Thursday, January 13, 2011

Smile to the World Tag

“This tag is not just a tag, it’s a special tag. It means that you smile to the world, that you want to spread a little piece of happiness. You smile to the bloggers you tag, and all the readers of your blog. Post a picture of yourself, a picture where you smile, a picture where you glow of joy.”

I was tagged by the gorgeous Lene (thanks girl!) and so I've decided to go ahead post a picture of me smiling and spreading my happiness to you all :D

It was hard to find one picture that stood out from all of my other photos because I'm actually a very smiley girl, I smile a lot! But I did manage to find one of me where I looked more happy than my other photos...

A year ago, January 2010 - I'm so tanned from the summer and I had shorter hair

I can't remember who took this photo but it was last year at my friend's birthday party. We were hitting the pinata blindfolded and it was so funny seeing people attempt to hit the pinata haha. It was a fun and funny day and every time I look at this photo, it makes me smile. Hopefully seeing this photo of me has made you smile too, I look so happy here haha.

None of us in the photo knew that someone was taking this photo so we didn't have one of those typical 'fake' photo smiles - instead these are our genuine laughing faces :) I really don't think that I look nice in this photo (I think I look funny when I laugh!) but to me this clearly shows that smiling is one of the simple things that makes someone beautiful. Everyone can be beautiful if they just smile =] Don't forget to take your smile with you, wherever you go (someone might just fall in love with it) ;D

One of my friends ended up taking the pinata to the floor and we could no longer hang it up so we resorted to hitting it on the ground. So here's a photo of my when it was my turn to hit:

I'm no where near it!!

That's it for this tag, I hope some of you decide to post a picture or two of yourself smiling and showing pure happiness =] There wouldn't have been another reason for me to post these photos up so thank you Lene for tagging me - now everyone can see what I look like when I'm genuinely happy and laughing!

To other news, I know I said I'd be hosting another giveaway this week but I've decided to delay it a bit. Not sure if many of you are aware of this but there are lots of giveaways happening at the moment on Blogger! I've never seen so many wonderful giveaways commencing in the same week. So I'm going to wait a while and then open my giveaway. Maybe late next week it'll be open. Sorry about that, hope you all understand

What's happening in Queensland at the moment is so sad =[ I feel lucky yet I also feel so sympathetic to those who are suffering in the floods. The fact that no one can do anything to stop the floods breaks my heart. Mother nature!

This week has been pretty full so I guess that explains my days of not posting. Recap of my week, even though it's all on my Twitter:

Monday = Bought my blog domain :) I waited for it to 'settle in' and for Google to make the switch

Tuesday = We didn't do anything for this but I might as well acknowledge that it was me and my boyfriend's 31 months anniversary. We'll be spending time together next week =]

Wednesday = Got my first Dolly Wink lashes in the mail ^^ I was definitely looking forward to receiving them! Also, there was a K-pop concert on this day in Sydney and I wasn't able to attend it =( I was pretty devastated because this was the first time a Korean boy group has come to Australia to perform and I really wanted to see them! I had no ticket and so I wasn't able to fly to Sydney. Oh well, hopefully they come back again, and also other K-pop stars!

Thursday = University offers were released and thankfully I was accepted! It's official, I'm going to uni this year. I start in late February/early March and I'm really looking forward to meeting new people in my course. I got another Dolly Wink item in the mail - the black liquid eyeliner :D

Friday = Got another Dolly Wink item - another set of false eyelashes! I was so happy getting all three of my items each day in a row. That has never happened before haha ^_^ I was very happy. I also got a letter about my uni offer :)

So that's been my week starting from Monday I've been relaxing at home and sleeping in 'til the late morning. I have a pretty screwed sleeping pattern but oh well x]

I have plenty of things I want to blog about next week! I'm going to do a Dolly Wink Haul and Review! Here's a sneak peak of what I'll be hauling and reviewing in a blog post next week:

Has anyone tried Dolly Wink items before? Let me know what you think of them!


  1. Yay for your Dolly Wink stuff! I need to get mine soon but dad used my paypal money on some Wing Chung book :( so need to put more in T^T"

    Anyway!!! I can't wait to see you try them out ! And I already said it but CONGRATS for the uni offer ;)

    AND I KNOW RIGHT. This is the first time I've seen so many giveaways happening at hte same time :S But then again, I wasn't really in to the blogging scene a few months ago? so maybe ? :S I don't know!!

  2. Cute picture =D !!, and i never tried dolly wink before, but would love to try it =/ i LLOVEEE the packaging so much but the lashes are looking so long o__o" where did you buy it?

  3. Congrats on getting accepted ^_^ I've never tried Dolly Wink before but they look great! I think I look horrible when I laugh =_= And I made that laughing-like-crazy face in the first 2 candid pics of me & my bf. Sigh..

  4. Oooohhhh what a nice picture!!! LOL

  5. uni for you, year 11 for me *sigh*
    never tried dollywink before but i heard that theyre really good....

  6. You look lovely when you smile J ^,^ I love how you describe it hehe and it totally made me smile too. Love the photo of your turn but your not near it haha *pats ur back* to be honest though I am not much of a smiling person, hence why most people think I am snobby when they see me haha 
    I love dollywink, such good makeup and lashes ;) 
    Congratulations on being accepted babe, I can't wait to hear about your adventures hehe
    Lol @ the giveaways, I didn't even notice how many were going on until I posted mine so I just extended the end time for longer haha
    Hope your well babe

  7. congrats on the anniversary, as well as being accepted into uni ^_^ I'm very happy for you!

    heehee I think your smile is really gorgeous :D I don't know why but the first thing I noticed was your teeth. I actually think you have really pretty teeth, don't know why you don't like them XD

    hahaha I bought a bunch of Dolly Wink stuff too and still have to try them out, so I will have a lot of Dolly Wink coming up as well XD can't wait to see how the lashes look on you <3

  8. Congrats on getting into uni :D What course are you going to do? c:

    And cute Dolly Wink haul! I'll be interested to see your review +_+ I'm going to but the green on soon too :D

  9. Congrats on getting into uni sweety!!! Weldonee!!! And also congrats to you and your boyfriend, hope you two have a great celebration!
    You have a gorgeous smile and i can def tell you was so happy in your pic! Such a cute tag!!
    P.S, do a review on dolly wink lashes please!!

  10. Stumped upon your blog and decided to leave a little note to say hi :)

    you should try 04 for the dolly winks, they're more dramatic, but really nice effects. I received a ton of compliments when I wore those! And dolly winks, in my opinion, probably has the more wears? I wore mine a good 7-8x before I had to replace them. The only downside I would say about them is that they're really hard, so you actually feel the fake lashes on you. Besides that, they look great :)

  11. what a very beautiful photo, genuine smiles and laughter are the best! and ugh, I want to own a Dolly Wink stuff!! specially their lip glosses and lashes <3

  12. @Vermillion I'm going to be doing Health Science :)

  13. The first picture is just great <33 I love seeing a group of people having fun, and I did smile when I saw you smiling. xD

    Don't forget to take your smile with you, wherever you go (someone might just fall in love with it) ;D <333 I'm saving this somewhere/quoting you.

    Congrats about getting accepted! Ahh that means you've been spared 1 month before your torture of studying begins. XD just kiddinnngg (or maybe not D:)

    Can't wait to see your Dolly Wink reviews, I haven't seen any for the styles you've bought so this should be interesting. :3

  14. woww! it's been an awesome week for you last week! so happy for you,

    congrats on getting accepted to uni and ur 31st monthsary!! :3

    and that picture of you and your friends smiling seriously glows.!!

    Can't wait for your haul/review. :3


  15. I love dolly wink. The eyeliner is particularly good and congrats on your uni offer.

  16. looks like you're having heaps of fun with your girlfriends .. moments to treasure.

    love love love the dolly wink eyeliner. hope it becomes one of your favourites too =D

    thanks for entering my giveaway xo

  17. awwww, thats so cute :) You're such a smiley girl!!! Love how natural the photo is!
    Woooot! 31 months! That's a long time :D
    Looking forward for you doing a review for the dolly wink products! Would love to see what you gotta say about it!!
    Congrats with the Uni offer!!

  18. OMG You bought the eye liner too?! Let me know what you think of it coz I'm planning on getting one too as well as some lashes :D
    I can't wait to see your review! Would really like to see how they look - oo and tell me if they're comfy :D I've tried so many false lashes and sometimes they poke my eyes - cries -


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