The pink one looks lovely on you too :) xX

  15. oh gooosh, the pink blouse is just too cute, I'm checking phyle's site now^^ thanks so much


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