Wednesday, January 19, 2011

$5 Makeup Brushes

Hello, how is everyone? It's funny how I used to blog each day but now I blog once or twice a week. I've been out and about so I haven't had much time to sit and blog. My Dolly Wink haul and review will probably be up on the weekend because I need to take photos with them on and edit. Being a blogger can be quite time consuming, especially when you have other things you want to do in mind - i.e. finish watching a drama x]

Just going to give you all a little update on what's been happening. Thank you to those who congratulated me on my uni offer, I feel humbled :') Although I'm looking forward to seeing what 'uni life' would be like, I can already imagine uni being hectic for me so for now I'm just going to enjoy the rest of my holidays :D Yay!

Today I went out with my boyfriend and we browsed around the shops in town. I headed into Priceline. I know what you're going to say - and no I didn't go in there to buy makeup :P I looked around but nothing really tempted me... EXCEPT for some brushes that were discounted :)

I ended up buying 2 Red Earth brushes from Priceline. They were under the clearance rack for only $5 each! RRP about $15 or so. So glad I didn't ban myself from buying new makeup brushes... phew.

I think Priceline is discontinuing the sales of Red Earth cosmetics because they were all $5 each. I've never really tried any Red Earth cosmetics before but I they seem to have quality because I've heard quite a lot about them. I've seen them on blogs that aren't from Australia :)

Foundation Brush
Excuse my nail polish chipping :/ I'm re-painting my nails tomorrow

Angled Eye Contour Brush
I forgot to take a photo of me holding both of them together =|

They came in black velvet pouches

This won't be a review, but more of a run-down of what I think of these brushes. The retailed for about $15 so to me that seems as though these brushes are good quality. I remember wanting a Red Earth kabuki brush, and that was $30. I didn't buy it when it retailed for that price and I didn't see it today :(

Starting with the foundation brush...

Came with a brush guard - very hard plastic

The handle of this brush is thick, hard plastic which definitely looks and feels strong and durable. I absolutely love how it's light-weight and sleek. I really can't wait to use it, but I reckon I'm going to use it when I end up getting a liquid foundation. Currently I'm using a matte foundation and I already have 2 foundation brushes in use.

Closer look at the brush hair

I am sure that the hair is synthetic because it is SOOOO soft! Softest and shiniest hair I have ever felt and seen. I fear that I will damage the hairs if I use my matte foundation. It's not that I don't trust this foundation brush to do the job, I just want to be on the safe side and use a smoother foundation for the delicate hairs on this brush. To me, this brush looks like an expensive professional makeup brush. The brush has a woody-plastic smell which is bearable and not that bad.

Now onto the Angled Eye Contour Brush

Had plastic sleeving over it. It's gone now

Rounded brush head

This again is a very impressive brush. Extremely light-weight, nice black plastic barrel and soft, fluffy hair. I admire the fact that it has a rounded top to make contouring easier and that the hairs are not too dense. This is a much better alternative to my current angled contour brush from Australis, which was in my 2010 naughty list.

I was tempted to buy all of the brushes that were left (one other foundation brush left, a few eye contouring ones, eyebrow brushes and some concealer brushes) but I didn't want to splurge. I've already got the brushes I need =] I may go back another time and get back-ups of these brushes but maybe they'll be all gone by then!

My tip for you - don't skip past clearance racks, you never know what bargains you may find. Of course, it can be a little awkward for you to rummage through items that are no longer 'wanted' in store but usually they have been heavily discounted :D You'll be one happy customer, trust me.

Me and my boyfriend went to a Vietnamese restaurant for lunch. He ordered the food because he's Vietnamese and I can't pronounce the names of the foods properly haha -_- Here's what we had:

My boyfriend's lunch - Com Tam Dac Biet (Rice combination)

My lunch - Pho Bo (Beef Noodle Soup)
So nice :D

And our dessert! Fried Ice cream
Well, my dessert... boyfriend already started eating his before I could take a picture haha
This was my first time eating fried ice cream :) It was yummy

That's all :) Hope you all are well


  1. I'm hungry and fried ice cream sounds gooood as! Totes shoulda taken a pic with the boyfriend ;D haha.

    And ahhhhhh, I always look through those discount/clearance stuff altho I kinda feel like a hobo LOL. But still! I sometimes find some pretty awesome things in there :D And those brushes look soooo nice. I wonder if they're on sale here too hmmm


  2. i think you don't need to blog every day, not many people have actually time to read blogs all the time ;)

  3. @Susanne I know, but it was a routine thing that I liked :)

  4. @Melody Fried ice cream is awesome :D Haha aw maybe next time, just for you ;)

    Same LOL! That's the thing hehehe ^^ I hope they are :] xx

  5. You make me hungry with this postttt =( and red earth is VERY popular o_o and it seems to have high quality products. They don't sell it here, but I have seen this brand in Hong Kong and Shanghai before and it was freaking expensive there T_T"

  6. ahh i love fried ice cream ! =DD

  7. omg yummy!!

  8. awesome! i love finding bargains =D can't wait for your DW post. p.s. that viet food looks delicious xo

  9. the Fried ice cream looks tasty.
    Nice brushes, too bad they're not available here in Phils.

  10. Lol I always go to asian restaurants with my asian friends cos I get all shy and dont know what to order :P
    I think theyre getting rid of red earth from priceline, I dont think they were doing too well cos its a bit expensive..

  11. nice brushes!! :D
    i dint own many brushes..
    actually i only own one xD which is a Jill Stuart blush brush.. which came with my blush =3= lol

    I love pho :D best noodles ever~
    ive been craving pho for ages! D:
    and now seeing this photo makes me crave it even more D; !!!!
    but im currently kinda grounded so i cant go out to eat it T-T

  12. I agree Jen, blogging can be pretty time consuming. D: Yet so much fun!

    Whoooooa, what luck! Those brushes do look really professional and their regular price is much as Sephora's brushes. o: For $5 each? What a steal!

    I always have money saved up for what I might find at clearance racks at stores. :) I say 50% of the time I usually find some really awesome items that were heavily discounted!

    Your fried ice cream looks so delicious! ;A;

  13. i've seen this brush somewhere but didn't know they were so cheap and in good quality. i love pho. so yum!! but never tried fried ice cream. i'm so curious now. wonder where i can find it.

  14. haha my boyfriend is the rice person and I'm the noodle person when it comes to eating Viet. :P

    Have you ever tried Red Earth mascara? It totally sucks..doesn't work for me anyway.

    Also, loving the new blog name ; )

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  15. questjen ;) nice brush finds! I always stay away from brushes because when I saw how much mac's cost I was so turned off. what a lovely day, first it was $5 brush then yummy food to top it off.


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