Saturday, February 26, 2011

New Piercing

Hi guys! How is everyone? I hope everyone's enjoying their weekend. Anyway, this is just going to be a little update post, hopefully you're all cool with that :)

Recently I went and got a second piercing on my earlobes and this was actually a pretty nerve-wracking experience for me! You see, I didn't know what it felt like to have my ear pierced prior to the second piercings. This is because I first had my ears pierced when I was only 2 years old, and I can't recall a thing from back then. My mum told me that when I got my ears pierced for the first time, I cried a lot :S Even before the piercer even did anything! I think this may have been due to feeling confused. I think I cried and moved around so much that it caused my piercings on both sides to be uneven :(

A few days ago I went to get a second piercing on my lobes but as I approached the venue, I felt worried and slightly nervous. I actually walked past the place twice before entering. That was how 'scared' I was. I was also on my own so I didn't have anyone with me to persuade and/or encourage me to get it done. It was something that I decided on by myself with my mum knowing beforehand. Instead I had voices inside my head telling me that it'll be all okay and that I would actually regret not getting it done before I went home. I'm glad I listened to my head, and my heart, because I would have felt a HUGE regret.

After my apprehensiveness had died down, I entered with minimal hesitation. A lady working there approached me as soon as I walked in, so for me there was no backing out from then on. I told her that I wanted my ears pierced and she showed me the studs that I could choose from for the piercings. After I selected the one I wanted, she walked me into a room and I sat down. I watched as the lady prepared the tools, put on some gloves and disinfect my earlobes.

She examined my earlobes and then said to me "Your current piercings are uneven, so would you like the new piercings to be even with the piercings or even on the ears?" Okay, maybe she didn't use those exact words or in that order but that's basically what she said and asked. I replied without needing to think - "even on the ears" because there was no way that I wanted to have uneven piercings again :/

After that she marked the spots to be pierced and used a piercing gun. It was held to my right earlobe first and all of a sudden I hear a loud 'BANG' noise. My earlobe was in a wee bit of pain and the whole ear felt hot as blood had suddenly rushed to it. Luckily my ear wasn't bleeding or anything. Same thing happened with my left ear but this time I was prepared for the sound and feeling of the piercing.

Here is my second lobe piercing on my right ear, which I posted on my Twitter...

I chose pink studs because it's my favourite colour
So pretty

That was all to it and the process took no longer than 5 minutes. I was really happy when it was over, because I felt accomplished... as though I had finally faced the fear of getting my ears pierced. I'm one who is greatly terrified of pain, even if the pain is just a bit. This is why I am not planning to ever get a tattoo!

In case I get bombarded with questions like 'did it hurt?' I'll just tell you now that yes, it did hurt but it wasn't unbearably painful. On each ear it was only a few seconds of very slight pain after the piercing gun was 'shot'. I asked people about the pain before getting it done and I agree with everyone - it felt like a sharp pinch.

Did you know that I had always wanted a second lobe piercing, even back when I was around 10 years old? It has pretty much taken me 8 years to finally get it done and it's not because I've been afraid for all that time - there's more to it than that. I've always been to a Catholic school with strict uniform policies and only allowing one lobe piercing on each ear. High school had this same policy too, so I was never really 'able' to get a second lobe piercing. Now that I am out of high school, I have no more strict policies to deal with :)

You all may or may not know my admiration for K-Pop (Korean pop music, dramas etc.) so I've decided to add some images of famous Korean females who have more than one piercing on each either, or double lobe piercings like me.

TaeYeon from SNSD (singer)

Tiffany from SNSD (singer)

HyoYeon from SNSD (singer)

Qri from T-ara (singer)

Yoon Eun Hye (singer/actress)

Amber Liu from F(x) - singer

Son Dam Bi (singer)

And last but not least is a well-known Korean singer who I reckon holds the record of being a famous female Korean star with the most piercings...

BoA Kwon (singer)
Yes the collages above are all of her ears and piercings

I want to hear your thoughts on piercings. Love them, hate them? Want more or have enough already?

I also want to know what piercings you have and whether or not you have any regrets. Unlike tattoos, piercings can be removed so they could be temporary or permanent which is a really good thing :)

For me, piercings are fine as long as there aren't too many on someone and aren't in any 'weird' places. Too many for me is 10+ is way too much and weird places like... the genitals and on random parts of the body. Personally I wouldn't consider having any other piercings other than on the ears. I don't think that I am going to have another piercing, although now I feel much more brave enough to do so.

Seeing the images of those Korean stars with multiple ear piercings makes me want to have more too, only because they look so pretty. Maybe not as much as BoA has, but I really like Taeyeon's piercings as they all look very neat and not over-the-top. I really love her tragus and conch piercings but I'm too scared to get mine done (those areas aren't as soft as the lobe)! I decided to get a second piercing on my lobes because I love wearing earrings and now I can wear two pairs at one time :D

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Guest Blog Post - Phyle Asia

Hi guys, recently I have been contacted by Phyle Asia as an invite to write a guest post on my blog. This is my first time having a guest blog post here and it is also their first time being featured on another person's blog so this is a new experience for both of us :)

Phyle has sent me their press release to feature on my blog. For some background information on who they are and what they do, here is their article:

PHYLE.ASIA is a new community based platform where fashion trendsetters collaborate on designs of clothing apparel that they want to see created.


Fashion is evolving at breakneck speed, not in the designer studios of Paris, New York or Tokyo, but in the streets. The next big trend is increasingly likely to appear from trendsetters strutting their stuff in the streets of Shinjuku or Times Square or on the banks of the Seine.

Fashion labels and manufacturers need to stay on top of this rapidly evolving street couture, where the whim of a bunch of Japanese schoolgirls can kick start a new craze that sweeps across the globe, courtesy of the Internet.

A bold new interactive platform will connect the fashion industry with the people who are pushing the boundaries of fashion every day. Vote-to-manufacture, or VTM, will be the facebook of the fashion industry, yet it will be more interactive and much more driven by the creative process.

Phyle ( aims to be that online platform, which trendsetters would join and post designs of clothing apparel they want to see created or modifications they want to see of apparel already hanging on the racks. They would interact with each other, discussing the latest trends, commenting on each others' ideas and designs. Fashion labels and manufacturers would be part of the site as well, with designers and would also take part in this dynamic process, where ideas are created, modified or discarded. Eventually, members of the platform would vote on the designs, and the ones that are most popular would then be considered for manufacture by the labels and manufacturers.

Revolutionary, cutting edge designs that in the past might never be created would now manufactured by the industry, secure in the knowledge that it has a pool of customers ready to buy these pieces the moment they are finished. This would cut costs for the labels and manufacturers. In addition, it also would be extremely environmentally conscious, eliminating the waste that inevitably accompanies the current hit and miss approach of creating a design in the hope that it will sell.

The current generation of fashionistas are tired of being told what is cool and hip by a small number of designers and fashion magazines. They are bold and creative and eager to sketch out their own visions of where fashion is headed next. And they are online, where their ideas quickly grow in popularity, where prominent bloggers have become almost as important as fashion magazine editors. A new obscure trend in San Francisco can quickly explode into the next big idea that takes the streets of Paris, Tokyo and New York by storm.

Fashion labels and manufacturers can tap into this evolution that is taking place in the streets through VTM and keep themselves at the very forefront of the next big thing. Trendsetters can now see their visions translated into reality when their best designs would be created by the fashion industry in the kind of fabric or with the little touches they envisioned.

Be a part of a whole new class of emerging ‘Citizen Fashion Designers’

So basically, if you're a member of this platform, you can suggest some designs for Phyle to manufacture to suit your taste. For example, if you've seen a picture of a stunning dress designed by a high-end fashion brand, you can add it to the suggestions on Phyle. This is a way of you purchasing something that is highly affordable and you're the designer (you can choose the colour, design etc)! If it gets enough votes to be manufactured and is popular then it will be considered for manufacturing and will likely be on the Phyle shop for sale.

One item which is currently on the Phyle shop that I think is gorgeous and very inexpensive is this Sleeveless Chiffon Blouse:

Sleeveless Chiffon Blouse

Contributed on Jan 13, 2011 at 1:29 pm by PHYLE

We wish to provide you with some highly affordable and interesting pieces that you might like, even before we get to manufacture your V-T-M designs.

Sign up and Log in to purchase at discounted price.

Price: Originally $21, Currently discounted at $15

And one VTM (Vote to Manufacture) item that really caught my eye is the Asymmetric Satin Dress:

Lanvin – Asymmetric Satin Dress

Design #5602732242

Contributed on Jan 23, 2011 at 5:22 pm in Dresses, V-T-M by cindy


Really love the way Alber Elbaz reworks the classic Grecian silhouette with this elaborately draped one-shoulder dress. I think Elbaz is really smart to always design base on the countinuation of his previous season’s collection. I’m not even sure which season this piece belongs to but that’s the magic about Elbaz. Designs from his past collections are always capable of fitting effortlessly into his latest work.

If Phyle would manufacture this piece, I would really want it to be in the semi mustard lilac toned which I posted in the collage. Otherwise a dark bronze or gray would also do. I just don’t really like the colours that net-a-porter offer.

Suggested Colors: mustard lilac, gray, black

This is a very interactive platform for fashionistas out there who want to have a say about some current designs (in the Blog section) and also comment on the Vote to manufacture pieces. Phyle claims to be the 'Facebook' of the fashion industry.

I am very honoured to be featuring Phyle.Asia on my blog, I really appreciate the offer of including a guest post here. Thank you very much to the people of Phyle Asia due to its way of interacting with other users.

I do hope that this is interesting for my readers, especially because it's something new and different to other platforms and networking websites. Let me know if you do end up becoming a member, I just signed up for it!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Review: Sigma F80 Brush

Hi there =] Today I'll be reviewing the Sigma Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki F80 brush that was sent to me by Sigma Beauty to review for your guys. I've reviewed Sigma brushes before so I was delighted to be given the opportunity to review another. The shipping was really fast (it took about a week to reach me from the US).

The items came in a red pouch
(Package was in a yellow bubble wrap-padded envelope)

This is one of Sigma's new brushes under the Sigmax Brush line which has been designed for high definition makeup application. The brushes in this collection have been specially designed for applying powder and liquid products without any of it absorbing into the fibers of the brush hairs.

I was really excited about trying this brush because it's so different compared to the brushes out of the Sigma range that are used for applying foundation. The most popular styles of brushes used to apply foundation are paddle brushes and stippling brushes but now Sigma has introduced a range of kabuki brushes for the application face products. Here's an overview of the Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki:

It has a very flat top, flat enough to allow the brush to stand up on its own

The F80 Flat Top Kabuki brush is perfect for applying and blending liquid, cream and powder products onto the skin. The flat surface allows perfect buffing with flawless results. Synthetic Sigmax HD filament. (Price: $16.00)

Look how dense the hairs are on this brush!

I decided to test this out with a sample of Shiseido Perfect Refining Foundation Teint Lissant Perfecteur in 140 Natural Fair Ivory which I picked up at my local Shiseido counter. I currently don't use a liquid foundation (I use one with a thicker, cream texture) so I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity for me to test the foundation and the brush, which is supposedly perfect for liquid foundation.

I buffed some on my cheek.
The foundation looks a few shades darker than my actual shade but once it's blended it, it matches my skin tone

All blended in with the Sigma F80
Shiseido foundation: medium to heavy coverage

Back to the brush, I had very high expectations for this brush prior to use which wasn't a bad thing because the brush actually did meet my expectations. Referring to the image above, it was such a perfect application of foundation! No streaky marks, nicely blended and gave me a flawless-looking face.

The fibers/hairs are EXTREMELY soft! I can't emphasise that enough. They are so gentle on my skin, not scratchy at all. I am very please with this brush and it has high quality written all over it from top to bottom - the handle, the silver ferrule and of course, the hair filaments. The hairs being so dense but not too dense is absolute perfection. It makes blending and buffing a breeze.

When I think of a kabuki brush, I think of it as having many functions and purposes. For this F80 Kabuki brush, I do believe that it has more than one purpose. As well as a brush for applying foundation, this brush can also be used for applying powder. I haven't given it a try yet since I don't use powder for my face so instead I tested this brush with blush.

The description didn't mention it being suitable and/or recommended for blush however regular kabuki brushes that I know have a density which allows them to be used as a blush brush. Here's the result that I got when I used it for applying some blush:

Using the F80 as a blush brush
It's quite faint in this picture, but still noticeable. Not bad...

When I used this brush to apply blush, I buffed it onto my cheeks first and then blended upwards. For blush application, blending wasn't so much of a breeze as it was difficult to blend out the pigmentation. Overall it turned out looking alright but the problem with blending was enough to make me feel self-conscious if after applying the blush I were to leave the house.

So my verdict is sure, you could use this brush to apply blush but beware of the pigmentation on your cheeks which may be hard to blend out with this brush. If you're in a rush and you end up using this brush for your liquid foundation, powder and blush, you can definitely get away with 'cheating'. I'm likely to do that one day.

I gave this brush a wash with my brush cleaner spray and there was no shedding of the hairs at all. Not even one piece fell out and I was scrubbing pretty hard! Here's what it looked like after:

Almost good as new :) Top hairs are back to being white

Another thing to be thankful of for this brush is that it comes with a clear brush protector/cover. After washing my brush, I slipped the brush cover on so that the hairs could dry and remain in that shape. It's also a really good way of protecting it from dust or dirt particles getting onto your brush before the next use.

- Majority of the brush hairs are brown so it doesn't look too 'dirty' after each use
- Extremely soft hairs, very gentle for the face
- Hair density is perfect
- Brush head is not too large compared to regular kabuki brushes
- Silver printing on the handle looks very sleek and professional
- Large silver ferrule ensures that the filaments are tightly in place
- No shedding of hair (so far)
- Buffing and blending of liquid foundation gives a flawless finish
- Can be used for applying powder as well as foundation - multi-purpose

- Dense brush hairs prevents the hair to dry quickly after washing
- Requires more scrubbing and cleaning time for the dense hairs compared to other brushes
- May not work well with a velvety cream texture product as it may be too thick for the hair
- Not available in-store, can only purchase online

To anyone who is looking for an alternative to a paddle/stippling foundation brush, I highly recommend the brushes from the Sigmax brush line, in particular, the F80 Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki!

You can purchase the Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki brush from here

That's it from me, I hope you found this review helpful and/or interesting. Thanks for reading! if you have any questions, feel free to ask me :)
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