Monday, January 3, 2011

Smokey Eyes Tutorial - My Graduation Look

Hey :] So I have another video for you guys, it's not a vlog but it's a tutorial that I filmed last week. I didn't get time to edit it until yesterday and some of my Twitter followers may know that I had trouble with my movie editor, Windows Movie Maker. In the end it worked out fine because I sought help my friend Google (who am I kidding, Google is everybody's friend) and managed to find help forums and figure out exactly that went wrong and what I needed to fix! Thanks Google for your help :D

This wasn't a tutorial that I had in mind but one of my Twitter followers (@Miyayosh) actually requested me to do a tutorial on it. I am open for requests and I might be able to fulfill them so if any of you do have any, feel free to let me know!

She requested for me to do a tutorial on my makeup that I had for my graduation last month. This photo is from the graduation night.

I'm glad that I got this tutorial done before I got a sty under my eye :) I won't be showing my face for a while as I'm waiting for it to go away completely. The swelling has decreased but the area is still red =[

One of my New Year's Resolutions is to have clearer videos. Blogger only allows a maximum of 100mb of video footage to be uploaded per post and that does give enough pixels for my videos. So, from now on I will upload my videos onto YouTube, have the videos unlisted and embed them onto my post. More bigger for you to see and hopefully a little bit more clearer! Ok, so it's still not super HD but YouTube is known for decreasing quality, and so is Windows Movie Maker.

My iPod Touch doesn't record in super HD quality (only under really good lighting it's great) but I haven't been able to find an alternative video recorder =/ I need a new digital camera, that doesn't record in HD. My webcam is out of the question because that's even worse.

Volume once again is super low so turn up your volume all the way if you can :D No bloopers, bloopers only for my vlogs. I don't think my annotations are working =[ Oh well...

I've disabled comments on the clip because I'd rather you leave comments here, and my YouTube account isn't linked with my Gmail that I use for my blog so it's a lot of trouble to sign out and sign in again *deep breath* and because YouTube/Gmail/Blogger are all linked together I get signed out of all 3 when I sign in with my other username. Yeah, too confusing so I'll just leave it as that :P Basically, I won't be able to reply and check comments on my YouTube!

OH! And please vote for what you'd like to be as my domain name. Yes, I am going to purchase my own custom domain late this week or early next week :) I can't choose between or so I need your help. You have a week to vote and whichever one gets the most votes will be the one! Please only leave 1 vote. The poll is located on the top right hand corner of my sidebar. Thank you!


  1. Hihi lovee your accent :) and the smokey is actually very wearable for everyday :)

  2. It looks nice ^^ !! and I love how big your eyes are =D <3

  3. nice tutorial!! :D

    my youtube account isnt linked with my gmail either which is really annoying!! =="""

  4. it is really pretty, and I just liked your vídeo on youtube :)

  5. @Lene Hehe thanks! I don't think there's anything to like or even love about my accent xD But I guess I'm just used to it and think it's plain haha. ooh is it really? I've never worn smokey eyes out as a casual look but I might give it a try one day and maybe tone it down just a tad because it's actually quite heavy on my eyes!

    @Elisa ♥ Thaks Elisa :D Haha well I did wear circle lenses so they enlarged a bit ;)

    @gingerSnap Thank you :)

    @Fernroro Thank you Fern :] Yeah that's so annoying! If only they'd let us edit our accounts :(

  6. cute!!! you're so fricken cute!
    i wanna hug you and carry you in my pocket Lol kidding. Love that you use drugstore brands and i'm glad that palette i sent you is being used instead or rotting in my drawers :p

    can't wait to see another video from you :D

  7. DO YOU WANT ME TO TEACH YOU HOW TO MAKE THE VOLUME LOUDER ?! xD Well, I use Sony Vegas for all the edits and such.

    And yeyyyy for the tutorial <3 You look gorgeous love. and SERIOUSLY, we all know why you got that sty ;D ;D LOLOLLL :>

    /going to make you cry~!

  8. Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!! arg!! *hugs* why are you so cute? Love the look girl and hope that sty goes away FAST!!

  9. You look GORGEOUS as always : D You did a great job on the tutorial! Love the look!

  10. always so pretty jen :)
    and omg im like you, my youtube account is not linked to the one i use for my blogger and its just so arghhhhfiushdihsidf LOL

    i vote for jlyxoxo!! <3

  11. Hello there... ^.^ Visiting you here. I hope we could be good friends. Do you mind if we follow each others blogs? Take care. ;)

  12. Just came across your blog and now I am a huge fan! Your video was super cute!

  13. Oh hello miss talented. I love the look ^.^ you have such big eyes, so jealous >.<
    I am going to try going off your tutorial this weekend when I head into the city hehe ;]


    P.S - you sound so cute :P haha

  14. Lovely tutorial Jen! :D
    I definitely added the video my makeup tutorials playlist on youtube. x] I love watching them and trying out the tutorials.
    Also! Thanks for the lipstick tip near the end! I really want to try it out! o: Reapplying lipstick through out the day is such a pain. x.x;

  15. really pretty look! i've never heard of those lenses before, interesting. thanks for the tips :-)

  16. love the look! so pretty :) I was wondering, I'm singing at a graduation tomorrow and in desperate need of what to wear. I've never been to one before so I don't know how they usually dress (and this is a high school graduation)


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