Tuesday, February 1, 2011

7 Beauty Characteristics Tag

Lene from everythingism.net has tagged me to state 7 of my beauty characteristics and it is believed to have a Dutch meaning behind it. The literal meaning is '7 beauties' and according to the Dutch apparently, there are seven specific beauty characteristics that is considered to be beautiful that a person can have:

1. Light coloured eyes with dark hair or dark coloured eyes with light hair
2. Long, curled eye lashes
3. Beauty mark above the lips, left or right
4. A gap between the teeth
5. Freckles
6. Dimples in cheeks
7. Almond-shaped eyes

The tag is not specific about the known beauty characteristics, but is made to focus on your own beauty characteristics.

This is just something I've added in - analysing the 7 beauty characteristics and applying them to myself, seeing whether I have those characteristics or not.

Only numbers 4, 6 and 7 apply to me. Well I'm not too sure about number 7 but number 4, yes I do have a gap between my two front teeth, but it is not that visible and is not that large. Any larger I would feel extremely insecure about myself! But my current gap between my teeth is not something that I find 'beautiful' about myself and I would like to get it fixed one day. In fact, I want my teeth to be perfectly straight one day :)

I have one very noticeable dimple on my left cheek and a less noticeable but still visable dimple on my right cheek. I've always believed that I have dimples because I have chubby/flabby cheeks. I don't know whether I'm right about that or not but I do wish that my cheeks were slimmer and less chubby. I just wish I had a slimmer and narrower face altogether!

Do I have almond-shaped eyes? I really don't know. I don't take notice of the shape of almonds enough to realise whether or not my eyes have the same shape o_o

Credits: Claire Light

Here are my 7 characteristics which I admire about myself:

Last day of high school group hugs ^_^

1. Height
I'm average compared to other girls around my age, but considered tall for an Asian. Other Asian girls who are much taller than me are just giants xD Haha, I'm kidding. I do wish I were a little bit taller but I'm happy with my height of around 165cm (5"4). Around non-Asians I'm not that tall but I'm still easily seen lol.

From my Boxing Day Haul post

2. Feet
People might say that I have small feet but I like them, and some have complimented them haha. I'm a size 6.5-7 AUS/UK which is about 37. I can usually find shoes on sale that are in my size and speaking of which, I recently bought 2 new pairs of heels for bargain prices. Both were the last pair in my size! So lucky hehe.

3. Eyes
I'm happy with the shape of my eyes and their width makes inserting lenses quite easy.

OOTD - Friend's 18th Party
Top: Portmans ($30), Shorts: Cotton On ($5)

4. Figure
I'm not petite, nor am I extremely slender but I have a figure that I am pleased with. I'm not particularly proud to say this but I don't exercise :S I want to though, so I can tone certain areas however I'm not that motivated to because to me, my figure is fine :)

Most recent photo of me :)

5. Skin
I have naturally lightly-tanned skin which is a downside for going out in summer when I try to avoid getting more tanned, but in a way it's a bonus so I don't worry about looking too pale in my shorts and singlets. In winter I stay the same shade.

6. Lips
They're not too small and not too big :] I like the natural colour of them.

After dying my hair last month

7. Hair
I sort of have a love-hate relationship with my hair and I barely get compliments about it so it's not something that I really admire about myself. It gets the occasional kink and knot but I do like how it's smooth, naturally straight, low-maintenance and is easy to dye without damage/frizzing.

Thanks for tagging me Lene, I enjoyed doing this. After stating 7 of my own beauty characteristics I now have to tag 7 other bloggers to do this tag:

& whoever else would like to do this tag ^.^

Can you easily name 7 characteristics about yourself that you find 'beautiful'?


  1. I can't believe that is your natural lip colour, it's so pretty. Would be great for light-nude lipsticks & glosses. From your video & pictures, it does look like you have almond eyes.

    & OMG Imma cut this comment short by going straight to your novo heels, love em! omgah. Such a steal, looks gorgeous.


  2. Oooh this is a great tag! And your eyes do look really niccee mhmmm! I'll have to do this tag soon too! and shall let yo know when it is up ;) xo

    Your figure is sexy ;D LOL <3
    and ahhhh, my feet are smaller than yours ;_; i can't find any shoes most of the time (full stop) ;______; cries.

    I think your eyes are almond shaped? I have no idea ;|

  3. You are just too cute on your pictures hihi xD like this tagggg, still have to do this as well ^^.

  4. The Dutch sure came up with interesting beauty characteristics!

    The almond shaped eyes thing is kinda o.O Doesn't errrraybody have almond eyes lol!

    AHHH those shoes were such a bargain!
    Jen, I envy you for having small feet, pretty lips and a freaking dimple !@#$%~
    Your hair looks really long and healthy! Mine frizzes like mad when there's moisture :(

    Anyway, thanks again for tagging moi. Totes excited! I am already thinking up 7 things xD

  5. Nyyyaaawwww, thank you sweety for taggin me! tthis is such a cute tag and I might just have to do this. Might be interesting.
    You're sooooo tall!! (165 for asia iss admirable) lucky you!!
    You're just gorgeous in every way, and the fact that you love the way you are, makes you beautiful inside and out! Lovely tag, thanks ;)

  6. oh you did the tag.. yay! And ahh you are 5cm taller than me ;)

  7. wow this is a great tag babe!!
    i am so slow in replying this once again!1
    im so sorry babe
    Ive been soo busy with CNY!!!! :)
    missed reading ur blog ><

  8. I think you're absolutely gorgeous, and i think your hair is fine!! You should be proud, it always looks perfect in your pictures!


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