Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Melody ♫

Hi everybody! I didn't plan to blog again this weekend but I decided to do so because I know I'm going to have an even busier weekend next week and may not have time to blog. As I am currently uni assignment-less (which I know won't last for long),I'll quickly do one now. It's currently Sunday night and I have uni tomorrow. Usually I'd be doing uni work at this time but it's almost 12 am so it's the best time to relax a bit and then head off to bed.

A few weeks ago I received a package from one of my Blog BFFLs which I'm sure many of you know (because she's so awesome). I'm talking about the one and only - my Melody, a lovely blogger from Melbourne (in Australia) who happens to be one of the most sweetest and thoughtful girls I have ever known! So this blog post is pretty much dedicated to her :)

I haven't met her in real life before but we've had countless conversations via Blogger (of course), Twitter, Facebook, Skype and email so from all of that we've gotten to know each other quite well. What makes it easy for us to connect is that we're both from Australia and she's just a year level older than me. Our university courses have similarities and I love how I can talk to her freely about cadavers without her being grossed out xD I can't talk to anyone about it except for her haha. Even my friends in my course don't want to talk about it!

So without further ado, here is the package I received from her:

 She used colourful stamps, how cute x] It's so like Melody because her blog posts are COLOURFUL
Usually for packages, they print out a sticker as the stamp at the post office

Items with a sweet handwritten note 
 Don't mind my dodgy 'watermark' - I got lazy and just used my phone's photo editor xD

The items were all a surprise and I had no idea what would be in it so when I saw the things I was like :O Because Melody specifically purchased items that would 'suit' me or was interested in. I remember having a conversation with her about Chi Chi nail polishes x]

Here are the nail polishes on my nails, 2 coats:

Chi Chi Salon Formula in Cyberrella
Silver nail polish, yay it's so metallic ^.^

 Chi Chi Salon Formula in Booty-licious
Quite sheer but buildable colour

And she also got me a Chi Chi eyeshadow dust:

 Chi Chi Eyeshadow Dust in Flashy Trashy

 One swipe swatch

The pigmentation is pretty good and it is a shimmery yellow with a hint of gold. I never owned any yellow eyeshadow but now I do ='] Aw thanks Mel hehe.

Last but not least item, something perfect for a vain girl like me haha...

 A compact mirror! 
Even though I'm kind of vain... this is my first compact mirror lol

Naww it's so pretty how it has pink glitter and rhinestones. If you didn't already know, my favourite colour is pink and I adore anything that sparkles and shines :D

It opens out as a double mirror - the top is 1x magnification and the bottom is 2x magnification
My phone is very outdated, about 3 years old D: But it takes clear pictures because it's a Cybershot x]

So many of you might be wondering why Melody sent a package my way. Well, a few months ago she held a giveaway contest which I entered for fun and also as my way to show my support. I wasn't a winner but she was kind enough to send packages to a few close blog friends who also entered as a way of saying thanks for entering. So sweet isn't she!

Thanks once again Melody for holding such a creative giveaway contest and of course, for sending a thank you package to me :] I don't feel that my words can be enough to thank you so I will definitely be sending you back a little something. You've spent time (and money) finding some items for me so I've got to do the same for you too, and reply to your sweet letter ^-^ I'm very grateful for knowing you through blogging, I hope we can meet one day!

If you haven't already, I suggest you check out her blog because it's really interesting to read with informative and helpful posts. She recently made a switch from Blogspot to Wordpress so her efforts should definitely be praised as it's not a very easy thing to do. Her new header and layout is awesome *_*


  1. Like, like, like! I love how you dedicated a blog entry to Melody and mentioned how awesome she is (in your own words). Wishing that I'll be able to see you in person one day, along with the other BLOGGERS!

    I love you heapsss hehe. Woah! That chichi eyeshadow actually looks quite nice and pigmented <3 (Yeah, you can obviously tell that I didn't check before I bought lolol)

    And I'm glad that you liked the compact mirror <3 I do too *-* I contemplated buying one for myself too but I have many compact mirrors looll!


  3. Super nice gifts from Melody <3 yes she's awesome :)


  4. Awww so thoughtful of her :) Sweet angel!

  5. <3 so nice ^__^ I'm jealous hahaXD

  6. Hey its Laura Beth from a blog you follow "makeup on mind" Someone has broken into my account and is impersonating me. I have no access to my account anymore. It stinks that blogger is not taking action. So for the safety of your blog and email address please remove yourself from this blog asap!

    xox Laura Beth

  7. Awww Melody is such a sweet heart ~
    Everything sent is perfect :O I love the color combination for the nail polish and shadow. And gg I need a new mirror. Keep breaking them >:-(
    P.S. I think your watermark is cute!

    ♥ Gerrrrry

  8. Awww. ♥ She sent you such lovely things ^^

  9. everything look so goody! i havent try chi chi before and these stuffs look awesome, especially the e/s very pigmented!

    xoxo elle

  10. How sweet of her! The compact is really nice! I'm in need of a new compact mirror =(

  11. aw she is sweet and lucky u! i love the baby green chichi looks so pretty n perfect for spring! x

  12. nice blog.. and good article :) succsess for you :)

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  13. I hold my pen in style 2 as well! You have such pretty handwritting! By the way, I am following your awesome blog now :)

  14. Oh I like the mirror compact! So cute!


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