Friday, December 10, 2010

Samples from Riya + iPod Accessories

Hi everyone :] Back to my daily blogging routine I suppose. Anyway, I'll tell you now that this post is going to be quite jam-packed :P I have lots to share.

First off I'm going to share with you some packages that I received in the past couple of weeks. I guess this could be like a collective haul...

After I did my review on those iheartkoreanbeauty samples, my lovely blog friend Riya offered to send me some Korean beauty samples that she had ^_^ I got them this week:

If you didn't know my surname, well now you do! It's on my blog URL
She used pretty Alice in Wonderland paper =]

I really didn't expect to get this many samples...

I honestly thought that there'd only be like 6
But of course, I'm very happy!

Ah I'm really looking forward to trying all of these! It'll take me a while to finish them all x] I don't know if I'll review any because it'll just be too much. How about I list them and if you're interested in knowing about any of them, then let me know:

- IOPE Whitegen RXC Neuro Essence
- IOPE Wrinkle Care
- Laneige High Perm Curling Mascara
- Laneige Eye Designer Cream
- Laneige Perfect Renew Dual Touch Eyes
- Laneige Perfect Renew Essence
- Laneige Pore Trouble Emulsion
- Laneige Professional Makeup Remover
- Laneige Star White Multi-Protector
- Laneige Ultra-Hydro Essence EX
- Laneige Water Bank Cream 1_EX
- Laneige Water Sleeping Pack Plus
- Mamonde Smart Moisture Cream
- Mamonde Smart Moisture Serum
- Skin Food Argania Sebum Control Ampoule 100
- Skin Food Argave Cactus Cream (Hydrating)
- Skin Food Honey Black Tea Jelly Foam

I've heard of Laneige and Skin Food before but not IOPE and Mamonde. Nonetheless I can't wait to try all of these samples :) It's great that the Laneige and Skin Food samples have directions and detail about them in English so I can understand!

So thank you so much Riya for being generous and providing me with these samples! I ought to send you something back, I promise =D

What also came in the mail the day that I received Riya's package was one of my eBay purchases. I bought 10 clear screw-top jars:

Free registered mail - who wouldn't be happy with that?

I'm glad that they had bubble wrapping to secure these plastic jars so that none would break *phew*

For 10 of these jars, it was about $5 and free shipping so I was really pleased with that. I really like de-potting my products when they're just about to run out which is why I needed more of these clear jars. Much easier to use products when they're in jars instead of hard-to-squeeze tubes. This was exactly what I wanted and I cannot find these anywhere in stores! I'm so glad that I could find these on eBay for a reasonable price.

Since none of my products are currently running out, I'm going to use some of these to put the samples in ^_^ How perfect! The fact that I received both the samples and these jars on the same day makes it even more coincidental.

On the topic of eBay, I might as well share my other eBay purchases and my experience with using the site so far.

I bought a few accessories for my iPod touch and the 3 items for my iPod are the case, the screen protector and the tripod.

The first thing I received in the mail from eBay was my case. I was hoping to get my screen protector first since that was what I was the most worried about getting scratched...

Looks like it's been wrapped in bubble wrap nicely...

Uhhhh this is the messiest bubble wrapping cut-out I have ever seen. No effort at all, tsk
And most of the bubbles were already deflated/dodgy
Well at least the mailing envelope had better bubble wrap

Yeah it's pretty and all but when I first looked at this, I was disappointed.
... Why?

Well you see, I ordered a different design of iPod cover, from the same seller. I put my order down for this one (which in my opinion, is so much prettier!) but instead I got this one =| Now can you understand my disappointment?

How could they make this mistake! It's not the worse thing but hey, it's really not what was pictured when I made the order, thus the item was not as described, right? I did have a little bit of a rage at the seller and I was thinking of giving them negative feedback but then they negotiated with me by saying that they I can re-order and receive the correct one at a discounted price, minus $1AUD. And so I did, only because I really want the prettier butterfly cover. The one I currently have can be the one I use until it breaks so then I can easily use my replacement after =]

Has a front cover too so that it is more secure and more protected

As you can tell, I was already having doubts about purchasing from eBay again in the future. I haven't given my feedback yet to this seller but I will once I receive my new case. If that is not the right one again then I will definitely give them negative feedback! That would not be acceptable at all...

I eagerly awaited my next eBay package which came a week later. This was my screen protector =] I got a mirror screen protector so when the light is off I can see my own reflection x) Handy for someone who is a little vain and may need it to do some touch-ups here and there :] Much happier with this purchase even though the protector wasn't in a padded bag.

This third package took the longest time to get to me, and it was at the point where I was worried that it got lost in the mail :/ It had been more than 15 working days! But eventually it got to me in a small cardboard box :)

Sorry about the blur! My digital camera doesn't have a focus :|
Basically the tripod came in two parts

Yes I got a tripod for my iPod x) I love saying that, purely because it rhymes haha! My bf actually found this on eBay for me and I got it straight away as soon as I saw it :D I wanted a tripod for my iPod touch so that I could make videos with it (I'm thinking of doing some vlogs!)

What I love about this tripod is that it can also hold normal digital cameras with the hole at the bottom for the screw, not only for iPods =] How convenient!

I need an upgrade on this camera. It uses AA batteries =/
Hopefully I can get a new one for Christmas *fingers crossed*

I also love how the legs are extendable!

And the iPod holder can also hold my phone x)
Need an upgrade on this too!

A shot of the mirror screen protector
I can see my reflection

This is what I'd see if I were to film a video

Too awesome, I love this tripod :] I will definitely try making some videos to put on my blog. I want to be able to test out the HD capabilities of my iPod too.

Now I have neutral to positive opinions about eBay. Of course quantity overalls quality in this case because it's true - you do get what you pay for, most of the time.

So that's all, quite a long post. I hope I didn't bore you. Just felt like sharing my packages because packages are always so exciting to receive. I'm still waiting on a few more and I'm likely to keep you guys updated on what I receive etc. I always tweet about them!

Speaking of Twitter, I uploaded photos of my kitten on my Twitpic (which is linked to Twitter) so feel free to check them out here =^.^= Along with other random pictures I post on there. I don't want to bombard this post with more pictures! And I think Twitter is a really good way of instant communication and followers there would know so much more about my daily life and snippets of what I'm doing. Twitter is like my main online social network so if you've got one, feel free to follow me :) If you're a blogger then I'm likely to follow you back.

Can't make a vlog with my kitten yet because he's so fidgety! He hates being held and has trouble staying still, meaning that he's very active :( Maybe when he's a little older and more used to my home (staying still and not being so curious) then there might be a vlog :D

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend, 2 weeks until Christmas!


  1. Your little kitty is so cuuuuute :-)

  2. Please review all the Laneige samples. :P

  3. nice stuf you have,i love your tripot,is so useful

  4. oh i am so sorry about the ipod skin T.T it still looks pretty tho :> and great samples!

  5. My sister uses laneige and she absolutely swears by it!
    i use it on occasions and i likee it just sometimes i think thers better out there :)
    It's so nice of her to send you all these samples!
    Was there anything else you wanted to try?
    Much Love Chanel
    Will be sending out ur card and a lil surprise by monday-tuesday :)
    Hopefully it gets there on time!

  6. Lovely samples! I need a tripod, too!

  7. yeah review the laneige samples! i'm really curious about them since bubz uses them! by the way your kitten is the adorablest thing ever!!!

  8. Wow you got so many samples! That bubble wrap is SO funny!

    Kisses, Melanie.

  9. ohhhhh so many samples. i love samples. can't wait to hear what you think about the leniege products - i've heard so many great reviews xo

  10. Awesome samples!! When you got the sampels from iheartkoreanbeauty, did you have to pay for them or pay for shipping?

    I really want to try Laneige and Skinfood as I heard many great stuff about it.
    (You may want to cover up the address on the package of the clear jars)

    OoH! I want an iPod Touch for Christmas!! I have a friend who has the mirror screen protector too and it looks so awesome!! Perfect for us vain girls. LOL

    I need an upgrade on my camera too...

  11. ipod tripod. GENIOUS! hahaha

    so many samples! have fun trying them all out :3

  12. LOL I see that look on your kitty's face on my bunny all the time! the curious-about-everything face XD I have mixed feelings from buying from e-bay too... I will repurchase from a seller I know, but usually I'd avoid eBay =T I want a tripod too =D

  13. awww your welcome darling I hope you enjoy it and seems like everyone is really interested in Laneige! lol

  14. AHHH. I LOVE RECEIVING PACKAGES. I should probably blog about all the packages I've received lately ..but then uh ..yeah maybe soon ;3

    and ew. WRONG ORDER? That's so stupidddd. But at least they negotiated something :\ Although I would've been still annoyed and would've wanted a free replacement ;-; ! hmm

    btw this site: and are both really cheap places to get accessories. (Screen protectors 0.01cents lolol) and etc you know? I've bought from focalprice before and even though it took AGES to come was good quality :D

  15. Great Post!! Love your blog.

  16. Ah so I'm not the only one who has trouble with eBay!
    At least I know that now ^^

    WOW There were so many Laneige samples! I'd be in sample heaven!

  17. Find the latest iPod accessories for your ipod at The Sharper Image.

  18. You sure have a lot of gadgets to show and that is amazing... I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


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