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Review: My Beauty Diary Strawberry Yogurt Mask

Hello all, I've got a review on a face mask that I recently tried :) I received this from Chanel who did a swap with me and I'm really glad that she sent me this because it was my first time trying an MBD mask.

If you're not sure what My Beauty Diary masks are, they are a well-known brand of face masks from Taiwan and are known for having a large range of masks with various purposes and for different skin types. I had wanted to try these masks for a really long time because I've heard so many good things about them from bloggers who have done reviews.

My Beauty Diary - Strawberry Yogurt Mask
我的美丽日记 - 草莓优格纳米面膜


- Everything is written in Chinese
- Date of Manufacture and expiry printed

Main ingredients and their purpose:
- Natural strawberry extracts contain minerals and enzymes to leave the skin clean, fair and fresh
- Yogurt extract balances sebum secretion and tightens pores

What it claims to do:
- Whitens and refines skin
- Controls excessive sebum secretion
- Leaves skin luminous
- Enhances skin's moisture level

Suitable for:
- Normal and combination skin

[Sourced from]

When I opened the packet, I didn't know that there would be a protective sheet over it so I was a bit surprised at first, lol. Here is how it looked like on my face when I first applied it:

 I could have had my eyes opened and looked straight forward but... that might freak you guys out :P
I forgot to put down the nose-flap thing at first haha

As you may or may not know, I am not that good with reading Chinese so I got my mum to read the instructions on the back of the packet so I could fully understand what to do.

1. Gently tear the package off the mask and place the mask onto the face.
2. Leave the mask on for about 20-30 minutes and remove after.
3. No need to rinse the excess, instead massage the remains onto the skin.

 Enjoying this mask on a hot day (:

Initial thoughts:
Even though I received this mask in January, I was slightly hesitant about trying it at first because I had previously gotten a bad skin reaction to a mask I used which wasn't from MBD. Instead it was some cheap one that I bought from an Asian store in my city. I'm glad it was cheap because it would have been an even bigger waste of money if it wasn't =/

I was also slightly hesitant because it didn't say that it was for sensitive skin but in the end, I was SO glad that I did end up trying it! I loved using it because it was so cool on my face and I had no skin irritations whatsoever. I don't think I'll be trying any other brand of masks, I really trust this brand.

I can't complain about the way it fitted on my face because everyone's face shape and proportions are different so it can't fit perfectly (unless you had the 'perfect' face shape and proportions I guess T_T) but with that said, there wasn't that many creases on my mask which must mean that the fitting wasn't bad :]

I left this on for exactly 30 minutes, I didn't want to take it off earlier!

Sorry I didn't take a picture of my face after I took off the mask but I asked my mum what she thought of after I did my mask and she said that my face looked whiter! Not a lot whiter like a ghost or something, just a natural whitening and brightening to my complexion. I could see it too ^.^ My face also felt baby-smooth and very moisturised, just what my face needed.

- Yummy strawberry yogurt scent, not too strong
- The mask does what it claims to do
- Protective sheet = less prone to ripping mask when opening it out
- Mask sheet could fit many different face shapes
- Although it doesn't say so, it's suitable for sensitive skin
- No drippy mess/residue from the mask but extremely moist
- Material is very gentle on my face
- Cooling sensation without it being in a fridge prior to use
- Date of manufacture and expiry printed
- Quite inexpensive online, can purchase single or pack of 10

- Couldn't fit all the way up to my hairline (must be 'cause of my large foreheard -.-)
- Instructions and description all written in Chinese - not good if you're not a fluent reader like me!
- More expensive in store than online
- Risky to purchase online as there are fake MBD masks, but purchased from trusted stores are fine

YES! Without a doubt. I want to try the other types too and buy some mixed sets :D

As you can see, I didn't have a problem with the mask itself at all. I was so pleased! I recommend this to anyone who wants to try a face mask and I am certain that you would be pleased with this as much as I am.

Thanks for reading my review, I hope you found it helpful. If you have any questions about MBD masks, feel free to ask~

Have you tried MBD masks before? 
Which mask is your favourite?

If you haven't tried MBD masks before, I'd still like to know other brands you have tried, like and would recommend to others!


  1. Thanks for the helpful review!! Ive seen some MBD masks at a store nearby and they're $2 each! :3 I should definitely go check it out! I need one suitable for scarred skin :D

    Mwa x

  2. omg yayy for mbd face maskss <3 i love how affordable they are too!

  3. well i never tried that mask before, since i'm not really into mask,
    i have oily face, so they recommend me using clay based, instead of mask. but i would like to try that mask too ^__^

  4. Hi Jen! I haven't tried MBD sheet masks but I do recommend the Hisamitsu Lifecella ones - I'm in love with them!

    Kisses, Melanie

    I'm also doing a Giveaway on my Blog, if you would like to enter ^_^

  5. i love MBD masks :D my favourite is the black pearl :3

  6. I've had terrible experiences with sheet masks :s
    Mainly cos it smelt absolutely terrible (ginseng and something!) and it had absolutely no effect on my face at all -___- glad it worked for you & I'll be on the look out for this mask : D

  7. I recently got into all that MBD stuff as well and ordered two Alice in Wonderland sets *-* Really, I can't see an improvement on my skin, but hell the fragrance and the feeling, I somehow love these masks XD

  8. I like this review ;D

    I've got some lying around & def gonna have to try them out. You've totally sold me!

    You have a big forehead? I've always thought your face shape was beautiful! I think the wide forehead really compliments your super V shaped chin, so pretty~

    PS. I know omg, you know the day I bought my baby huskies was the day I was meant to do the review, all my eye make-up was all the products you sent me ;D Will DEF get onto it asap!

    Much luvo~ xx

  9. ah yay I got some of these from Chanel too but haven't used them since I couldnt read the directions lol :) I'm going to bookmark this page so I can come back to the instructions when I use it!

  10. I still need to try this one =D !! but apple polyphenol is my favorite atm ^^ !

  11. Thanks for the review Jelly! <3
    I was about to say "I've never tried one and I want to buy one!" when I realised I have one ...that I haven't tried out yet >___<"

    So thanks for reminding me ;P hehe. But oooh it does sound heaps nice ! I'm going to try this out sometime soon <3

  12. How awesome a mask can be!

    I love your blog and I follow you. Wanna follow back?

  13. thanks for the review. i've never tried sheet mask before.

  14. this is a brilliant review, very interesting, might consider trying it out some time!
    Krissy xoxo

  15. might go buy some myself!!
    thanks for the review!!


  16. I have this one but I haven't tried it yet! I want to try the new LE ones!

  17. i really want to try MBD masks! =) i think i'll be placing an order really soon. x)

  18. Interesting mask. Looks like it is a good purchase.

  19. I've only tried the Rice Peptides one :) I had a box of the strawberry yogurt ones but they turned out to be fake so I got rid of those >.< I wanna try out the rest of the flavors though - especially the ones from their luxury line :D

  20. masks are really great for the skin ToT I wish I am not to lazy to apply this things >.<

  21. lol i cant get it to my hairline too! xoxo elle

  22. I also tried this mask and love it but my favorite from the my beauty diary collection has to be the cherry blossom mask, it smells so nice! Lately I've been so lazy with my masks =P

  23. im a big fan of MBD masks and I absolutely love them! I love this stawberry yogurt too but my fav has to be the apple one! It helps tighten your pores!
    You should try their sister brand called FaceQ. The ocean mask is just amazing!!
    Great review by the way! Do detailed and love how you got your mom to help you!

  24. Hello honey!! I absolutely LOVE your blog!!

  25. I might have to get one now after reading your review.

    Great review BTW.

  26. Great post,your blog is really nice

  27. thanks for the review! it was so nice and detailed. i always want to use my masks but forget :S should start using them more! :D

    please check out my makeup blog too when you have a moment



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