Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Review: Geo Berry Holic Lenses

Hi guys! I haven't been able to update in the last few days because I've actually been pretty busy (surprisingly). I said in a couple of posts back that I would have more time to blog now that it's my holidays but that doesn't seemed to be the case :/ I knew that I'd have things to do here and there, especially because my relatives from Sydney were visiting and staying in my city for a week. It turns out that ever since they've arrived, my aunties have planned to go out and about with them, except for today (hence I am finally able to blog now without feeling super tired!) It's been really enjoyable and I'm not complaining :] Just wanted to let you guys know what's been happening in my life.

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter because I sure did ^.^ What did I get up to? Well my relatives and I went for an hour drive out of my city to go a little German town up in the hills called Hahndorf. We walked around the shops, had lunch and also went to a strawberry farm to pick strawberries :3 As we were picking we ate some too hehe. They were so sweet and we picked heaps of them! My cousin took a photo of all the strawberries but I didn't so I don't have any pictures :(

Speaking of pictures - I GOT A NEW CAMERA! Finally, I can take high quality pictures :D Buttttt one problem at the moment... I need a micro SD card T^T Until I can get one, then there will be high quality pictures on my blog 
*pinky promise*

Enough about me and my busyness lately, time to blog properly and include photos~

This is a bit of an overdue post however I'm glad that I can catch up on it now that I am on uni break. A while ago (too embarrassed to say exactly how long ago) I was sent two pairs of lenses from my sponsors iCandy Style Lens and these are from a new series of lenses called 'Berry Holic' from the brand GEO:

I'm so glad that GEO have created a new style of lenses that look really similar to my favourite World Series 3-tone lenses that I have. 

Now I hope to also be able to own the Berry Holic series and compare how similar or different they are to the first 3-tone series.

I decided to choose to colours which I had never tried before which were turquoise and golden honey to review.

[GEO] CM-957

Series: Berry Holic
Colour: Turquoise
Type: 3-tone
DIA: 14.00mm
B.C: 8.60mm
Water Content: 38%
Brand: GEO
Life Span: 1 year disposable

 One eye with no lens

 Natural indoor lighting

With flash photography

The colour turquoise itself is a blue-green so I'm no surprised that they turned out looking blue in natural lighting and more green in flash photography. If I wear these lenses out I could get people to guess what colour my contacts are and they would probably guess green or blue since they're more common contact colours. I'd be like 'nope, they're turquoise' :P I'm glad that there are turquoise lenses now, another natural-looking shade of coloured lenses.

I reckon these stand out better than the 3-tone blue and green lenses which is great but look a bit more unnatural than blue or green lenses. These lenses didn't blended as well with my dark eyes which made me look slightly alien-ish.

Colour: /5 - It's the perfect turquoise colour with a mix of blue and green
Pattern: ★/5 - 3-tone is great, 1-tone would be too unnatural
Comfort: /5 - Very comfortable but I've tried comfier lenses
Enlargement: /5 - The colour makes my eyes stand out heaps and it contributes to the slight enlarging effect which is what I like, thus my actual rating is ★/5
Overall rating: 18/20 - Love it!

Interested in purchasing these lenses? ORDER THEM HERE

[GEO] CM-958

Series: Berry Holic
Colour: Golden Honey
Type: 3-tone
DIA: 14.00mm
B.C: 8.60mm
Water Content: 38%
Brand: GEO
Life Span: 1 year disposable

One eye with the lens on

Natural indoor lighting

With flash photography

Again, these totally go by the name of 'golden honey' and they are so pretty! I love the colour of these lenses, they're a warm brown with a hint of khaki on the outer ring which I adore. The difference between these lenses compared to the turquoise ones is that the center rings aren't yellow/gold but instead they're a medium brown, therefore they blend better with my dark eyes. I'm very happy about there not being a yellow/gold ring in the center because these lenses would look less natural.

I also want to add that I'm pleased with how they turned out in flash photography because they don't look too creepy or vibrant. These lenses suit Asian eyes really well because to me they're not too light and not too dark.

Colour: ★/5 - I think these are now my favourite colour of lenses
Pattern: ★/5 - Absolutely love 3-tone lenses
Comfort: ★/5 - I found these very comfortable to wear
Enlargement: 0/5 - Could hardly tell that there was any enlargement, hence my rating is /5
Overall rating: 20/20 - Love it!

I seriously still can't get over how gorgeous these lenses are! Before I tried them on, I thought that they would look really light on my eyes but I am so glad that they didn't. I really hope to find/see/try more golden honey-like lenses.

And the last picture of me with the lenses on:

Have I tempted you into purchasing these lenses? You can ORDER THEM HERE

Thanks iCandy Style Lens for giving me the opportunity to try these lenses.

Thanks guys for reading such a long post from me! I hope I'll have time to post again in the next couple of days. It's sad knowing that I am now on my second week of holidays, a.k.a my last =[

And since you've stuck around for this long, I will show you a picture of my new camera which I have already posted on my Twitpic but just in case you missed it or don't follow me on Twitter (which you should lol!) here it is:

It's a Samsung PL121 and my dad bought it for me as a month-early 18th birthday present. My birthday won't be until May 22 but I really wanted a new camera before then so he ordered it online and it came as express shipping a day before the Easter public holidays =] I've been playing around with it heaps and I love it. It's got everything I need and want in a camera with bonus features such as the dual screen with one at the front so I can have better aim when I take front-on pictures ;P Also good for video recording so I know whether I am in the frame or not.

I took the picture with my iPod Touch and I don't think I should use it again for blog pictures because it is so grainy, especially at night time :S Also prepare to say bye-bye to grainy pictures on my blog haha x]

PS: I won't have a questjen for you guys in this post - I'll let you off this time xD

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Review: Wavy Hair Extensions from iwantcute.com

Hi everyone, hope you're all having a great week so far. This is only my second official day of holidays but I feel that it's already going by pretty fast haha D: Or maybe I'm just feeling paranoid about not wanting these holidays to end ;A; But anyway, thanks for the feedback on my previous post, I'll definitely take into consideration of the things you want to see on my blog.

This is a bit of a delayed review and I won't be using the excuse 'better late than never' because it's always better to never be late lol. I was meaning to get onto this as soon as possible and I'm glad that I've got time now to do this post.

About a month or so ago, I was contacted by Karyan who is the owner of iwantcute.com to review an item from her shop. I received them in about a week after they were shipped and she was kind enough to sponsor some hair extensions to try out.

Here's the package that I received:

 - Padded bag
- Neat packaging of item
- Flyer

Iwantcute.com is an online store based in the UK that sells authentic circle lenses from Geo, Dueba and EOS and they also supply hair extensions which is pretty awesome :)

The hair extensions that I was sent were the Wavy Natural Black Extensions

- Safely stored in a clear bag
- Buttons at the top and bottom for easy storage
- Hair pieces are secured with a twist tie at the top 

About the hair extensions:
£28.00 (equates to roughly $43 in AUD)
- Japanese synthetic material, the best alternative to human hair
- 10 pieces
- 8cm x 60 cm
- 2 clips on each piece

 This is what 1 piece looks like

 The 2 clips

My hair is not fully black because I've dyed it and so my ends are brown. I was planning to dye my whole hair brown but I hate regrowth so instead I added some brown highlights to my hair. I did that to my hair back in January/February.

When I first tried out these hair extensions, I thought about having dark brown ones instead to blend in better with the bottom half of my hair. But then I thought, I could make this work...

Just informing you now that I decided to keep my hair straight for this, even though it would have been even better if I had waved/curled my hair. I was lazy, okay xD ?

10 pieces of hair extensions were plenty for me and I decided not to put all of them in my hair because it probably would have made it seem like I was wearing a wig due its thickness. So instead, I wore as many as possible to fit around my head... which happened to be 7.

The more pieces, the better it blends in with my dark brown bits
By the way, I'm probably getting my bangs cut soon. They're becoming annoying

Such thick voluminous hair!!

 Just ignore my brown bits... these hair extensions look like my real hair

Even though 7 pieces made my hair look very voluminous and bouncy... it wasn't what I wanted. It looked a bit unnatural because even if I curled/waved my natural hair, it wouldn't be like that at all. And besides, it would be so obvious that it's not my real hair, right?

I WAS going to leave it as it was with the pictures and review but then later on I decided to do a 'take 2' and have photos of me wearing less hair extensions. Plus, I decided to wear something white so it would be easier to see the length and the waves.

So, here's take two, using my iPod Touch camera (because it's wayyyy easier to camwhore with that):

 Speaking of 'take two', I literally took two hair extension pieces out x] So I'm wearing 5 in these pictures

2 pieces on each side with one at the back. It works perfectly with my hair

Can you even tell in these pictures that I didn't curl/wave my hair?? Haha

Loose touseled waves, now it's really not that obvious that I'm wearing extensions (:

Something that I noticed in my iPod pictures was the graininess of them compared to the first few pictures that my hair's colour was all black. You can't even see the brown in my hair which is pretty crazy. My iPod Touch must be slightly colour blind o_o I'm only kidding ;P

And usually when I review stuff, I take a photo with flash to see the difference of its appearance. So the purpose for a picture taken with the flash is to see the texture of the hair extensions:

 Back to using my phone's camera, which is my temporary default camera
I'm getting a new camera in a matter of (working) days *dances*
(This is totally irrelevant but on my lips I am wearing NYX Thalia lipstick)

 I love how the extensions don't have that really glossy/shiny look in flash photography ^.^ They're well-designed and I can see how they're a great alternative to human hair extensions.

 So after all of the camwhoring and testing, here is my review:

People tend to prefer human hair extensions over synthetic ones because human hair extensions last longer, are easier to care for, can be washed/straightened/curled etc. and are less likely to become tangled or messy. I've never owned nor used human hair extensions before so I can't do a comparison however, I can do a comparison with synthetic hair extensions that I have owned before.

All hair extensions, regardless of whether or not they are synthetic or human hair, 'start off' as being very shiny, silky and smooth (for instance, look at a Barbie doll's hair when it's brand new. After brushing the hair and playing with the doll, it becomes tangly). My old, straight synthetic extensions didn't last long and became tangled, knotted and hard to maintain within a few times of wear. I could not brush through them or use heat or else they would go very fuzzy. I never did anything to them except wear them but even so, they still frizzed up so bad that anti-frizz spray would not have been able to tame them.

I hope with the hair extensions I have now won't do the same thing, but I can't be so sure. I don't think that my old hair extensions were made from Japanese materials so that could be the difference. I wouldn't have to worry if I had human hair extensions however, they'd be more expensive and personally... I wouldn't feel as comfortable with wearing human hair extensions on my hair. Call me picky but knowing that someone else's hair (could be more than one person's hair) is on my hair is a bit strange for me. It's like putting someone's nails on your own nails as false nails o_o Gross much? Lol! Okay it's not to that extent and the hair would be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected but you really don't know what they could have done with that human hair before all of that *shudders* There are pros and cons about human vs. synthetic hair extensions but I won't go into that.

Instead I'll talk about the pros and cons of these hair extensions:

- 10 pieces of hair extensions is plenty, pieces to spare can be saved and/or be a replacement in the future
- Easy to use with two clips in each piece, just like regular hair clips
- Clips are firm to hold extensions in place when worn
- Lightweight individual pieces, allows a more natural look to hair
- Length of extensions is appropriate
- With each piece, volume is buildable and achievable without overdoing it
- Silky, smooth, shiny which looks very close to human hair
- The shade is perfect for my natural black hair (can suit most Asians well!)
- Blends well with straight hair, does not have to be already wavy
- Nothing to criticise about the scent
- The waves are evenly distributed to each piece
- Storage bag allows for neat placement without causing tangles

- Would prefer to have varied widths for the pieces i.e. some wider ones and thinner ones
- May not last long as they are not human hair extensions
- Using heat, water or products on the extensions is not recommended (assuming so)

Overall rating: 8/10
They're meant for extending the length of your already-waved hair but instead I'm going to use them to add volume and style to my hair without lengthening, or maybe just a little bit of lengthening. I reckon they're perfect for people like me who want to add some waves to dull straight hair without having to do any styling to the hair already on your head ;) I'll definitely be wearing these out to spice up my look a little!

As you can tell with the big smile on my face, I am happy with these hair extensions =) YAY

Thanks Karyan of 'I Want Cute' for sending me these hair extensions! If you guys are interested in purchasing hair extensions or circle lenses from her site, you can visit her site at:

Be directly linked to the hair extensions:

And if you haven't already seen this banner on my sidebar, you can get 10% off your order by using the code QUESTEN at the checkout:

And on top of that you get FREE SHIPPING, how awesome is that?!

That's all for this post, thanks for reading :D If you have any questions, please feel free to ask and if anyone is interested in seeing a tutorial on how to put on these hair extensions then you may request it :)

I always have to end my posts with a questjen...

What are your thoughts on hair extensions?
Love them, hate them, find them tacky? Do you mind when girls wear hair extensions or do you think it's 'cheating'/fake?

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Lipstick Tag

Ah hello all! I'm finally on uni holidays so I get two weeks break as of now :D The last 7 weeks have been the most hectic weeks of my life, I already feel drained from uni and it hasn't even been half the year yet T^T But good news is that I will seriously be making the most of the holidays, either by studying, relaxing, going out - they'll all be rewarding x] Oh and also blogging, can't forget that! There will be more posts during the next couple of weeks ^.^

I was tagged by 'Death By Dizziness' (sorry I don't know your name!) to do the 'lipstick tag'. It looked quite interesting so I thought I'd give it a go and answer the questions about lipsticks.

But before I start, here is my lipstick collection and how I store it:

Pretty much all drugstore-brands, good enough for me ^^" To me, my collection of lipsticks isn't that big. 4 of them are lip balms which I just store there to fill up space haha.

1. When you were a child, did you use your mother’s lipsticks?
Yeah I did! But her lipsticks all had that strong lipstick scent (I don’t know if anyone knows what I’m talking about) so I didn’t like it much. Also, it was hard for me to remove and whenever I’d secretly went to her room and applied some on, she’d always catch me having it on xD She'd be like :O 'why did you use my lipstick rahrahrah' lol!

2. How old were you when you bought  your first lipstick?

I only started getting into lipsticks in early 2010 haha. As I mentioned before, I used to think that all lipsticks had that strong scent so I had no interest in them until I actually started swatching them instores. I was heavily influenced by many Youtube gurus and beauty bloggers who would use lipsticks :) So I was 16 when I bought my first lipstick, before I turned 17 last year.

3. Pink or red lipstick?
Definitely pink, I love pink lipsticks, they're so wearable both day and night. Red is hard to pull off and I only own one red lipstick which I only bought by accident and didn’t bother refunding or exchanging. I don't regret purchasing the red lipstick though because it was on sale and I guess I could use it in a makeup look or something.

4. The most expensive lipstick you have ever bought?
I’ve always purchased lipsticks when they’re on sale so mine are all under $20 :P But in terms of RRP, the most expensive one I have is Revlon -__- and that's a drugstore brand!

5. And the cheapest?
Again, when there was a sale =) I got two Maybelline lipsticks from Priceline for $2 each and they’re really good quality and I like them a lot.

6. What’s the most bizarre thing you have done with lipstick?
Wrote with it on paper (used one of my mum’s old lipsticks) and once I put some lipstick on my lips and 'kissed' a piece of paper to create a lipstick print x]

7. If you had to recommend a lipstick, which brand would you recommend and why?
Oh definitely the Revlon range, they’re really good quality! Even though they’re considered to be the most ‘expensive’ among the other drugstore-branded lipsticks, they’re so worth it. Great if you can catch them when they’re on sale. The '2 for 1' deals are the best, a.k.a buy 1 get 1 free.

I would tag a whole heap of people to do this but I don't know many who use lipsticks or purchases them so I'm only going to be tagging three people who I'm pretty sure are lipstick users/wearers.

I tag you Lene! Mostly because you often tag me in your blog posts (thanks) and I love seeing your posts with lipstick swatches. I'd love to read your answers to the above questions (:

Woman, you haven't blogged in a while D: And I know you're a fan of lippies hehe

I know you're into makeup so I hope you can do this tag =)

+ I tag anyone else who is interested in doing the tag. If anyone does decide to do, let me know and share me your answers :D

The above picture of my lipsticks is quite misleading because I actually have some more lipsticks to add to the collection, which I just got recently!

Okay I haven't announced this on my blog yet but I did a while ago on Twitter (a good reason to follow me there - to know some 'breaking' news before knowing about it through my blog). I announced that my makeup-purchasing ban has now officially ended. For a bit over 3 months I went without purchasing a single makeup product. I resisted the massive sales, especially around the Christmas/new year period which wasn't easy!! I honestly didn't think that I would be able to last a month let alone 3 months so I'm quite proud of that :)

I have a lot of hauling to do but in the meantime, here's a preview of my lip products that I bought:

I finally got my hands on some NYX lipsticks and lipglosses *__*
Excuse the low quality - iPod touch camera pictures go grainy in low light conditions :(

So yeah, that's all. I have some more tag posts to do and the reason why I've decided to delay these tag posts  until my holidays is because I didn't want them to be my once-a-week posts which I have been doing since uni has started.

Since I've got more time free now, what sort of posts do you guys want to see? 

I've got quite a lot on my list of things to blog about but I have no idea what you guys would be interested in. Reviews? Hauls? Tutorials? Makeup inspired looks? Something random? Please let me know below ^_^

I was thinking of doing a lipstick review/swatches of my collection... hmmm!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Giveaway Item from Marie + OOTN

Hey guys, it's been a week since I last blogged but to me it seems like it's been ages because I just had such a long, stressful and busy week @_@ I've never been this glad and grateful for the weekend, ah :) One more week of uni and then I'll be on a two-week break - cannot wait!

This post is super delayed (sorry Marie) however I have now found the time to blog about it. I took pictures a couple of weeks ago and you'd think I could manage to blog about it in the same week I took the photos but that's not how it is for me =[ Same with product reviews, I always take pictures and test the product weeks or sometimes even a month before I actually sit down and write up a blog post haha x[

I'm pretty sure you're all familiar with Marie by now since this is the third time I've mentioned her in a blog post (refer to my package-swap posts) :D But just in case you're not, she's one of my blogging besties and she currently resides in Perth, Australia. I love her to bits and our greatest connection is our high admiration for K-pop  Did I ever mention that we're quite alike with much in common? Check out her blog if you haven't done so already: http://exuvalia.blogspot.com

Marie held a giveaway in February and announced the winner on the 1st of March. Guess what? I ended up being the randomly-picked winner of her awesome giveaway which was a total surprise to me. Of course, I was very happy and excited about being the winner because this was what she was giving away:

A brand new playsuit/jumpsuit/romper/whatever you want to call it! *__*

It's a size small so it's perfect for me and this is the first playsuit I've ever owned. I've always wanted one but could never find a really pretty one for a good price. Thanks so much Marie for this generous giveaway.

I can't just leave this post as it is, for sure I'd show you guys what it looks like when worn hehe:

 Please mind the messy floor from studying ^.^"

 I love this colour, baby blue (:
I especially love the ruffles on the top, it makes it look less plain!

 I adore the floral detail inside the pocket and at the bottom

Although it's suitable for a size small, the top part is a bit big for me compared to the bottom part. I must be out of proportion D: But that's okay, I know I don't have the perfect body! 

Unfortunately I won't be wearing this playsuit out any time soon due to the cold weather nowadays but I'll definitely be wearing it out when it's spring/summer at the end of the year =)

Instead on a sunny day, I decided to take some photos of myself 'modelling' the outfit. I am no professional model nor have I ever done any type of real modelling so don't take my photos too seriously lol, I was just playing around by having funny poses for your own viewing enjoyment ;P

Mind you, I have no makeup on, neither am I wearing any circle lenses :]

 The view from the back

Whipped out my sunglasses for no reason

 The hands-on-hips pose. Too common, too cheesy?

 Blowing you some kisses xx

 I've seen so many pictures famous Korean girls posing like this, so I gave it a shot
Except they look way better than this, and cuter :(

 I don't know what this is. An 'L' shape perhaps? L for love ^o^

Yeah, that is all. I had my camera on timer and it was supported on a tripod. Makes posing for outfits so much easier and better. Sorry for the graininess in some of them, I had my camera on zoom because I couldn't have it standing right in front of me. And I'm STILL using my phone's camera and I'm hoping that I can get a new digital camera for my birthday next month.

Speaking of birthdays, I went to my friend from high school's 18th birthday dinner last Sunday. It was a lovely night and I enjoyed seeing and talking to my high school friends again. It's now rare for us to all be together at once since we're all so busy these days and school's over =[ I actually miss high school! Well not everything - I miss seeing my friends everyday and having teachers who actually care about what you do and your progress in school.

I currently don't have any photos of me and my friends on the night but I'll show you my outfit and accessories:

 A mirror shot from the bathroom, lol

It was a chilly night so I wore my blazer and tights. Very glad that I did because we sat outside to eat under the shade.

I took a while to get ready, I totally lost track of time so I ended up being a bit late to my friend's birthday :/ However, three of my friends came even later than me so that made me feel a bit better haha. I really wanted to do my hair and wear my wavy hair extensions *sigh* maybe I should have done my hair before my makeup... but knowing me, I'd choose doing makeup over hair xD

I had no time to take photos before I went so the rest of these outfit and accessories pictures were taken when I got home. No face photos because my eyeliner and mascara were starting fade and smudge xP

 The closest photo of my face you can get from these pictures

 My heels~ I can't go out in a dress/skirt without a pair of heels on!

This is one pair of the heels I wore

 A closer look at my outfit of the night:
- Pink top with lace on the sleeves, wearing a white singlet underneath
- Coral skirt with a black bow at the front (I love bows)

 I wore this necklace to my graduation last year
It's a carousel with a rocking horse up the top. It's similar to those bird cage designs but more unique

Gold key earrings with a pink rose and a pearl, so elegant

A pearl bracelet with a silver bow

The birthday girl gave us all a little gift of thanks for attending her birthday, naww. She made macarons and placed them into a box!

 She's too kind :D I wish I could make macarons

 I don't know what the flavour was exactly but I tasted strawberry
Ah it was so delicious, no joke!!

Thanks for reading my blog post guys, hope you found it somewhat interesting. I tried to not write too much and include heaps of pictures, hence the combined post of Marie's giveaway item and an outfit of the night. I haven't done an outfit post in ages ^_^ Also, I didn't want this post to just be about me winning because for some that may be seen as bragging and I didn't want comments just to say congrats. Combined posts are better, yeah? I hope so :)

One more thing - did you notice the larger-than-usual photos I've uploaded?! I finally figured out a way to get them to be that size without using an external site to upload from. Larger photos are so much better in my opinion, but you know what would be better? Using an actual camera! Hoping that I will get a new camera within a month *fingers crossed*

A questjen for you:

Pick one for a night out - really good makeup or really good hair?

If you've read my entire post, you'd know what I mean about this questjen ;) I'd choose makeup because my hair is very low-maintenance and is naturally straight which already looks quite neat and tidy. And besides, makeup stands out more in photos than hair sometimes. I'm more face-conscious than hair-conscious, I can't help it!
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