Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My High School Graduation ♥

Hi everyone, it's been a while since I've made a proper blog entry! Well I can explain; I've been planning what wear for my high school graduation. And by wearing I mean accessories, how to have my hair, nails and make-up. Thanks for all the suggestions and tips in my post about dressing for occasions :)

Last night, I officially graduated from high school! It was a very special and exciting night for all of us and I'm glad that the night went smoothly and no one (that I saw) fell on or off stage :D We were all worried about stacking it during the night in front of everyone because of our high heels and we didn't need any embarrassment for our final lasting impressions x]

While many or shall I say the majority of the graduates wore long/maxi dresses, the very few of the minority wore shorter dresses, including me. I've never worn or owned a long/maxi dress before so I didn't want to risk wearing one for my graduation night. Even more chance of me stacking it because of its length :( Wearing a shorter dress meant that people would be able to see my heels :P And I didn't have to hold it while I walked.

Not only that but I actually got this dress that I wore from my aunty which she gave it to me I guess as a graduation gift. That meant that I didn't go out and spend money on a new dress, saved again =] Although I was initially worried about someone wearing the same dress (hence my other reasoning for not buying one), I didn't see anyone wear the same dress, so it was all good! And many got theirs made. In the end, I was happy to be rocking my shorter, layered dress - it made me unique =]

My make-up (Eyes) FOTD

FOTD: Smokey Eyes
Looks like it's got a little bit of blue, pink and purple as well as the greys that I used.
Was just wearing vaseline lip balm at this stage (my 'holy grail' product, moistens and softens my lips well!)

Dimple face, lol

Products used:

- Australis Face Primer
- Revlon ColorStay Velvet Creme in Natural Tan (my day and night foundation)
- EcoTools Foundation Brush

- Urban Decay Primer Potion
- Rimmel Quad in 001 Smokey Noir
-Various brushes from Australis and Sigma
- Face of Australia Black Liquid Eyeliner
- NYX Black Pencil Liner
- Criss-cross false eyelashes
- Maybelline Pulse Perfection Mascara Waterproof
- QVS Eyelash Curler

- TBN Nail Polish in Gilt
Kept my nails simple. I wanted to use nail stickers and all that but I decided not to.

- Vaseline Lip Balm
- Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in 131 Ginger Rose

- Mini Straightening Iron for the curls
- Floral Pink Hair Band from Forever New
- White Clip-on Flower from Forever New
- Earrings from Diva
- Necklace from Equip
- Bracelet and rings from Zamels

My dress, shoes and bag listings would be for an OOTD :P

I love the curls/waves I got out of using my mini straightener! I liked it more than using my curling iron. Putting the band on my hair was a last minute thing but I'm glad I used it to achieve more volume to my hair. Thanks to my friend Cathy for suggesting that I buy both the white flower clip and the hair band :) I actually just bought them yesterday, the day of the graduation! So glad.

It got a little annoying though, when it kept going up and almost slipping off :( So by the end of the night my mum told me to take it off, so I did. Oh and my mum wasn't initially going to be a my graduation (she doesn't see it as a big deal compared to uni grads lol) but then she decided that she'll come, and I wanted her to so that she could hold onto my clutch since we weren't allowed to have it with us for the ceremony. Lots of walking around for us, no bags to be held!

I arrived just in time for the whole photo of all of the graduates! The photo will be online on the photographer's site (I think) so when that's up I'll upload it here.

Someone's relative took this photo next to the cameraman. It might be hard to spot me but I'm on the right wearing the headband :) About the 4th row.

We waited in the waiting rooms for all the students and guests to be seated (the whole school came to the graduation ceremony because it was also a school mass) and we had this whole entrance where we had to walk through the aisle with drums playing in the background while holding a battery-operated candle in a glass. It was dark inside for this and I forgot to turn on my candle =[ LOL fail. We handed it to a year 11 as a way of 'passing down' the year 12 leadership and responsibilities. After that we'd just sit down and I was lucky enough to be seated in the front row =]

I've been at a Catholic school all my life and so last night was also an end of year celebration as well as a graduation. An end of year celebration of thanks involved with praying and blessing. After this was our graduation ceremony and the school captain made her speech. It was so touching and emotional, I wanted to cry! But then my makeup would've ran and looked messy haha.

We went out to the foyer and lined up in order of our last names and classes. This was our time to walk up onto the stage and collect our flowers and certificate. I wasn't nervous at all! We already had a rehearsal in the morning so I knew exactly what to do and where to walk to. my heels made my feet hurt but luckily I managed to walk and not tumble down the stairs so trip up along the walk around the perimeter x)

After everyone received their certificate and orchids, we walked out of the ceremony to the school hymn =] That was it, we had all finally graduated! Many hugs and cheers and of course, photos!

The Asians :D
I'm so glad I wore higher heels this time, or else I'd look shorter than everyone
None of us are shorter than 160cm x) We're considered tall for Asians
Missing one that didn't show up to grad!

Credits to Cathy for this photo ♥

Me and my friend Jenny
Gah she's like the same height as me when I wear my super high heels! She only wore flats
My hair looks more brown in this photo. It's meant to be like this because I dyed it a few weeks ago

Hair band off. Mum took this photo =]
Woah my eyes look super huge and dolly o_o No circle lenses!

There are more photos that were taken with other people's cameras but they haven't uploaded them on Facebook yet! When they do I'll add them here. I took photos with teachers but they're not that nice haha. I'm very picky with my photos, I think I look bad in the majority of photos that are taken of me anyway :P

As I was saying before, I had a morning rehearsal for the graduation. What sucked was that I had to wake up at 7 am. For someone who has slept in ever since their exams have been completed, it was hard sleeping earlier than usual and waking up as though I had school again -__- Not fun at all! I felt so sick in the morning from the lack of sleep but I plowed through the rehearsal. Seeing everyone again made me happy :)

I guess this could be another morning to night look? I had to go back to school after the rehearsal to get a ticket for my mum to be at my graduation. My LAST time being at school as a 'student' =/ Went into the toilets lol and took these photos:

Almost a no-makeup face. Just a bit of eyeliner and curled lashes.
Waiting for my hair to grow longer!

OOTD - Very Casual
Free Fusion Tee, Supre Shorts, BlueBird Bag, Rubi Shoes
It was just a rehearsal so I didn't see the point in dressing up. Also, it was a humid day, no layers.
I was slightly surprised when some of you said that you thought I was petite and shorter than 160cm xD I'm taller than this 'full-length' mirror haha. I guess I have petite proportions (clothing sizes) but in height I wouldn't call myself petite x]

That's all to this post ^-^ Sorry if it was really long!

ANYWAY, I'm thinking for my next post or future posts to do a VLOG so you can all see and hear me talk! But the problem is... I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO TALK ABOUT O_O Does anyone have any ideas or requests? I'm thinking of doing a tutorial, but that might be boring? Should i talk during the tutorial? HELP ME :D


  1. Aww you look so pretty!
    Congrats on graduation :)
    Love Chanel

  2. awwww my darling you look so cute with your outfit and make-up! I love it and congrats!

  3. looking forward to your VLOG!!!!! =p
    I already saw the pictures at cookie's blog. (forgot her exact username..) ah, you know who i mean ^^ You look very cute =D and your eyes looks very large indeed even without lenses =D!

  4. Congratulations!! You look absolutely beautiful :)

  5. Congrats on graduating Jen!

    I was thinking yeh, is this something like our Valedictory Dinner since parents are allowed to attend?

    YOU LOOK GORGEOUS NONETHELESS <3 My my my, your bf is one lucky guy. But why isn't he in the photos? X) Love your FOTD and the headband! It seems that everyone wore Bohemian last night!

    And I love the photo of you that your mum took. OMG I'm just gonna like this whole post hahahaha ;)

    Ooooh Catholic all your life? Wow that's awesome. My kindergarten was Lutheran and Secondary was Anglican. But honestly, I can't really tell the difference xp

    Your casual OOTD is what I usually wear in Summer too!

    Can't wait till your tutorial, and you should totally talk in it. If it's hard to talk while during the tutorial, you could add in the audio after? :)

  6. You looked gorgeous in that dress. I'm glad you went with a shorter dress, it did make you look unique indeed. :) You look like a doll with your eye makeup applied that way. Congrats on graduating school! :)

  7. gorgeous, you look perfect like a doll lol :)

  8. Congratulation ! Finally you already gradate :) The feeling must be so much fun and also sad, because you will be separate with some of your friends :(

    Anw, you totally beauty and cute here !
    Your hand band so CHIC ! :)

  9. you look so beautiful!


  10. congrats on your graduation honey! :)
    you looked amazing, the floral headband was a pretty addition to the outfit ^^

    all the best for the future and beyond

  11. congrats on graduating!
    i love the outfit and makeup :)

  12. congradulations! your makeup is so pretty and i like shorter dressed hehe

  13. Congrats on graduating!
    You look gorgeous ^o^.
    Your eyes are so pretty hehe ~

  14. congrats! you look so beautiful :)

  15. congrats on your graduation jennifer! you look stunning! i love your makeup and hair piece!

    now you have plenty of time to make a vlog. yes yes? :D

    and come to melb when i'm going!!! <3

  16. very pretty! congratulations, dear!

  17. congrats on graduation ^__^ you look darling in these photos :) heehee are all your friends as tall as you?! I remember you saying you're over 160cm and it looks like all your friends are! that's crazy XD

    lol hmm I don't know about the VLOG XD if I were you I wouldn't know what to say either XD so I'd stick with a tutorial or review... or favorite products of the month I always love to watch those :D but talking during the tutorials often make videos super long though... when I watch tutorials I like to watch short ones :)

  18. you look so pretty! :} Seriously! You should take more pics of yourself smiling cos you look so cute.
    Congratulations! Really happy for you :} Did you get to pick your seats? When I graduate, Im going to go super early to grab the front seats. :}

  19. omgsh *nose bleed*
    u look freaking smexi and i mean it!!!
    why do u girls get to look good on graduation??
    we have to wear our ugly skool uniform and minimum makeup and like.. hair tied up all professional and crap!!!
    omgsh seriously.. u look great =O!!!!
    ur hair <3

    xx mooshii

  20. congratulations on your graduation! (it rhymes!) i love your fotd - lovely eyes, lovely hair, lovely skin, lovely dimples! haha. i have dimples too ^^

  21. Really adore your dress and the head band worn bohemian style! :)

  22. Thanks for the comment <3

    You look like a dolly in the first few pictures; pretttyyy ^^

    cute blog btw xxx

  23. you look pretty and the dress looks nice =]

  24. You look so mature in that dress. The make up is also beautiful. Congratulations!

  25. You did a great job! You stood out because of your styling. Your makeup was outstanding.


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