Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Review: Lashes from Bunny

Hi dearies, Happy late Valentine's Day ♥ I know for some it may have just been like every other day/Monday but I hope you all had a wonderful day *Hugs for everyone*.

I was going to make a blog post yesterday about my Valentine's Day but I decided not to because of my lack of pictures and I didn't want to post a recount of my day. I'll do a little summary at the end of this post with the pictures that I did take.

Stepping aside from Valentine's Day discussions and now onto a review on some false eyelashes that I received from Natsumi, or some may know her as Bunny :D (http://www.thebunnyonline.com). She is one of the sweetest bloggers out there and she's one very gorgeous and generous bunny ^_^ Thanks heaps love!

We were talking about fake eyelashes and I was asking her for some tips on how to apply bottom lashes (since she's so pro and I'm so noob at that!) and so she offered to send me some bottom lashes to try out because I didn't have any. I hadn't had much luck with applying top lashes to my bottom lashes so using the real thing would be a lot of help for me.

I received this small package from her last week and here's what it looked like:

Lol, she used 2 envelopes, this one was inside the first one x)

You can all read her sweet note

So I'm just going to do a quick review on each of the lashes that she sent me. I won't be giving them any ratings, just my 100% honest opinions!

You'll see me wearing a pink shirt in all of the pictures and you may have seen it before. It's my pyjama top haha, I just happened to be wearing that one again when I decided to review these lashes ;P

Dramatic lashes

Top lash = Flick out, volumising
Bottom lash = Straight
Geo Nudy Pink lenses purchased from Kiwiberry1

Side view
Pouting makes my cheek bones stick out heaps haha

I had a little bit of trouble applying these lashes on and so for one eye I cut the bottom lash band into 1 cm sections and stuck them on one by one. For the other eye, I stuck the whole band on without any trimming/cutting. Any of those ways are fine, whatever suits you or is more comfortable :)

Left eye = Sections of the band stuck together
Right eye = Whole band stuck on

The style reminds me of a pair of angel wings XD

In flash photography, they give off a glare mostly on the outer corners of the lashes.

What I really like about these lashes is that they're not too dramatic and they aren't that long. If they were longer then they'd look even more unnatural on me :/ The style is quite pretty and I like how there are short and longer lashes on the band. It creates a nice amount of volume without looking too crazy or outrageous. And also, these lashes are quite soft! The band isn't too uncomfortable and it's good that it can easily be bent to fit the curve of your lash line.

My bottom lashes don't stand out that much so they can be pretty natural-looking :)

Top lash: Full, lengthening
Bottom lash: Slight criss-cross
Geo Hurricane Grey lenses provided by iCandyStyleLens

With my bottom lashes for these slightly criss-cross styled ones, I decided to just cut them in half and glue them on separately next to each other. For me this technique worked so much better than my previous ways! It was quicker than sticking 1 cm sections and the lashes were better fitted when the whole band wasn't glued on at once.

Side view
This style of bottom lashes stand out more than the straight ones

So much glare in flash photography!

These are definitely more dramatic than the previous pair! A lot of volume and lengthening effects. Again these are soft and are bendable, but I wasn't able to get them to fit perfectly onto my lash line and they flicked up too much for my liking. The style doesn't suit me that much, especially because I have quite small eyelids and so it is way too obvious for everyone that I'm wearing fake lashes. As a personal preference, I'd rather have more subtle false lashes :) I'm not big on looking dramatic haha.

Tell me what you think of these. Are they too much or are they okay?

Subtle lashes

Top lashes: Straight, lengthening
Bottom lashes: Straight
Geo BC101 Brown lenses purchased from Shoppingnspreeau

Side view

I've actually reviewed these top lashes before because I have them hehe. At first I didn't really like them but now I think they're quite nice. This style matches nicely with my straight bottom lashes :D Basically the pattern for the top lashes goes thin, thick, thin and so on. The band is very flexible so it can easily fit your eye shape.

Very low amount of glare in flash photography
Sorry about the tilt of my camera lol... well I did have my eyes closed xP

Top lash: Criss-cross, lengthening
Bottom lash: Slightly criss-cross
Geo Nudy Brown purchased from Shoppingnspreeau

Very little amount of glare on these lashes in flash photography

Criss-cross styled lashes have been a favourite style of mine for a while and I love how cute they look. Once again my bottom lashes match with my top lashes. These lashes don't create a lot of volume however I like how they lengthen quite subtly. Such a pretty style =]

The lashes are hardly noticeable in this picture, which is good in a way. The lengthening looks quite natural and you can easily add volume with some mascara if you desire, or pile another pair on top :]

Here's a recap on the lashes that I reviewed:

In order of my favourite to least favourite:
1. Criss-cross
2. Straight thin-thick
3. Flicked-out and volumising
4. Long and thick (top pair)

Both of these pairs of bottom lashes are pretty in style and they don't have a crazy pattern/length which is really good, very perfect for me. Honestly, I don't know whether I'd actually wear bottom lashes out because I did find them to be a little uncomfortable at times and it did feel as though they were poking into my eye :( I felt much more comfortable without them on so I guess I might just use them for photos on my blog :P

Straight vs. Criss-cross... I prefer straight! But I reckon I'll be wearing the criss-cross ones more often in photos because of the way I cut them. I regret cutting one of my straight lash bands into 1cm increments, now it's going to take longer for me to apply them T_T Oh well lol.

Thanks once again Bunny for giving me the opportunity to try on some bottom lashes and also some dramatic lash styles for the first time ^-^ Love you lots sweetie!

That's it for the review, thank you for reading. Don't hesitate to ask me any questions about the lashes, I'm happy to answer them (:

Here's a little summary of my Valentine's Day yesterday.
If you're not interested in reading then you're free to leave haha!
But if you are interested, you're welcome to stick around for just a while longer :D

- I had work in the morning from 10am-1pm and straight after my shift I quickly changed out of my work uniform and into a floral dress. I took out my hair bun and wore my black ballet flats, which is part of my uniform. How convenient! Sorry I forgot to take a photo of my outfit :/

- From work I caught the bus into the city and met up with my boyfriend who was already there. We caught the bus to the place we wanted to go have lunch. We had lamb and hot chips with tomato and garlic - also known as 'AB' in my city/country. I don't know if this 'meal' was originated in my city but all I know that is it's not available outside of Australia. Sorry I forgot to take a photo of my meal, lol. I must have been too hungry xD

- Boyfriend had a box of macarons which he surprised me with when I met up with him. We had once each after we ate lunch, because we were too full to eat more. The taste and texture wasn't what I had expected but mm it was quite nice! I brought the rest of them home. This I did take a photo of haha, after I had lunch:

Top to bottom row: caramel, chocolate and strawberry :D

- After eating we exchanged gifts. Are you all curious to know what I got him and what I got from him? Firstly I'll tell you what I got him. I got him a Polo Double Black Ralph Lauren cologne (this was something that he wanted), a small mouse for his netbook (again, something he wanted) and a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates. Oh and I wrote him a letter =] He was happy about his gifts, and so was I. Here is what I got from him:

Taken when I came home from our Valentine's Day date

By no means am I intending to brag but since I listed what I got for my boyfriend, I will also list what I got from him. He got me the macarons, HDTV tuner for my laptop (so I can watch TV on there!), Daisy Marc Jacobs perfume, Roses Chocolates, Strawberry cloud lollies and a card with roses in the shape of a heart :3

I got no flowers for Valentine's Day, but I'm cool with that because they're pretty pricey and not worth it to me, especially because they will not be with my forever :( Instead I got some daisies that will stay with me for a very long time...

YAY ♥ Such a pretty bottle and scent

- We had a stroll around the city and saw lots of school kids. We didn't have any other plans for after lunch and so after spending quality time together, we went home and that was that. I was pretty tired when I got home because I had woken up really early that morning unintentionally and I lacked sleep :/

The actual day seemed to have ended nicely outside. As the night sky became darker, the sky had hints of pink in it and it shone through my room's curtains. The colour totally suits Valentine's Day, awww. Here's a picture that I took when I looked outside my window:

And through my curtains. Isn't it pretty??

Tell me about your Valentine's Day. What did you get and how did you celebrate it?


  1. I'm glad that you had a lovely valentines! Your bf is so lucky & I love Daisy by Marc Jacobs! How funny that we both tried Macarons on Valentine's Day! Haha they look so yummy! I too have trouble putting on lower lashes, I actually just did it the first time yesterday! But I think I got the hang of it now!

  2. You look absolutely adorable, love all of the lash styles you got :3 Bunny is a nice person!

    Wow your BF spoilt you a lot, haha, jealous!

  3. HAHAHAHA BUNNY IS SO CUTE! Double envelope :*)

    happy vday jenn <3 yays for marc jacobs ^^

  4. You had an awesome Valentines! Love the macaroons & the perfume. Mine was spent at home as I'm single & I was recovering from a hangover lol

  5. nice presents ^^ !! those lashes are looking good on you =D makes your eyes very bigggg <3

  6. happy late v-day sweetie. your bf is a keeper - I LOVE LOVE LOVE MJ daisy. young and fresh. great last review, i agree, i think wearing lower lashes would be quite uncomfortable during the day. but perfect for photos =) xoxo

  7. aww sounds like you had an ideal valentine's day! im glad to have read all about it! and eeek maan, thats one fine looking daisy!

  8. you are so adorable!!! i love your eyelashes!!! >.<

    happy valentine day!

    i went with my bf to a restaurant and we give to each other a handmade gift =)

  9. Aw your bf is so sweet. I love that perfume! I really like the dramatic lashes, I don't think they are too much at all - all the pictures you have them on look really nice! I have never tried lower lashes before but I assume they won't be very comfortable either. Maybe only when you have both top and lower lashes on?

  10. Oho oh my gosh your bf really spoiled you, but I'm sure you deserved it! ^^

    I think those lashes look really adorable on you - but totally agree about them being uncomfortable. Even if you get the clear strip ones ><

  11. awww Bunny is so generous!!! ^^

    Hmmm maybe the lashband is too close to your waterline, thats why its uncomfortable??
    i wear bottom lashes a lot, and theyre never uncomfortable..though i do tend to worry if theyre falling off because i dont wack on a heap of glue to it.
    you should place the lashes right at the bottom of where your real lashes are growing~
    and if they're dramatic like the crisscross ones, just use half of it :) hope that helps! <3

    and YUM MACAROONS *o*

  12. You look stunning! I'm stll having so much trouble applying falsies.

    And glad you had a great Valentines Day!! Love your gifts!! ^^
    I agree, I'm not particularily fond about receiving flowers. They're expensive and they die fast. I'm also a bit allergic to them..I rather have fake flowers =P

  13. I love the daisy scent, to bad mines is long gone! I'm planning to get the new scent for spring I believe, it smells good as well!

  14. Eee Jennifer.
    Help me wear the lashes too okay :( ? Cos I find wearing bottom falsies quite hard *^* !!

    And hey :O You pretty much DID get flowers for Valentines ..MARC JACOBS ONES HAHAHAHA x) - i'm such a loser ;_;

    But in any case, the photo with you pouting scared me slightly D: since the bottom lashes really make your eyes bigger! and ..the lenses too I guess heh. <3 But it looks good on you x)

    lalala, <3

  15. Heyyy,
    I think those are the bottom lashes I use :D Well Bunny did say she uses same same ones. Anyway, you did a good job gluing them lashes on! I sucked so much... they look so fake on me :(
    Since you said the straight-non-criss-cross ones are more natural. I'll try em now hur hur ~

    I'm surprised the nudy lenses look natural. I mean, I thought they'd look speckled and dramatic, but they blend okay! :O

    Dammm macarons! I am freaking hungary......

  16. omgot you so pretty jen :)
    love how you look so so soo pretty with ALL lashes :)

    you very lucky girl! daisyyy! its such a pretty smell <3

  17. It seems like you had a great Valentine's Day. =) I didn't do much for Valentine's :P

    The lashes look great on you :)

  18. yaaaaaaaay! I'm so glad that you manage to try them and review! Can't believe you even showed my double envelope.... I was just scared the first envelope might get wet... :(
    And my letter is horrible! So much mistakes that I didnt notice...!! I really love the dramatic eyelashes on you!! They look super sweet on you and I'm glad that the bottom lashes suit you well but sorry if they hurt... Try putting them only half of your eye! I do that now and it doesn't hurt my eye much. But they seriously make your eyes pop!

    OMG!!!!!!!! MARC JACOSS!! You better keep your bf!! But he is such a sweet guy and glad that you had a fun day! Lucky you! I spent V-day with all the lonely people with no partners... :(

    Love you Jenn~!! <3

  19. aww the package is so adorable! i really like the 3rd pair flicked out and volumising, love dramatic lashes =)

  20. i demand an update. rawrrr! ♥

  21. I really liked both the Flicked-out and volumizing ones and the Straight thin-thick ones on you! Ah, I've never actually tried putting on a whole band of bottom lashes but I have with individual lashes and it was a lot easier then I expected! (it was my first time wearing on bottom ones). I actually want to try putting on a whole band and tackle the challenge. >.>; lol

    I personally love the straight and criss-cross bottom lashes on you! I agree the straight ones can be used for a more subtle look and the criss-cross ones for a more dramatic look like if you were going to a party or something :D

    Oh! <3 So happy you were able to spend Valentines with your bf, even after work! I find Valentines day to be sometimes awkward in a sense that there's always an issue with knowing what to do that. xD; Anything you do that day is the same thing you would do any other day. So narrowing down a more "special" thing to do becomes more of a challenge. lol

  22. aww.. sounds so romantic =) The lashes are nice.. The contacts caught my eye though ^_^ especially the Geo Hurricane Grey

  23. Love it! :)
    If you like check out my giveaway.


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