Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Handwriting Tag

Hi everyone, hope you're all well. I thought I'd do a quick blog post before I go to bed. It's been a long day for me and I'm going to have a big week coming up, full of uni-related matters and whatnot. Just two more weeks of uni until the holiday break! I cannot wait, I'll have more time to myself and possibly commence working again ^,^ Oh, and more time for blog posts~

But anyway, a while ago I was tagged by Elisa and Marie to do the 'handwriting tag'. Here are the rules to the tag:

1. What's your name/your blogger name?
2. What's your blog's name/URL?
3. Write "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog."
4. Favorite quote?
5. Your Favorite song?
6. Your favorite band/singers?
7. Anything else you want to say?
8. Tag three to five other people. 

Let me warn you all now - I have ugly handwriting T.T It can be neat but it requires a whole heap of effort to make it nice, neat and straight! I'm also not that coordinated drawing which really sucks because I wish I could draw pretty pictures. I just wrote down my answers without attempting to be neat or anything, it was my normal handwriting which lacks consistency. As much as I love handwriting letters/notes etc, I prefer to type things. Now to reveal my not-so-nice handwriting...


Can you read it properly? I took a photo of it instead of scanning because I couldn't be bothered scanning ._. I hope it's still easily readable. There's a little message from me for everyone at the bottom hehe.

In case you missed it, I have tagged three people to do the handwriting tag - Lene, Min and Tam. Apologies if you have done the tag before, I've lost track.

That's basically all to the tag, feel free to do this tag too :) I'd like to read your answers and also see your handwriting, because I really am curious.

As bloggers, we don't handwrite our posts and it makes me wonder whether handwriting posts could potentially be better than typing, I know it's pretty silly to think about this because blogging = online = typing lol, so there isn't that much of a choice. Well, I like the fact that we can type our blog posts because for me it's so much faster than writing and the backspace button comes in handy - so much better than an eraser or whiteout! And I like to be able to choose the fonts that I use instead of having my own handwriting displayed. Size is editable as well as its format of being in bold, underlined, italicised or striked-out.

If you think about it in another way, handwriting blog posts would be so much more unique and interesting to read, don't you agree? Our handwriting would give us all an identity because even though there are similar handwritings, no two are exactly the same. Another good thing would be that people won't be able to copy and paste any writing on your blog post but if they do, it would be dead obvious if someone's blog post was full of posts with different handwriting haha, busted!

That's just my two cents on handwriting and blogging. A bit off-topic from the tag but I just wanted to have some input about my thought on handwriting versus typing. Typing out blog posts is the clear winner. Imagine hand-writing all of your blog posts and then scanning it to upload here *cries* sounds like unnecessary hard work. If you'd like to do that then go for it :D It could be a challenge for a month or so, hand-writing all blog posts! I'm so not up to that; are you? ;]

One of the main reasons why my handwriting changes so often is because I have two ways of holding my pen/pencil when I write. When one gets tiring or uncomfortable, I switch to the other so sometimes halfway through my work my handwriting would slightly change x] Not a dramatic change of course, just a bit noticeable I suppose.

Here, I'll show you my two ways of holding a pen:

Style #1
This is known as the 'c-shape'

I think this is the proper(?) way of holding a pen. My teacher from when I was much younger told the class to hold it like this so I assume it's the correct way. When I write like this it's the most neat but slow. I rarely get tired/sore hands or fingers when I write in this way which I'm happy with.

Style #2
 This doesn't have a particular name but to me it has a tighter grip compared to the above one

When I need to jot things down really fast, I hold my pen like that because it gives me more control than the first one. You'd often see me writing things this my pen held like that because it's fairly comfortable. Unfortunately holding my pen and writing in this position for a while gets very tiring and sore for my hand and fingers which is a real shame. If it didn't then this would be the perfect pen-holding position in my opinion.

Thanks once again to Elisa and Marie for tagging me (: You can check out their handwriting here and here (scroll down a bit) - their handwriting is super pretty and neat *envies*

I hope you found this post interesting. My answers to the tag questions were written with the second way of holding my pen.

A questjen for you...

When you write, how do you hold your pen?

Are you like me with two ways of holding a pen, or is one of the ways above your only way of holding a pen? Do you have a completely different way of holding yours? I really want to know because as bloggers and readers, we don't often get to see each others' handwriting unless we send handwritten letters AND I have no idea how you guys write at all!!


  1. I love this song Going Crazy aswell ^^ sad vid tho, anyway nice handwriting :)
    I hold my pen with style 1!


  2. style #2 ! =p when I was young my teacher told me to use style 1 as well but I got tired and couldn't write fast with style 1 =/

    Your handwriting looks neat ^^ !!! and lol to your cute crown =p

  3. your handwriting is beautiful compared to mine I swear, my handwriting is soo bad, I used to get a C for it :I

  4. I hold my pen like you did in the first demonstration pic. My grandma is a teacher through many, many years, and she says that the first method is good for your hand.. meaning it gives a better grip and doesn't make your hand cramp up as easily :)

  5. i hold my pen exactly like your first pic :)

    gotta get into the habit of posting out random letters to everyone hehehe

  6. going crazy is like in my head all the time now D;
    i hold my pen just like in #2 :)

  7. aww yeh I can sorta tell that your handwriting differs a little xD

    I totally agree, handwriting posts can be tedious can messy. Sometimes hard to read too cos if someone wasn't used to reading your handwriting, they may take a long time to differentiate between 'n' and 'u'!

    I have 3 ways of holding hahaha XD 2 like yours, and the third way like the second one but with the thumb sticking up a little more (somewhat perpendicular to the position of the index finger).

    Thanks for the tag Jen <3 Will do it soon!

  8. I think your hand writing is cute! and hmmm, that will be actually a cute thing if we can write a blog instead of type..... at the same time... it will be difficult if we cant read them... but your challenge sounds interesting thou! And you sure can do it since you have nice hand writting!
    I totally hold like #2! and apparently that is bad way of holding it but its a habit and can't help it!! ><

  9. I write using 'Style 2'. Although it hurts my fingers, but it's the only way that I use. (:

    By the way, you have nice handwriting! I know that I've seen it before, but still...

  10. Thanks for tagging me..
    I believe I start with style 1 and end up with 2 .-.;;; sloppy XD

  11. Your handwriting is nice! :D
    mine is hard to read sometimes :P

    i dont even remember how i hold my pen since i haven't written in so long =3=" hahaha..

  12. I hold my pen like you did on your first pic. :P I actually prefer writing by hand over typing. I don't know why, maybe I'm just weird like that XD

    And your handwriting isn't bad! It's pretty :3

  13. Your handwriting is really pretty:]
    Hmm, when I write, my handwriting changes depending on what I'm writing. Notes, diary etc.
    I change forms too :p

  14. Oww, I always envied my mom's handwriting D: hers is just.. FLAWLESS. She got this really beautiful kinda 'old fashioned' italic style handwriting. Mine is just.. meh, I think XD THANKS THO <3

    I'm working on the review as we speak : D

  15. Your handwriting is so free flowing and natural! Me liokes!
    I was going to tag you to do the tag, but I saw that Elisa had already tagged you ¬__¬ hehe
    It's cool that you hold the pen in two ways! I hole it how you do inthe first image xD (C-shape) ~ yaaaay I hold it properlly!

  16. I miss writing letters now;( Inspiring post. Thanks for sharing and drop by me too, soon.


  17. What are you talking bout? You have excellent penmanship!!

    I have so many was of writing, I think because I get tried of holding it in the same position 8P i'm like you I hold it in the c position and the second one you showed, I also hold the pencil in between my middle and index finger (weird right?).

    By the way I tagged you to the lipstick tag!!! Check it out --->

  18. i love korean songs ^^

    i go with the style #1 never tried the other style. it looks hard for me haha


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