Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dolly Wink Reviews

Hi girls, here is my long awaited Dolly Wink haul and review. I've already showed a preview of what I got in a previous post but just in case you missed it, here is a picture of my Dolly Wink items:

L-R: No.2 Lashes, Deep Black Liquid Eyeliner and No.4 Lashes

Dolly Wink is a line created by the Japanese gal (gyaru) and model Tsubasa Masuwaka, as pictured in the packages above. Each item from her line has such cute packaging which I utterly adore!

I purchased my Dolly Wink items online because for me, it's the cheaper option. I could get these in-store but they cost WAY too much. The total of the three items above is the same amount as one set of Dolly Wink false eyelashes at a shop in my city. So not worth it, right?

Koji Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner (Deep Black)

Slightly different to the Japanese packaging - sticky label with Chinese description. I got this from a seller in Hong Kong, same with my other products. Sorry I'm not good with reading Chinese so I can't translate :(

I reckon I got this at a pretty good price. On eBay it was selling for $12 (excluding shipping) which is about the same price as a drugstore liquid liner. I'm not too sure whether Dolly Wink is a drugstore brand in Japan or Asia but all I know is that it is definitely good value :D At the moment I don't think there are any Dolly Wink liquid eyeliners are under $15.

Totally irrelevant, but this is how I hold my pen. Do you hold it the same or similar?
I'm also a right-hander. I wonder who else is or isn't!

It has a very nice brush tip which to me is extremely impressive. A little goes a long way. If I just gently press down with the fine tip, the black liquid comes out from it very smoothly. By using the fine tip to line your top lash line, you can create a very sleek line with minimal effort. Or you could use the whole brush tip to create a thicker, more defined line or wing it out to create a cat-eye effect. I like how there's a little ball inside to help shake the liquid up if it's running out. I had no idea about it until I started using it.

I'm not good with making straight lines but that doesn't matter because when you use it to line your eyes, it's not supposed to be straight. You don't need to have the steadiest hands to properly line your top lash line :)

The Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner reminds me so much of a black permanent pen. The scent is not strong like a permanent pen but the similarity is its ability to last long and not fade. With this liquid eyeliner, it's hard to be removed by rubbing it off and you don't have to worry about it fading. The formula is perfect - bearable scent (unlike a permanent marker), smudge-proof, waterproof (I believe so), sweat-proof perhaps and long-lasting. Oh and also, it dries quickly and can be removed quite easily with makeup remover.

I used the very top part of the liner. Makes a very thin line which is nice and subtle

Now to the fun part - talking about its packaging. What can I say, it has pretty and cute written all over it. Girly pink packaging with patterns, polka dots and a lovely black bow on the top. There is no way that I am going to chuck the packaging out, it's too gorgeous! Call me weird I don't care, packaging this cute is rare to find in Australia :P The liquid liner could definitely be mistaken for a black pen because it reminds me so much of cute Asian stationery.

Product: 5/5 - perfect liquid liner for me
Packaging: 5/5 - can't really get much cuter than this
Price: 4/5 - I was lucky when I purchased it from eBay, it was by far the cheapest one there. Realistically, this would be around $20AUD or more.

Last words:
Even if this is around $20+, it's still worth it for the price. I'm being so careful with how much I use it and I would only use it for a special occasion, not for daily use. I would hate for it to run out really quickly because I won't be able to get a replacement for a while. Purchasing online can be quite inconvenient for me and I don't like waiting for it to come :(

Yes I would, unless I come across a really good drugstore brand one in store that is comparable to this. It ticks all the boxes for me, I really like this product. I highly recommend this!

Koji Dolly Wink Eyelash No.2 Sweet Girly

This was the first Dolly Wink item I received in the mail and you could probably imagine how excited I was to try these on and all. Finally getting my hands on a Dolly Wink item which is considerably pricey in my city is awesome :D

Instructions inside. Useful for beginners

I got these lashes for under $10 (excluding shipping fee) on eBay and to me it wasn't too pricey. In one set there are two pairs of false eyelashes and a Dolly Wink glue included.

It's a really good quality glue! I like it and the nozzle makes the glue come out easier, not in one big blob. It's a shame that it's only a small amount but you can purchase this glue under the brand name Koji.

What really attracted me to get this set were the three styles on one lash band. The inner part has thin, wispy strands, the middle part has thick, dark ends and the outer part has long, straight ends. It's hard to explain but if you have a look at them, you'll understand what I mean.

Can you kind of see the 3 different 'styles' on the band?
By the way, can anyone recommend a really good black eyeliner for the waterline? Mine always fades, like within a minute of wearing!

In flash photography, these lashes will have a glare and look really shiny. It makes them look unnatural, so it gives off more of a dramatic look. I believe that the glue dries clear but it takes quite a while for it to become clear...

During the day, they look more natural and soft. The lashes are comfortable to wear and I love how the lashes have a clear band so it can blend in nicely with my natural lashes

These lashes go by their name - sweet and girly. I can see myself wearing these to a special event like a party. I may not wear these at night because of the glare from flash photography but if I do wear them to an evening event then I would try my best not to blink or have my eyes closed in any shots. After cutting the ends, these lashes were able to fit my eye shape really nicely.

Product: 4/5 - high quality synthetic false eyelashes. Very soft however look too shiny and unnatural under flash photography
Packaging: 5/5 - can't really get much cuter than this. Packaging is ideal for neat lash storage and it comes with glue
Price: 3/5 - I got these quite cheap on eBay but if I get them in store = too expensive

Last words:
I know that Dolly Wink is quite an overrated brand online compared to many other Japanese-branded false eyelashes, but I understand why it's such a big hype. The styles are so unique and they're really pretty! The lashes are long so you can create that dolly look :)

I would repurchase only if I can't find lashes similar to this style. In other words, if I don't find a cheaper alternative then I would. However, there are many other lash brands that I'd like to try so I think I'd rather purchase other styles and brands before repurchasing this. I tend to wear the cheaper lashes that come in a box of 10 or lashes which are sold by pair for about $2 or so. The main reason for me purchasing them in the first place was because I was curious about them and wanted to see what I'd look like with them on. I do recommend these lashes and the price I paid was decent for 2 pairs of high quality lashes.

Koji Dolly Wink Eyelash No.4 Feminine Style

Again these lashes were under $10 and I won them from bidding on eBay. I was the only one who placed a bid for this anyway haha. I wanted to buy these because I noticed that they were shorter than other Dolly Wink lashes (these are the shortest) so I didn't need to trim them. They remind me a lot of half-falsies which only add length/volume to the outer lashes.

Same packaging as the previous set, included glue.
Also, this style is almost identical to the ends of the No.2 lashes, don't you think?

Instructions are all in Japanese, but the pictures are helpful

These lashes are so natural in my opinion. To me they create that 'winged' effect and make my ends look longer :) These are not that dramatic and they can be suitable for day or night.

For some unknown reason, these lashes don't have the glare compared to the No.2 lashes. Must be a different type of synthetic lash. Only the glue gives off that shininess :/

They're almost invisible aren't they? Once again, I really like how they have a clear band and are soft yet strong lashes that I know will last for a while.

Product: 5/5 - high quality synthetic false eyelashes. Very soft, minimal shine in flash photography and can be quite natural-looking
Packaging: 5/5 - can't really get much cuter than this. Packaging is ideal for neat lash storage and it comes with glue
Price: 3/5 - I got these quite cheap on eBay but to get them in store, too expensive

Last words:
I know that Dolly Wink is quite an overrated brand online compared to many other Japanese-branded false eyelashes, but I understand why it's such a big hype. The styles are so unique and they're really pretty! The lashes are long so you can create that dolly look :)

I may repurchase these if I don't find a cheaper alternative. I like how they're like half-lashes and I rarely see styles like these. There are many other lash brands that I'd like to try so I may not repurchase until I try others. Also, I tend to wear the cheaper lashes that come in a box of 10 or lashes which are sold by pair for about $2 or so. The main reason for me purchasing them in the first place was because I was curious about them and wanted to see what I'd look like with them on. I do recommend these lashes and the price I paid was decent for 2 pairs of high quality lashes.

So that's it for my Dolly Wink haul/review. It was a bit long but hopefully it had enough important detail. Dolly Wink is a really good brand for false eyelashes and makeup but for some, it can be on the pricey side. Honestly for me, it was worth it and whenever I compare the amount I paid online for Dolly Wink instead of in store, I don't feel guilty or regret buying any of it :D Now I just want to collect more of these Dolly Wink lashes and possibly expand my collection by trying out their eyeshadows or nail polishes!

If you would like to know anything else or the eBay seller names of these Dolly Wink items, please feel free to contact me :) Email preferably if you're after the sellers on eBay.

Disclaimer: These items were purchased with my own money. I am not sponsored or affiliated with Dolly Wink, nor was I paid to do this review. Review has been based on my 100% honest opinions.


  1. I really like the lashes! They look more natural when trimmed but No. 4 looks good as it is. I'm so tempted to buy it! :D

  2. i was about to sleeeeeep but i saw your post :)
    ooh i like the dollywink no4 now! even though number 2 is still pretty !

    im not spending now though, but def in the future i'll grab hold of the number 4 <3

  3. The lashes are so pretty! I saw them in stores but they were so pricey. After checking ur post, i think i might get them anyway.. =)


  4. It sucks that in oz they inflate the prices to almost double. That's why I often find myself buying online ^^

    Nice review on the Dolywinks! The lashes are super nice and I am yet to try out the liquid eyeliner~~

  5. I NEARLY BOUGHT THESE THE OTHER DAYYYYYY but I stopped myself and bought some Nyx stuff instead loll :( I know they're cheaper online but I still find them so pricey compared to other eyelash brands but hmmm.

    I guess the biggest thing that attracts us to these are the packaging ? BECAUSE THEY"RE CUTE AS. But yeahh the good quality keeps its customers coming back!

    I'm def gonna buy the No.2 one day cos I like the "sweet and girly" look (you should use it for Valentines!) ;) bt yeahh hmmm.

    BUT YES Jennifer, AWESOME review <3

  6. Thanks for review.
    It only makes me want them more.

    Please follow me

  7. I like the 2nd one more ^_^ But it's kinda like a regular falsies. Guess the first one is more unique =)

  8. Thanks for this review love ^^ i really really love dolly wink, especially because of the cute packaging !!! I already read on other blogs that those lashes are quite long =( but it looks very cute on you ^^ and it makes your eyes biggg =D hihi..
    btw, do you have oily lids? or just normal? I want to try the dolly wink eyeliner out, but i'm scared that it will smudge because of my oily lids T_T grrr..

  9. Oooo nice review! The liquid eyeliner looks very promising :D
    I'm still saving up money so that I can purchase some dollywink products!
    They're just so expensive :(


  10. I hold my pen just like you.. Actually, my grandma was a German teacher for like 25 years or something. When I was 4, she took a photo of me drawing in her kitchen.. and I held the pen EXACTLY like that, which is how you're supposed to hold it. : D She took the photo cause she was so proud. Haha xD

    Ughh I wanna try those lashes, but they're so darn expensive -__-"

  11. Wooow I think I like the liquid liner best :O
    I thank you for doing a review! I was going to get them toooz. They do seem overrated huh :\ In Syd city, they are $36 for the lashes! Whoo to online shopping!

    The no.2 lashes look great on you! I'm glad the glue is good quality! You can use it with other lashes xD
    Yayyyy I see Geo Honey Brown Wings ~

    ♥ Gerry

  12. oooh the packaging on them is so cute ! i've always heard good things about the dollywink eyeliner.. but hmm i might have to get it online like you did.. theres no stores around me that sells it =(

    the eyelashes look really nice on you ^_^ i'm still such a newbie when putting them on!

  13. i love dollywink liner but i found the eyelashes were poor quality my mac ones were cheaper and much better quality xx

  14. i just picked up Dollywink brown pencil liner from the drugstore today ^_^!! hope it works :D all dollywink products looked so lovely!

  15. thanks for the review! i'm really looking for dolly wink products ^^

  16. Gosh they make your eyes pop!! Your eyes really do look like a dolls!! Very pretty, i love the eyeliner, it's so amazingly thin the line you drew, i had to look twice! xX

  17. I hold my pen/pencil the same way! I kind of wish I could just write with the tip of both my index finger and thumb. xD Really nice nails btw! <3

    I saved the packaging for the eyelashes too, its too cute to throw away! I was planning on buying more glue since it was really easy to deal with. x] Though, I have to agree that it takes forever to become clear ...

    Both styles look wonderful on you, and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing which others you might buy! Like you, I also feel a bit hesitant about owning more since they're pricey. xD

  18. Ooo this stuff looks so cool :) The packaging itself is really eye catching!


    I'm a new follower!

    Check out my blog for the little promotion :)

  19. Great reviews! I'm not too interested in the lashes but I'm super duper incredibly interested in the liner!!!!
    I wonder how much the liner costs in store for me...I know the lashes were very pricey

  20. =yay= dollywink review. i love love love #2 lashes. so dramatic and makes your eyes look so big!!! hehe. i'm glad you liked the liquid eyeliner. it lasts quite a while, i use mine almost everysingle day and it's lasted over 6 months or so. and even better, it's still a deep deep black! thanks for sharing x

  21. I want that Dolly Wink eyeliner so badly. It's sitting in my shopping cart & has been for the longest time. Great reviews. :) The first pair of lashes you review look gorgeous on you.

  22. the lashes are so long but natural looking, I love them on you! and I am really starting to love the eyeliner!

  23. i only have dolly wink in number 5, the black eyeliner pencil and full size lash glue. and all of them are really good! :D

    i was going to buy the liquid liner but over here it was like $30.... T^T

    and i really hate waiting for ebay things! xD but it seems really good so ill think about buying it. worth the wait i guess x3

  24. woah i never tried to take pics of these lashes with flash photography before... i had NO idea how fake they look lol!!!

  25. Hey darling,
    I guess we have the same taste because I actually purchase both of them and also the pink one. I was so mad because I bought the pink one for about $18.00 + tax and then I went to some other store and they were on sale for $13.99 + tax arrggg!

  26. I want to try Dolly Wink lashes, but they're so expensive where I live! ;~;

  27. Hiya, have just followed your blog. Really great reviews! I'mve been looking to get the Dollywink liner for some time now!

  28. great and detailed review dear. :) i love the dolly wink lashes but haven't tried the eyeliner but it looks so promising. :D

  29. yayayayayay I'll be buying the dolly wink eyeliner now. I saw it on ebay and wasnt sure. Did you get it from alphabeauty? I was wondering have you tried kiss me heroine eyeliner?

  30. Thanks for the review! I really like the #4 lashes on you, because they do look a little more natural than the other pair. I've always wanted to try the Dolly Wink liner and lashes - I'll give Ebay a look, thanks! :)

  31. hehe you are such a cutie in your photos ^_^
    those are all really nice lashes too! i wish i had the patience to apply falsies!

  32. great review :) you look very beautiful and i love your natural makeup^^
    drey jewelry.


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