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Park Bom 2010 MAMA Inspired Look

Hi guys, so this is my first ever 'inspired look' post. If you're not too sure what it means, basically I have taken the picture of a particular person and recreated their make-up with the items that I have. In no way do I believe that I look like this person, this is just my interpretation of their make-up and my own replica of it :)

I've chosen to replicate the make up of Korean pop singer Park Bom. Those who are familiar with K-pop would know that she is in the girl group 2NE1. 2NE1 recently attended an awards show called MAMA which stands for Mnet Asian Music Awards. Before watching the awards show streamed online (thanks to Allkpop) I was able to check out the red carpet pictures :)

The red carpet pictures which caught my eye first were 2Ne1's and if you're familiar with them, you'd know that they have very stylish outfits and eye make-up, which I think is so awesome :D

Luckily there was a close-up of Park Bom when she was on the red carpet:


• Bold black eyeliner

• Blue eyeshadow

Pink lips
• False lashes
• Grey lenses

• Back to having black hair!
• Side fringe and high pony tail - one of her signature hair styles
• Black and white patterned dress
• Black belt
• Black pumps

L-R: Minzy, Bom, Dara and CL
Congrats to the girls on winning 4 awards that night:
• Album of the Year - 'To Anyone'
• Artist of the Year
• Female Group Award
• Best Music Video - 'Can't Nobody'
And Bom for winning Best Digital Single - 'You and I'

[Credits to Allkpop for the images]

It was an amazing awards show to watch, I loved all of the performances and it was definitely worth staying up and watching the live stream :) I'm so glad that Australian time is just a few hours ahead of the time in Asian countries!

Anyway back on topic, Bom's eye make-up is definitely the boldest compared to the rest of the 2NE1 members. I also took screenshots when Bom did her acceptance speech for her award:

These screenshots really helped me with recreating her look =)

At first I was surprised that she didn't accessorise on the night, I thought she'd actually be wearing a pair of earrings at least, or some jewellery! As well as trying to replicate her make-up, I also tried my best to replicate her outfit. I obviously wasn't very close with that because it's always hard to match the outfits of the 2NE1 girls haha - they can be quite 'out there' and wacky at times.

• Zebra-striped singlet - Free Fusion
• Black shorts - Miss Understood
• Silver belt - Katies
I had to make do with what I had :( No black belt or similar dress!

Under my lamp's bright light, the blue doesn't show up that vibrant
I toned down the eyeliner a lot, mainly because my double eyelids aren't as wide as Bom's so it wouldn't have looked as nice if I had thick black eyeliner

This is everything I used for the look
• Revlon ColorStay Velvet Creme Makeup
• Ecotools Foundation Brush
• Urban Decay Primer Potion
• PUPA 4Eyes Blue Eyeshadow Quad
• NYX Black Eyeliner
• Face of Australia Charcoal Liquid Eyeliner
• Rimmel Volume Express Mascara
• Sigma Blending Brush
• Eyeshadow Brush
• Australis Countoured Eyeshadow Brush
• QVS Eyelash Curler
• Duo Eyelash Glue in Clear/White
• Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Nude Delight
• Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in Pink Blush
• G&G BT02 Grey Lenses

It was hard for me to get the high ponytail that Bom has :( I don't know how she can have it put up so high, I tried but it kept pulling my hair and hurting too much -__-

The best I could do - a pretty messy ponytail

I noticed that Bom's eyelashes were thicker at the ends so I glued extra lashes on the ends of my falsies to make them thicker. They were the left-over bits from trimming the lashes:

These lashes are really shiny and soft. You can get them from Kiwiberry1

And now to lots more pictures of me, closer shots, with flash, different angles etc. :P

I used two lipsticks because my Pink Blush lipstick (Dupe of MAC Lady Gaga lipstick) is too much of a Barbie pink and Bom's lips weren't that pink :S I toned it down by using a nude lipstick on top

Without flash, the lenses look very dark and so does the rest of my make-up. Should I review these lenses? They're going to expire soon...

Hey where did my high ponytail go :( ? It was meant to be on the side... fail.

Better shot of the belt

My best 'Bom impression' of the first photo
The blue eyeshadow showed up really well on my webcam :) This is more of how it turned out, and more similar to Bom's eyeshadow colours
I flipped the photo to other way to match the way Bom parts her fringe hehe

It was a lot of fun recreating the look ^-^ I don't normally wear blue eyeshadows out so I really enjoyed playing around with the colours on my PUPA quad. Having the blue quad came in handy, and so did my grey lenses! These lenses are about to expire, but I just got myself a new pair of grey lenses similar to these :D

I think i might do more inspired looks on my blog in the future, what do you think :) ? I could take requests, show a tutorial... anything really =]


  1. You're so pretty! I don't know if I've said it before, but your features are very doll-like (which suits your Bom-inspired look perfectly).

    Seeing Bom with black hair again makes me long for my natural color, but then I see CL and I remember why I dyed my hair blonde. X)

  2. wow.. you look just like her on your first photo! good job! ^_^


  3. WOW JENNIFER! I do think you resembled her. Please show tutorial if you could, I suck at applying eyeshadow. Love the high pony tail. Its weird because I used to hate wearing pony tail for school, amazing how the height can transform a dull look into WOW

  4. PARK BOM! OMG I LOVE THIS! And yes I agree, you're so pretty and you totally nailed Park Bom's look! I haven't watched MAMA yet cuz I'm capped :(

    Great post gorgeous!

  5. Ohhh you should definitely wear this kind of look more! Sexayyy ;) and yes more inspired look! I likeeyyyyy =DDD

  6. gaah love park bom, you totally own this look!

  7. You look lovely :) the makeup is awesome ^ ^

  8. oh my goodness, what a hottieeeeeee

    you inspire MEEEEEE jen :D <3

  9. Hello Jennifer, you're so gorgeous! You look like Park Bom in that first picture by the way. :D

  10. SO SO VERY PRETTY :D You did an awesome inspired look (:

  11. Park Bom looked great <3

    You pulled the look off very well! GJ ~

  12. Really love the last picture, you did a great job :)

  13. I lovee Park Bom! I haven't listened to her songs in ages, thanks for doing this post to remind me to :P
    You did a good job with the makeup :}

  14. wow, you really got it! you look amazing!

  15. Pretty ^^ great job on the look =D

  16. You are so adorable! That's such a cute look :) Look forward to more of the inspired looks from you!!

  17. It looks great!!!

    You're hair's so gorgeous!! I dream of having straight black hair~

  18. You look absolutely gorgeous! :DD Yes! Create more inspired makeup looks! At the moment I can't come up with anyone but if I do I'll make sure to recommend the look to you. :3

    Aww I wonder if the awards show is on youtube. o: I definitely missed it ... hopefully it'll be a lot better then the award shows they give here in the US lol

    High pony tails are so painful. D: Most likely Bom had to endure some serious pain if her hair stylist was pulling Bom's all the way hair up. x.x

  19. yeeea, kpop inspired~ haha looks beautiful :)

  20. Very pretty Ms Ly =) I think your impression is very good! I love Park Bom, she has an amazing voice and her style is so good! xXx

  21. oh my goodness bom looked gorgeous!
    i love your last webcam photo, it really brought out your makeup colours - it was gorgeous! do more of these posts in the future, i thoroughly enjoyed reading this ^^

  22. omgg i love park bom and i love your take on her look <333 you did a really good job!

  23. i love this look. you did a great job making it.

    ps i gave you an award jennifer bunny!

  24. I love 2NE1! Park Bom seems to be very popular among beauty bloggers; you recreated her look really well! I also like how you tried to mimic her outfit too for the full effect :)

  25. the look is amazing. i'd say it's even better than park bom's.

    btw, check out my holiday giveaway at

  26. You look EXTREMELY gorgeous love!!! You did a good job :)

  27. You look great. Just as good as that star, that's for sure. :-)

  28. i love bom too!!

    hope you visit and follow my blog too!! thanks!



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