Saturday, April 9, 2011

Giveaway Item from Marie + OOTN

Hey guys, it's been a week since I last blogged but to me it seems like it's been ages because I just had such a long, stressful and busy week @_@ I've never been this glad and grateful for the weekend, ah :) One more week of uni and then I'll be on a two-week break - cannot wait!

This post is super delayed (sorry Marie) however I have now found the time to blog about it. I took pictures a couple of weeks ago and you'd think I could manage to blog about it in the same week I took the photos but that's not how it is for me =[ Same with product reviews, I always take pictures and test the product weeks or sometimes even a month before I actually sit down and write up a blog post haha x[

I'm pretty sure you're all familiar with Marie by now since this is the third time I've mentioned her in a blog post (refer to my package-swap posts) :D But just in case you're not, she's one of my blogging besties and she currently resides in Perth, Australia. I love her to bits and our greatest connection is our high admiration for K-pop  Did I ever mention that we're quite alike with much in common? Check out her blog if you haven't done so already:

Marie held a giveaway in February and announced the winner on the 1st of March. Guess what? I ended up being the randomly-picked winner of her awesome giveaway which was a total surprise to me. Of course, I was very happy and excited about being the winner because this was what she was giving away:

A brand new playsuit/jumpsuit/romper/whatever you want to call it! *__*

It's a size small so it's perfect for me and this is the first playsuit I've ever owned. I've always wanted one but could never find a really pretty one for a good price. Thanks so much Marie for this generous giveaway.

I can't just leave this post as it is, for sure I'd show you guys what it looks like when worn hehe:

 Please mind the messy floor from studying ^.^"

 I love this colour, baby blue (:
I especially love the ruffles on the top, it makes it look less plain!

 I adore the floral detail inside the pocket and at the bottom

Although it's suitable for a size small, the top part is a bit big for me compared to the bottom part. I must be out of proportion D: But that's okay, I know I don't have the perfect body! 

Unfortunately I won't be wearing this playsuit out any time soon due to the cold weather nowadays but I'll definitely be wearing it out when it's spring/summer at the end of the year =)

Instead on a sunny day, I decided to take some photos of myself 'modelling' the outfit. I am no professional model nor have I ever done any type of real modelling so don't take my photos too seriously lol, I was just playing around by having funny poses for your own viewing enjoyment ;P

Mind you, I have no makeup on, neither am I wearing any circle lenses :]

 The view from the back

Whipped out my sunglasses for no reason

 The hands-on-hips pose. Too common, too cheesy?

 Blowing you some kisses xx

 I've seen so many pictures famous Korean girls posing like this, so I gave it a shot
Except they look way better than this, and cuter :(

 I don't know what this is. An 'L' shape perhaps? L for love ^o^

Yeah, that is all. I had my camera on timer and it was supported on a tripod. Makes posing for outfits so much easier and better. Sorry for the graininess in some of them, I had my camera on zoom because I couldn't have it standing right in front of me. And I'm STILL using my phone's camera and I'm hoping that I can get a new digital camera for my birthday next month.

Speaking of birthdays, I went to my friend from high school's 18th birthday dinner last Sunday. It was a lovely night and I enjoyed seeing and talking to my high school friends again. It's now rare for us to all be together at once since we're all so busy these days and school's over =[ I actually miss high school! Well not everything - I miss seeing my friends everyday and having teachers who actually care about what you do and your progress in school.

I currently don't have any photos of me and my friends on the night but I'll show you my outfit and accessories:

 A mirror shot from the bathroom, lol

It was a chilly night so I wore my blazer and tights. Very glad that I did because we sat outside to eat under the shade.

I took a while to get ready, I totally lost track of time so I ended up being a bit late to my friend's birthday :/ However, three of my friends came even later than me so that made me feel a bit better haha. I really wanted to do my hair and wear my wavy hair extensions *sigh* maybe I should have done my hair before my makeup... but knowing me, I'd choose doing makeup over hair xD

I had no time to take photos before I went so the rest of these outfit and accessories pictures were taken when I got home. No face photos because my eyeliner and mascara were starting fade and smudge xP

 The closest photo of my face you can get from these pictures

 My heels~ I can't go out in a dress/skirt without a pair of heels on!

This is one pair of the heels I wore

 A closer look at my outfit of the night:
- Pink top with lace on the sleeves, wearing a white singlet underneath
- Coral skirt with a black bow at the front (I love bows)

 I wore this necklace to my graduation last year
It's a carousel with a rocking horse up the top. It's similar to those bird cage designs but more unique

Gold key earrings with a pink rose and a pearl, so elegant

A pearl bracelet with a silver bow

The birthday girl gave us all a little gift of thanks for attending her birthday, naww. She made macarons and placed them into a box!

 She's too kind :D I wish I could make macarons

 I don't know what the flavour was exactly but I tasted strawberry
Ah it was so delicious, no joke!!

Thanks for reading my blog post guys, hope you found it somewhat interesting. I tried to not write too much and include heaps of pictures, hence the combined post of Marie's giveaway item and an outfit of the night. I haven't done an outfit post in ages ^_^ Also, I didn't want this post to just be about me winning because for some that may be seen as bragging and I didn't want comments just to say congrats. Combined posts are better, yeah? I hope so :)

One more thing - did you notice the larger-than-usual photos I've uploaded?! I finally figured out a way to get them to be that size without using an external site to upload from. Larger photos are so much better in my opinion, but you know what would be better? Using an actual camera! Hoping that I will get a new camera within a month *fingers crossed*

A questjen for you:

Pick one for a night out - really good makeup or really good hair?

If you've read my entire post, you'd know what I mean about this questjen ;) I'd choose makeup because my hair is very low-maintenance and is naturally straight which already looks quite neat and tidy. And besides, makeup stands out more in photos than hair sometimes. I'm more face-conscious than hair-conscious, I can't help it!


  1. Lucky you! The jumpsuit is adorable and both outfits you posted look good. Now for the make-up or hair? I'd say hair :)

  2. Really good makeup. :)Yeah, I'm more face-conscious as well :P

    I love your outfit by the way :D

  3. You are so lucky winning that playsuit :( it suits you very well! What are you talking about?! You look cuuuuteee.

    Love the jewellery btw, and I would pick: good hair :)


  4. I'd say really good make up too - I think it's true that make up would show up better on camera. I really like your cage necklace btw! Xx

  5. I'll choose really good hair! I can't stand makeup on my face, for some odd reason. But I guess that's just me and my silliness.

    On another note, I must say: I love the fact that you're posing in that jumpsuit! You have some awesome skills there - tee-hee! Thanks for being such an awesome blogger friend. I love you! <3

  6. Aye you look so sugary cute **

  7. Love the jumpsuit! : D So cute!

    And I love the jewelry as well!

    I'd choose... epic makeup ; D cause my hair's always a hot mess anyway.. LOL

  8. wow cute cute outfits and your photos are lovely! my favorite on this post has got to be the jewelry!!super pretty <3

  9. "Whipped out my sunglasses for no reason"

    AHAHAHAH that made me full LOL, funny girl :P

    but i do love how that jumpsuit looks so cute on you :)

  10. the jumpsuit looks lovely on you. :)
    i like your outfits :D

    i dont think my makeup would look good if i dont have nice hair >>"
    but i guess i will choose good makeup coz my hair is not too bad naturally..i would tie it up or something >>

  11. Congrats on the win! The romper looks really cute on you :D Love your 2nd outfit and all your accessories too ^^

  12. Congratz on winning! And love your OOTN. Especially the jewelry!! I have a necklace that has a bow that looks very similar to the one on your bracelet =)

    & I would totally pick makeup. I'm totally a clutz with my hair. I never know how to make those pretty updos and stuff.

  13. i love your necklaces and earrings sooooo cuteee and romper looks lovely on you ^__^

  14. i never do anything to my hair. :/ i never even comb it on a daily basis LOL! so i'd definitely pick makeup. =) your outfits are so pretty and you're so cute! :3

  15. Congratulations on winning.
    The romper looks great on you! :) The floral pattern detailing is super cute.

  16. Lol to the sunglasses picture xD you're so cuteee jenn ='D hahaha and the necklace is very pretty =D congrats on winning the jumpsuit =D

  17. Hii Jenny! you look absolutely stunning in that outfit you wore to your friend's party, also the jumper really suits you!! :3

    for me, i'd prefer really good hair, too much make-up usually ends up smudgy at the end of the night :/


  18. The jumpsuit looks fab on you. You are so cute


    that is all.

    LOL just kidding ;) The romper's material looks sooooo soft! And the floral details on it makes it so unique :)

    YOU LOOK ABSOLUTELY CUTE JEN, WAYYYYYY cuter than K-idols <3 And gorgeous in that outfit you wore to your friend's birthday dinner. Love your accessories, especially the Gold key earrings :D

    Yehhhh I think I'd go for makeup as well cos like you, my hair already looks quite tidy :)

  20. Cute outfits!!

    Yummy macarons are delish~

  21. I love you outfit, its super cute! I also have to straighten my hair, lucky you have straight hair! I go for make-up as well!

  22. Cute jumper! Totally loving the ruffles on it.

    Thank you for your reply on my blog!

  23. I love the outfits^^ and I also like your accessories :))

  24. I just noticed you have double earrings!
    I got them two weeks ago, and took them out when I was not supposed to.
    How long do keep them in for??
    It doesn't really have to be in for as long as they say right?? haha

  25. this jumpsuit is so adorable!
    ur blog is cute :D
    check out mine. and follow if ud like



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