Saturday, March 26, 2011

Double Winged Eyeliner Tutorial

Hi Guys! I'm back for another week of blogging. Can you believe it, this is something I look forward to most when the weekend comes around :)

I decided to do a really quick tutorial with an inspired look from Qri which I posted about here. It is very simple and the reason why I made a tutorial for it was because I wanted to wear the look again and show you guys how I apply it.

K-pop stars love their black eyeliner because it really frames the eyes and makes someone look strong and fierce. Well, that's just how I see it haha, no idea what their main intention is. But I think eyeliner can make someone appear more atttractive. For girls it can make them look more sexy and for guys it can make them look more manly. 'Guyliner' is really popular amongst the K-pop boy bands and I don't have anything against it however I do like to see them look more fresh-faced. To me it really depends how it's worn because some people can pull it off better than others, and it can't be too thick or weird.

In this look I wore EOS Candy Doll Lenses from MukuCHU which I absolutely adore and find very comfortable! Thanks for sending them to me MukuCHU~

I also wore some wavy clip-on hair extensions to go with the look to have hair more like Qri's x] These hair extensions were kindly sent by which I will fully review in another blog post.

Basically I've shown two ways in which you can wing-out your eyeliner from the outer corner of your eyes. One way is demonstrated on Qri's look (which I like to call 'fish eye' because it reminds me of a fish) and two parallel lines that resemble an equal sign.

Here are some pictures. The quality isn't that great because I was using my iPod's camera - it's better to camwhore with because of the front camera xD

Qri's eye look
(my uni timetable is on my wall haha)

2 different types of double-winged eyeliner
Left = diagonal lines
Right = horizontal lines

Flicky waves - loving these hair extensions so much

Good lighting is important for pictures (:
I like how it reflects onto the bridge of my nose, making it look slimmer

The look is suitable for gyaru style~
I'd look even more gyaru if I had worn top and bottom falsies

My Anna Sui inspired mirror always makes an appearance in my tutorial videos 

And here's the video tutorial! Please don't mind my fob-like tutorial steps, I had limited words to use each time for the sentence to fit so it was as short as possible. Hope you understand what I mean though x) Don't mind my randomness at the end haha ;P Enjoy!

Some people would apply just eyeliner instead of eyeshadow but I like how the eyeshadow gives more dimension to the eyes. Thick, bold black eyeliner is the key to this look! And I always apply my eyeliner AFTER I apply eyeshadow. Haha Gerry ;P

I love both styles of winged eyeliner but I reckon the diagonal lines stand out more in photos than horizontal ones. Both are suitable looks for many occasions.

A question - actually, I think I might change it to questjen lol

So, a 'questjen' for you:

How important is black eyeliner to you?

For me, I love black eyeliner. I actually prefer how I look with black eyeliner than not having any on at all. Every time I go out I used it to line my waterline and when I go to a party or an evening event I would also line my top lash line. It completes my makeup looks and if I just has eyeshadow on, it wouldn't look that good. I don't really like brown eyeliner because it makes me look sleepy/tired and white eyeliner doesn't frame my eyes at all. Black eyeliner is a must for me!


  1. oh sweet. i haven't seen a lot of people doing double winged liner but it's really nice. i think the diagonal way is more dramatic.

  2. I really like that look, you look sooooooo sweet. But you rather remind me of Pochahontas :o So cool!

  3. your anna sui mirror looks like my etude house mirror! :3 you look gorgeous and this look really makes your eyes pop out! ^^

  4. I use black eye liner almost everyday! It's like, a daily routine for me know because without my cat eyes, ppl think I look sleepy.

    btw, not that I'm stalking or anything. By any chance, were you at rundle mall last week sunday? I swear I saw someone who looks like you~

  5. such a great tutorial jen!

    BLACK EYELINER IS MY LIFE. I use it everyday. Although I think its a little too heavy for everyday makeup :/

    can you recommend any good brown liners? <3

  6. I absolutely love black eyeliner. I can wear only that out haha. But I've recently been using some brown eyeliner too just for a softer sort of defining? It's quite nice :D

    Idk. I've done double wing before and I didn't really like it that much but I guess it depends on the face :S ? And your hairrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr is loveeeeeeeee <3

  7. Babe you look so cute! Super adorable!

    Would you wear this look out? :)

    And for your questjen, black eyeliner isn't that important to me! Haha I don't really need eyeliner though I'd prefer it. To me, my eyes can go out with only mascara and i'd feel like it's decently defined hehehe

    I'd love a white or an eyeliner of other colours though!! I wanna do funky makeup with them haha especially a yellow one! Hot stuff :)

    Perhaps you could do a partying look if you havent already ?! :D Yayz!


  8. Ohhh guuuurl!
    Those lenses makes your eyes look huge!
    I've always wanted to try double winged eyes, but am afraid to cos it's bold :O Might rock the look when I goez clubzz. Agreed that a lot of kpop guys wear eye liner! It's cool for MVs and stuff, but not a daily thing eheh.
    Lol @ "And I always apply my eyeliner AFTER I apply eyeshadow." Aye aye captain!
    Your vid was so cute! I like the end becos you look so Magibon xDDD
    Can't wait for my cam to come to start vlogging!
    <3 Gerry

  9. cute tutorial! just found your blog and it's pretty sweet :) xo

  10. once you applied eye liner, you're addicted to it! can't live without it anymore x_X!! both eyeliners - double winged and horizontal suits you very well <3 !!!

    nice tutorial =D

  11. I love black eyeliners too. Although I might use brown at times, depending on the look I want to create. But I don't usually put on makeup unless it's for a formal event so in general, I guess it's not that important. BUT when I do put on makeup, IT'S A MUST x)

    The extension looks so good on you! YOU'RE GORGEOUS JEN <3

  12. I love black eyeliner :D
    but i also use brown and white eyeliner too xD
    Black to line the top and a tiny bit of the bottom, brown at the bottom, white on the waterline and inner corners. Ulzzang style~ :)

    You suit double winged eyes, I've tried it before, Taeyeon Run Devil Run inspired xD but i dont really like that style on me

  13. wow its so pretty i like how u put the ewel stines in btw

  14. awww... that is a VERY GORGEOUS look!!! thanks for the upload.. now i will have to try it on myself =D

    ps.. ur VERY BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

  15. this is a really nice tutorial! I really like your lip colour too xxx

  16. You look really cute! Eyeliner is really important to me, It makes the look and I like the way it helps to change the shape of my eyes :)

  17. Cute look! I especially love the hearts you added in.

  18. u blog is lovely! the photos look great
    check out mine too if u want



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