Saturday, February 12, 2011

Review: Geo 3-Tone Grey Lenses

Hi lovelies, it seems as though I haven't posted in a while :( I wanted to make a post a few days ago but I was pretty tired after work due to my lack of sleep and a change in sleeping pattern. I'm currently still on holidays and so I'd usually wake up at around noon however since I've started working, I have to wake up before 9. It doesn't sound too bad but it's bad if I can't even fall asleep before 3am!! I think I'm okay now and I'm glad that I now have a more 'normal' sleeping pattern.

How's everyone going? It's now the weekend and I'm glad to have the weekend off work so I can relax and go back to work on Monday. Thanks to those who congratulated me with my new and first job :) In case you didn't know, I work at a place that sells cakes, pies, coffees and drinks which is called Michel's Patisserie. I'm quite happy with my job and so far I've worked for 2 days, both 3-hour shifts. Looking forward to Monday!

Speaking of delays in blogging, this blog post of mine is actually really delayed. I'm going to be reviewing the Geo 3-tone grey lenses which were provided to me by MukuCHU around September/October 2010. I'm very sorry MukuCHU, I didn't forget or anything like that but better late than never, right?

Finally, here's my review of these lenses:

The model

Natural indoor lighting

With flash photography

Grey lenses ♥ I just seem to have a soft spot for grey lenses because for someone to have naturally grey-coloured eyes is really rare. And I think grey lenses suit Asian eyes more than blue/green/violet/pink lol. But that's just my opinion. Sure people can pull-off wearing other colours but I prefer grey over the other colours.

I like how the grey doesn't stand out too much and blends nicely in natural lighting with my dark brown eyes. All of the tri-colour/3-tone lenses from Geo have a golden center of the lens which I think makes the lenses look quite pretty. I love how these lenses have more than one colour in them, that's what attracted me most about this series.

They stand out much more in flash photography than in daylight so I'd probably avoid wearing these lenses as night because they might look a little freaky. However I still think the colour is gorgeous nonetheless.

Colour: /5 - I love this shade of grey and it's not blue-toned so it looks like a natural colour for eyes.
Pattern: ★/5 - Simple and no outer ring, blends well with my eyes
Comfort: ★/5 - They don't slip around and I found these really comfortable
Enlargement: ★/5 - Very minimal enlargement which I like, so it gets
Overall score: 18/20 - Love it!

I now have all of the Geo 3-tone lenses! This is the first series of lenses where I have 'collected' them all:

I decided to make my own series display like the one above. Apologies for the crappy editing, I quickly made it on paint:

Ah they're all so pretty *__*

Just a question to you:

Do you have or do you want to have all of the colours in a series of circle lenses?

I want to collect all of another series but I'm not sure which one yet! Any that you can recommend? I won't get to keep all of these lenses anyway because once they expire they'lll be chucked out D: But I'm likely to repurchase :)


  1. I have these tooo :) and love wearing them, grey looks so special.
    But wow you've collected them all :) hahah..

  2. Pretty pretty pretty!
    I really love gray lenses too! I don't know why. But it has a special kind of look ~ <3

    And hmmm, I have all of the GEO Angel series (not including the black one) ...although I can't see to open the blue one's case T_T" /it's stuck shut!!! :<

  3. yesss, i wish i had the whole collection to certain lenses! <3 but it will probably be wasted since i always grow found of one colour and only wear that one XD

  4. these are my favourite lenses everrrrrrr. i bought it again cos i loved it so much last year :)

    you have all the colours! so pretty <3

  5. wow, jen they look on you, in my case i always want brown,.. and bigger in diameter....
    right now i'm planning to buy new lenses, of course its circle lens again ^__^

  6. Awww,these lenses look so pretty, and i think gray lenses really suit you!^_^*
    I want to have all colors from the puffy 3tone series!:D those look so pretty to me, but i think the diameter;14.5mm would be too big for me!T_T

  7. I love the grey lenses. It doesn't have to enlarge your eyes. Your eyes are nice and big anyway :)

  8. Great review <3 I was thinking about getting this for awhile now because I also don't like the enlargement - they could look too fake sometimes. The brown ones should be really natural too? You make me wanna order them NOW!

  9. ALl lenses are looking so natural on you =D like it !! i love the grey lenses the most ^^

  10. those look very nice! i've been looking for the perfect pair of gray lenses. do you happen to know the highest prescription they go up to? i have very bad vision =(( also, i did a shout out for you in my latest post ^^

  11. I love gray lenses too! Thank you so much for this review! =)

  12. These are really pretty on you! I agree that the grey lenses are much more natural looking than other colors like violet, blue, etc. The grey and brown ones look the best on you, I think :)

  13. Awww pretty :) used to love wearing gray lenses x3 but now i wear browns

    i had all of geo angel. but they're all expired now except the black, green and purple. xD but i dont wear them a lot.

    i used to wear a different lens each day so all my lenses could stay fresh.
    but im too lazy now @_@

  14. you have so many lense jennifer! I like the grey lenses over colours. :)

  15. Wow impressive collection =) My sis has the green and it's quite good. A bit of colour but not too much. I would personally prefer more colour though.

  16. wow you have a lot of geo lenses! i think blue and gray look the best on you.

  17. OoOh i LOVE the grey ones on you. they look super pretty, without being too 'out there' =) xo

  18. I agree I like you the best with gray circle lenses! But I also really like the other colors on you too! o:

    Btw I didn't now that CL was fluent in english. :D I had a feeling she was fluent with English. I saw in a 2NE1 interview that she was semi-fluent in french and that Bom was fluent in English but they didn't mention CL knowing English, it's odd how they did that. :\

  19. the violet ones look cool!

  20. Jen, i was wondering which colours of the three-toned series looks the more natural? Cos i was thinking about getting the brown pair - but i wasn't sure if it'd look too freaking in daylight/flash photography. Hehe thanks for the review xD

  21. I agree with you on how grey suits asians best. I hate how blue or green look on me, but grey always look so stunning on.

  22. i just read your review and i was wondering what do you think is the most natural looking grey type of lens? i'm thinking of buying 3tone but if you have other suggestions ;) thank you!!


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