Friday, March 4, 2011

Dueba Crystal i Brown Review

Hi guys! It's been about a week since I last blogged so I thought I'd update you guys briefly on what's been happening. It's March now which means that 2 months of this year have already gone by - so quick :O I just started university on Monday and this week has been pretty high and low for me. Lows are waking up early and having so much information to process in my mind (prior to uni I was on holidays for 3 months!) and the highs are seeing friends and meeting new people :)

Oh and I just noticed... this is my 100th blog post! :D

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About 2 weeks ago I received a pair of lenses from EyeCandyLens and the owner Chloe contacted me about a sponsorship program. You may have noticed a new banner on my sidebar on the right hand side - that will direct you straight to her site.

EyeCandyLens provide 4 different authentic brands of Korean circle lenses - Geo, Dueba, Neo and Vassen which to me is a very extensive range. I decided to choose a pair from a brand that I have not tried before which were the Dueba Crystal i Brown lenses.

Registered mail
Bubble wrapped
Free lens case included

Such pretty, girly vials!

Yellow-lidded case to match the lens colour

Pretty Crystal i Brown

Brand: Dueba
Origin: South Korea
Water content: 38%
Diameter: 14.5 mm
Base Curve: 8.6
Power: plano, -0.50 to -5.00 (0.25 step)
Duration: 1 year disposable

Even though on the EyeCandyLens description says that the lenses are 14.5mm, on the vials it says that they're 15.0mm lenses :O If that's true then I guess this is my first time wearing 15.0mm lenses - biggest yet!

Enlargement difference

Natural lighting

Flash photography

The image on the site of the lenses is much darker than the actual lenses which can be quite misleading. However, if you ask Chloe about any type of lenses and what they'd look like on, she'll be able to help you (just like how she helped me).

Chloe told me that these Crystal i Brown lenses give a watery, sparkly-eyed effect - kind of like the lenses in the Nudy series without the speckles. Her description was spot on, and this tells me that she has knowledge about circle lenses and is a trusted seller. I had requested a different pair but Chloe did not recommend them for me as I much prefer to wear lenses that blend in with my natural eye colour. Again she gave her honest opinions to help me with my decision to make sure that I was a happy 'customer'.

I have the Geo Nudy Brown lenses and I can definitely see a resemblance with these lenses. My Nudy lenses are close to their expiry so my new lenses will be a great replacement :D

Taken with my iPod
Not the best photo quality - as you can see my dark circles look much darker than normal :/

These lenses enlarge my eyes so much and they give me that crystal effect that I adore. Many of you may know my liking with Swarovski crystals and I reckon these lenses sparkle just like them *_*

Colour: ★/5 I'd like them to be a bit more dark (like the image on the site) but this colour is still a very pretty shade of brown
Pattern ★/5: The crystalised effect of these lenses are bound to be complimented.
Comfort ★/5: Very comfortable, when I wore them on it almost felt like I didn't have any lenses on! I wouldn't recommend you wear these for more than 5 hours because these are larger than regular lenses and are more prone to drying, plus reducing oxygen supply to your eyes.
Enlargement ★/5: It's obvious that these enlarge the eyes a lot but it would enlarge even more with an outer black ring. I'm glad it doesn't have that black ring, so these look more 'natural'

Overall score: 18/20 - Love it!

If you're interested in purchasing them, here is the link: Pretty Crystal i Brown

Thanks for reading my review, I hope that you found it helpful. And thanks to Chloe for sending these to me!

I'm curious about your answer to this question:

Would you ever try wearing 15.0mm lenses?

To me there isn't that much difference with wearing them compared to 14.0mm but when you look in the mirror, you do see a big difference!


  1. I love the lenses. They look great on you! I don't think I'd be able to wear 15mm lenses. I use my lenses way too much normally. I think those would jack up my eyes. LOL

  2. Oh the colour is quite light.. I like it :D

  3. You're so pretty~<3

    Loving your blog and I'm following!

    Miss. P

  4. whoa, so lighttt xD makes me think of an anime character when i look at your last picture hihi.. but wow 15 mm, I don't think that i can put those in my small eyes..

  5. They really do give that watery, sparkly-eyed effect! And I like how it blends with your natural eye colour too (Y) You look really pretty in them Jen~ <3

    The largest I've tried was 14.5mm. But WOW your eyes must be huge (like Melody's and Amanda's) if those are 15mm ;O

    Oh and about uni, after a month or two, you'll feel as though you've been there your whole life! hahahaa x)

  6. Ahhhhh <3333
    EYECANDYLENS <3 Chloe is sosososososooooo nice <3 I love how she gave her opinion and wanted to make sure that we got contacts that we preferred ^-^"!

    And mmmm, these contacts look heaps nicee! I really do like them *-* I've never tried 15mm. The most if my 14.8mm ..BUT I REALLY WANNA TRY THEM. I wonder what I'll look like O.O

  7. Those lens fit you perfectly~ ❤ You look like a doll !! :3

  8. I love the pattern and how vibrant and 'covering' the color is : D

  9. Wow, they look ginormo!!
    I don't think I'll ever wear sounds hard to get into the eye =/

  10. Congrats on starting university, and those lenses look great on you! I'm a devoted specs wearer, so I don't think I'll ever get the chance to try them myself, but they look good on others!

  11. congrats on your 100th blog post and goodluck with starting uni! =)

    these lenses look very pretty on you. ^^ come to think of it, i haven't seen any lens that don't look good on you. x)

  12. oh wow these lenses are so dramatic yet natural haha kinda doesn't make sense but i just feel it that way. they're very pretty on you!

  13. Congrats on posting up your 100th post!!!! *throws confetti*
    Man why are yours and Bunny's bottles packaged so pretty! Mine are always fugz :(

    I LOVEEE THE BROWN! SOOO going to note these down for next purchase!
    These lenses look so bright and noticeable on your eyes Jen!
    Yes I have tried 15.0 lenses. And they made me look alien-like lol! Still good ~

  14. lush eyes XD

    Oh thanks for following my blog =) Really means a lot to me =)

    Just followed ur blog too =)

    Jen Xx

  15. not sure if my comment went through... my Internet was being stupid. let me know? XD

  16. oh screw it I'm just gonna post it again XD
    it is kind of light, but still pretty ^__^

    RE: hmmmm I didn't think there was a bottle of bleach in there?! I just mixed the dye and developer together... pretty standard... but I seriously was worried my hair was gonna fall off orz... good thing that I'm not bald XD

  17. you are too adorable! and the lenses look really cute! I always wanted a pair :D

  18. oooo these lenses look so pretty on you! I like how light they make your eyes look. 15mm is a bit too dramatic looking for me though - I prefer natural looking lenses that only slightly enlarge :)

  19. The lens are so cute!


  20. the lenses made ur eyes popped! awesome! <3

  21. these lenses are pretty =] they make your eyes look massive !

  22. ur eyes look great with those lenses~!

  23. Lowest price with hight quality circle lens garuntee. Please go to and sign up for member price.


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