Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011 and NOTD

Hello everyone, I just want to wish you all a happy new year! No vlog from me today unfortunately =[ I was going to do one but I have a sty/red lump on the inner corner of my left lower lash line. If you don't know what a sty is, Google it to read about it but I must advise you - do not look for the images, it's not a pretty sight! It doesn't look too bad but it is a little swollen so I don't want to apply any makeup or anything until it goes away. Apparently it'll take a few days to a week until it fully disappears so when it does, I can show my face again and do more eye looks :)

2011 is the Chinese Zodiac Sign year of the Rabbit. My mum's a rabbit and you kind of guess how old she's turning this year, if you know how the Chinese Zodiac calendar works x) Hint - when I was 12, it was my zodiac sign's year.

Something that I find out today - Honeysuckle is Pantone 2011 Color of the Year! It's a gorgeous deep pink and it's been a popular colour amongst the outfits of many celebrities. I know that pink seems to be such an overrated colour but it's my favourite and it's super pretty :D I adore the many shades of pink.

More info about this colour here

So to 'match' this year's colour, I bought some pink/purple shades of nail polish! NOT :P It was just a coincidence that I have recently got some pink and purple nail polishes. And before you go crazy over me purchasing nail polish (referring to me makeup-purchasing ban), I bought one before I started the ban, and I went shopping with my mum yesterday xD So technically, I didn't purchase those nail polishes from yesterday because my mum did!

I don't know why but I seem to be great at finding cheap nail polishes at bargain prices x) Remember my 1 cent nail polish I picked up a few months ago?

The day before my makeup-purchasing ban commenced, I went into Priceline and got an Australis nail polish for just $0.97! Even the lady at the checkout was amazed when she scanned it xD Then yesterday with my mum we went into Kmart and got 4 Maybelline nail polishes for $1.75 each, RRP $5.85 each.

L-R: Candy Frost, Bubblegum, Wonder Violet, Tutti Frutti and Pink Pluto

1 cent nail polish - Rimmel's Funky Diva


Sorry they're a bit messy :/ I fixed the purple after I took the picture

Since I won't be showing you my face, I'm going to show you an NOTD - Nails Of The Day look.

I decided to create some patterns on my nails using the different colours of nail polish I used to paint my nails. You know, I NEVER used to paint my nails with patterns and decos until this year. I was inspired by you nail art bloggers :D You girls are so talented and amazing! I've attempted to do some nail art but brace yourselves - this was my first attempt and it's not that nice :( I didn't use any special brushes or anything, just the nail polish's brush...

Don't laugh!

Someone get me some nail art brushes? Haha
Experimenting with brush strokes - dots, diagonal stripes, dabs, vertical stripes and horizontal stripes
I did these designs with my right hand. Imagine if I attempted to do these with my left hand for my nails on my right hand....

I ended up buying 2 of these - one for me and one for my next giveaway winner!

Yep that's right, I will be hosting a giveaway sometime so look out for it :] I might open the giveaway once I reach 400 followers (just another 5). Remember that there will be 3 winners this time!

And as for my new year's resolutions... I'll make a list of 10:

1. Get a job - a permanent part-time or casual position in retail would be preferable
2. Save more, spend less - something I need to work on
3. Succeed in first year university - pass everything but even better, achieve great scores
4. Exercise more, join a gym - in other words, spend less time on my laptop perhaps. Go out and get active
5. Be more sociable - I'm going to be 18 this year and I plan to go out more, meet new people and make new friends
6. P2's - I might attempt it but I'd like to pass so I don't have to put up the P-plates anymore
7. Regular b/vlogger - I'm quite regular already with blogging but with vlogging... ehh
8. Be more confident - My confidence level seems to rise as I grow older, I hope it continues to rise. But not the point where I'm egotistical
9. Learn something - whether it's a language or something that requires skill
10. Be less lazy - clean my room more often, do more house chores, help parents

And more beauty-related

1. Create better tutorials - better quality videos maybe
2. Wash brushes more often - I get lazy...
3. Take care of skin - no more trying of new skincare products that aren't suitable for sensitive skin! Only use the essentials to reduce redness and dry skin

I hope I can achieve these resolutions. This time next year I will look back on this list and blog about whether or not I've been successful x)

Once again, happy 1/1/11 :D Take care and stay safe


  1. You're so lucky!!
    Happy new year!!

  2. Happy New Year 2011 once again, you're an amazing girl. All the best with your New Year Resolutions. Oh yes, I love the 'Wonder Violet' the most. The colour is just so pretty on your nails. (:

    Woahhh! Those are cheap as polishes ;A; ! send me someeeee ;) ! But yeah, I need to go out and check if I can go get you something :>! AND AHHHH, I hope your sty goes away soon! I used to get them a lot too :( Mum used to be mean and say I get them cos I look at porn - WHICH I DON'T, I can hear you laughing. But it's okay, it just means, you look at it toooooo ;D hehehe.


    Love you! :) xo

  4. Happy new year~!! ^^
    Cute nail polishes :D i need nail art brushes too ==" I just use a toothpick or my dotting tool. XD

  5. happy new year!! good luck achieving all your new years resolutions ^^

  6. Happy New Year!!
    Really loving the color of this year and definitely a good color for me since I like wearing pink! Hopefully your sty goes away... i hate that sooo much! It hurts so bad :(

    Take care~!!

  7. Happy New Year! The nail colors are gorgeous! =D


  8. love your colorful nails. :) happy new year!!

  9. Happy New Year! those polishes are super cute! thanks for sharing the color of the year, I am so psyched about it cause it's such a pretty pink shade xD

  10. Happy New Year!!
    OMG it's been soo long i haven't been on blogger!
    I can't wait to go back to aus and start posting more posts.
    I have the nail art deco nailpolish in hotpink and i don't really use it because i'm not good at making designs with nailpolish LOL.
    I used to be good at it but not anymore.
    Hit me back.. laterz xx

    good luck with all your new years resolutions, esp with the job in that number one spot!


  12. I love the nail colors you got! So pretty! :3

  13. Happy New Year again gorgeous ^.^
    Sorry to hear about the sty, I get them every so often and its usually because I've fallen asleep with eyeliner on after wearing for the day >.< .. just apply a hot compress 5 or so times a day and eventually it will come to a head and drain itself (sounds gross i know) but it totally works! Mine usually last 2 - 3 days when I do the compress thingy.
    I love Maybelline nailpolish .. I have Candy Frost and Bubblegum, both such sweet colours!
    Loving the resolutions - I totally agree 2, 4, 5, 7 & 8 ! Here's to a good year huh love?


  14. Oh, if you're looking for some nail art brushes/pens, you can pick some up at Morning Glory, the brand is GlossyBlossom and they're about $4 or so - well, here in Sydney, they shouldnt be much more in Adelaide - and its the 2 way art pen or something like that ^_^
    It comes with a striper brush and a pen (: really handy and comes in a ton of different colours~! (:

  15. Happy new year sweety!! Nice nail colours! XxXx

  16. oh wow! Don't worry, my first try with french manicure, ew really ugly. I did it free hand, so no nail art pen, or whatever thing to do the white tip. D:

  17. Happy new year!
    I wish I could wear Honeysuckle, but I just dyed my hair red and it clashes like crazy.

    Also, you might have already posted about this but a fantastic cleanser for sensitive skin is DDF Doctor's Dermatologic Formula Sensitive Skin Cleansing Gel (wow, that's a mouthful)

  18. Hi Jennifer! I just found your pretty blog and I'm now following it. Have a lovely day!

    Kisses, Melanie

  19. those polishes are super inexpensive =D i would try it as well lol


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