Thursday, February 3, 2011

Crystal Eye Collagen Mask Review

Hiya lovelies, Firstly I want to start off by saying Happy Chinese New Year! Yay I am so excited :D Preparations, family gatherings, yummy food and receiving li xi (lucky red envelopes with money) are just some of the things that are involved when my family and I celebrates Chinese new year. I hope all of those who celebrate it have an awesome time ^^

Today I tried out a collagen mask for under my eyes which I received when I purchased from EkiLove and so I've decided to do a small review for you guys.

Here's the mask:

- Instructions are included at the back in English
- Manufacture and expiry date clearly printed

I had always wanted to try an under-eye mask because I have dark circles and a bit of puffiness under my eyes. Eye creams haven't done that much to help and neither have various concealers, so I was eager to try this and see whether it would have any effects.

Collagen is a protein with a fibrous structure and it is known to give skin its elasticity and strength. Collagen is often used in creams and beauty products as it holds the key to 'youthfulness and beauty' but not only that, collagen is also used in injections in plastic surgery. Apparently it helps to reduce creases, lines and wrinkles. Hmm, this all sounds good to me.

1. Soak the mask in the water below 50 degrees C for 3-5 seconds.
2. Open the package and apply the mask on the skin.
3. Remove the mask after at least 30 minutes until the essence is absorbed completely by the skin.

Suitable for all skin types

When I put one on it felt so cool under my eye *__*

So moist and cold, perfect for the hot weather :D

On both under eyes ^^

At first I was hesitant about trying these because I have sensitive skin and I have had an allergic reaction to a face mask before :/ But luckily this was suitable for all skin types and my skin was fine after I used it :)

Having these cold eye masks on for 30 minutes felt so good! I loved how refreshing they felt under my eyes and the coolness was so soothing, especially because it's hot where I am now. I could have fallen asleep with these on hehe.

I wanted to keep them on for longer than 30 minutes however I noticed that they were losing their stick so I peeled them off and chucked the used masks out.

Scent: I didn't notice any scent with this *thumbs up*
Texture: The masks feel like thin silicone which is stretchy and rubbery.Very gentle for under the eyes and stick nicely onto the skin

Result: Under my eyes felt very refreshed and the cooling sensation stayed with me for a few minutes after I took them off. The mask didn't seem to have made my dark circles disappear or anything, but that's probably because it didn't claim to do that. The areas did feel a whole lot smoother and softer ^_^ I think my puffiness reduced a bit.

Rating: 4/5

- The instructions are in English
- Expiry date is printed
- Affordable! I believe one mask is around $1-2 and it would be cheaper to buy in bulk
- Fits nicely with the shape, no need to cut etc.
- Feels very cool on the skin - idea of chilling the mask before use is good
- Extremely refreshing
- Scentless
- No messy amounts of liquids in the packet
- Masks stick nicely under the eyes
- Gentle to peel off
- Has the ability to improve the under-eye area

- Mainly found online, not that common in stores

Repurchase: YES
I will definitely try to buy a bulk pack online somewhere because I really want to use these again :D It felt so nice under my eyes and if I had more with me now, I would use one everyday in summer xD I recommend these and even if you don't notice any changes, it might take time or regular use for you to see some changes.

Thanks Eki for including this in the EkiLove package ^0^ It was great trying out this product. I hope this review was helpful and/or interesting.

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  1. ee i have a few of these masks stowed away somewhere but i've never used them cos i doubt that they really work! i would really like to get rid my my dark circles though :(

  2. Ooooh I definitely want to try them now ! (Do you know where to get them for the cheapest :3)? But eee, yes. My eye bags / dark circles are so gross ;____; ! I blame staying up till 3am LOL :D

    But yes, I really hope your feeds start working again v_v" !

  3. i recommend you keep the plastic that came with the eye masks to make homemade ones (: and they can be used as molds.

    my friend had dark eye circles but made homemade eyemasks using BEAUTYQQ's tutorial. and it has helped her heapssss :D

  4. mmmm never used them before, wonder if they really work..but it's good that i don't hve eye bags or dark circles because i sleep too much :)

    i love how young and flawless she looks *-*

  6. Ahw, it's so sweet that eki gave this to you =D ! and i love these masks as well ^^ it's moisturizing but it keeps slipping away off my face >.<"

  7. Haha Asian masks are so crazy, I'm about to try Beauty Diary mask SHEETS and I actually used masks in liquid form before LOL But it looks really cool and sounds quite promising. Might give it a try the next time when I'm in Asia!

  8. I have tried these before and I absolutely love them! They are so good and I wish I knew where to buy them. lucky you!

    p.s. I'll send you eyelashes tmrw! I was suppose to send them today but I forgot to bring it with me! *slaps head* I left the house for no meaning... T^T

  9. Awww,so cool that Eki gave them to you!<3
    Anyway I like the review!:D I wanna try this mask, since i really need something for my under-eye area!(:

  10. love your blog!

    Check out my blog and if you like it please subscribe :)


  11. Nicee! I think I have one of these but I haven't tried it yet. It's too cold to put anything cold on my face. LOL

    & Happy Chinese New Year!

  12. I had a big bunch of this! I like the cooling effect but it doesn't do anything for me lol Just nice to relax with (but you could just use a cucumber for that). It sticks so I can walk around doing my stuff with them on xP

  13. Wow, I've never heard of this before O_O You make me want to put cucumbers on my eyes!
    I'mma check out eki's blog now ehehe!

    I know what you mean by the feeds on dashboard screwing up. Mines like that too :( I is sad....

    Anyway! Happy Chinese new year bubz!
    ♥ Gerrrrrrry

  14. Actually, I've never tried the cucumber method lol.. But I did buy those liquid filled thingies that you can cool and put on your eyes. I've stopped using those eye masks as the latest ones I got were flat and didn't seem to have absorbed the liquid. Also, there are so many variations and I'm afraid of fake masks =(

  15. oh i tried something simliar last night ^^ it was great and worked but i had to sit still for 30 mins :( nice review!

  16. I always wanted to try looks quite interesting!

  17. haaaaaaaaay jen :)
    received your thankyou letter today woohoo! made me smile when i saw your letter in the mailbox ^^

    hope i get to see your lovely artwork on your J soon! hehe.


  18. Hi there,

    Nice blog! Please come by my fashion blog Pretty Portobello

    Hope to see you soon.

  19. I have the same exact eye mask and have yet to use it :D I got it as a sample! I'm really excited to try it now :) Thanks for your review! So helpful!


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