Saturday, December 18, 2010

New Blog Header

Hellooooo so I have finally unveiled my new blog header, ta-da! It's much better than my plain 'jennifer's blog' :) I ended up creating it all on my own in just a couple of hours or less! I hope you guys like it, let me know what you think ^_^

This was my first time creating a blog header and it actually turned out to be quite fun, playing around with colours, fonts and brushes. That's all I used for the header, no fancy editing or techniques, I'm seriously not that pro :P I used Photoshop and no tutorials were necessary for me to follow to design my header. I'm not game enough to try re-designing my layout yet but I may do some tweaking here and there.

Also, I've changed my blog's name to 'Questjen' - hope you don't mind the change. If you look up my blog, it'll still show up as 'jennifer's blog' because I haven't changed that yet. Should I change it and make it Questjen? I don't know...

If you want to read more about how I created my name and the meaning behind it, check out the second tab at the top (What is Questjen?) and I've written it all there.

Big big big thanks to Melody for giving me links to download Photoshop brushes :D These brushes have saved me from creating a disaster of a header xD I accomplished it - I created the header before the end of the year and also before the end of this week, which I said on Twitter haha. I really recommend you to use Twitter, so much goss on there! Haha not really... just stuff that I don't always share here I suppose x) Are you curious yet? Hehehe

Andddd another thank you to Joeyy for Skyping with my the other night, she gave me ideas for my header (colour choice, links for tutorials etc.) and from seeing her lovely banners on her iCandyStyleLens site, I was inspired to create my own header on Photoshop.

I'm going to give a shoutout to her because I really think she deserves it :) If you haven't checked out her blog already, check out Joeyy's blog at and she's also the owner of iCandyStyleLens (my sponsor). I've got another 2 pairs of lenses from her to review and the post is likely to be up tomorrow or the day after. Look out for that!

Ok that's it from me, just a post to let you all know about some changes :] Also, I'm thinking of purchasing a custom domain name maybe early next year but I don't know, still deciding. Should I ditch 'jlyxoxo' and replace it with 'questjen'?

Would love to hear your feedback :D


  1. ahhh jen! It looks fab :)
    also like the new name hehehe.. :D :D :D

  2. ou, UR blog is amazing ! :P
    i like it !
    more more !!

    if U want follow me and write comment ;**


  3. oh, i love love your header! would love to have one like it! it's so fairy-like!

  4. u did a great job with ur new header! i tried making one b4 n it didnt look as good as this!!

  5. cool header!!! looks super cool...clever name ^_^

  6. questjen, so original! :D
    like like!

  7. i love the new blog header. it's cute and feminine.

  8. questjen hahah xd <3 naww
    hmmm, if you want that name to stick to your blog then yehhhh use that for your new domain ?

  9. so funky! questjen <=== i love it!!! xoxo

  10. lol yeah the first thing that came to my mind was... "questjen?!" lol but hey I think it is one of a kind =D you're more creative than I am haha!

    I think your new header is really cute! I love the color scheme :) it looks so pro to me XD

  11. Job well done! :D I'm so proud of you! I love how 'Questjen' is so original ;)
    Thanks for the mention/shout out, I don't mind giving you more tips and tricks :D

    And thanks for letting me know the font names - will come in handy one day :D

  12. nice new header, i thought i clicked on the wrong blog when i first saw that. hehe.

    i actually like jlyxoxo better, hmm but i think its just me,

    Questjen also sound nicee! :)

  13. The banner looks beautiful!
    I say that's really nice web designing skills!
    No, seriously even if I had the right materials I wouldn't think of anything like this. D:
    haha, I thought of Question when I saw 'QuestJen' and I was about to point it out until I saw that you mentioned it in your "What is QuestJen?" tab.

    Very original and very fitting especially with all the reviews you write about on here. :'3

  14. I love the new banner and such a good idea "Questjen" very smart ;]
    I wish I was better at using Photoshop, maybe then i could make a better banner for my blog >.<


  15. The new banner is looking great. :) I like the new name too.

  16. Wow! This blog looks reasonable like my old in unison! It's on a wholly different topic but it has pretty much the regardless layout and design. Outstanding selection of colors!


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